April to June Reflections and July to September Goals (2018)


We’re now in the third quarter of the year which means it’s time to look back at my goals from the past three months and to set myself some new goals for the next three. I spoke about changing my perspective with New Year’s Resolutions back in January so I wanted to play around with three month goals instead.  

(Number One) Begin my research into growing my blog. 

I didn’t even begin to start this one, it’s something I have wanted to do for about two years now but it’s something that I haven’t sat down properly to do yet. Maybe it’s a sign that it’s not a priority at the minute? 

(Number Two) Note down my spending for one month. 

I started to do this at the beginning of April and it lasted until three weeks in but I didn’t get until the end. So I didn’t complete this but at least I started it, which is something, right? 

(Number Three) Try a new fitness class. 

Yes! I did this and it was defintely an interesting experience. Scott and I went to a kickboxing class together for six weeks and we really enjoyed it. We even signed up to the next level class but on the first week, it was completely out of our comfort zone and we didn’t enjoy it as much so we decided not to go back. He did buy us a pair of gloves each though so we can have our own sessions in his garden if we wanted to. 

So on to the next three months; this will cover July, August and September then I’ll be back at the beginning of October to tell you about my progress for my latest goals and what I have in store for the next three months after that.  

(Number One) Write a “Top Three Tasks” list every day. 

This was something I used to practice quite regularly for a few months but it suddenly dropped off my radar and I want to pick it up again. It was very helpful for me to minimise stress so instead of creating a huge to-do list, I had to choose the three most important things I would like to get done that day. If you feel overwhelmed like I do when it comes to to-do lists but you still love them, I would try out this technique to see if it can work for you too. 

(Number Two) Be satisfied with my home. 

I’m a perfectionist and while my handwriting is very pretty (I do love it and it’s one of my traits I’m very proud of), it comes at price when it comes to other aspects in my life. I never feel satisfied with my home; I always feel like there is something to clean or put away and that’s partially true because it’s never felt truly clean. My spare room was a complete bomb site for over a year and I want to get to the stage when it’s clean, spacious and I don’t leave everything to the point where I need to do a huge clean. It will be challenge but I’m willing to try it; I want to be proud of my home and right now, I’m not. 

(Number Three) Practice “Good for them” rather than being negative towards myself. 

Jealously or envy is something that I don’t hear about all that often and my perspective on it is very similar to comparison. We seem to be more open about talking about comparing ourselves to other people especially in the online world and I believe envy slots into the same category. When I hear about someone’s success, I want to be able to say “Good for them” rather than think “I wish I was good enough to do that” because I don’t want to be negative about myself simply because someone else is doing better than me.  

Let me know what you think of goals; are you more of a New Year’s Resolutions person that focuses on all year-round goals or do you like to split them up like me? ❤


Lisburn 10K and Half Marathon (2018).


It’s been a little while since I posted a running update on the blog, hasn’t it? I’m not down and out quite yet, in fact I’m getting my running mojo back slowly but surely so today’s post is all about the Lisburn 10K and Half Marathon that I completed on Wednesday 20th June. 

My last official race was the Titanic Quarter 10K on Sunday 8th April so it’s only been two months which is shorter than I first anticipated. I had been eyeing up the Lisburn 10K for a while and originally, I thought Scott would want to do the half marathon, so completing the race on my own didn’t seem too daunting. Luckily for me, he was interested in doing the 10K along with me, so that was lovely. 

Despite Lisburn being very close to Belfast, it’s not somewhere I would think to go. I’m not sure why but it was labelled as a “fast and flat route” (Side note: it was not flat) so I wanted to give it a go because Scott said numbers wise, it always gets a lot of participants. Based on my past experience with crowds I was initially very hesitant but I feel like I’ve come such a long way that I wasn’t too worried about suffering a panic attack (unlike the Connswater 5K if you remember) 


The race didn’t start on time but in my very small experience with events like this, I wasn’t too surprised but when you’re standing around in just a t-shirt because you know you will get warm during your run, you start to get a little chilly at the start line. We placed ourselves in the middle  of the crowd but it didn’t make much difference because everyone is free to run around you if needs be. 

It was advertised as a flat and fast route and while I appreciate it’s not as steep as certain parts of the older Belfast Marathon, it certainly wasn’t flat. There were a few hills on the backroads of Lisburn and while I don’t know how many there were, the last one was the biggest struggle but that is no surprise, is it? The last hurdle is always the hardest.  

It was nice to run with Scott again because we hadn’t been for a run together in a long time and admittedly, this is completely my fault. By the time I get home from work and my constant tiredness, I really struggle to go out for a run and I know he tells me it’s okay, I feel like I’m letting him down. I run on my own when I feel like I can so it was nice to run with him again. Unfortunately, at around 1.5K Scott started to get uncomfortable and his calf started to give him trouble so he pulled away to the side and told me to run on. I wouldn’t have minded waiting with him as he stretched it but he insisted. I hadn’t brought headphones with me because I knew we were running together but in the end, I’m glad I was forced not to listen to anything but my own breath. In the past, I’ve struggled controlling my breathing and because it’s such an important aspect, that’s when I tend to have panic attacks. Thankfully, I managed okay with zero sound in my ear and even though I was on my own, there were always people around me so I didn’t feel left behind by the crowd. 

I started to get uncomfortable at around 7K which is a huge achievement for me because not only was my body able to hold out for that long, I was able to do so mentally too. If you’ve read previous running posts, you’ll know that the mental capacity of running is something I used to struggle with quite a lot. My body never gets tired first strangely, it’s always my head but at around the 7K mark, they both hit me at the same time and it was tough because at that point, I had just seen that there was another hill upon me. Thankfully the block didn’t hold on for too long but it did come back at just after the 8K mark and it didn’t seem to shift from that point. I’m proud of myself though because before I would have let that get to me and I would start to panic but it wasn’t the case this time.  

temporary_file174213193.jpg(The complete route on Strava.)

I powered through when I seen the corner to the finishing line and I wish I would have had the strength to steam through faster further away from the gate but I just couldn’t. However, as soon as I entered the finishing gates, I bolted for my life and once I crossed it, it was endorphins that came out of nowhere. I became exhausted and I could feel it was the hardest I had ran in a long time. I stopped my Strava as soon as I crossed the line to see 01:04:18 and I can’t describe how happy I felt. Did I really just do a 10K in one hour and four minutes? I managed to beat my Titanic Quarter 10K time by three minutes despite all the hills that were added to this race. I was over the moon and I knew that I earned that time.  

IMG-20180620-WA0004-01.jpeg(Scott and I with our medals!)

I really enjoyed this race and I would be very interested in taking part next year because it was such a lovely atmosphere, it wasn’t overly competitive from where I was and it certainly put you through your paces but in a good way. Thank you so much for reading! 




How I Felt Being Made Redundant.


If you follow me on social media, you’ll know recently I posted on Instagram about leaving my job due to being made redundant, which considering the terrible state of the arts sector in Northern Ireland is in at the minute, was still a shock to me even though I should have seen it coming.  Today’s blog post is about my initial feelings about the situation.

First and foremost, I understand that being made redundant is nothing to be embarrassed about and while many people around me told me this; until you’re in the situation yourself, nothing anyone can say will make you feel better right away. Redundancy happens to many people through no fault of their own and that’s part of the reason I was able to hold it together the latter part of my last few weeks in the job. Ironically, the afternoon I was told was the same afternoon I was heading to see my counsellor, so it couldn’t have happened at a better time.

Within the first week I can only remember not crying two of those days, I felt like I was a mess. I struggled to get out of bed that first week to go to work after I found out. I couldn’t be angry at anyone and I think that was the most frustrating part. I couldn’t take it out on anyone because it was no-one’s fault so normally when that happens, I take it out on myself which ends up being worse. I cried in front of work colleagues and if you know me in real life, you’ll know I’m very sensitive so one little remark can set me off at the best of times. Crying in work wasn’t something I wanted to do but when you’re put in a situation that you can’t control and your emotions can’t control, then at that point, you have to let your body do what it needs.


What was I worried about? When you put the situation into perspective; I don’t have children to look after, I don’t care for anyone and I have people around me who can support me. No-one had told me “how lucky I was that I didn’t have all these other problems” but that was all I could concentrate on leading to me feeling even worse for feeling like I was slowly crumbling. However, I live on my own and have done for the last year and a half and it’s something I’m very proud of. That’s what I was afraid of; I was afraid of losing the one thing that had given me such a wealth of independence and no matter how much everyone kept telling me “you’ll be fine”, I wasn’t able to believe them.

Thankfully for me, I had six weeks’ notice which I know that not many people get that lucky. I’m not sure if it was a help or a hindrance because I knew that I had no job in less than two months but I still had to try my best. For me it was important not to step completely back from the job during this time because as upset as I was, it wasn’t in my control. During my time in that job, I had taken on more than I needed to most of the time and it had taken its toll in more ways than one. However, I knew that my depression and anxiety symptoms were at their high points so stepping away from tasks that weren’t absolutely essential, was the best decision for me. Don’t get me wrong, I still tried my damn best and I’m proud of the work that I done up until the end but seeing it from the other side now, the stress was not worth it.


As I write this, I’m in my first week of unemployment and it’s been hard. I thought I was prepared and I hadn’t expected to feel the way I do. I wanted to do so many things during this time while I look for a job and my plans haven’t went as well as I had hoped. It’s still hard getting out of bed in the morning, it’s hard holding a conversation with anyone and unfortunately for me, my tiredness hasn’t changed. When you wake up in the morning and feel exhausted, it doesn’t give you much hope for the rest of the day.

I’m not writing this for sympathy and I’m not writing this to tell you how hard I have it because I know that so many other people have it much harder than me but this has been a very challenging part of my life that I thought would be important to document for the simple reason that I know this will be okay in the end. This won’t last forever and I have come to terms with the fact that I have to ask for help when I need it. I’m not good at asking for help, it’s one of my worst traits in fact but sometimes help is all you need. 

How Often Should We Re-Evaluate Our Content?

victoria-wilson-29(Photo Credit: Jess Lowe Photography)

Over the last year, my blog and the content has changed quite gradually. In today’s post, I’m going to talk about how my content has changed and how I think it’s important to reflect on your content and what you have learned from it. 

I’ve had quite a few blogs over the last number of years but this particular blog, I have had active for almost four years. My first post was about to celebrate the 2015 New Year, and while I’ve went back and deleted some older posts over the years, I have seen some true growth since then. Currently I have a little over 200 posts from that first date, and over four years I can admit that that isn’t a lot. I took breaks, I stepped back, I had no motivation, I had no ideas and then there were weeks where I was absolutely killing it.  

260717WC3_031.JPG(At the Linwoods Protein+ launch back in July 2017. Photo Credit: Press Eye Photography)

I’m pleased with where my blog has taken me over the last number of years. I have connected with online blogger friends, I have had the chance to attend blogger events and very recently, take a trip and explore it for the purpose of the blog. I’m very lucky and I’m so grateful for those opportunities and the forthcoming opportunities that may arise.  

IMG_20170615_184655.jpg(I got the chance to be a part of Super Valu’s #LetsCookNI campaign back in June 2017)

20170703_122328.png(Getting to meet up with these girls is always a pleasure!)

20180330_181805.jpg(I got the opportunity to stay at the lovely Dufferin Coaching Inn for the evening over the Easter weekend in 2018)

While it has given me external opportunities, it has given me internal opportunities. I always knew I had a love for writing but I never knew how to channel that and now I can delve deep into topics that I ponder and think about on a daily basis. When my mental health is in a bad place, I put myself out there and speak about it. It’s uncomfortable, it’s negative and it brings you back to a place where you didn’t want to be. I questioned whether I wanted something so raw out on a public platform, because I didn’t want to give the impression that I wanted sympathy, I didn’t. I wanted to put my experience out there for others to relate to it, it was hard to justify my reasons for being so personal. 

I started out as a beauty blog but my heart was never in it. That’s why my other blogs failed, and if I had my perfectionist way, I would delete all the older blog posts that don’t relate to anymore and curate this blog with the posts that go with my values now. That’s not a learning curve though, you have to be willing to live with those posts that you wrote before and let them be. Once I stopped talking so much about beauty, I concentrated on lifestyle and food. More recently in the last year and a half, I’ve opened up to talk about more than lifestyle. I use the blog as a process tracker for my running and as I have mentioned, mental health is spoken about too. 

I started a weekly Sunday series called “Sunday Saves” and the main aim for this was to celebrate other bloggers and showcase posts by them that I loved. I’m so happy that I achieved my aim with this series but unfortunately, I feel like the concept no longer serves my blog. While I still stand by each and every blog post that I talked about, I need to move onto something new. Mind you, I don’t know what that will be yet, but I’m always open to new opportunities. 

victoria-wilson-71(Photo Credit: Jess Lowe Photography)

My future plans for the blog in the next year are to talk more about chatty topics including mental health and to start talking more about food. I have a number of key recipes I always stick to which I would love to share so that’s definitely a passion that I want to incorporate into the blog at some point too. I want to continue sharing my growing love of running and try to explore Northern Ireland more too because there are some lovely little spots that I haven’t been to yet. 

Thank you so much for reading today’s blog post; over the last few months my blog has taken a back seat but it’s still something I love writing content for and I think it’s healthy to re-evaluate if you don’t feel like your current content fits with what you truly want to write. 

Podcasts: Part One (Wellness)

coffee-1128140_1280(Photo Source: Pixabay)

If you follow me on Instagram, you’ll see quite regularly on my stories that I’m posting about podcasts. I listen to them on my daily commute, around the house when I’m cleaning or when I’m on a solo gym session or run. They play a huge role in my life and in one of my recent posts when I talk about personal development tools (which I’ll link right here) I note that podcasts are one of those tools for improving yourself.

This post is Part One of Four for my podcast series; this post will concentrate on the wellbeing conversation, Part Two will focus on the more in-depth conversations of chat, Part Three will be miscellaneous podcast series that don’t fit the other categories and Part Four will be hand picking some of my favourite podcast episodes. 

We can use podcasts for many reasons and for me; I use them to listen to those I follow online for a more in-depth conversation, to indulge my interests and lifestyle choices more and to further develop myself. 

There are many podcast applications out there both on Android and Apple but for me, I use Podbean which I’ve been using for a few years now. It’s a really handy app that facilitates loads of podcasts so I can have them all in one place and it even tells me which ones I’ve played already played. However, Spotify have been adding more podcasts to their platform so the ideal situation would be to move all my listening to there but at the minute, I do like keeping that separate for my music. 

her-rules-radio-support-and-inspiration-to-help-wo(Photo Source: Her Rules Radio)

Her Rules Radio 

Alex’s podcast was one of the first podcasts I ever listened to before when it was called “The Crave Cast” so I’ve been a huge fan of Alex’s message and philosophy for such a long time. Her podcast is mainly focusing on wellness but she talks about a range of topics including self-love, cravings, sex, relationships and personal growth. What I really love about Alex’s podcast is that I can feel connected to any episode even including the episodes that wouldn’t necessarily fit to my lifestyle; there are episodes concentrating on pregnancy and others that look at money, two topics I have thought about but not necessarily something I am solely looking at in my life at the minute. In terms of guests, Alex talks with authors, dietitians and wellness experts (to name a few) as well as hosting solo shows too. I love when podcasters host their own solo shows because especially if you don’t know the host, those solo shows give you a better insight into who they are as a person especially when they’re having to talk on their own for an extended period of time. 

Chasing Joy(Photo Source: The Chasing Podcast)

The Chasing Joy Podcast 

I can’t remember how I was first introduced to Georgie Morley but I have been in love with her podcasts ever since. Her podcasts are focused on sharing “meaningful conversations about wellness that will bring energy and joy into your life”. She covers absolutely everything from diet culture, body acceptance, self-awareness, creativity and manifestation; that’s naming only a few subjects, there are so many! No two podcasts are the same from Georgie and very much like Alex, she hosts her own solo episodes too, which adds a balance. I’d recommend Georgie’s podcast if you’re interested in a more in-depth look into the wellness world but you’re not sure where to start. 

Coffee Talk(Photo Source: Kalyn’s Coffee Talk)

Kalyn’s Coffee Talk 

If you don’t know Kalyn Nicholson, she’s been a YouTuber for quite a number of years but more recently, she has started her own podcast which I was so excited about. Having moved away from beauty YouTubers in the last few years, Kalyn has moved from the beauty side into the wellness, spiritual and motivational side of the platform so her content is absolutely perfect for me. I was genuinely really happy to see her start a podcast because she has one of those voices that you could listen to all day (plus she’s Canadian and who doesn’t love a Canadian accent?) and even though we’re around the same age, it’s comforting knowing you are listening to someone who has been through a similar experience as you or is opening up about their struggles and how they moved through them. As I mentioned, Kalyn is new to the podcast game so she doesn’t have lots of episodes yet but some of her episodes include subjects like the truth of social media, being a beginner, putting too much pressure on yourself and learning how to trust yourself. Kalyn records her podcasts on her own but that doesn’t take away from the content that she creates, she’s a very easy listen even on her own. 

Minimalists(Photo Source: Minimalist Podcast)

The Minimalists Podcast 

I wasn’t too sure what category to put this podcast into because minimalism deals with every aspect of your life but I thought it fitted well within wellbeing. Ryan and Joshua host the Minimalist Podcast which started after their successful first book launch and before their first feature length documentary, “Minimalism” which covers all aspects of minimalism. This includes education, religion, hobbies, collections, mental balance and parenting. Again, just like Georgie’s podcast, there are so many subjects Ryan and Joshua cover that you can deep dive into any of them. I’m not a huge fan of their live podcasts; I prefer listening to a studio environment podcast but that’s personal preference for me but in those, they have much more of an audience connection than they do in their regular sessions (obviously because they don’t have an audience in the studio) so if that’s something that interests you, then I would check those out. Minimalism is something that seems quite scary to people and these guys do a perfect job in breaking down the barriers to helping you understand it more. 

Thank you so much for reading today’s post; as I mentioned at the beginning, I love podcasts but I’m always looking for new ones to listen to so if you listen to any wellness based series’ that I haven’t talked about, please let me know. New podcasts are my favourite thing to explore these days. Thank you again and have a great day!

Headshot Photography with Jess Lowe.

Over the last few months on the blog, you might have noticed some lovely on-location photographs of me pop up but I haven’t talked about them, until now (I was meant to write about this months ago but it completely slipped my mind). Today’s post is all about when local photographer Jess Lowe invited me on a one-to-one on location shoot in November, which ended up being my first ever photoshoot.  

Disclaimer: Before we begin, Jess offered me her “Time is Money” session at a discounted price but this, of course, doesn’t take away from her work and all my opinions are one hundred percent honest as always.  

Jess Lowe.

Jess Lowe is a local photographer based in Belfast who specialises in headshots and has a background in wedding photography. When it comes to headshot photography, she describes her style as “laid back and relaxed” while using natural light to create “a fresh, modern and genuine photograph that will enhance your personal brand and make you stand out from the crowd.”

Having worked in the media industry for three and a half years and studied media for an additional four years, I am very familiar with being both, in front of the camera and behind it. I wasn’t on screen during my college years but within my job, it’s become a regular occurrence. Presenting a children’s TV show and interviewing for our local interest programmes and nightly news programme are a small number of roles I take on but I would say I have relaxed being on camera over the years. You would think being in front of the camera for a photographer would be a slice of easy peasy pie, right?


I was incredibly nervous beforehand, I’m not too sure why because I didn’t have anything to worry about but because it was a new experience so first-time nerves are understandable. I wore one of my favourite blouses; it’s a white blouse with gorgeous red roses all across it and whenever I wear it, it really stands out and that’s what I wanted to do across the shoot. I wore a simple pair of jeans and my converse because at the time, I wanted the photographs to reflect my personality and my style. I’m very much a jeans and t-shirt girl but on reflection, I wish I had have worn heels or boots, mainly because it gives me that little self-confidence boost when I do. I had had a dramatic hair cut a few days before, so it was nice to still have that “freshly cut” look but because we were outside, it wasn’t as perfect as it was before I left the house, so I was a little disappointed with how my hair was sitting. That was something that I couldn’t change though so I was able to let that go.


Jess and I met up near Union Street in Belfast, on the outskirts of the Cathedral Quarter. If you don’t know the area, it’s quite a visual area with lots of interesting graffiti. Some would say it’s an Instagrammers dream, so if you’re ever in Belfast and looking for some creative backdrops, head for the Union Street area. To my disbelief, I hadn’t known about all this artwork in the area, despite working quite close so it was really nice to discover something new about the city.



Jess had a really relaxed approach; being in front of the camera is vulnerable to say the least and the last thing you want to think is that your photographer is judging you so by them having an easy going but noticeably professional manner, it helped put me at ease. She even taught me a few things about posture and how to position my head to get the perfect shot. It’s all about lifting the chin, but not too far and this helps with your overall posture. It definitely took some getting used to but it’s a lesson I’ve taken with me ever since.


We shot for half an hour and got some amazing shots around the streets and even on the roads. It was quite early on a Saturday morning so we weren’t caught up in constant traffic but there was some running onto the footpath when we saw a car coming but that was warming me up a little, because it was a chilly day. We couldn’t change the weather circumstances (obviously!) but as long as it wasn’t raining, I didn’t mind.


I was really surprised at how much I enjoyed the experience. Speaking as someone who is almost always in control behind the camera, it was nerve wrecking but intriguing to pass that control to someone. I believe I only really have one smile so I was worried I was going to look the smile throughout each photograph but after seeing the results, that wasn’t the case. I’m not a fan of the “serious looking face” mainly because I have resting bitch face and I look really miserable when most of the time, I feel okay so trying to pull off a “serious look” never works for me.



I want to thank Jess for reaching out and providing this experience for me. I am so happy with the results; so much so that I now use the headshots for my blog, my social media images and even on my CV. If you want to check out Jess’ services, you can find them right here and if you want to look at her portfolio, it’s right here. I couldn’t recommend Jess highly enough and you can find her on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.



Why I Stepped Away From Yoga.


Yoga is such a special journey for some people and it’s become a constant release in my life that has been there for me during the good times and the bad times. Today I’m talking about how I feel about the practice at the minute, why I stepped away and how I’m slowly incorporating it back into my life again.

Monday nights were yoga nights for me. I went almost religiously for a few years, I then took a few months break and then I suddenly went back for a few months every Monday evening. I practiced in a studio that was a twenty second walk away from work so it was easy for me to get changed in work and head straight there. I have a blog post about Monday Syndrome and while I didn’t dread Monday’s too much, it was nice knowing I had something to look forward to that evening.

My mental health had slowly started to slip again at the beginning of the year but I continued to practice but the more my mental process slipped, the less I enjoyed the class. Yoga is about so many more elements than the body, and physically, I was connected. I could move with the teacher and the rest of the class without too many slip ups and considering where I started a few years ago, I had made amazing progress. However, I was too stuck in my own head and it was hard letting go for an hour when I couldn’t hear anything apart from my own thoughts. I often described it as being stuck in a box and having every negative thought and anything bad someone has ever said to you, being with you inside this box. You can’t escape it and the noise gets louder.


I was no longer getting the true benefits of yoga and I had to make a decision. Did I continue paying for a class that through the fault of no-one, I was struggling to enjoy or did I take a break from the practice until I got my headspace back in check? For a while, I made the decision to slow down my practice from once a week to once a month with a special class that my teacher had set up focusing on learning more about the teachings of yoga. I fell in love with the concept but my mind still wouldn’t shut off.

From practicing once a week to once a month was a difficult change because while I’m not religious, it was something I done that felt very similar to a religious teaching, but I thought it might help me emotionally connect again and I really tried hard for a few months. I loved changing my routine because it meant jumping on the bus on a Sunday afternoon, picking up a tea at one of my favourite coffee shops and then having a short walk to the community centre where the class took place. I loved that it was on a Sunday afternoon because I liked starting fresh for the new work week. My headspace was very much the same for these classes and I struggled to focus on anything in the class, to the point where I couldn’t hear the silence during relaxation. I felt like I could hear my own thoughts and again, they were too loud.


Comparision is a funny thing, isn’t it? I follow some wonderful yoga teachers online and I love watching their videos talking about their classes, their own journey or how they have combated their mental health journey with a yoga practice and I feel jealous. I’m jealous that I had to step back from yoga because my head wasn’t right but yoga works for them to correct their headspace. I almost question what is wrong with me but I know that everyone goes through their own journey with mental health but sometimes you can’t help but wonder, what is it about me? Am I doing something wrong? I try and not look at other people in that light because I know you shouldn’t compare your chapter one to someone’s chapter twenty. We all go through different points in our own lives and to compare yourself to others, it won’t even give you that little piece of relief you’re looking for. We’re all guilty of it but it’s learning more about self-awareness that will help you not go down that route so often.

Right now, my mental health isn’t on the right track but that’s something that I know the reasons behind and it’s going to take some time for me to become stronger again. I’m pushing myself out of my comfort zone when it comes to yoga; I went to a yoga workshop last month with the co-founder of my yoga organisation I have been practicing with since the beginning of my journey and while I didn’t feel like I was “completely there” in the workshop, I feel connected to a certain extent and I was more than happy with that. More recently, I went to a kundalini yoga workshop at a studio closer to home and while I had never experienced that type of class, it was an interesting concept and I would be open to trying it out again. Like the other class, sometimes I wasn’t completely connected but I was for the majority of the time, so mentally, I am getting there, even if it is at a slower rate than I would like.

Thank you so much for reading today’s post, it was another personal one for me and I quite like sharing these ones. I don’t share every single detail on why I feel the way I do but that’s a decision that I am more comfortable with. I hope it was an enjoyable read and if you were able to relate to it, I would love to hear your thoughts.