Goals: Reflecting on August and September and Establishing October and November.

Goals_ Reflecting on August and September and Establishing October and November. (1)

Another two months have been and gone already, and I honestly don’t know how it has happened. But in my usual form, we’re going to be looking back on my goals I set for August and September but also setting two new goals for October and November.

Read two books and listen to one audiobook.

I didn’t even touch an audiobook or a physical book in these last two months. This is a goal that I didn’t feel connected to at all, and this has taught me that I can’t force reading onto myself if I really don’t feel like it. 

Plan out my workouts in the gym in advance.

In September, we took on a yoga challenge for thirty days and I would say we went for around eighteen days so that meant eighteen days of travelling to the yoga studio with the majority of the time being after work. We didn’t really realise how much of a toll it would have on the rest of our exercise. We went to the gym less and we ran less too; now with that being said, we pushed ourselves with the yoga and we can both agree we are in a much better space with our bodies because of it. It’s really a Catch 22; so while we didn’t go to the gym all that much, we knew what type of yoga we would be doing and we have seen quite a difference in our progress since the beginning of the yoga. I didn’t hit my goal exactly the way I had planned but I hit it in a slightly different way, right?

One out of two isn’t bad but I’ve started to realise that putting pressure on myself for reading is something that isn’t working so I’ll keep that in mind for the future. The two goals for the next two months are more widespread than my other goals because they’re not something that I can put a number on because I also want to see how I succeed without putting specifics on it.

Organise the spare room.

As I’ve moved in with Scott, you can imagine that I basically moved everything into his spare room (and I’m not exaggerating when I say that…) so our mission over the next two months is to organise and clear the room so we can set it up as an office area for us both. It’s going to be a very hard task considering I have SO MUCH stuff but this will be the starting point to scaling down everything that I own and I know that in the end, it will be worth it (it’ll just be completely exhausting for a few weeks).

Make time for more walks.

I’ve never really been one to go out for a walk until very recently. Scott and I have started to go out for a walk in the evening after work or in the afternoon at the weekend; to get our steps up more and to spend some quality time together that isn’t in the house. It’s a nice way to break up the evening before going to bed and even if it’s raining, it’s nice to get fresh air in the evening.

For December, I’m not going to make the traditional two-month goals and since it will be the end of the year by that point, I’m going to change it up but we have two months until I have to think about that. Thank you so much for taking the time out to read today’s post, I really do appreciate it and if you have any goal-oriented posts, I’d love to read them; you can send me the links either in the comments below, on my Twitter or over on my Instagram.


The Next Chapter: Moving In With My Boyfriend.

The Next Chapter_.png

As I put this post live, I have recently handed in my thirty day notice to my rented house as I begin to move in with my boyfriend. That’s what today’s post is about; why we decided to do it and what some of the biggest changes will be.

My boyfriend and I have been together for over two and a half years now, but even from the first year, we’ve talked quite fondly about moving in together. I met him three months after I moved into my own place so I knew I wanted to take my time and not rush the process because I wasn’t ready. I had never had my own place before so I wanted to absorb it all and be on my own, and by doing that, I would know when the right time was. We had actually originally discussed not moving in together until we were engaged but as we got further on in our relationship, it became apparent that none of us wanted to wait that long. 

We do live quite close to each other and because we spend so much time together, it made sense. While it’s not the sole reason, one of our main reasons is financial; it’s pretty clear that when two people move in together, you will save a lot of money and because we’re always wanting to save for a new holiday or to fix another room in the house up, it makes sense to put that money towards something beneficial for us rather than me spending double the amount on my rent and bills. Of course, the main reason we wanted to do this is because we love each other and we wanted to take the next step in our relationship. (Yes, okay, please puke because it’s so cute!)  It hasn’t been without a small population of people warning us about “really getting to know each other” when we’re under each others feet, and while I understand their point, I’m excited for the next step (even if it means slightly more arguments than usual, because what’s a relationship without a disagreement or two, right?).


A lot of people tend to look at the challenges when something like this, but we tend to try and find out what we need to focus on or what the biggest changes will be because as much as we’ve heard the normal challenges (Ie. moving boxes back and forth), we’re looking at it from a positive angle to set the precedent for the future: 

Doing separate activities and having date nights.

I believe it’s important for any relationship to be comfortable around each other to watch TV in silence or for one to read a book while the other plays a game but sometimes you can get a little too used to that. We all need time on our own, whether that’s simply alone time or time to spend on a hobby.  For example, I love blogging and I tend to write my best work in one of my favourite coffee shops so I normally pop over there for a few hours on my own; whereas Scott writes reviews for a film review website so he normally likes to be on his own in the living room for that while watching the film on screen. I go to Girl Guides on a Thursday and he has a second job of doing merchandising so we do have our own separate activities to make sure we’re not living on top of each other. 

What we also have to keep in mind is that we make time to go out on dates; I think because couples in long-term relationships are so used to each other’s company, especially if they live together; they tend not to go out as often and our thinking behind it, is that we know we won’t be able to do it as much when we have children, so we’re taking advantage now. It doesn’t have to be anything extravagant or over-the-top but it could be a dinner and a movie night, a new sports activity that we haven’t tried yet or even seeing a comedy gig together. Because we’ll be saving money, we’ll have a little extra to splash on dates and we think it’s going to be a good opportunity to snap up while we can.

Helping Audrey adapt to her new surroundings.

This will be a quite a big challenge for my little Audrey and I’m hoping she adapts well to it all; she’ll have more places to explore, and I’m hoping that because she’ll be able to explore the house more, she won’t scratch furniture as much. She’ll get more attention in the evenings too and Scott can’t wait to share the house with her because he genuinely loves her.

Observing and improving our morning routines.

As the months have passed, I haven’t been on top of my mornings as I should be. There are days when Scott will have slept in and vice-versa so we know that when the move does happen, we’ll adjust to when we both need to get up; whether that is for the gym, a run, a morning meal prep or simply for work. It might take a few days or even a few weeks but once we get into the rhythm of it, we’ll be pretty set, you know? Hopefully with the adjustment, we’ll be able to grasp better routines along the way too.

● ● ●

Of course, there will be the usual things that moving boxes and furniture to his house, trying to find a place for everything, dumping or donating anything I don’t need or want any more, and changing my address over for EVERYTHING but the three things above are something I want to truly focus on. The packing is important but it’s happening no matter what, the changing addresses will happen over time once I get a change but making sure Audrey is okay in her new environment and making sure Scott and I keep our relationship fresh, are two things that are vital to keeping our home happy. The morning routines, like I said, will happen over time but that’s the power of motivation, will power and awareness over the first few weeks.

Thank you so much for reading today’s post! I didn’t want to necessarily write an advice piece because this is new to me so it’s more of an update. If you have any posts that you think would be relevant to what I have talked about today, please let me know either below in the comments, on my Twitter or on my Instagram.

Taking On My Biggest Challenge Yet: Ten Mile Race.

Taking On My Biggest Challenge Yet_

It’s been a while since I posted about an upcoming race isn’t it? Well, that’s what I’ll be talking about in today’s post and it’s my biggest challenge yet! *cue the sweats* 

If you’ve been a reader of the blog for a while, you’ll know that I have been absolutely in love with running and other times, I’ve found myself at a low point with it. I also talked recently about my running confidence (which I’ll link you to here) so when they tell you that running isn’t linear, it’s one hundred percent true. I’ve been feeling more motivated with my running recently when I set myself a challenge of running twenty miles in June and July, and I smashed that goal. I’m very aware that for a runner, that is a very small goal but what I think is more important is that I start small and work my way up. For example, in August and September, I’m aiming for twenty-five miles. Again, slow but simple steps. 

I realise the irony in that last paragraph when I talk about small steps and taking it easy when I’ve just signed up for a ten-mile race that takes place in less than two months. Yes, two months! To give a little more context; I have ran nine miles twice; both times were last year, once in May and once in October so I know I have the physically capability to do it, but it’s just the mental capability I will need to battle with now. I told myself I needed a challenge; I had wanted to train for a half marathon but not necessarily sign up for one but thirteen miles just seemed far too much for the later stages of this year. When I came across ten miles, I knew that was something that I was going to have to work hard for but in the few months, I knew I could do it. With the motivation I have been getting back recently with running; I knew that if I kept that up while increasing my mileage and building my speed back up again, I would be fine. It’s that initial stage of those first thoughts, “Okay, so how do I get my head in the right space for running this distance?” 

2217.-ARMAGH-ROADRACE-2019-APPLICATION-FORM-WEB-1.png(Photo Credit: ABC Council)

The race itself is the Armagh 10 Mile and 4 Mile Fun Run challenge that takes place on Sunday 13th October that starts and finishes at the Navan Centre in Armagh. It’s actually the 20th anniversary of this race this year so I’m sure it’ll be exciting to be a part of that celebration as a whole. I’ll be running it with Scott as always, so I’ll have company with me if I hit a mental block (but fingers crossed I won’t, with the right training). If you fancy reading more about it (and potentially signing up to it) I’ll leave it linked here. 

My plan is over the next few weeks to keep the blog updated with my training runs, how I’m feeling, about the highs and lows, and the overall build up to the race. I’m genuinely so nervous so if you have any tips or advice for me, I’d absolutely love to hear them either down below in the comments, over on my Twitter or on my Instagram. Thank you so much for reading, I really do appreciate it! 

Goals: Reflecting on June and July and Establishing August and September.

Goals_ Reflecting on June and July and Establishing August and September.png

I’m back today to talk about my goals for June and July, while creating two new goals for August and September, something which I’m finding really fascinating for my goal-oriented mind. It’s my twist on New Year’s Resolutions, so if you want to find out what I talked about last time in terms of bringing my goals back, you can read that post right here.

Run twenty miles.

Twenty miles in two months really isn’t all that much but that was the point. I wasn’t a seasoned runner like I used to be so I set myself a low goal so I knew I could achieve it, and I did. It’s so strange to say it but I’ve seen progress in those two months already and I couldn’t be happier about it. I had a complex about my running because I was at a better stage last year and I think that’s part of the reason why I had been avoiding it.

Learn Polish again.

Our Polish practice was really important to Scott and I because it was something we agreed to do at the start of the year because we both love languages. However, ever since I left school, I’ve never had the discipline to sit down and try to learn a new language. Once we stopped our Duolingo for a week, that week turned into quite a few months and we kept saying to each other, “Okay, we’ll start it again tonight” but that tonight never came. I’m happy to say that we’ve started again and we’ve got to that difficult stage in the language where we’re trying to learn the difference between what verb to use depending on the gender or activity. It’s frustrating sure, but it’s something that we’re happy to be back learning.
Having progressed on both those goals, that doesn’t mean the end for those. I’m planning on upping my mileage by five miles for the next two months and we’re planning on keeping the Duolingo on track too, but those aren’t my new goals. Those are goals that will continue on in the background because if I wasn’t planning on continuing them, the whole aspect of setting goals would be pointless, right?

Read two books and listen to one audiobook.

Very specific I know but using the SMART goal method (specific, measurable, achievable, relevant, and time-bound) it fits in perfectly. I could say “I want to read more” but if I read a page, I could conquer that goal but it wouldn’t move me any further forward. I’m still trying really hard to read more books and this year has been an incredible year for audiobooks especially, but I want to combine them both into this goal, to give myself a little variety.

Plan out my workouts in the gym in advance.

One of the goals in my Continue, Start and Stop plan was that I wanted to stop going to the gym with no plan. Sure, it only takes a few minutes to plan out what you want to do but it’s just so much better to know in advance. It means you can plan your leg day, your back and chest day or even your cardio day with a better intention of how you want your workouts to be for the rest of the week.

● ● ●

Thank you so much for reading today’s post! If you can’t tell, posts around goals or goal setting in general are one of my favourites to write and if you have any similar posts, I’d love to take a read.

Buying My First Car: What I Learned and My Advice to Others.

Buying My First Car

Today’s post has been a few months in the making; mainly because I didn’t want to write a “What I Learned…” about something I had for a week or a month, I don’t believe it would have been very beneficial so today’s post is all about buying my first car and why I went down the route I did. 

My history with cars has been pretty simple. I’ve been on my Grandad’s insurance since I started driving six years ago, I was also on my Dad’s insurance as well as an ex-boyfriend’s and my brother’s, and I have also rented a few cars for a small number of weekends away. I’ve driven probably less than ten cars but they’ve all been so different (as all cars are of course) so I’ve known overtime I can adapt to pretty much any car, not straight away but it doesn’t take too long. 

Where I live, it’s not too far from the city centre; you can get there by an eight minute bus or a half hour walk. My (not so new) job means that it’s a six minute drive or a half an hour walk, but I’ve only ever walked to my job once (One of the downfalls of having a car is that it’s harder to walk everywhere when you’re so used to driving) I had a car that I was borrowing for a few months but I knew it wasn’t going to be mine forever and I knew that my job was going to be moving offices, I just didn’t know when. Our new office is accessible by public transport but it was going to be a twenty minute walk to the bus stop and then an additional fifteen minutes bus journey, which I know isn’t bad considering people are sometimes on a bus for hours each day. For me however, I thought a car would be much more beneficial than getting public transport, not just for work but for groceries at the weekend and day trips too. Yes, you could technically say I’m feeding into the emissions in the air, but I try my best when I can when it comes to helping the planet. 

IMG_20180806_165226_393.jpg(This is my dream car! We rented this one time when we were taking a staycation weekend trip and I absolutely loved driving it.)

I’m not a car person; I didn’t know makes and when someone asked me about a car, I would normally only remember the colour. Not the best attitude to start looking for a car I know, so I had to do some research. Mind you, I didn’t have to do loads because I was looking for a simple car that was going to get me A-to-B but I wanted to make sure that it was going to be a good runner and without the pain of having to get it fixed every few months. I had started searching on websites that had private owners but I came to the decision pretty early on that I wanted to go to an official dealer instead and see what they had to offer.  

I didn’t have the money to buy a car outright so that was another big influence in going to a dealer rather than someone private. I had heard of the finance options that were available and I felt a little lost because I didn’t want to get a car on finance originally but knowing my financial income and wanting a car, this was the only route to go down. Turns out it’s not as bad as I had thought; at first I thought it was a complete waste of money and in the end you wouldn’t own the car but you actually can do this, depending on what finance option you go for. 

(This is Penelope, isn’t she a cutie!)

I’ve now had my car for around three months (at the time of writing this post) and I thought I would give you my advice on what to look for and what to do when you’re buying your first car. 

Look at what finance options are available to you. 

Finance can be a mind-field if you let it be, and because it is an investment, it’s important to know what your options are. There is PCP (Personal Contract Purchase) or HP (Higher Purchase) both have their advantages and their disadvantages but I personally went with HP. It’s over five years and because it’s longer, the repayments are less. There is also the option of getting a loan, whether that’s from the Credit Union (if you’re part of one) or from your Bank; they tend to have good interest rates especially if you’re already a customer. I found this really good article by the Money Advice Services on the different types of payment options for a car (https://www.moneyadviceservice.org.uk/en/articles/car-finance-explainedso if you’re looking for a more in-depth look on the options available, I’d recommend that. 

Know what type of car you would like and what you’re using it for. 

From the beginning, I knew that I wanted a simple car that I could use to drive myself to work, take to the shops for the weekly shop and to go out on road trips. I wasn’t going to be using it to bring furniture one place to another so I didn’t mind it was a smaller car. I didn’t need a huge boot and a small boot would encourage me not to pack it so much. The bigger the car, normally the bigger the price so I knew if I didn’t need a big car, I wouldn’t get a big car.  

Set a budget and stick to it. 

I fell in love with the Nissan Juke when I rented it and that is my dream car, but it just wasn’t in my budget. Scott and I had discussed buying the car together and splitting the repayments, and while he wasn’t going to drive it, he still wanted to pay towards it. This meant that I wasn’t doing it on my own but we still looked at a price that would let us both live comfortably and being able to pay petrol and anything else that may be needed towards it. You also have to look at the price in terms of the extras that you may or may not want to pay. I got extras which I do regret some of them now, I don’t believe I need them that much and I could go without them but that’s a lesson for my next car. 

Ask someone who knows the right questions to ask. 

As someone who doesn’t know anything about cars, I asked my Grandad and Scott’s Dad about cars because they are much more knowledgeable than me and they were both really helpful. I think it’s important to ask for help especially when you’re making such a huge commitment as to buying your first car (or buying a car in general). It’s a massive payment and it’s a long term investment which should be taken seriously, so asking those questions no matter if you think they are silly, is still important. 

Experience the cars in real-life. 

Photographs are great sure, but having a look around the car, seeing what it’s like inside is something that you can’t experience online. I think it’s fantastic being able to see a wide range of cars online but if you can narrow down your choice then make a few appointments to go and see a few cars to see if you really like them. Will you be comfortable driving it? What is the exterior like? Is it bigger or smaller in real life than you had imagined? You’re under no obligation to buy a car when you’re just looking but it can really help if you even take it for a test drive. You might like the overall look of the car but maybe not how it drives, so it’s important that you’re not just going by picture alone.  

● ● ●

Thank you for reading today’s post! I hope that could be helpful to at least one person and if you have any similar posts you’d like to share; please leave them down below in the comments, over on my Twitter or my Instagram. 



My Continue, Start and Stop Plan: Updated for Mid-2019.

My Continue, Start and Stop Plan

You may remember at the start of the year, I wrote two posts about New Year’s Resolutions and one of those posts talked about the Continue, Start and Stop Plan that I wanted to incorporate into my year. We’re six months in and I thought it was time to update the plan and talk about what’s changed and what hasn’t. 

The Start, Continue and Stop Plan was one of the most beneficial ways for me to work out what I wanted to do day-to-day because it was the perfect tool to help me realise what I want to do but don’t, and what I’m happy to keep going with. The entire point with the plan isn’t to do everything at once which is quite refreshing but because I had quite a lot of activities on there, it means that your brain can constantly be focused on moving forward with something so they aren’t necessarily goals because there may not be an end point with them. 

I won’t go over every single activity that I talked about before, but if you want to see what I did for that, I’ll link it here. In that post, I listed them out simply because it was easier to visually to look at, but I thought it might be a nice idea to add the mind-maps today so you could see my logic as I was writing everything down. Now you’ll notice that there are actually four clouds rather than three; continue, back on track, start and stop. The reason for the back-on-track one is for activities that I don’t believe fit on the continue cloud because I haven’t done them for a while but they don’t belong on the start cloud either because I have done them before. 


What do I want to continue in 2019?  
  • Drinking more water is something I’ve been trying my best at for a month or so, not very long mind you but my skin was getting really dehydrated, the skin under my eyes looked very dark and it was very dry. I knew that I needed to keep track of it in order to improve my skin so I used the Samsung Health app that I have on my phone and that’s how I keep track of my water intake. It only takes a few seconds to update so every time I go and get a new refill of water, that’s when I add to my tracker. 
  • Booking appointments in advance doesn’t sound that impressive sure, but I have my dentist check-up booked for December (it’s been booked since June) and I book my beauty appointments every three months. Again, it doesn’t take too long to book them all at one time so it’s all about those little time saving hacks. 
  • I began volunteering with the Girl Guides in November last year and while I’m still not that confident in “being a leader” I’m currently trying to progress in their leadership programme, I’ve even been to camp this year and I’m working on a programme for the girls for after the Summer. I love planning and organising so it’s something I’m really throwing myself into. 
What do I want to get back on track mid-2019? 
  • Filling in my diary was what I was known for amongst most people I know. I didn’t go anywhere without my Filofax, just in case I had to add to it (but I really only added to it when I was in a quiet space where I can write neatly). This is going to sound really vain but the diary itself was falling apart and it had seen better days. Did it still do the job? Yes, absolutely but I wanted something that looked the part because that’s how my brain works. Yes, it sounds crazy but it’s how I like it. Thankfully, I’m planning on starting my Filofax back up again because it’s an essential for me if I want to get my running routine and morning gym sessions back on track, so the diary planning isn’t just for appointments and special dates, it’s to help me with my fitness too. 
  • You might have seen this pop up in my June and July Goals post, but getting back to our daily language practice is really important because Scott and I absolutely loved doing it. It was a really nice thing to do together, and it’s something that we’re really happy to get back on track with. 
  • Writing blog posts and being creative is something that I love and over the last few months, I haven’t been writing as much. There are quite a number of factors behind it; my mental health, my mindset, not feeling they are worth reading, not having anything of value to say and generally not sure what I want from it. I never started blogging to make money, it was let me get creative in another way and I‘ve achieved that, but I have had certain doubts of the last few months. I believe that I’ll get back on track with it soon along with some belief in myself, I know that it’s not something I can push like some of the other habits though. 


What you’ll notice is both my “start” and “stop” clouds are smaller in activities than the previous two. Not necessarily on purpose but I want to be more intentional with my “continue” and “back on track” clouds and not put too much pressure on myself to do everything. The activities in these clouds however aren’t very hard things to do and they all do fit in with building a routine of some sort, so it does balance itself out. Even if you want to only work on what you’re doing at the moment and what you want to get back on track, I still think it’s important to jot down the bad habits you would like to stop and habits you would like to pick up, because it’s going to give you a better overall picture of where you are. 

What do I want to start mid-2019? 
  • Who else sets an alarm to do something important every day? Well, I’m going to start doing this for my tablets and vitamins (I’ve just bought vitamins for the first time which should have happened a long time ago!) because I’m really quite bad at forgetting to take my tablets. I know, I know, I should know better by now and I don’t forget all the time, but it’s such a simple thing to do, why shouldn’t I do it if it’s going to help. 
  • I stopped using my FitBit last year but because I was walking so much, I didn’t need to use it. I already knew I was walking more than enough every day but now I don’t and It’s something I’m want to focus on. Now technically I have started this with more of my walks mostly in the evenings, but I want to keep it up on an almost daily basis. 10,000 steps is the minimum most of us should be walking so if I’m able to do so, I want to take advantage of that when I can. Since I don’t have the FitBit anymore, I use Samsung Health to track it now. 
What do I want to stop mid-2019? 
  • Emotional eating is something I believe we all struggle with at one point or another and I can admit it’s something I have had to deal with. I’m not emotional eating every single day but towards the end of the day, I feel like I need something sweet. Intuitively, I know that I’m missing something from my diet and whatever that is, it means that I’m craving that sweet thing. The reality is, I know that I don’t need a chocolate bar or an ice-cream bar every day; while it’s okay to do that of course, it’s not something I want to have as part of my daily diet, and I think that’s absolutely fine too. 
  • Pulling and twisting my hair is one of my worst habits and it’s not just a bad habit at this stage; it’s at the point now where I don’t realise I’m doing it all the time. If it continues, I know my hair is going to get even thinner and my scalp is going to get more sensitive. I was doing research a few weeks ago because I wanted to know if it was a common issue but I found out that I may have dermatillomania or trichotillomania. It’s not a simple as just stopping, because if everything was that easy, we’d all be damn perfect. I’m trying my best to find certain techniques and so far, it hasn’t worked out in my favour, but it’s all about finding something that works and I’m sure I will at one point. 

● ● ●

I hope you enjoyed today’s post! A long one, I know but I wanted to give a little more detail on some of the activities and habits that I have chosen to concentrate on because it gives you, as the reader, a better insight to me as a person and my overall personality. What do you think of this type of plan? Are you more interested in short term goals? Let me know your thoughts or if you have anything similar to share, please let me know down below in the comments, over on my Instagram or on my Twitter. Have a great day! ☀️

I Never Want To Run A Marathon… And That’s Okay.

I Never Want To Run A Marathon... And That’s Okay (1)

How often do you read or hear about someone training for a marathon and think to yourself, I would love to be able to run a marathon. It’s a thought I had before I began running, but it’s something over time that I haven’t been keen on and that’s what I wanted to break down in today’s post. 

Now, don’t get me wrong; choosing to run a marathon is absolutely incredible and it’s such a time and body commitment to do so. I am in awe of anyone who completes or even trains for such a distance and I know for me, the time does not matter in this situation. If it took you four hours or twenty-four hours, I would still be as impressed no matter what. Originally, my boyfriend got me into running and I’m so thankful that he did, because it’s amazing what it can do for you, physically and mentally. When I was being consistent, I was in the best shape of my life both with my body, and I can’t wait to get back there. He’s a runner and has been for quite a few years and he’s in the double digits of marathons now, which I think is absolutely incredible. I went to see him finish at his last marathon and I couldn’t have been prouder if I tried; he was disappointed in himself time wise but he just ran a marathon! I had seen the work he had put in beforehand and it was so lovely to see it all come together at the end. He absolutely loves running and he loves the build-up to a marathon and he has my upmost respect for that. 

IMG-20180908-WA0013-01.jpeg(Scott and I after the Larne 10K with our medals!)

Ever since I started running, and I’ve spoken about this before, I have a real mental struggle and from others I have spoken to, it seems like I’m not the only one. It seems very normal for runners to doubt themselves, to have a bad run, to want to stop when they’ve just started; so I know that this isn’t just me. I obviously take into consideration my mental health issues, and I’m always very careful of that because I know how I feel if I push myself too much. That’s where the real line is for me; I’m not sure I could push myself mentally for twentysix miles, no matter how hard I trained. I truly believe that if I trained for it, I could physically do it, but mentally is something I can never expect to get to. You can see that as giving up on myself before I even start, but I don’t see it as that at all. I’m taking care of myself first and foremost and while it would be such a huge achievement, I worry about what the cost would be. Would I suddenly hate running? Would I have pushed myself too far that I wouldn’t be able to take another step outside to go for a run? That’s not something I’m willing to risk and that’s okay, because I’ve made that decision for me. 

However, I have been thinking over the past six months, if a half marathon is within my reach. Thirteen miles seems a lot more achievable than twenty six, and since I have hit the nine mile marker twice back in 2018, I know I can run further than my usual 5K or 10K distance. I have it in me, and of course that came with a lot of training and build up which I would be willing to put the work into again. I spoke recently in my “I Lost My Running Confidence… But I’m Getting It Back” post that my timings have went down, I’m not running as much and I really have lost a lot of confidence when it comes to running, but again, I’m willing to work on that again. So while I won’t ever promise to compete in a half marathon, I know I could do it if I was to put the time and effort into it but equally, being okay with not putting pressure on myself if it was too much.

Thank you so much for reading today’s post, hopefully it sparked a thought or two around an alternative view point. Let me know your thoughts and if you have read or wrote similar posts to this, please let me know either in the comments, on my Instagram or on my Twitter. Have a great day! ☀️