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KeepCup Brew Cork Edition: Review.

If you follow me on social media, you’ll know that there will rarely be a day that I’m without my beloved reusable cup. I thought it would be quite apt to do a review on my KeepCup Brew from the Cork edition because there are more people turning to a reusable cup of many shapes and sizes and it’s always nice to see a review from a genuine user; the good and the bad of course. Before we begin I wanted to make it clear that I’m not being paid to say this (but let’s be honest, I wouldn’t take money to say something in particular) and KeepCup are not collaborating on this post, it’s simply to let you know what my experience has been (but if KeepCup read this and see that I’m a massive fan, then I’ll have struck gold!) 

20180421_152856.jpg(When I first bought my cup, I was still very much mourning the loss of my favourite Dunder Mifflin cup.)

To those who don’t know who or what KeepCup is, there are a brand that started in Australia but now have warehouses there, the UK and in Los Angeles so they are becoming more accessible across the globe. They are a reusable cup company that, since 2009 have sold over eight million cups and are now available in sixty-five countries. I’ll not give you their full bio in this post but if you’re interested in reading up about their story, it’s linked here. 

As explained in the title, my cup is from the Cork series and I first came across it online but it wasn’t until I popped into a local yoga studio that I came across it in real life. (I wrote a post about making small changes to your lifestyle for the environment which I’ll link here and I talk a little more about where I got it from, if you’re local to Belfast) I absolutely fell in love with the fact it was glass and it looked very minimal too. While the choice of cup may seem like it was for vanity reasons, I would say you would be half right. Of course it looked pretty but it was important to me as a green tea drinker to be able to see the process of my tea bag. It sounds strange but when you drink green tea, depending on what flavour and brand you get, it can be really hard to see if it’s strong enough yet.  

20180916_114841-01.jpeg(Whenever I’m out having lunch or dinner, I tend to ask for tea in my cup when I’m sitting in now rather than in a teapot.)

Coming onto the pros of the product, there are quite a few and it’s genuinely because they are key points that I find make them stand out from everyone else.  

One size or one look doesn’t fit all. 

We all like our own individuality and this range of cups is the perfect combination for everyone.  Whether you’re like me and love the glass look or you are looking for a colourful plastic cup instead, there really is something for everyone. There are also many different sizes; I have the large which holds 16oz or 454ml (because there’s nothing better than a big cup of tea) and there’s even a size that you could use for your child too, when they get to the appropriate age, of course. We also need to discuss the colour range because it’s massive; from the lids, the plugs, the holders (if you’re not going with cork) and the cups themselves (if you’re not going with clear plastic or glass). I currently have three lids and three plugs, all different colours of course. 

You can design your own. 

If you’re not feeling any of the pre-prepared cups on offer, that’s absolutely fine. On the website, you can custom make your own cup to your own taste with the wide range of cup styles, lids, plugs and bands available. It may work out slightly more expensive to do this but when I tried to customise a small brew cup, it worked out the same price so it might be worth figuring out what would be the cheaper option. 

If anything goes wrong, you don’t have to replace the entire cup. 

A few months ago, I started to get a strange mark on the mouth part of my lid and it started to bother me. I’m not sure what caused it, whether I was biting down on it by accident but I wanted a new lid. I was easily able to replace the lid for a small price and with seventeen colours to choose from, you can guarantee that it didn’t just take me a minute or two to choose which one. I bought myself three lids altogether all with additional plugs too, so it makes it easier to leave one to clean and you’re not suddenly stuck to clean it right away if you only have the one lid. 

It’s easy to carry around and it’s easy to clean. 

I’m not one for a small handbag; you’ll usually find me with a decent sized black handbag or a backpack so for my two most used bags, my large cup fits in both. That’s what I judge a bag on now, because what would be the point in having a bag that doesn’t fit my cup? As for cleaning, a quick minute does it really. As long as I take the cork off mine, I haven’t noticed it wearing down yet. I know it will at one stage but it’s easy enough to buy another one. 

Many coffee shops carry their own special Keep Cups. 

If you pop into Café Nero, Clements Coffee or Ground Coffee; there’s even a coffee shop in Banbridge called The Copper Lab that have their own, you’ll find that they have their own special versions of the cup with their logo on it. So, if you’re out and don’t want to wait on the post to deliver you one, you can grab on then and there. 

Nothing is perfect and it’s the same with reusable cups so while there aren’t the same amount of cons as there were with pros, there are still a few. 

It doesn’t hold heat for long. 

I would say it stays warm for the maximum of about an hour but you wouldn’t get much more from that. Some people aren’t looking for that, but I would say a lot of people are. At first, especially with the glass cup, it’s very hot and I normally let it cool for about ten minutes before I start drinking it so it is hot, it just doesn’t stay hot. 

It’s not leak-proof. 

I don’t think they have ever defined themselves as a leak-proof cup to be fair but if that’s something you’re looking for in a reusable cup then I wouldn’t recommend this particular brand. It’s more for the “here and now” drink rather than “here and some later” drink.  

This last point isn’t a pro or a con, I would say it’s somewhere in the middle because for me, it’s not an issue but for those who are more conscious about the money side, it may be a deterrent. 

The price point. 

The prices start at £7 for an extra small (perfect for those children’s drinks or an espresso) and grow from there. I can’t exactly remember how much mine was, I have a feeling it was around £21/£22 which for a glass cup, I didn’t think was unreasonable. The glass is the most expensive cup understandably starting at £14 for a small which holds 8oz or 227ml so if you are looking for affordability, I would suggest looking at the plastic range which starts from £8 (excluding the extra small size). 

Would I recommend it? 

If you can’t tell, I would highly recommend getting yourself a Keep Cup. While I only have one version of the cup, I’m not sure what the leakage and heat is like for the other styles, but if you’re looking for something that is leak-proof, this isn’t the cup for you. However, if you want something that remains minimal but stands out and is easy to transport and clean, I think this would be the perfect addition. If you don’t drink hot drinks and are more an iced tea or coffee person, I would still recommend it. I often have my iced coffee in mine and it’s still great (and I even add in a metal or paper straw too). 


I hope my review has given you a better insight into this particular Keep Cup. I believe any reusable cup is a great additional to your tea or coffee usage especially if you are an avid drinker like myself. I’ve lost count of how many disposable cups I haven’t needed to use because of it and on the odd occasion I am out without my cup, I feel very odd using a disposable. If you have any reviews of any reusable cups, please send them my way. 


Pago Premium Fruit Juice


If I’m not drinking a cup of tea (which will be very rare because we all know I am a tea queen), I’m either drinking water or orange juice. I haven’t touched fizzy drinks in eight years so pure fruit juices are my next love so when Pago Premium Fruit Juices got in contact, I knew this was right up my street and that’s what today’s post is all about.

As a disclaimer, I was kindly gifted a case of orange fruit juice from the company but as always, my opinions are simply my honest opinion of the product. None of the links used in today’s post are affiliate links.

I had never heard of Pago Premium Fruit Juice before so before I accepted the gift, I wanted to make sure I done my research to see what the company was all about and if they were accessible in my area. I didn’t see the point of trying something out then not being able to get it afterwards. I haven’t been able to find any stockists in Northern Ireland as of yet but you can buy them online.

I was offered a range of flavours but looking through the website, I knew that I was going to go with orange; simply because I love orange juice and I don’t tend to drink many other fruit drinks. When they arrived, I was pleasantly surprised that they came in glass bottles so they are one hundred percent recyclable so knowing I was helping the environment a little more, was even better.


It’s described as orange juice from concentrate with pulp, I don’t mind pulp but I try and get smooth whenever I can. Giving the bottle a shake, I had a first sip and I definitely tasted pulp in it, but it seems to be orange that is slightly thicker than most drinks so it had that feeling at first and often does with each sip from the new glass. However, there’s not as much pulp as you would get with other supermarket brands. It could have been the batch that I got, but it was pretty smooth apart from the beginning.

It’s a nicely sized bottle at 200ml and it’s been really easy for me to throw in my backpack when I have went out for a ride on the bike or a walk into town. They seem to be leak proof too, I thankfully haven’t had any accidents with the bottles and considering I carry my trusty Filofax with me everywhere; if it got wet, I would be devastated.


I haven’t finished all my bottles yet, but once I do, I’m going to order more online because as easy as it is to pop to the shop and pick up a cardboard carton, I prefer being able to pop a juice in my bag for those moments where I’m not near a shop. Also, coming back to the recycling element, I much prefer the glass route when I can.

My one complaint and this isn’t even against Pago themselves, it’s about online delivery. If you’re like me and can’t seem to find them in the shops, I would recommend using The Drinks Shop rather than Drinks Supermarket because the delivery for Drinks Supermarket was almost £15. I understand that it’s a heavy delivery but I simply can’t justify £15 whereas the Drinks Supermarket is under £5.

Thank you so much for reading today’s post; I love getting opportunities like this and thank you again to Pago for the gift, I really am loving the juice. If you fancy giving Pago a follow on their social media, they are over on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram

Let’s Talk About The Low Tox Box.

One of the reasons I love Twitter is because I find little gems on it. Over my social media platforms, I’m trying harder than ever to curate my feeds with who I follow, what they’re talking about and what I personally take away from it. That’s how I came across the Low Tox Box.

(Disclaimer: I haven’t been paid to do a review nor have I been sent this box for free. I bought this myself after coming across the company on Twitter and I was so impressed that I wanted to share my thoughts on it. The links contained in this post are not affiliate links, I simply wanted to make the products more accessible to you, if you were interested in finding out more.)


If you’ve never heard of the Low Tox Box (like me until very recently) it’s what it says on the tin (or shall we say box?). It’s a company that was started up in 2017 by a woman called Lucy that delivers ethically sourced and low toxin products so you can become part of the change for a cleanlier and more sustainable environment. From my research, the company used to do monthly boxes but they are now more focused on one off gift boxes, which to me personally, I prefer. I love the idea of subscription boxes but I simply can’t justify it each month.

The shop stock four different boxes; “Mindfulness” Gift Box, “Vegan New Mum” Gift Box, “Eco Friendly Travel Essentials” Gift Box and the one that I purchased was the “Zero Waste” Starter Kit. They all vary in price but mine came in at £30, but they had a special 10% off deal for Earth Hour the day I purchased it, so including postage and packaging, mine came in at just under £30.

LowToxBox(Original Photograph Source: Low Tox Box)

As many of you know if you follow me on social media, I’m always looking what impact I have on the environment so this “Zero Waste” kit is the perfect stepping stone for me. Below is up close look at what you get in the box, and for every box that is ordered, a tree is planted. Now, if that doesn’t make you feel good, I don’t know what will!

20180330_164906-01.jpeg(I love getting a little personalised note with my packages.)

20180330_165733-01.jpeg(The Que Bottle that holds up to 600ml of liquid hot or cold when expanded.) 

20180330_165859-01.jpeg(Reusable Stainless Steel Spork (a spoon and fork in one!), Wire Straw Cleaning Brush and Reusable Stainless Steel Curved Straw.)

20180330_170206-01.jpeg(Natural Mesh Produce Bag.)

20180330_170132-01.jpeg(Natural Small String Produce Bag.)

20180330_170321-01.jpeg(Natural LowToxBox Tote Bag.)

I know that I’ll use all of these products; I would tend to drink quite a lot of water and I try and carry a water bottle around with me as well as my Keep Cup. The produce bags will come in handy when I go to the green grocers at the start of the week before I head into work that morning and the Tote bag will fit in any of my bags because even though I try my best to remember, sometimes I forget to pack shopping bags. As for the straw and the spork, these will be fantastic in work because it will only be me using them or if I’m ever out to grab a quick bite, I hate using disposable cutlery so this will be absolutely perfect.

This would be a fantastic gift for someone you know who is trying to live a more sustainable lifestyle or even if you’re trying to take small steps to help change the way you shop, eat or purchase products. Let me know if you’ve bought this box before or any of the other boxes, and what you thought of them (I have my eye on the “Travel Essentials” box next!) 

My First “Book and a Brew” Box.

Even hearing the name, “Book and a Brew” got me excited. It’s probably one of the most self explanatory subscription boxes out there. It comes with a (hardback) book and (a box of) tea! What could be better?


I’ve spoken on social media many times about wanting to read more because I want to expand my writing past my favourite actors autobiographies and I want to read more books that I wouldn’t necessarily pick up on first glance. This subscription box helps with exactly that; you don’t get to choose the book or even the genre, it’s a total surprise and you don’t get to choose the tea either. If you’re a book lover, I can honestly say this box is for you! One of my good friends introduced me to this box and I’m so glad she did (despite the fact I haven’t even started the book yet!)

It comes packed in tissue paper with a little “book and a brew” sticker on top (as you can see above!) alongside your box of tea. You also get a little information page about the book that was chosen this month and a description of the tea that was chosen for the month. You also get cute little Brew Quiz cards that you can tweet the answers to the tea company themselves.


This month’s book is called “The Fair Fight” by Anna Freeman. The information page describes the book as “a gritty Georgian tale” and in turn, the Fruit Punch tea by the Brew Tea Company also “packs a punch” matching the description of the book. This isn’t a book I would have picked up admittedly but I’m excited to read it and see what I think. If I like it, great! And if I don’t? At least I read something outside my comfort zone, therefore expanding my reading even further.


For an average hardback book, you would pay between £10-£15 and a good box of tea can cost up to about £7 or so; this box costs either £12.99 (if you sign up to the subscription service) or £14.99 (if you want to buy a one off box) so you are pretty much getting a free box of tea each month, which is phenomenal.

If you want to find out any more information about this UK based company (but they do ship to most of the E.U too!) and more about the box, you can click right here!

I hope you enjoyed this post and I’m sure I’ll be posting about my progress on the book throughout my Twitter, so make sure you check back. And this wasn’t a sponsored post, I paid for this myself with my own money and as always, all opinions are 100% my own.

#PaperHaul Monthly Box (July)

*holds hands up* Yes, I’m a bad blogger sometimes. The lovely people over at Craft Creatives sent me their July #PaperHaul subscription box and I’m only reviewing it now. I’m sorry! Life happened and you know what, it’s okay! I’m turning my wrong into a right today, so here’s my review of this cute box!

I had heard a little about this particular box through Twitter but the only thing I really knew about it was that it was very quirky and great for those who loved letter writing and creative stationary. So when the opportunity came up to see what was inside the box, I jumped at the chance.


At the start of the box, you get a card telling us the name of the box (of course!) and on the back, it had a nice introduction to the artist that was featured for that month. This particular month was Louise from Gaze of Dolls Designs and finding out more her was quite a nice touch.


First up was three little beautiful cards complete with envelopes. They are almost like little postcards actually, they’re really cute. There was even washi tape too with little butterflies and blue fish! I used to love using washi tape on my Filofax so if I go back to using tape on my Filofax, I’ll be giving that a go.


Next was a normal sized card that could really be used for any occasion but I think I would use it for more of a birthday card, mainly because it’s very Alice in Wonderland themed (or that’s the impression I get!) and having tea and cake just screams birthday to me! It’s really pretty and so bright too.


Stickers! There’s even a tea cup sticker! Now who doesn’t love that? Now I’ve never been one to use stickers because I’m always afraid of wanting to take them off and ruining whatever I’ve stuck them on, but if I was sending a fun letter to someone, or wanting to decorate a memory or a personal journal, I’m so there!


And finally, we have two postcards and a notepad. My favourite of the two postcards are, of course, the one with the biscuits and the tea but they are both lovely (I’m a sucker for anything with tea though). And how doesn’t love a notepad? I am known to be very obsessive over lists and I really am trying to scale it down a lot because it was becoming a negative thing in my life, but I want to use this for more creative purposes rather than my work day-to-day life.


Overall, I am so pleased with this box. Every month is £10 (plus postage and packaging with £2 in the UK, £5 in the EU and £6 everywhere else!) and it features a brand new artist/illustrator each time which I love because you can discover new illustrators online and if you’re ever looking for more personalised art, you can their information and you have proof of their work too. If you’re interested in stationary, letter writing, creative writing, sweet pictures or just love quirky items that not everyone will get their hands on, this is a box you should go for! I genuinely believe it is worth £10 just for the range of products you get by the one artist, never mind how useful each one can actually be whether that’s for a special occasion or in your day-to-day life. For more information, go to Crafty Creatives website!

And remember if you like these designs, go follow Louise on her Twitter!

(Disclaimer: This box was sent to me for free, I was not paid and everything I have said is my own opinion. Again, thank you to Craft Creatives for the opportunity)

LUSH Haul and Review.

At first, this was just going to be a haul, but we’ve had the products for a few days, and two out of the three products, my boyfriend and I have used before, so it seemed to make more sense to turn it into a haul and review.

It’s a pretty small haul for me, just three products! When I was in college, a trip to LUSH was a very regular thing for me, almost too regular so three products is very small to me.


American Cream Conditioner (100ml) £4.95

Since I don’t have a photograph of this on its own, I’ll talk about it first. American Cream conditioner is one of my favourite conditioners of all time but it seems to be the only conditioner from LUSH that I get on with. Veganese was too liquidy and light for me and I could never get Jungle to condition my hair. I haven’t tried all the conditioners yet, but I think I will always compare them to American Cream.

I love the smell of this conditioner, and it actually lasts in your hair too, which I love! You don’t need a lot of it and a small bottle seems to last a reasonable amount of time too. I can’t fault it at all; surprisingly I don’t panic when I run out of it, it just seems to be when I have zero conditioner then decide to go back to LUSH and buy it, I think “Okay, I know I love this, why did I wait so long to buy it again?”

Kalamazoo Facial and Beard Wash (240g) £12.75


My boyfriend uses this face wash so I can’t give much of an opinion on it but this is his second big tub of it and he’s went through two small tubs as well so I think he really likes it. I don’t think a lot of guys really think about washing their face with more than just water and it was only when I introduced him to LUSH face washes, that he seemed interested. It smells of pineapple which is an added bonus and he says his beard is always really soft afterwards so it’s not drying but not greasy either.

Smugglers Soul Facial Scrub (100g) £8.95

Smuggler's Soul

A new product for both of us! From what I have been reading, this is a limited edition product (Please correct me if I’m wrong!) but I really hope they keep this one around because I really like it. It’s the type of scrub that feels like sand paper but trust me, I mean that in the nicest way possible. I love a good scrub, I want one that actually feels like a scrub and not some fluffy duffy one. This isn’t the strongest scrub in the world, and it doesn’t have the strongest smell either, but I don’t mind that. It feels like it’s doing being a great exfoliator, something simple, and if I can, I’d really like to buy this again. I also find that I don’t need to use as much of this compared to Ocean Salt. I can never find the right amount with that, whereas with Smuggler’s Soul, I don’t need that much at all.

That’s all for this haul but if you’ve tried out any of the same products, or if you have any product recommendations, please let me know!