About Me

It’s so hard to pick one photograph to try and represent your personality! I found it best represents my love of tea, what my favourite food on the menu is at one of my favourite cafes (*whispers* It’s pancakes) 
A little about me: My name is Victoria, I’m 26 and I’m from Belfast in Northern Ireland. I post three times a week (Sunday, Tuesday and Friday) and I’m a lifestyle, fitness, food, mental health blogger.
I’m an avid green tea and herbal tea drinker, I’m currently in between a vegetarian and plant based diet and I also eat gluten free. You can read more about my dietary requirements right here: (x) (x) (x). I love going to the gym, cooking and baking satisfies me beyond belief and there’s nothing more relaxing than binge watching The Office US or Parks and Recreation with a huge cup of tea.

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