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Alphabet Dating.

Alphabet Dating.png

Dating is fun and going on dates when you’re in a long-term relationship is so important to keep that connection with your partner so today’s blog post is focused on the concept of alphabet dating.

I’ve heard the idea of alphabet dating float around for the last few years; It’s not a new concept by any stretch of the imagination but I thought it would be quite fun to try out. Sometimes when you’re in a relationship, you tend to do the same things and while that’s a really comfortable feeling, you always want to be kept on your toes. Alphabet dating is what it says on the tin really; it’s when you make a list of date days or date ideas based on the alphabet. Now, there’s a few things on the list that I have either already done before or have started this year, but I wanted to start the list fresh for 2019. So, if I completed something last year, it doesn’t count and I have to re-do it but I have started something this year, then I can add it.

I’ll be updating this list from this point forward to show that we have done our activities together. (And hopefully, I’ll have picture evidence for them all!)

● ● ●

[A] Go to an aquarium.

[B] Go on a tour bus around Belfast.

[C] Walk to the top of Cavehill.

[D] Take a dance class.

[E] Explore a new town in Northern Ireland.

[F] Have a film day.

[G] Have a board game night.

[H] Take a hot air balloon ride.

[I] Try out indoor climbing.

[J] Building a jigsaw together.


[L] Learn a new language. 
(We’ve started to learn polish! We began just before the New Year and have done it every single night since then, which we thrive off. If you want to read more about us learning a new language and why exactly we chose Polish, click the link above to read Scott’s blog post on it.)

[M] Run a half-marathon distance.

[N] Go on a mid-night adventure.

[O] Have an Office US marathon.

[P] Creating our own picnic.


[R] Go on a running tour.

[S] Wake up early to see the sunrise.

[T] Have a night at the theatre.

(We did this in Toronto with Whitney and Mat for a show called “Come From Away”. It was so fantastic and I would highly recommend catching it if you can!)

[U] Unplug from entertainment for one day.

[V] Growing our own vegetables.

[W] Watch a new TV show.

[X] Visit an exhibition. (I know this is cheating but X is hard!)

[Y] Yoga. 
(Okay, so we’ve been doing yoga together for a few months albeit it hasn’t been that often but I bought us an unlimited pass at one of our local yoga studios so I blogged about the types of classes we went to and how I felt afterwards.)

[Z] Having a day trip to the Zoo.

● ● ●

Now there are two spaces on my list, K and Q and quite honestly, Q is really hard and I had thought of ideas for K, but none I really wanted to do. As much fun as karaoke is, it’s not my thing and it’s not Scott’s either. So I’ve decided the two blank spaces are going to be ones that we can put anything into over the course of the year.

Have you ever tried alphabet dating? Have you any more ideas? Let me know either down in the comments, over on Instagram or on Twitter. Thank you for reading!


My Relationship With Faith and Religion.


Today’s post is something that I never thought about writing until recently. Religion fascinates me and while it’s something I don’t know a lot about, I feel like it’s important to reflect on religion and your own journey with it in order to learn more about others. 

Last year and the latter part of the year before, I questioned whether I should go back to church. I wasn’t religious at that point but I felt like I needed a purpose in my life and I felt like church would give me that. I don’t know if I was expecting an overwhelming response once I walked through the halls or it would be something that I felt over time. 

I went to Sunday School very young and I stayed there until I finished Primary Seven, and I remained in a church led organisation a few months before my 17th birthday. If you read my “Volunteering with the Girl Guides” post; I write about how I was in the Girls Brigade before moving to the Rainbows then up to the Brownies and Guides. All four organisations were church led and still seem to be, but you don’t need to be a member of the church to go. It seems to be very inclusive. 


For me, the problem with religion is there are the few that spoil it for the rest. This small majority refuse to let others have their own beliefs, and believe it is their way, and that’s all. I’ll give you an example: One night, Scott and I were sitting in his house when the door went. It was two fairly elderly women who looked like they wouldn’t hurt a fly, and Scott being Scott, stood at the door with them. I would never shut the shut on anyone (unless I felt threatened of course) but after around half an hour, I did wonder why Scott was still engaged with them both. After asking was he open to the Lord, they proceeded about a minute or two later to declare that anyone who wasn’t with the Lord, was going to hell. This was said multiple times and they kept asking him why he wasn’t open to it. I felt like that was a very personal question; something which I wouldn’t mind answering but some people may not feel comfortable with that. Looking at it from an outsides point of view, a conversation like that would put me off considering joining a church. Constantly asking if we are open to it, why we haven’t done it, what would happen to those if they don’t; it’s a very negative space and it comes across forceful. 

Growing up, Christianity was all I knew, no-one had taught me any differently. Towards the end of my time with the Guides, we had to go to a church service once a month and when I was even younger than that, I would go with my Mum and my Granny. Not every week mind you but it was something that I remember doing. We weren’t a heavily influenced family by any means; we weren’t at church very single week and it was something that definitely drifted away once I left Sunday School. 

I believe in something, I simply don’t know what that “something” is. I absolutely love the idea of crystals and tarot, it’s an idea that I want to explore in the future, and while it’s not exactly a faith or religion, it’s still within the spirituality flow. I don’t necessarily believe that there is one good or that there is a heaven and a hell (although, if you haven’t, I encourage you to watch The Good Place and fall in love with it!) Sometimes it’s even hard to tell what is good and what is bad; would it be based on your own perceptions or someone else’s? What you think is bad, might not be that bad, and vice versa.  


Meditation and mindfulness is often connected with Buddhism and I think that’s why I have connected with it much more in the last year or two. I don’t know a lot about Buddhism but I know for meditation, it’s all about being in the moment just with yourself and I truly believe that is the first step we all need to take before we let something else in. We need to become more focused on ourselves before we let external sources in because how can we let others in if we don’t know who we truly are first? 

A very different post for me today but I think it’s interesting to go outside our comfort zone and really challenge what we believe (or don’t believe) and question why we don’t. If you have any related posts that you think would be of interest, please feel free to send them my way either through the comments below, my Twitter or my Instagram. Have a great day and thank you so much for reading! 

Is There Unwarranted Pressure Around Veganism?

is there un-warranted pressure around veganism_ (1)

The world of veganism is growing year upon year, and as a vegan myself, I couldn’t be prouder. I wanted to talk a little more about my journey with it, how my boyfriend is coping with it so far with his own short-term goals and why I still get frustrated with the perception of veganism. 

The start of January marked my two-year anniversary of becoming vegan and it still feels so strange to say that because that was never the plan. I had never planned to become vegan; I wanted to try Veganuary because it was something that I was fascinated by, and I was looking for another challenge. The nutrition side to a plant-based diet has always interested me and considering the food intolerances I was already dealing with, I wanted to see how I would cope. At that point when I tried Veganuary, I had been vegetarian for around ten months but I had adapted to that change quite easily. If you want to read about my vegetarian to vegan journey; I have a range of posts you can read which I’ll link to below:

Becoming A Vegetarian
What I Eat In A Day: Veganuary Style
So what happened after Veganuary?
How and why I turned vegan.

My boyfriend Scott, is adapting his diet to vegan this month for Veganuary and I never thought I would see him do this. I sometimes read threads online of other vegans asking could you be in a relationship with someone who wasn’t vegan, and for me, it’s never been an issue. Scott has been very up front about the reason that he’s trying veganuary (you can read his post here!) and it’s been an eye-opener for me to see someone who isn’t looking to permanently change his diet, to change it for a short-term period. 

I call myself his mentor as a joke, but he cooks the majority of our evening meals which have been all vegan, and whenever he wants, he cooks some meat on the side to add to his. We’re always double-checking labels together and we want to explore new recipes because as much as I love his vegetable korma, he wants to see what else is out there. We’re always questioning certain parts of the vegan lifestyle, and sometimes we agree and other times it can turn into a debate, but it’s a healthy debate. As much as it’s nice to have someone who is on the same wave length as you (which I absolutely value in any type of relationship) a healthy debate and another view point is something that I cherish too.  


I believe Veganuary is a fantastic cause, whether that means that you continue being vegan (like I did) or you plan on cutting down your animal-based products further afterwards, it’s still a step in the right direction. There seems to be so much pressure on being vegan or becoming more eco-conscious which is something I am very passionate about but there are some individuals on the online space who seem to follow the all-or-nothing thinking, which in turn, can deter others from trying to make a change. I can understand that in order to help the planet, one of the biggest changes you can make, is to your diet but sometimes that’s not possible for people. You may have to be on a specialised diet that means you have to cut out so many food groups and individual foods that then cutting out additional food, may be too much. You may still live at home and can’t afford to buy your own food, so you have to eat the food that your parents or guardians eat. You may think that going vegan cold turkey (excuse the pun!) is too much in one go; in that case, it may be easier to cut down on your red meat first, then move to chicken and slowly coming off fish. 

Personally, I think the whole philosophy of becoming vegan seems to be lost sometimes; part of the journey is about being compassionate, not just to the animals and the world around you, but to other people. There can be criticism to other people who choose not to follow the vegan lifestyle, and it can be understandable in some circumstances. When you first learn of the choices that are made against the animals for our food products (to give one of many examples) it can be hard to understand why someone would choose not to follow the same lifestyle. I believe we all get like that sometimes no matter what the subject choice is; we all have our own views and it can be hard to remember that not everyone will have the same opinion as you, but it’s something that over time, you start to realise that you won’t be able to change everyone’s opinion, that’s not your job. 


For me, I’m so happy that Veganuary and the vegan lifestyle is becoming more popular, because the food ranges are absolutely fantastic and are getting better constantly, which is only a good thing. However, if you want to change your diet or change your lifestyle but feel like you can’t do it all in one go, that’s okay. You don’t have to turn a vegan overnight to make a real change for our planet; if it’s something that you can’t do, or simply don’t want to do, it’s a valid reason and you shouldn’t feel the need to have to justify your decision. There are many other ways you can help our environment without pushing yourself completely out of your comfort zone beyond the point where you’re not happy.  

Are you trying Veganuary this year? Have you tried it before, what were your thoughts with it? Do you think there is too much pressure sometimes on completely changing your lifestyle? I’d love to know your thoughts on anything I’ve talked about today. Thank you so much for reading, I really do appreciate it. 

Life Update: Settling Into My New Job and Finding A New Routine.

Life Update_ (1).png

The last six months of the year certainly haven’t been plain sailing but for the last month, I’ve been getting comfortable in my new job and today I wanted to give you a life update talking about this new transition and what I’ve been looking forward to the most. 

As I mentioned at the beginning of July, I was made redundant from the job I had been in for over three and a half years. I was devastated and it took a long time to adjust to that change. I talked about the positives and the negatives of that and during that time while I was going through a depressive episode (not all linked to that particular situation) it was nice to have my writing as an outlet. 

However, as you have read by the title, I’m very happy to say I’m in a brand new job! At the time of writing this post (in early December) I’ve been in my job for just over a month and it’s so strange to be learning the ropes again.  In my previous job, obviously because of my experience, I was so used to helping new employees and trainees but now it’s the other way around. I’m now working in sales distribution and I have zero experience in this sector but I’m more willing than ever to learn. We know that we’ll never know everything but starting from scratch has been difficult at times and I have admitted it to my team a number of times. Not because the job is hard, it’s not, it’s more so because there are so many systems to pick up along the way and I haven’t got to that point yet. I’m very fortunate that my team are extremely supportive and I can’t stress enough how much a supportive team can really help or hinder you. Over the last month, I have finally realised how much pressure I put on myself to pick up everything right away and that’s not how it works. It’s not going to happen overnight or even in a few weeks, that’s my perfectionist side coming out and not being able to come to terms with it but I will get there eventually.  

Remember when I wrote about routines a few weeks ago? Well, it’s something that I am absolutely over the moon to have again. Of course I know that you can still have a routine when you aren’t working but when I ease going through my depressive time in the Summer, sometimes it was hard pulling myself out of bed, but I can appreciate that a routine will be different for everyone depending on your circumstances. We really do under-estimate the role of a routine in our lives until we don’t have one anymore.  

For anyone reading who is heading into the world of work for the first time or is changing jobs soon, I wanted to talk about the routine aspects that I personally love and I’m so glad to have back.  

Meal Preparation 


If you only implement one important aspect of a routine, I would highly recommend that you look at meal preparation. There seems to be a myth or two knocking about that makes people think they don’t have the time, and it’s not about trying to add extra time to your morning or even your weekend, it’s about choosing how to spend our time that we already have.  

Since I’m starting out again, I’m going for really simple meals and I’m trying to keep my preparation to a minimum. I make a pasta salad which simply contained cucumber, lettuce, cherry tomatoes, peppers and macaroni pasta. I use an already bought dressing (but I am hoping to start making my own) and I microwave sweetcorn and quinoa bites that come already made. While that and the sauce is technically processed, I’m still aiming for a healthy lunch which I believe I achieve. The longest process is the pasta, and I would say that takes me about eight minutes to cook. I tend to chop the vegetables while the pasta is cooking and I do that in the morning but it could be easily done the night before.   

Leftovers are such a popular choice for lunches the next day and I’ve done that a few times when Scott has made me dinner the night before. It’s so easy to box it up and if you have somewhere to heat it up, then you’re good to go! 

Building my Workout Schedule 


My physical fitness is something that is very important to me and has been for a long time. Even when I was off during the Summer; I really tried my best to get out on my bicycle, head out for a run or take a walk to the gym. As I get older, I’m not willing to give myself the excuse of being too tired after work because I genuinely can’t remember the last time I didn’t feel tired, it’s something I have grown up with. The first week or two in the new job, I did flake out of workouts because I was beyond exhausted but I have come to realise that while it’s perfectly okay to not workout and listen to your body, you have to have the right balance. But hey, we all struggle with it including me, so we shouldn’t be too hard on ourselves. I know for me that it’s something that I’m keeping an eye on over the next few months.  

Morning workouts are my favourite admittedly and what I love even more is that Scott is embracing them too. Sure, going to the gym at 5:30am may not be everyone’s cup of tea but it certainly works for us and it’s something that I will keep up because it’s so nice to work hard with your body very early in the morning and not have to worry about it for the rest of the day. In saying that, I run better in the afternoon and evening. Figure that one out, eh? 

Changing Up My Work Style 


In my recent quarter goals post, I talked about wanting to refresh my wardrobe and minimise my clothing in general and it’s something I have really concentrated on. Before starting my job, I wanted to find a number of key pieces that I could match together that worked on a professional level but I could wear out at the weekend too. I absolutely love the look of a blouse and skirt but I became too comfortable with a skirt and jeans, and because I never had to dress too professionally, I never tried anything new. I’ve found some key pieces that I love and while I’m currently dressing in Christmas jumpers, I’ll be back in my new clothes in January. (Possibly planning a blog post in the New Year talking about this in more detail!) 

● ● ●

Now, of course I have to say that everyone’s routine and priorities will be different. If you know me, I’m a twenty something who lives with her cat and I don’t have any children to support yet. I work in a standard office who has her hours pretty much fixed nine-to-five. I’m able to work around my circumstances slightly easier than someone else would who has different circumstances, and that’s totally fine. It’s all about finding out what works for you and what your priorities are. 

It’s been really lovely getting back into working life and I couldn’t be more grateful for the opportunity. The weeks have been flying by and while my weekends have been consumed with Christmas shopping at the minute, it’s nice to really take advantage of the down time when I have it now.  

Thank you for reading today’s post and thank you all so much for your lovely messages through Twitter and Instagram, you have no idea how much I appreciate it! 

Volunteering With The Girl Guides.


I’ve started something new quite recently and it’s something I have wanted to do for a while: volunteering with Girlguiding UK so that’s what today’s post is all about, including my time growing up in the Rainbows, Brownies and the Guides. (Photo credit: Girl Guiding Ulster:

When I was younger, I was in the Girl’s Brigade but one of my friends from Sunday School said she was in the Rainbows, and I had no idea what it was so I asked could I move to the Rainbows. Looking back, I feel bad leaving so young because my Mum grew up in the GB and I should have carried on that tradition. I entered the Rainbows when I should have been leaving but because my friend was younger than me, I choose to move to Brownies when she could so I always stayed a little longer.

I moved from Rainbows to Brownies to Guides, and left the Guides when I was a few months off being seventeen. In the September, I was starting college and it meant that I wasn’t going to be so close to the church in the evenings with my classes so I decided to bow out at that point. From fourteen to sixteen, I became a young leader but I don’t have many memorable moments from that time. Overall, I had a really nice time in the three sections; one of the most memorable experiences was learning sign language when I was in Brownies and I still remember how to sign my name to this day. I think being out of the organisation for over ten years, I don’t expect to remember a lot, but I know it wasn’t a bad experience.


In today’s society more than ever, we’re being encouraged to give back and rightly so, of course. Giving up your time for others is one of those great gifts that truly does keep on giving but some people simply don’t have the time to do so, and that’s totally fine. It’s all about doing what is right for you, and for me, I thought I didn’t have the time. I never really thought too much about it but over the last few months, I’ve been thinking more about how I spend my time. Being off for four and a half months, it gives you time to do that and I knew once I started back to work, that I was going to have less time but I wanted to fill it but not go completely overboard. From the GB, Rainbows, Brownies and Guides and even at the running events I go to; they depend on volunteers and it’s so important to remember that someone has given up their time to help you do something great, so wouldn’t it be great if you could do the same for someone else.


I’ve been really impressed so far with the amount of growth from when I was in Guides to now. Their badges are amazing and they even have a meditation badge! Others include human rights, craftivism and campaigning. I’ve also noticed that the senior section play a bigger role than when I was in it because when I was fourteen, I became a young leader but the evenings were very much controlled by the older leaders but there seems to be a huge shift in terms of this.


I’m really enjoying the experience so far, and having to deal with children and young adults in my previous job, that has boosted my confidence addressing the girls in the hall for activities and general chit-chat. I’ve even held a few of my own activities over the last few weeks which I didn’t think I would do so soon.

I’d love to know if you used to be in Girlguiding as a leader or as a member or simply if you volunteer your time in another organisation. Thank you for taking the time to read today’s post, I really do appreciate it.

Restructuring Your Morning Routine.

Restructuring Your Morning Routine (1)

Morning routines are always a talking point and they are something I truly believe in. As someone who became so dependent on them, I wanted to write about restructuring your routine if you feel like something isn’t working, if you find yourself losing motivation from it or if you find yourself feeling like you’ll never have the perfect one. So that’s what today’s post is all about. 

Last Summer, I wrote about my morning routine (I’ll link it here) and it consisted of waking up at 4am, meditating, getting ready and heading to the gym all before getting ready to start the work day. I absolutely loved this routine but one of my main problems with it was that I wasn’t going to bed any earlier for quite a while. I should have been aiming for around 9pm but often, I wasn’t going to sleep until around 11pm or even midnight. Keep that up over a few months and I started to feel tired all the time and even though I physically felt stronger, I was mentally and emotionally exhausted. I haven’t done this morning routine in quite a while and since I have been unemployed and on the job search, I found it hard to get myself in a routine during this time off. 

I believe routines are so important and they really help build the foundation of your day. I know that something that I realised when I did experience my time off during the Summer was how much I depended on a routine in the morning so when I didn’t have one, I found it very difficult to find my purpose for that day unless I had an appointment booked that day. That took some getting used to and over time; once I managed my feelings and realised that they were perfectly valid, it was only then I was able to trial getting back into that mindset again. 


Over the last few months, I have trailed going to the gym early in the morning again and I have also looked at going out for early morning runs. Meditation was something I was very focused on last year but this year, it simply slipped so again, this is something I have trailed out too. I tried out different forms of journaling, listening to informational audio, switching around my “getting ready” routine and changing when I try and organise the day ahead. All these take practice and it’s all about finding out what works for you. 

Everyone has their own little bubble on YouTube; some like looking at cats being adorable (I tend to do that on Instagram, to be fair) others like to watch video podcasts but for me, one of my top watches online are routines, morning and evening ones. I love watching these routine videos because while I know it is slightly exaggerated, I would say most of them are true to life, and I find it’s really good to pick up one step of someone’s morning and add it to your own. This can also be where we fall down however; they say “comparison is the thief of joy” and it can be, if you let it. You have to look at who you are watching and see if it fits your life too. For example: if you’re watching a twenty something who is a full time content creator who doesn’t have to get up until 7am while you’re a working Mum or Dad and 7am would be far too late for you, you can guarantee that one routine won’t work for the both of you. That doesn’t mean that their routine is silly or that it’s unrealistic, it just means that it works for them and that’s what helps them through their day, but that should be no reflection on you and how you choose to wake up. 


That’s where you get to be creative. You have to look at your situation at the minute and what comes into play. I’ll use myself as an example; I’m in my late twenties with no children, exercise and meditation is important to me, I can’t skip breakfast and I love listening to either podcasts or audiobooks. So ideally for me, my morning routine would consist of either a run or a gym session most days of the working week, I would add a meditation in at some point each morning, I would prioritise breakfast and I would make sure I listen to something informational either as I get ready for work or in my exercise setting, whatever that may be. Now, it is very similar to my previous routine but I know that in order for it to work this time around, my bedtime routine needs to work towards going to bed earlier. 

I also know what doesn’t work for me: I’m not one for journaling, I have tried it in the past but I don’t think it’s for me at the minute, so I wouldn’t add that to my personal routine. As much as I love blogging, I know that my brain isn’t awake enough in the morning to start writing a blog post, so I wouldn’t put that pressure on myself. I also don’t like baths so adding a bath into my daily routine (no matter how relaxing it looks) would be unrealistic because it’s not a priority to me. It sounds really simple but as much as your routine is to set you up for the day, you want it to include activities that are going to lift you up. There’s always this debate and one of the topics that it normally revolves around is exercise; some people say they wake up and exercise even though they don’t want to. Now thankfully, I don’t have this problem because I do genuinely love the gym but I simply don’t see the point in scheduling in something you don’t like every day because “you have to”. 


I came across a few articles that I found quite interesting that talked about different morning routine methods: Life Hack have a great one focusing on thirty changes you can make a difference to your motivation, Develop Good Habits have thirty-four habits that even gives you the estimated time of how much each one would take, Medium have an article which explores when one person took on a number of different routines to see which one worked out best and for a shorter read, Success have an article on what entrepreneurs mornings look like. This is what I mean when I talk about getting creative, whether you see one thing in these lists or five things, you can work out if you want to slot them into your own routine and how you are able to do so. 

Morning routines are so personal and I don’t believe that not everyone needs one. I do believe that we all need one because mentally, I think we all need to have something that sets us up for the day because it’s all about those foundations. If I wake up later than I should do, it almost always sets me off on a bad foot and while you shouldn’t let a bad morning put you off from the rest of your day, it’s something that I still struggle with. We put so much emphasis on how other people are living but as long as you look at what YOU’RE doing to improve YOUR day, then that’s really all you can control. 

I would love to know your thoughts on morning routines, if you have one and if it’s beneficial for you, whether that’s on Twitter, Instagram or the comments below. Thank you so much for reading today’s post, I hope it resonated with you in some way.

My Issue With The Term #GirlBoss.

The phrase “girl boss” is one that has blown up only over the last few years but it’s something that a lot of women can relate to and have attached themselves to. Being your own boss is what many people strive for, but I have a problem with the phrasing of it so that’s what I’ll be discussing in today’s post. 


The term #GirlBoss first became popular in 2014 when Sophia Amoruso published her autobiography with the same name, and then in turn, that turned into a Netflix series for one season. Ever since, the term has been used across the globe by women business owners, women entrepreneurs and women who are winning at life. 

As someone who doesn’t own her own business and uses her blog as a hobby rather than making a career from it, I can firmly say that I can’t relate to the #GirlBoss terminology in any shape or form. I kick ass at day-to-day life things but I don’t think I can necessarily call myself a Girl Boss by getting all my workouts done for the week. 

I believe the term itself is becoming over-saturated and you might be thinking who I am to say that considering I can’t identify with it? Well, I simply don’t understand what the difference is between a “girl boss” and a “boss” apart from the fact that there is a gender specific in front of one of the terms. There’s a reason I can’t see a difference, it’s because there is none.  


Sometimes even I have to think before I speak because I still use the term ”girl” instead of “woman”. It’s so easy to do and I’m getting used to describe a female as a woman now but I find it difficult to see what this is doing for equality. I’m not saying it’s making it worse by any stretch of the imagination but how much is this actually helping our case? 

I can completely understand that women have fought for so much over hundreds of years (we mustn’t forget that men are also fighting for women’s rights of course) and we must acknowledge that women’s inequality has affected us through issues like voting, career movement, our own bodies (Yes, the Abortion Act of 1967 that doesn’t apply to Northern Ireland, I am looking right at you and we are still fighting to get our own bodies recognised as our own to be able to make our own decisions) and quite frankly, that’s only hitting the nail on the head very briefly. We’re seeing more women CEO’s which I think is fantastic and as a woman, I couldn‘t be prouder to be around while this change is happening. It’s becoming even more prevalent with the blogging industry taking off and many able to make money from something that was unheard of ten years ago (and that’s only one industry that has started to flourish, I haven’t even touched on the growing industries like STEM for example) However, why do we need to stick a description of a woman in front of it?   

Being a business owner, an entrepreneur, a manager in a company or starting up something on your own from scratch is something to be proud of, and rightly so. I can imagine that it’s a lot of hard work and graft alongside the achievements that go together with that. (I say imagine because again, I haven’t been through this experience on a business level so I’m solely basing this off stories I have heard from those that have been through it.) In my opinion, I don’t think the term is more empowering than your regular “boss” or “entrepreneur” and that’s why I have trouble giving it the praise it’s currently receiving.


If you call yourself a girl boss, then all power to you. Absolutely no judgement here but I simply believe that we don’t need to add another phrase to our vocabulary that we already have something so powerful for. 

I’d love to know your thoughts on this post. Do you agree or is it an agree-to-disagree situation? Let me know either in the comments or on my Twitter or Instagram. Thank you for reading today’s post; understandably I know that I’m on balancing on a fine line when it comes to speaking about equality but for me, it was something that I have been thinking about writing for a while. (All photography included in today’s post is by the wonderful Jess Lowe)