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SS: Sunday Saves (#46)


I’m back with another Sunday Saves and I hope you’re all having a lovely Sunday so far! If you’ve missed any of my previous Sunday Saves, you can find them right here! This week I’ll be talking about coffee shops, Instagram promotion and vegan YouTubers.

1) Lea Rice (How To Stop Feeling Guilty About Working From Cafes)

I don’t think it’s just bloggers that feel this guilt; I think everyone who just enjoys going to a coffee shop to meet up with a friend or spend time by themselves does feel that ounce of guilt when they tell themselves, “I really could just make a cup of tea at home, couldn’t I?” And it’s totally understandable to feel that way. We’re always told to save our money and one of those ways is to go out for coffee less; you can easily save a small fortune that way. However, there are so many benefits to getting out of the comfort zone of your own home and just treating yourself to a tea or coffee (a smoothie or milkshake too!) that you haven’t made yourself. Lea talks about the benefits and I whole-heartedly agree with her, so make sure you read her post and don’t feel so guilty next time you have a cosy cup of tea or coffee at your favourite coffee shop.

2) Phases of Robyn (Instagram Promotion: Is It Worth It?)

Promotion on Instagram is something that I had known about, from seeing it every day but I had no idea about the behind the scenes of it all. I didn’t know how much it cost, the process you had to go through, how long it lasted for or even if it was worth it. I’m so glad Robyn wrote a post on this because it will benefit so many other bloggers who are thinking of doing the same thing.

3) Okay Now Breathe (20 Vegan YouTubers You Should Be Watching)

Over the past year, I’ve become so much more interested in finding more plant based and vegan YouTubers to watch and Meagan has compiled the perfect top twenty list of YouTubers that she recommends. I can’t wait to have a big YouTube night to catch up on all these new videos that I need to watch!

Thank you for reading this week’s blog post and if you have any other vegan or plant-based YouTubers, please tweet me over at @RetroSnowflake, I’m due a YouTube clear out and I would love even more new faces!

(Blogmas Day Fourteen) SS: Sunday Saves (#34)

Merry Christmas everyone!

I can’t believe it’s Christmas Day, the day we’ve all been stressing about is finally here. I hope you all have a wonderful day!


So even though it’s Christmas Day, I’m still posting a Sunday Saves because I still think a lot of people go online today. All throughout December, my Sunday Saves have had a theme and today’s theme for Blogmas Day Fourteen is Vlogmas! I don’t watch a lot of Vlogmas videos but I do have my favourites so I thought I would name them so if you were waiting around to go to a family gathering or you just wanted to snuggle up in bed after dinner, you would have a few videos to watch to keep you entertained.


1. Niomi Smart

Niomi is one of my favourite people to watch on YouTube because she’s someone that, if I had a daughter, I would want her to aspire to be like her. She seems like such a lovely person, her lifestyle is healthy and happy, her eating and exercise is somewhere I want to aim to be at and she’s so relatable (as if she couldn’t get any better?)

My recommendations?
What I Eat In A Day At Christmas & Visiting The Children At Hospital.

2. Lily Pebbles

Lily, again, one of my favourite people to watch on YouTube. I love Lily and Anna (The Anna Edit), I love them together and I love them when they’re apart. Lily really cares about her videos and genuinely puts a lot of thought into them and it’s part of the reason why she’s such a great YouTuber.

My recommendations?
The Weirdest Day & Wrapping Christmas Presents.

3. Kalyn Nicholson

I used to watch Kalyn a few years ago but for some reason, I stopped watching. I discovered her again this year and I’m so happy I did. In one of her recent videos, she called 2016 her “transitional year” and I honestly couldn’t agree more, I feel like I can really relate to her by what she’s had happen in her life over the past year. She seems to have a really good work ethic and I love how she incorporates her food, her fitness and her life into her videos. (Kalyn was doing 12 Days of Christmas this year rather than Vlogmas but they fitted in with the Christmas theme so I added her in regardless!)

My recommendations?
16 Things I Learned in 2016 & 6 Tips To Stay Motivated For Winter.

4. Lexi Life

When I first found Katie’s videos, I was only a little tiny bit obsessed with her (but in the most loving way possible!). My boyfriend at the time thought it was really funny that I liked someone so much but Katie really is such a fun, bubbly and cute person, how could you not?

My recommendations?
Cutest Disney Jumper and Early Presents & Christmas Cards and Bloggers Secret Santa.

I haven’t really watched a lot of people’s Vlogmas’ this year but these four girls are who I’ve been catching up with the most this holiday period. Let me know if you watch any of the girls or if you have any other Vlogmas videos you think I should watch.

SS: Sunday Saves (#14)

Welcome to the fourteenth Sunday Saves post! I’ve been absent from the blog for two weeks now! ): I’ve really missed it. Something accidental happened to my laptop so I’ve been without it for a while, but now I’m back. I’ve still been on my social media though so I didn’t completely disappear.  If you’ve missed any of my other Sunday Saves, click here to discover new blog posts that I found interesting and wanted to share.

1. See The Stars (Olsen Twins DVD’s: Childhood Favourites)

This was a post I seen a few weeks ago before my laptop went bust. It’s such a cute post! I think everyone was a Mary-Kate and Ashley fan at some point when they were younger, I loved them. Two of my favourites were “Switching Goals” and “Winning London”, and I loved their TV show, “So Little Time”. And I always wanted all their merchandise! Sarah Lauren talks about her favourite films of the sisters and tell us little mini stories of what she can remember about the films and how she got them.

2. Tally Rye (10 Healthy Habits I Swear By)

For the first time, I’m introducing YouTube videos into my Sunday Saves! My first one comes from Tally Rye who I discovered through Zanna Van Dijk, they co-own the company “Girl Gains” and I didn’t actually know that Tally had a YouTube channel until I seen her blog. She talks about the ten healthy habits she swear by each day; now some are ones you will have heard before like drinking your water, eating a balanced diet but Tally just talks to you about it and isn’t aggressive or over-powering with it, she’s just very chilled but informative. Can’t wait to go through more of her videos later.

3. Katy Belle (Why It’s Okay To Not Have A Ton Of Friends)

As soon as I read Katy’s post, it had to be included. I am in the exact same boat! I don’t have a lot of friends. Sure, I have friends but I have the very minimal amount and that’s taken me a good few years to make peace with. Katy talked about watching Friends and wanting a group of friends like that for yourself and I couldn’t agree more. It’s the same for me when I go on Facebook and I’ll see all these night outs with “the girls”. Now, don’t get me wrong, I’m not a “going out” type of person, but I think it’s more the fact that it’s a group of supportive women surrounding each other, having a good time. It’s all about quality, not quantity and I would much rather have three really great people in my life than twenty not-so great people (and yes Katy, I’m waiting on a Tinder style app for new friends too!)

4. Hollie Wakeham (What is a VEGAN? Why so much hate?)

If you’re looking for a video that talks about veganism, the ethics behind it, the story of why a person goes vegan and just a friendly looking face who you won’t feel intimidated by, please watch Holly’s video. I’m not vegan myself, my boyfriend is, but watching videos on veganism or plant based diets do interest me even though I hadn’t made that change myself yet. Holly doesn’t shout at you, she gives you the facts but with a smile and with the knowledge that you know she is passionate about her choice and all she wants to do is share it with the world.

5. Memoirs and Musings (Musings: Can Everyday Be Special?)

Char talks about something that almost everyone does, and I can agree, it annoys me too but I do the exact same thing! “Oh I’ll keep that for a special occasion” but then, realistically, does that occasion ever come around? Probably not. I have the perfect example! So a few years ago, I used to buy myself a few sets of really fancy underwear then for every day use, I would just buy ordinary underwear and bra sets. The really fancy ones would never get used and they were just sitting there gathering dust. So one day after I had gotten paid, I went into Ann Summers and bought myself fancy bras and fancy underwear and I wear them every day. Yes, every day! Why? Because if I feel like I can feel special and really pretty on special occasions with underwear, why can’t I do it every day? Now, I’m not saying I wear a really gorgeous dress everyday or I glam up my make-up every day but I feel like with underwear, you can get away with it because really, it’s just you that’s seeing it.

6. Allison Anderson (How to Organize Your Life and be Productive)

Lately I have been so into organisation videos and blogs, mainly because they motivate me to clean and sort out my life (which I have still to do!) I found Alison through Ingrid Nielsen but I tend to watch Alison more now because I feel like my interests have grown with Alison and I find her more relatable now. She talks about minimalism which is a subject that fascinates me, much like a plant based diet, I love reading about it, I just haven’t taken the plunge yet. In this video though, she goes through tasks you can do to try and make it so much easier for you to be clean, not just you but for your home and your life, so everything after that, is just a little easier.

And that’s it for this week’s Sunday Saves! I hope you enjoyed reading (and watching) this week’s post. Let me know if you like the YouTube aspect to my Sunday Saves, and if you have any posts you want to send my way, tweet me at @RetroSnowflake