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SS: Sunday Saves (#86) Valentine’s Day.


Good morning everyone and welcome to another edition of my Sunday Saves. Today I’m focusing on Valentine’s Day because it’s coming up soon, and I wanted to share some blog posts that I have came across over the last week. There’s one for everyone, not just for the loved up or the single folks.

1) Mummy Style (Writing A Love Letter To Yourself)

Renee’s post about being herself is such a lovely read, whether you have children or not, I believe we can all relate to it in one way or another. She talks about feeling different after having children but making sure she still looks after herself. She has written up a list of ten things we can all do to make sure we look after ourselves which includes buying new pajamas (which I need to do!) and lighting new candles (because who doesn’t love new candles).

2) Natalie Leanne (Spending Time Together for Valentines)

If you’re looking for cute Valentine’s Day inspiration on how to spend the day or evening with your partner, you should read Natalie’s post. She’s teamed up with Henry London to talk about their watches but towards the end of the post, she gives ideas on what to do, so whether you’re interested in cooking a nice meal at home or treating yourself a massage, there’s something for everyone.

3) The Fearless Love Coach (One Reason Why Your Guy Moans About Valentines)

Admittedly, when I clicked on this post for the first time, I was expecting it to be a post based around men hating Valentine’s Day because of the money aspect. I was very surprised about when I read in fact, really had nothing to do that. Special occasions like Valentine’s Day, birthdays and Christmas; unfortunately whether we want to admit it or not, there is so much pressure on men. They want to make it special, they want to treat their partner and they want them to be happy. I personally never try and put pressure on a significant other because I’m a very simple woman who likes something that comes from the heart, and if that’s a card with a lovely message, then I’m happy. I never thought men would feel so insecure, it’s definitely an interesting read and it might even make you question how you approach these subjects in the future.

4) Ashleigh Jane (Caring For Your Valentines Flowers)

Flowers are cute and adorable, there’s no denying it. Whether you’re buying them for yourself or if they have been bought for you, I love either scenario. They brighten up your room and depending on what flowers you buy, they smell lovely too. In order to keep the prettiness alive, you need to look after your flowers and Ashleigh has some very quick tips to help, if you’re not too sure how to look after them properly.

5) Atwater Village Therapy (Why Relationship Goals Are Dangerous: Five Reasons It Isn’t A Competition)

This last post isn’t focused on Valentine’s Day but I feel it is important to still talk about relationships. We all go through them at some point in our lives and each of us has our own different experiences from them. We’ve all heard the phrase “relationship goals” right? I know that even in the past, a previous relationship was “goals” to some people, and I’ve even said that fictional characters had “the perfect relationship”. I believe this article really hits the nail on the head and it goes in depth about much more than just changing your mindset about a relationship being perfect. Vanessa talks about unhealthy relationships, why some people choose not to be in relationships and why being in a relationship is not a competition. A must read for everyone.

That’s all from my Sunday Saves today. If you celebrate the day, then I hope it’s lovely, and if you don’t,  I hope you have a great Wednesday anyway. Thank you so much for reading.


Speaking from Personal Experience | Engagement Dates.

When I was eighteen, I got engaged. I was on holiday in England with my boyfriend (who lived there) who I had been in a long distance relationship with for about three and a half years. 


What sparked this topic for me? Valentine’s Day was a few weeks ago and we’ve just waved bye to Christmas too. Being on any social media like Facebook, Twitter or Instagram, I’m sure you seen at least one engagement, right? I’m very involved in Twitter especially so I seen a small number of the girls I follow, get engaged. However, what I also seen was some of these girls having to defend themselves and having judgement passed onto them about getting engaged close to on or Christmas Day, New Year’s Eve or Valentine’s Day.

So why did I tell you that I was engaged at one point? I got engaged on my eighteenth birthday.


Birthday’s for me were always quite special and so they should be. Christmas and Valentine’s Day are on the whole, something that (almost) everyone celebrates together but your birthday is something that is special to you.

The engagement didn’t work out, we never got married. We broke up when I moved to England, and a few months later after finishing my first year at University, I came back to Belfast. I have never regretted not getting married and not going further with that relationship; we lasted for a little over six years with five and a half of those years being long distance. It was my first ever relationship, I didn’t know what I was doing right and wrong most of the time because it wasn’t a “normal” relationship. There were more things wrong with the relationship than right. Looking back, I was worried about coming home, not because I was sad that it had ended (because I wasn’t), I was more worried that I had build this vision up of myself that I got engaged so young and he was my first everything and we were the perfect couple. (My trait of being a perfectionist had ideally slid in from here I think). I had to come back with my tail between my legs essentially and explain to people that we weren’t together.

Ever since then, I didn’t enjoy my birthday as much. The first birthday that I had when we weren’t together was my 21st. Again, another big birthday for many and I had a different outlook on it. I wasn’t excited, I didn’t want a big fuss, I didn’t think I was worth fussing over; it was just a day to me now. That’s how it was every year after, until my birthday last year.


I wrote a short little blog post on it but that was my 25th birthday; my boyfriend at the time had gone all out for me to give me the greatest day ever and for the first time (ever), I didn’t think about that failed engagement. I didn’t think about how my life didn’t turn out the way I thought it would at eighteen. I was so overwhelmed with the amount of thought and effort that had gone into celebrating my birthday and making it special that I couldn’t feel or think of anything else but utter happiness.

For those that criticise others for getting engaged at Christmas, New Year’s or Valentine’s Day (for example), it’s no=one’s business when someone gets engaged apart from the two people in the relationship. If you think it’s cliche, fair enough but don’t push your view and your negativity on someone who is currently on cloud nine after just having an amazing moment happen, and quite a life changing one at that.


I’m not against anyone getting engaged on those days, not at all. Getting engaged is different for every couple, so Valentine’s Day might have an even bigger meaning for you than most. I know that for me personally, it’s not something I would like again. I have told friends and family, and I even told my ex-boyfriend that I don’t want to get engaged on days like that or my birthday again. It’s nothing against those that choose to do it on those occasions but I now have the understanding that not everything works out the way you want it to. I used to love my birthday and it just became a “day” to me for a few years, I just didn’t want the hassle and I didn’t think I was worth it. Some people don’t like their birthday at all and that’s fine, but that never used to be the case for me.

My point is, I understand it from both sides. Stepping away from the criticism for a minute; I’ve been there, I know how it feels to look back a few years down the line at a failed engagement and be disappointed. Not that I’m sad that we didn’t get married (because I’m very thankful that we didn’t in the end) but because I looked back on it on my birthday. A day that should be about me (It sounds selfish, but that’s essentially what your birthday is, right?) yet I thought about this momentous event that was dampening my birthday experience years later.


When you’re in that moment, it doesn’t matter what day it is. At the time, I didn’t think for one second how this could affect me in the future because I didn’t have anything to worry about. Maybe most people won’t but we have to understand that sometimes things don’t work out and that is perfectly fine. If everything worked out the way we wanted every single time, I would take a guess and say most of us would hate that, we wouldn’t be challenged and we would feel like life is far too easy. I’m just saying that doing this on a more celebrated occasion, it could be more likely to affect you if it doesn’t work out.

I’ll give you a really simple example; I don’t remember the day my ex-fiance and I broke up, but I do remember my most recent long term relationship break up because it was on a family member’s birthday. Chances are, when that birthday comes around, I’ll still think about that on that date whereas a few years down the line, if it had have been on a random day, I would probably forget the date altogether.

I hope from reading this that you can see there is another perspective of engagements and dates that you might not have heard before. Again, you do you, your engagement and the date it happens is special to you, I’m certainly not wanting to put a dampener on anyone’s happiness. I’m just sharing part of my story and how it affected me years down the line. Thank you for reading! ❤


SS: Sunday Saves (#39)


Welcome back to another Sunday Saves! Every week I aim to give back to the blogging community by featuring three posts I have found that week that I’ve either really enjoyed or related to and I share them right here. If you’ve missed any of my other Sunday Saves, you can click here and you’ll find the other thirty eight!

Seeing as this coming week is the celebration of love and all its glory, I thought it was only appropriate to show you posts that can be related to Valentine’s Day. So if you’re loved up or not, there’s a post for you. There’s also a post about an adorable cat which doesn’t scream Valentine’s Day for some, but your cat can be your Valentine too!


1) Kirsty Leanne (Making Memories Date Night | Just Us)

I’m very lucky to be one of Kirsty’s advertisers for the next month but that’s not the reason I chose this post (obviously!). I had never heard of this subscription box before and there are so many out there that I can’t keep up (can anyone?). I liked the concept of this because it could be used with your partner or if you got creative with it, you could even use it with your best friend (and just change a few of the questions). It’s called the ‘Just Us’ box and it comes with date night ideas as well as a few little extras. If you read Kirsty’s post, it explains it a lot better but I think it’s a more creative way to do date night.

2) The Nerdy Me (14 Things To Do If You’re Single on Valentine’s Day)

Being single on Valentine’s Day doesn’t have to be the worst thing in the world because let’s face it, it’s one day. Sure, you’ll either be scrolling through Instagram and see photograph after photograph of couples being spoilt by each other or you’ll just avoid social media at all costs. I can totally understand why Valentine’s Day can be upsetting for some especially if you’re no longer with the person you were last year or if you’re lonely and you wish you were with someone. No judgement, everyone has different feelings when it comes to the day itself, and that’s completely fair. However, if you are single (like myself) and you’re looking for a fun post to either cheer yourself up or just have a laugh with, read Leta’s post. It’s meant to be taking as a fun post so obviously I wouldn’t advocate texting your ex but binge watching your favourite TV show or baking in the kitchen, I’m all for!

3) A Cup of T (Meet Mr. Puddles)

See, I told you there was a post about a cat! I’ve recently in the last year became a little cat convert. I’m very afraid of most animals but cats have changed my mind, so much so that I’m hoping to get a cat in the next few months once my house is all settled and everything is in its place. I loved the story behind Mr. Puddles and he sounds (and looks) really adorable. So if you’re just wanting to look at a cute little kitty, Terri-May has your back.


That’s all for today’s Sunday Saves! If you missed my take on a Valentine’s Day idea, here’s my latest post, it will be too late for guaranteed delivery for the 14th but it could always make a lovely gift for a birthday or just a pick me up for a friend too. Thanks for reading!

A perfect Valentine’s Day gift for your loved one (or yourself!)


With the most romantic day of the year (Please take this with a pinch of salt!) coming up next Tuesday (February 14th, if you didn’t already know), it’s important to know that the day isn’t just for boyfriends and girlfriends, husbands and wives; it’s also for your friends, for the people around you that you love and most importantly, yourself!

To tie in with Valentine’s Day, I’m very happy to announce that I’m now an affiliate with the lovely Itty Bitty Book Co. who I have spoken about a number of times on the blog now. I talked about their #PositivityTakeover movement and I posted a recent update including the gorgeous city of Rome. I even have their “Book of Strength” and I’ve had that for a few years now and it’s still in perfect condition, so I’m a huge advocate of the company and their ethos.

Itty Bitty have released a Valentine’s Day collection and of course, it’s shining brightly as always so I wanted to share what they had in store for everyone this year.


We’re going to start with the big one first, naturally! This is jam packed full of goodies for that special someone in your life and/or going all out to treat yourself too!


We’ll start off with a lovely 6×8 print (that you could even put in one of those lovely box frames after it’s opened! It’ll be the perfect print to stand out in the bedroom or even the bathroom.) If you want to tell someone they’re beautiful but you can’t find the right words, this one will serve you very well.


Next up is the full set of mini Itty Bitty Books which boost motivation, strength and inspiration. They’re really small so they can fit in your handbag or they can even sit on your bedside table for a reflection of gratitude (and if you add a ten minute meditation to this just before bed, it’s the ideal way to fall asleep straight away. It’s a tried and tested method, trust me!).


Finally, it’s the ‘Choose Love’ Irish Linen wall hanging which I think would go perfectly in the kitchen. I know I would put mine beside the kettle because that’s where a lot of love goes for me, into a perfect cup of tea!

This bumper set is priced at £40 and postage starts at £3.30 (UK to UK), all you need to get is a cute little bow, you won’t even need to wrap it (but if you do, it’ll be even more of a surprise to the recipient.)


However, if you’re looking for something a little smaller in size and in price, I introduce the smaller version of the box. It’s £15 and includes the Positivity Itty Bitty Book as well as the gorgeous print listed above.


If you want to find out more about their Valentine’s Day collection, you can click right here and it’ll take you to their full collection. If you live in Northern Ireland, you’ll find them at St. George’s Market most Saturday’s and Sunday’s but if you’re not from Northern Ireland, don’t worry! As I mentioned earlier, they do ship across the world but if you’re from the UK and Europe, you only have a few more days to get your orders in in time.


Finally, and probably the most important thing I want you to take away from this blog post; it doesn’t matter if you have a boyfriend or girlfriend or if you don’t, you’re still loved no matter what. A lot of people (including myself at times) make Valentine’s Day to be the be-all-end-all of romance and you feel like you need to have the perfect day or you’re not in the most wonderful relationship or you’re a failure because you don’t have someone to share this day with. At the end of the day, the most important relationship you have is with yourself so cherish yourself, treat yourself and take care of yourself.


(*I have used affiliate links throughout this post but this post contains 100% of my own honest opinion and that’s it.)
(All images belong to the Itty Bitty Book Company except the first image which I have downloaded from Pexels.com under the Creative Commons Zero licence.)

NYR: February Update.

I’m back for another update for my New Year’s Resolutions. If you missed last month’s update, it’s right here and you can see what I got up to last month.

  • I went to a health talk all about detoxification and then I went to a cooking demonstration connected to that subject. Here’s a picture of one of the meals we had on the night, it was delicious! (x)
  • Every time I’ve done a food shopping, I’ve actually wrote a list and stuck to it. (x) (x)
  • My six weeks of yoga finished in the middle of the month and I’ve signed up for another six weeks.
  • Meatless Monday has been done all four Monday’s this month again.
  • I missed out on two Jantastic’s because I forgot to put the details in before the cut off date. I’m actually annoyed with myself ):
  • I treated myself to my first professional facial and back massage on Valentine’s Day and it was pretty incredible. (x)
  • I’ve used up 18 beauty products this month! You’ll find the post right here!
  • I’ve started writing down my week, fitness wise, and I’ve been sticking to it rather well, but most of the time, this changes, depending on my schedule outside of fitness. (x)

What I’ll be doing on Valentine’s Day ♥

All over YouTube, I’ve been seeing videos for Valentine’s Day gift ideas, or date night outfit and make-up ideas, and while they’re lovely; when you’re single on Valentine’s Day, they aren’t the videos you want to run and watch straight away. So when I was popping onto Twitter, The Tea Party Beauty posted her “Single Valentine’s Night In” (which coincided with her “Single Girls Valentine’s Treat Guide”) and I was just like, finally! It was really simple but quite nice, so it’s almost like my inspiration for this post. Then Frankie from CrazyBlondeGal tweeted me her “Treat Yourself” post she wrote last year about treating yourself for Valentine’s Day and I loved that too! So I thought I would do my own little version and talk about what I’ll be doing on the day.

Massage and Facial
In my original post, I said I was going to go into town and buy myself some food treats but I was able to nab myself a back massage and facial on Saturday morning so because I’m paying for that, I won’t be getting myself any treats. I also said I was heading to the gym but I don’t want to be really relaxed then head to the gym so I’ll be going on Sunday (like normal anyway). I’ve never had a professional massage or facial so I’m really excited!

I’m a tea girl. I love tea. I’m addicted to tea and I don’t know what I would do if I couldn’t have it anymore, so I’ll simply be filling up on tea all day once I’m home and settled.

I’m pretty good at pampering myself, I know how to relax and treat myself (since I do it most Saturday nights anyway). I’ll be giving myself a foot soak with a LUSH bath ballistic along with a manicure and pedicure. And it wouldn’t be a pamper night, or a good night in general if I didn’t light a few candles too.

I haven’t decided what I’m going to watch yet. One of my favourite girly films is “A Walk To Remember”, I’ve lost count how many times I’ve watched it and if I want a good cry, that’s the film for me. I bought a few new films recently too so I might think about sticking one of those on and I do have quite a few TV boxsets, as well as Netflix, so I may stick some Office US episodes on too. I really haven’t decided yet.

I could sit around and feel sorry for myself, and you know what? I probably will feel a little sorry for myself because all over Facebook, it’ll be filled with couples being cute, but I’m a pretty good date to myself, so I don’t feel too bad for me.