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Testing Out Six Tidying and Decluttering Methods.

Testing Out Six Tidying and Decluttering Methods

It’s been the talk of the town recently; today’s post is all about decluttering and general organisation. It’s something that I’ve made a goal around so I thought it would be the perfect time to test out different methods and find out what works for me. 

If you read my “New Year’s Resolutions: January and February Goals” you’ll know that one of my goals for the next two months is to develop a cleaning routine. This is something that is very important to me because while I have always been a messy person, I don’t want to be. (It’s got to the stage where my Mum has to come and help me with cleaning sometimes, which is really nice but I feel like I have failed because I asked for her help). I have learned that in order to have a clear mind, I need a clear space and the most important space to tackle first, is my bedroom. 

Before I start to create a cleaning routine, I need to work out what method works for me. Let me talk about the methods I have tried over the last few weeks and see how they worked: 

10 Minutes A Day

How it works: it’s what it says on the tin. You take ten minutes to organise and clean. It’s as simple as that; you can monitor your time either by an alarm or a podcast that you know is the ten minute mark. 

How did it go? A ten minute alarm comes by fast, I have learned and I also found it depends what you listen to. I found I was more focused with a podcast on in the background rather than music. I found this method much more useful in the kitchen, bedroom or the bathroom because my daily clean ups are usually in these spaces and I’m trying to focus my energy on cleaning daily in these spaces. 

Will I keep it up? 100%. It was amazingly helpful, much more helpful than I thought it ever would be and more of the time, I found that I tended to set another alarm after the first one went off and that can only be a good sign. 

Three MIT’s (Most Important Tasks)

How it works: Your three MIT’s are your most important tasks for that day. This can be used for any aspect of your day whether that’s appointments or work tasks but we’re going to use it for cleaning specifically. 

How did it go? I found this one quite difficult simply based on priortising how important each little mess was to me. I picked three areas to focus on each day but I’m not sure if they were the most important tasks. For daily or every other day tasks, this isn’t ideal but I would say if you’re doing a massive clean, then this is much better for you. 

Will I keep it up? I feel like this is an overall organisation technique for the house and not including your daily or every other day tasks, then I think it works perfectly. I will keep it up but I know that it will require a little more knowledge on each individual task and how often I need to keep up with it, then I can write this list out. 

Four Box

How it works: You set four boxes out in front of you; throw out, give away, relocate and sell. They can be any sized boxes that you have but preferably keep them all the same size as each other. 

How did it go? I used my IKEA boxes for this because I had different coloured ones so it’s easy to lay out what I was going to do with each one. I found this was a very effective method because of the visualisation; I was clearly able to see how much I had in each box and mentally, I felt like I was moving somewhere. 

Will I keep it up? Simply because of how easy it was to see what box was what based on the colours, I will definitely be using this method more often. It didn’t seem like a chore when I done it this way and that’s how I want cleaning to feel, not as a chore. 


How it works: Marie Kondo has various different methods in her routine but we‘re going to concentrate on one for the mean time. We’ll use clothes as an example; you bring in every single item of clothing from everywhere in your house and place it in the same room. From there, you sort through what sparks joy (meaning you would like to keep it) and what doesn’t spark joy (which means you either donate it or throw it out). If you aren’t keeping it, you thank the item for giving you joy during a past time and then you let it go.   

How did it go? I didn’t get through this method at all, not even close because for me, it’s very overwhelming. I did try my best with it but even trying to find all my clothes seemed like an impossible task. 

Will I keep it up? I’m definitely going to try this again sometime but I don’t think I will start from the beginning like Marie suggests. If I choose a certain genre that appeals to me the most, I feel like I would be more connected to continuing with the method. 

12-12-12 Challenge

How it works: This method is simply finding 12 items to give away, 12 items to throw away and 12 items to relocate to another space in your home. 

How did it go? My favourite method by far! This is going to sound realy cliché but it’s like a game to try and get everything to 12 and it didn’t take too long after. I struggle with putting things away to tidy them up so I would say I didn’t like that part but this was the easiest method and the one I enjoyed the most. 

Will I keep it up? Absolutely! I found it to be the most effective method to use in my bedroom or the spare room but I wasn’t able to do it in the kitchen or the living room because I already have limited items in there. 

365 Less Things

How it works: This is another method that is quite self-explanatory; each day you either donate or throw away one thing. 

How did it go? Because it’s only one item per day, I feel like I didn’t get anywhere fast. It was nice to know that I could find another item each day but it wasn’t a very easy process for me. 

Will I keep it up? I think it is perfect for someone who already has a clean home and is looking to minimise but not do it all at once. For me, it was a very slow method and if I only did this, it would take me years to clean my home. 

● ● ●

The reason I chose six methods is because I could test out a method out over a few days and I know they are all not in balance but that’s what I wanted to show. This challenge was for me but it’s also to demonstrate that there are so many other methods that aren’t all decluttering all at once. We don’t all live and breathe the same mess and it might be overwhelming to do Konmari just yet so the 12-12-12 might be a better fit. 

Have you any other recommendations of what I could do to help me develop my cleaning routine further? I would absolutely love to hear about any video, books or blog post recommendations that you have. Let me know either in the comments below, over on my Twitter or my Instagram. Thank you so much for reading and I hope you have a great day! 


SS: Sunday Saves (#89) Decluttering.


Good morning all, happy Sunday and welcome back to another edition of Sunday Saves. If you haven’t been following me on Twitter, you won’t know that I have started on a clear out of my spare room which means decluttering is in full swing. That’s why I have decided to make decluttering this week’s topic because I couldn’t pass up the opportunity, right?

1) I Don’t Bend That Way (Is Decluttering The Key To A Stress Free Life?)

Your environment plays a large role in your mood; if your bedroom is filled with clutter then you won’t be able to shut off at night, or at least that’s what they say. Anne has also indicated that decluttering could potentially decrease your stress and it all adds up when you really think about it. She gives three very simple tips on how to get started and one of her tips is even “where to start” because when you have one room in particular like I do, it can be overwhelming and you haven’t a clue where to begin that process,

2) Ann Marie O’Connor (These Four Tips Will Guarantee A Clutter Free Closet)

Anne Marie is coming from a different angle in her post where she discusses not so much the cleaning and decluttering aspect of this world, but she gives four tips on how to help with it. These include how avoid distractions which if you get distracted easily especially when trying to clean, you’ll want to give that a read.

3) Live Your Decluttered Life (9 Simple Strategies for Decluttering Your Family Home)

Now to give you a warning, these next two posts from Suzie and Rebecca could be seen as quite similar posts and while there are tips that overlap, there are lots of fresh ones too. More specifically as we talk about Suzie’s post, she is coming at this from the family home perspective. Now, while I don’t have children, sometimes you would think I do with the amount of time I spend trying to clean the place, despite only living her with my cat. Some of her tips include decluttering in small pieces (which I’m guilty for not doing and trying to tackle all at once), start with the broken toys (or any home interiors that you feel you couldn’t put out on display in my case) and choose a category each time (which is the most helpful for me because when it comes to writing a list, categories are the most effective way to help me understand which part to start next).

4) Savvy Sassy Moms (12 Simple Tips For Decluttering Your Home)

Again very much like Suzie’s post, Rebecca is talking about the family home but I wanted to include it because it has a lot of great, helpful tips that I know that I didn’t think about before. Included in some of her tips are check the dates (which didn’t occur to me when I wasn’t throwing out food but I’ve started to look at beauty products for this too) and five minutes a day which sounds absolutely perfect to me. I am guilty of saying that I don’t have enough time but we all have at least five minutes where we can spend tidying in some space or form. Getting the kids involved is another tip that both Suzie and Rebecca suggested and while I don’t have kids (yet) I believe it’s important in getting them involved as early as you can because it will teach them a set of skills that they may not learn in the classroom but will be completely invaluable as they’re growing up and starting their own lives in their own homes in the future.

5) Nourish and Nestle (Where To Take Your Decluttering Discards)

I thought it would be quite apt to finish off with Lynn’s post on where to discard our rubbish, if it is recyclable. Many of us try our best with recycling and it’s absolutely fantastic but sometimes there are too many options so Lynn has helped gather it into one post so we don’t feel so overwhelmed. I can tell you that charity shops will be benefiting majorly on my behalf from my declutter.

Well that’s all from this week’s Sunday Saves, I hope you enjoyed this week’s edition and remember to give all the links a little click to share the love. If you have any other suggestions around this topic, please let me know on either Twitter or Instagram. Have a great week!

SS: Sunday Saves (#82)


Good morning, good afternoon or good evening all, and welcome back to another edition of my Sunday Saves. As you know from last week’s post, I decided to make a few changes to the series and I got quite positive feedback from it which I’m over the moon about, so thank you if you are a reader of the series. 

This week’s theme is minimalism. For the last number of months, I’ve been thinking of decluttering, minimising and becoming more of a conscious buyer so it’s a subject that I am very interested in at the minute. I asked on Twitter during the week for minimalism blog recommendations, so I’ll link the tweet here so you can go and see the other recommendations.

1) No Side Bar (7 Ways To Make This Year More Mindful)

Coming off the back of last week’s post about New Years Resolutions, I thought this would be quite a nice one to start off this week’s post with. Melani talks about being mindful and no, it’s not all sitting for three hours a day in silence, it’s so much more. Having a daily practice, even if that’s waking up at the same time every morning and having a cup of tea or taking time out first thing in the morning to meditate for five or ten minutes. Another tip is connecting people who are like-minded individuals so whether that’s online or finding a new group for a hobby that you have; because they always say you become most like the five people you surround yourself with, and you want to be the best version of yourself, right?

2) Break The Twitch (10 Minimalism Tips To Kickstart Your Decluttering)

Anthony’s post is needed for anyone either beginning their minimalism journey or simply someone trying to have a New Year clean (or an early Spring Clean?) because I think we can all admit that any type of decluttering can be very overwhelming. Starting small, moving on to something else if you get stuck and realising that this process won’t take one night or one weekend, are a number of the important tips that Anthony gives and it’s a must read for everyone and anyone no matter what type of cleaning you are doing.

3) The Tiny Life (Organizing Versus Decluttering)

Do you know what the difference between organising and decluttering is? Amanda has a short post on what she used to do and how she soon realised that what she was doing as organising and not decluttering. She said “this experience taught me that decluttering should always come before organizing” and I couldn’t agree more.

4) Less Feels Better (I Wore The Same Pants For 3 Months And No One Noticed)

I found Brianna’s post quite surprising to read; if you read the title, especially being a woman, it’s often us who are called out for wearing the same clothes over and over again, whereas it doesn’t seem to happen that often to men. I know the well known day-time talk show “Loose Women”, one of their presenters wore the same shirt each time she was on and she eventually had to address it whereas there was a news programme where the male presenter of this particular programme done the same thing with a suit, and no-one noticed. Brianna talks about her experience of only wearing the same pair of trousers three times a week, and it’s a very interesting insight. In my personal opinion, this technique wouldn’t be for me, I would like to own a few extra pair of trousers, only because I don’t have a tumble dryer and I would have to wait ages for them to dry naturally or over a radiator. I love this quote from Brianna, “it just shows you that people don’t notice things nearly as much as we think they will.”

5) Minimalism Life (Why I Love Saying No)

Saying “yes” seems to be one of the new trends to make us seem more appealing as people, to make us seem more fun and to give us more opportunities but Thomas is saying no. He’s simply saying no for a simpler life and I believe it’s an approach a lot of us should take. Doing everything all of the time, helping everyone out all of the time and being available all of the time is exhausting and stressful. His approach to saying no doesn’t necessarily mean you need to be a minimalist, it should be something we all take into consideration no matter where in life we are. He doesn’t just mean physical opportunities either; we could say no to spending less time on our phone, less time spent pondering over what someone said about you that you’re still thinking about. He’s teaching us to be more aware of what we REALLY spend our time on.

I hope you enjoyed today’s chosen posts, I like that there are very different topics but are still under the same umbrella of the subject of minimalism. It’s something I believe we should all be incorporating into our own lives, even with baby steps so make sure you go and click on today’s posts, leave them a comment or two or tweet me over on @RetroSnowflake with some feedback (Good or bad of course, just be nice about it if it is bad!)