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SS: Sunday Saves (#87) Stress.


Good morning everyone and welcome back to another Sunday Saves! After a break last week, I’m back with some fresh Sunday ideas to share with you all and we’re going to talk about stress, something I’m sure we all struggle with at some point in our lives.

1) Free2BYou (Going Through The Motions: Stress and Anxiety)

Starting us off is Mrs. Johnston and she talks about her life as she tries her best to handle stress and anxiety. I noticed in her post that gratitude is very prominent which I think is fantastic but she also talks about trying to balance it all and admits that it’s good to talk about it, even though it might be hard. It’s a nice short post so it’s a quick read but I think it will be a post that, regardless or not whether you have children, most people should be able to relate to her story.

2) Escapes and Epiphanies (Guest Post – How To Avoid Stress While Travelling)

Despite not going on very many holidays, I do love heading away to get out of my own head space and my environment. What I don’t love however is the stress that seems to happen no matter what. I really do applaud those that go and travel who don’t know where they will be staying the next day and they wander so freely. I will never be that type of person and that’s okay with me, because in all honesty, I would be a stress mess. Shelby from The Shelby Chronicles guest posts on Meera’s blog and she talks about avoiding stress while travelling; her tips include choosing who you choose to go on holiday with wisely and not putting yourself under too much pressure to see absolutely everything in just a few days.

3) Life in Recovery (Wellness Basics: Breathing)

While Mrs. Johnston talked about breathing very briefly in her post, I wanted to feature this post by Life in Recovery (I can’t seem to find their name anywhere, sorry!) where they concentrate on the power of breathing, why we should care about our current breathing technique and if you could possibly even be breathing wrong? Yes, you can actually breathe wrong, I found this out when I went to my first yoga session, I felt like I was living a lie for so long! In the post, they also give some quick handy tips to help you control your breathing more and to be more open with it; they include joining a choir (if you’re open to singing in front of others), downloading a breathing app and even joining a Tai Chi class.

4) Glitz and Glamour Makeup (How To Handle Confrontation) 

I, for one, need this blog post more than anything. I can admit that I can blow a fuse within a few seconds and while it’s something I’m not proud of, it’s one of the hardest things to try and battle because really, the battle is all in your head focusing on other people’s opinions and your anger is fueled by something someone has either said or done. Kathy goes very in-depth in her post and if you do recognize yourself in her words, she has some great pieces of advice for you. So whether you bury your head in the sand, give in at the first hurdle or blow up completely, she can help.

5) HubSpot (The Surprising Relationship Between Stress and Creativity) 

I wanted to end the post with this surprising article that after reading it, isn’t as surprising as I first thought. From my own experience, when I’m put under stress because of a deadline, most of the time I seem to be able to fly through the work and hit the deadline. Braden talks more about this in detail in his article but he references Thomas Edison, explores the relationship between stress and creativity which makes logical sense and the three types of stress that we can encounter. It’s fascinating.

That’s all from this week’s Sunday Saves, if you have any blog posts or YouTube videos that you’d like to share with me regarding stress, please send me them through any of my socials (contact me here!) I’d love to take a look!




SS: Sunday Saves (#53)


Happy Bank Holiday weekend everyone! I hope everyone is having a lovely weekend so far!  I’m back with another Sunday Saves this morning and again, just like last week, there’s no certain theme this week so I’ll be talking about handling stress, body issues and bath ballistics!

1) Not Copper Amour (Ways To Save A Stressful Day)

We’re always talking about stress, and rightly so, stress is more prevalent than ever so that’s why Emma has a wonderful blog post on how to manage this stress. Out of her list, I 100% agree with making time to eat; I love planning out a big meal and savouring it, it’s so relaxing. Physical exercise is another big way to combat stress that I couldn’t agree more with, especially when I’m in a big mood. There’s nothing better than taking your stress out on a weights sessions or even on the bike. However, cuddling up in your PJ’s with tea and chocolate works just as well for me sometimes too.

2) Surangi Style (My Body Shame)

Nital tells her story of how she currently feels about her body and you have to respect anyone who talks about their body, in a positive or a negative way, because body image is something that we all struggle with at some point in our lives. I feel like I’m on a similar path as Nital when it comes to recent body issues, so I can relate to her worries especially about buying new clothes and some of the food aspects, but more so clothing wise.

3) Desperately Seeking Lifestyle (LUSH of the Month – April – Yoga Bath Bomb)

LUSH is one of my favourite shops of all time! (Not a joke.) And unsurprisingly, I have tried the Yoga Bath Bomb but I love how much detail Ellie goes into from the scent, the appearance and she even lists all the ingredients so you don’t have to go to the website to find them out. If you’re looking for an in-depth look, Ellie has you covered.

That’s all for this week’s Sunday Saves! Thank you so much for reading and if you have any blog recommendations, please tweet me over at @RetroSnowflake or leave me a comment below.

I can’t fake this.


Normally on a Sunday, I would be sitting here wishing you a lovely day, I would talk you through some of my favourite blog posts I’ve found during the week that have inspired me and everything would be dandy.

Today I can’t do that. I can’t force myself to write a post about inspiring and motivational blog posts when I couldn’t feel any further from that right now.

Yesterday was not a good day for me, emotionally and mentally. The night before, I had such a lovely night with my friend but I sat up an hour before bed in a complete panic with my anxiety sky high. I had no idea what I was worried about, but I was so panicked that I felt like I couldn’t go to bed.

That night I had a horrible dream, well I would say more of a nightmare. It knocked me for six the next morning. I lay in bed for an hour after waking up feeling very teary and very stressed.

I then felt quite ill walking to the gym, I stayed in the gym for ten minutes before I told myself I wasn’t going to feel any better and left.

My FitBit was really low on battery and didn’t pick up my half an hour walk to the gym (or most of the walk back).

I was walking home from going to get groceries and could feel like I was getting a lump in my throat, my breathing was getting heavier all of a sudden and I just wanted to cry. If there wasn’t a queue of cars right down the long road I was walking down, I probably would have.

To top it off, I went into the city centre with my Mum that night; we were heading to a concert and every restaurant we walked into was fully booked so we ended up in Starbucks with two teas even though we were both really hungry.

These may be classed as first world problems and to most people, they might all sound like little problems that aren’t a big deal. I completely understand that there are many horrible and bad things happening in the world right now so I know some will be thinking  “Oh no, you couldn’t go to a restaurant and get fed.” or “Oh no, your expensive tracker didn’t work.” First world problems or not, they had an effect on me. They had a very negative effect on mind, my body and my overall well-being; at times I felt like I was trapped in my own head and my own body and when I wanted to leave, I couldn’t.


Being true to myself is something I wanted to make a priority in 2017, so that’s what I’m doing. I’m admitting that the world got to me and because of that, I won’t pretend to be in a good mood and tell my readers how posts inspired me or write a post that I don’t feel connected to. Who would that serve? What purpose would that have?  I could fake it and say I’m in such a great mood (but I won’t because I’m not). I could fake it and say ” I loved <insert blog name> because it was so motivating and I can’t wait to try this too (but I won’t because that would be a lie). That won’t help me and pretending that I’m happy and chatty and wonderful just to motivate myself for a blog post certainly won’t help anyone else either.

It’s okay to feel like the world is against you. I thought that and I acknowledge now that the world doesn’t hate me and it’s not trying to make me cry on purpose, but for that moment in time, that’s all I wanted to do. I acknowledge that my mental health is a priority and I acknowledge that these are signs to a more negative side of my mental health as a whole.

I’m sure my Sunday Saves will be back next Sunday but if you ever feel like I did, just know that it’s okay, you’re not alone and that feeling will not last forever.

Thank you for reading ❤

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