Changing My Perspective on New Year’s Resolutions.


To me, New Year is quite special. We’re told that it’s cliche to think of the New Year as a fresh start but for many it is, and that’s how I view it to a certain extent. I’m very goal oriented and I love challenging myself but over the past year, I’ve seen how resolutions and goals haven’t worked “their magic” on me (so to speak). I need a new perspective on them, but I don’t want to give up on them completely so I need to change my mindset on them instead.

Smaller goals in three months?

This idea came from one of my favourite YouTubers Muchelle B. She posts motivational, inspirational, minimalism and organisation content on her channel and lately, she’s my go-to whenever I feel like I need a boost of motivation. I would write a slightly larger list of resolutions every year not really thinking about the true meaning behind them, and because the list was very large, it was hard to keep up. Muchelle’s video called “10 Tips To Actually Accomplish Your New Year Goals” helped me on the right track to breaking down my goals into smaller chunks, therefore making them more achievable.

(Number One) Clear my spare room.

I’ve been living on my own for one year now and yes, my spare room still looks like a bomb hit it. I haven’t had a large chunk of time to clean it all, organise it and tidy through it and when I would do it in little chunks; the amount of work I knew I needed to do became so overwhelming that I would close the door. It’s been a year, and quite frankly, every time I clean the house I never feel satisfied knowing that the little room upstairs is still a mess.

(Number Two) Finish my nutrition course. 

If you don’t follow me on social media, you won’t know that I signed up to a nutrition course. This is something that I’ve been looking at doing for the last few years and towards the end of last year, I took the plunge and signed up. The course has now finished but I haven’t; I became really busy and luckily for me, it’s the type of course that doesn’t have an end date so I’m going to be catching up over the next three months so I can get my certificate. It’s video and textbook based so it’s a longer process but if I really get stuck into it, I feel like my three month goal will be easily achievable.

(Number Three) Read fifty pages a week.

Every year I tell myself I want to read more and more often than not, it was always “read one book a month” and I can tell you that it never lasts that long. Not to put any pressure on myself, I decided to look at it from a different perspective and break it down into smaller chunks. Fifty pages a week is more sustainable; I can read ten pages an evening during the work week or if I have some free time at the weekend, twenty five pages in the afternoon each evening would be just as achievable.

Yearly reflections?

I’ve decided not to reflect back on last year’s resolutions; I normally would and have done for the last few years but because I’m going in a different direction with my goals, resolutions or whatever we want to call them, I’m choosing not to reflect. Sometimes it’s okay not to look back. Within this, I’m also taking a step back from my monthly intentions. Going back to the start of my post, I wanted them to be “little sprinkles of magic” to kick start me each month but it didn’t work out as well as I had intended it would.

What are your resolutions or goals this year? Do you believe in setting yourself goals? Let me know on either of my socials, Twitter or Instagram and I hope you have an amazing start to the New Year 


Three Intentions for Me (#1)


Good morning, good afternoon or good evening whenever you read this! You might remember in my 58th Edition of my Sunday Saves (which is linked here!) I talked about Sophie’s blog post being about her July to-do list, and I loved the idea! So I decided to base a monthly goals list around that. I’ve named this little mini series “Three Intentions for Me” because for me right now, there is quite a lot of pressure around the word “goals” so I want to minimise that pressure while also pushing myself ever so slightly with particular targets I want to achieve.

❤ Read one fiction and one non-fiction book, and finish them both.

I’m quite a slow reader and this is something that will probably irritate me to no end. I usually read when I’m on my own because it means I can read out loud. I found that when I was reading when I was younger, yes I was fast, but I was skipping words if I couldn’t pronounce them in my head so while I was “reading fast” in my younger years, was I actually reading if I wasn’t taking everything in? Into my adult years, I’ve changed my whole philosophy on reading and it’s been a tough transition especially because I do read out loud the majority of the time, that takes longer and if I can’t pronounce something, I will make sure to say it until I can. It almost sounds like I’m teaching myself to read again, I can read I promise, but I’m putting more energy into it this time around. To add to this, I think this is why I don’t tend to sway into fiction books, I’m more of a self-help book woman myself but I want to challenge myself this coming month. It might seem like a big ask to read two books in one month but I’m willing to push myself to get out of my comfort zone, it will just mean setting more time aside for reading and less time for something else.

 Take part in two Twitter chats.

A year ago, I was so on the ball when it came to Twitter chats. I didn’t take part in too many mind you, but I probably took part in two weekly ones and I always enjoyed it! I use Tweet Deck for my Twitter and even then I felt like I could never keep up because there was so much going on within one chat, so this August, I’m making a commitment to take part in just two to see how I get on.

 Complete the 5K I have signed up for.

August sees the challenge of a 5K run that my boyfriend and I have signed up for towards the middle of August so that means stepping up my training to a certain level and making sure I complete it. Timing to me at the minute isn’t very important, I just want to keep a nice happy pace with minimal walking and I’ll be happy.

I’ll check back in next month’s “Three Intentions for Me” post to update you on how I did, and to tell you what I want to make a priority in September. Have a lovely day! ☀️

SS: Sunday Saves (#51)


Happy Sunday! I hope you’re having a lovely weekend so far! So with this week being Mental Health Awareness Week, I thought it was quite suited that my Sunday Saves would be themed around Mental Health. Just to add, there were so many bloggers addressing Mental Health Awareness Week which I think is fantastic and it was so hard to choose just three posts to feature this week.

1) The V Nice Life (High Functioning Depression)

A lot of society have painted depression with one paintbrush stroke but depression can take many forms and Sarah talks about high function depression which she suffers from. I didn’t know a lot about the high functioning side of depression so it’s a fresh perspective on the condition, so if you’re not too sure what exactly it is either, I’d recommend Sarah’s post.

2) Parenting, Pasttimes, Prosecco (Has Mental Health Tested Your Parenting Life?)

Having a mental breakdown has only happened to me once or twice in the past year and I can completely understand where Sarah is coming from. It really is just built up over so long and you become completely uncontrollable. It’s a horrible feeling that I wouldn’t wish on anyone. I think it’s fantastic how Sarah has written about her experience and especially being in her family situation at the minute, she deserves a medal.

3) All About Aoife (YA Mental Health TBR List)

I loved the idea of this post! Aoife has put a list together of the young adult books she’s hoping to read soon but they all have a theme based around mental health. She even gives you a little description of each book too, so you don’t have to go look up each one to find out what it’s about.

Well that’s all from this week’s Sunday Saves! I hope you’ve all had a good week and if you have any posts you think I should read, please tweet me over at @RetroSnowflake.


(Blogmas Day Four) Christmas Bucket List!

It’s Day Four of Blogmas! Today I wanted to share my Christmas Bucket List. Now these aren’t resolutions, goals or anything like that; I just wanted to create a nice, attainable list to work with over the Christmas period. I’m off for about a week and a half so I don’t want it to go to waste, so that’s why I’m adding potential activities to do over this time.

1) Enjoy a hot chocolate.

If you’ve been reading my blog for a while or you follow me on Twitter, you’ll know that I can’t eat cocoa. I’ve done two full blog posts on my intolerances so I’ll have them linked here and here. So having a hot chocolate isn’t as easy for me; there’s nothing I would love more than to walk round the Christmas market with a cosy hot chocolate. I have the next best thing, well when I say ‘the next best thing’, it’s actually so much nicer. One of my favourite restaurants in Belfast, Tony and Jens, make the greatest hot chocolate ever. It’s made with cacao instead of cocoa and they use a natural sweetener rather than sugar. I only discovered this about two weeks ago so I will definitely be back before Santa comes!


And yes, it’s as good as it looks!

2) Watch my favourite Christmas film on Christmas Eve.

Now I don’t want to go into this too much because I’m planning on doing a full Blogmas post on ‘The Santa Clause’ which I’m sure you can guess, is my favourite Christmas film. Every year I watch it on Christmas Eve, it’s a tradition I have because I don’t necessarily watch it with the family. But hey, as long as I have my cup of tea, I’m a happy bunny.


3) Get more sleep.

Aah sleep. You and I have a very rocky relationship don’t we? A five hour sleep is a success in my eyes, I’m pretty bad with getting the recommended eight hours. But since I’ll be off for Christmas for about a week and a half, I can’t wait to catch up on sleep but not go overboard on lie ins (I do plan on still getting up early!).

4) Spend more time at the gym.

The gym at Christmas is a dream! It’s emptier than usual and because I’ll be off, I’ll feel like I have more time to go,  I can even go early morning or at lunch if I want to. The gym will feature in an upcoming blog post so I’ll link it here when it’s posted. My workouts have been lacking so I can’t wait to get back on track with them over Christmas.


5) Clear out my bedroom.

There’s the potential that I could be moving out in the New Year so Christmas will be the ultimate time to have a massive clear out and I need to down size, majorly! So clearing my room out isn’t a want, it’s a must!

6) Have a baking day.

I used to love baking! I had my little Sunday routine where I would go to the gym, head to Tesco for the food shop, I would make my favourite energy balls then to top it off I’d make the next weeks lunches. As we all know, life happens and my routine slipped (and I had a new Sunday routine for a while, which I loved just as much) but I’m hoping to bake lots of healthy sweets over the Christmas period since I won’t be able to eat all the amazing Lindt and Roses sweets.


These are the energy balls I used to constantly make. I would say I got very obsessed with them for a while. No regrets!

7) Start a new television show.

I love TV. I’ll openly admit that I’m more of a television girl than a film girl. In saying that though,  I probably haven’t seen most of your favourite shows. Orange Is the New Black? No but I want to. House of Cards? No but I want to. The Walking Dead? Scandal? Making a Murderer? Can you see where I’m going with this? There’s a new programme that has just started on Channel 4 called ‘This is Us’ so I can’t wait to start that because the trailer looks like my type of show. Even though I haven’t seen it, if you liked Parenthood, I think you’ll like this.

8) Make time to read.

If you read Blogmas Day One, you’ll recognise this photograph. I have quite a few books to read and what would be a more perfect time to read them than over the Christmas holidays?


If you’ve done a similar list, please tweet me over at @RetroSnowflake or in the comments below. If you’ve missed any of my other Blogmas posts, you’ll find them right here!

(Blogmas Day One) What I’ll Be Reading This Winter

Happy December and yes, Happy Blogmas! Now, I know what you’re thinking, isn’t Blogmas meant to be blogging every day in December until Christmas? Yes, but I’m changing it up so I’ll be blogging every other day for the whole of December. I’ll be here with a brand new post every Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Sunday. They won’t all be Winter or Christmas themed, I’m mixing that up too.

I’ll be starting Blogmas off with reading. I have always said I wanted to read more and with the Christmas holidays coming up and the most relaxed atmosphere around this time of year, I’m going to sit myself down and try my best to get through my collection of books I have stacked up but haven’t managed to get through yet. I’ll probably not get through them all but a girl can try!

What will you be reading this Winter?

SS: Sunday Saves (#21)

I hope you’re having a nice Sunday so far (or Monday or Tuesday or whenever you read this). I’m back with another Sunday Saves discussing reading routines, acceptance and mental health. As always, if you’ve missed any of my other Sunday Saves, make sure you click here to read them all.

1. Bambi’s Blog (My Reading Routine)

One of my latest blog posts this week was about a subscription box that I signed up for to encourage me to read more, “Book and a Brew” so coming across Emily’s post about her reading routine seemed perfect. I haven’t laid out my perfect reading routine or even laid one down at all but Emily post really lays out a foundation that anyone can build on so I’m excited to see what will work for me.

2. Keeping Up With MJ (Acceptance)

Acceptance is such a huge part of my life; it’s a part of my life where I haven’t actually accepted myself. So how is it a huge part then? Well, I know I need to accept myself and I want to, I’m just struggling with that a lot. I’m finding it hard to move past mistakes that I have made and I have thoughts in my head about myself that may or may not be true so it’s trying to come to terms with that as well, then I will be able to make progress with being able to seek acceptance within myself. MJ’s post is something I know will help me in the future and it’s always one to come back to it if you find yourself struggling with that part of your life.

3. Road to Recovery with Amy (Welcome to Road to Recovery)

In my opinion, we can never have too many mental health bloggers and we can never have too many blog posts talking about mental health. It’s something that we all have and sometimes some of us do struggle with it. I think what Amy is doing is fantastic because it’s showing people her road to recovery when it comes to dealing with her mental health as well as letting people know that they’re not alone because many of us are going through the same thing.

This week’s Sunday Saves seemed pretty short this week but I loved all three posts as always, I related to all three completely. Remember to follow all the blogs featured this week; Sunday Saves is all about discovering new bloggers!

My First “Book and a Brew” Box.

Even hearing the name, “Book and a Brew” got me excited. It’s probably one of the most self explanatory subscription boxes out there. It comes with a (hardback) book and (a box of) tea! What could be better?


I’ve spoken on social media many times about wanting to read more because I want to expand my writing past my favourite actors autobiographies and I want to read more books that I wouldn’t necessarily pick up on first glance. This subscription box helps with exactly that; you don’t get to choose the book or even the genre, it’s a total surprise and you don’t get to choose the tea either. If you’re a book lover, I can honestly say this box is for you! One of my good friends introduced me to this box and I’m so glad she did (despite the fact I haven’t even started the book yet!)

It comes packed in tissue paper with a little “book and a brew” sticker on top (as you can see above!) alongside your box of tea. You also get a little information page about the book that was chosen this month and a description of the tea that was chosen for the month. You also get cute little Brew Quiz cards that you can tweet the answers to the tea company themselves.


This month’s book is called “The Fair Fight” by Anna Freeman. The information page describes the book as “a gritty Georgian tale” and in turn, the Fruit Punch tea by the Brew Tea Company also “packs a punch” matching the description of the book. This isn’t a book I would have picked up admittedly but I’m excited to read it and see what I think. If I like it, great! And if I don’t? At least I read something outside my comfort zone, therefore expanding my reading even further.


For an average hardback book, you would pay between £10-£15 and a good box of tea can cost up to about £7 or so; this box costs either £12.99 (if you sign up to the subscription service) or £14.99 (if you want to buy a one off box) so you are pretty much getting a free box of tea each month, which is phenomenal.

If you want to find out any more information about this UK based company (but they do ship to most of the E.U too!) and more about the box, you can click right here!

I hope you enjoyed this post and I’m sure I’ll be posting about my progress on the book throughout my Twitter, so make sure you check back. And this wasn’t a sponsored post, I paid for this myself with my own money and as always, all opinions are 100% my own.