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Are Blog Schedules That Important?

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Ever since I started writing on the blog again, I have found it difficult to know whether I should stick to a blog schedule or not, so it’s a topic that I would like to discuss, to see if it resonates with anyone else. 

I used to be really proud of my schedule; I posted every Wednesday and Sunday for months without fail. I felt my content was working for me and I felt motivated. I believe this was more to do with the fact that I wasn’t stuck to one subject; I have a range of topics on the blog so it makes it easier to broaden my horizons. More recently since the beginning of the year, I didn’t mind too much if I didn’t post on my exact days because I would rather write zero content rather than “write for the sake of writing” and I made my peace with that. I believe that made me a better writer, because I only want to write when I feel like I can bring good content.

It got me thinking, “is there a point to having weekly schedule?” I don’t have a big following, certainly not enough where people are patiently waiting for my post to be published but I know that I do have readers. I don’t think anyone would mind if I posted on a Sunday one week than a Thursday the next, then maybe the next Tuesday. What is more important to me is consistency but in a different perspective; while keeping to a schedule is consistent, so is having at least one blog go out a week on any day.

The blogs I read or the YouTube videos I watch, I don’t necessarily look at the dates (However, if someone posts in a group about their new post but you look at the date, and it’s a year old then that’s where I have an issue… it’s not new content) I look at what they’re talking about. It’s really as simple as that. I choose carefully what type of posts I read like we all do really; we’re not going to read blog posts we don’t like, are we? It’s a waste of time.

background-cellphone-close-up-1376863(Photography Credit: Pexels)

As we always hear, quality over quantity and I’ll admit that I used to rush posts to get them out in time to make sure I had a post for a particular day. I was never proud of those posts but I thought because I had my set schedule, I HAD to do it. I never “had to”, no-one was holding me accountable apart from myself. I put too much pressure on myself every week to commit, which I thought would make me a better writer, but it would often burn me out instead. I’ll give you an example; my Sunday Saves that I did for over a year, I was really proud of that series but it started to get tedious. Don’t get me wrong, it was so easy to write because I read quite a few blogs so I always had new content to write about and include, but I got bored of the process. It took me quite a while to move on from it but looking back now, I’m glad I did because if I had have continued that, I would have lost my creativity for the blog in the long-run.

I can certainly see the positives to blog schedules because I often look at it like other every day routines; having a schedule lets you get back on track faster if you “fall off the wagon” and if you have a deadline set, your brain can often get “in the zone” because it knows it has an expiry coming up. I can completely understand it but we all work differently when it comes to trying to get into “your zone” and that’s something I’ve been learning about in one of the books I have been reading recently.

I’m not saying I do have a schedule but I’m not saying I don’t; I’m figuring that out at the minute but I know that my content is much more important that what day of the week it has been posted on, so I know I’m on the right path at least.

● ● ●

Is a weekly schedule important to you? Does it matter when a post has first gone live or as long as you are consistent, does that matter more? Please let me know your thoughts on this either down below, on Twitter or on Instagram.

How To Plan For Christmas Gifts: Budgets, Savings and List-Making.

How To Plan For Christmas Gifts.png

Now that we are into the glorious month of November, it’s the perfect time to start thinking about Christmas, or maybe you already have. Either way, it’s important to lay the foundations of how you are planning to plan Christmas this year and every year after this. In today’s post, I’m going to talk about some of the most important factors you should consider not only for your loved ones, but also to keep you not feeling overwhelmed with budgeting and list-making. 

This time of year; while it might be the most magical, it’s also known as one of the most stressful too and no-one wants that, right? There are so many factors as to why we get stressed and they include; not feeling like you’ve brought good enough presents, feeling like you have to please everyone, not having a very big budget and there’s even competitiveness to see who can out buy who. I could do an entire blog post on the different stress factors that affect us around this time of year but if you sat with yourself for five minutes and asked yourself “What causes me stress?” You will have answered your own question and you wouldn’t have needed to read an entire blog post to figure it out. 

First and foremost, your budget is the number one factor that needs to be considered before you even think of spending money. We all have good intentions in the beginning but then we see one thing that might be a little above our price range, and then we see something that would be the perfect addition to the other present. All of a sudden, you’ve spent more than you were meant to and either; you worry about not spending the same amount on someone else, you have to spend less on someone than you planned or you have more anxiety around the January credit card bill.  


First, you must look at how much you can afford to spend outside your outgoing bills and necessities. Setting yourself a budget without looking at this will set you back when you do eventually start counting numbers. It doesn’t have to be complicated too; most of us have online banking which will give you an online bank statement that you will be able to see all your outgoings. Once you work out how much you can save, then you can see how often you can do this and how much you can comfortably save. Some people like to do it monthly or fortnightly and it depends on how you are paid. For freelancers, it may be slightly different because you don’t have a constant set date for payments but those on benefits or in work, you’ll have an idea of when your money is due into your account. Ideally, you would like to start saving a few months before the Christmas season starts (but I can’t imagine putting out a Christmas themed post in August, that would be too much, even for me) but it’s quite easy to keep saving all year round for next year.  

Once you look at your in-goings and outgoings are each month, that’s when you can sit down and write a list of everyone you are going to buy for. “You’re making a list, checking it twice. Gonna find out who’s naughty or nice…” Well, not exactly but it’s really important to have it all written down in front of you. It’s your own preference on how you want to do it; paper and pen is a treat option but if you prefer having it with you at all times (if you’re not like me and don’t carry a notebook with you at all times) then I would recommend an online notebook. My personal preference is Evernote because there is a phone application version and a desktop version that sync up perfectly together, plus it’s really easy to use. 


With your electronic or hand-written list prepared, then you will have the clearer picture. We can all say we have all the names in our head, but there’s nothing like having it in our head, is there? This will vary for every single person because we all have different priorities and a wide range of family and friend situations. Apart from children and parents, I don’t think you would need to priorities each person on the list because if they’re on it, they are a priority. That’s not to say if you’re not buying a present for someone that they aren’t a priority but we all have to have our limits when it comes to the holiday season. 

As I mentioned earlier, the main two ways that most people define their budget is either an overall price point or by person. Again, this will very much depend on your family and friend situation and how many you are planning on buying for. I know for me, I tend to look at my budget as an overall first and then divide it down, simply because it’s easier for me to look at it with more detail. There’s no right or wrong way to divide it up, it’s totally what you want to spend but with a more intention outlook on it, you’re more likely to spend your money more wisely. 

I didn’t want to bombard you with too much information in this post so my next post on this subject will be live very soon. That will focus on gift ideas, how to choose what for what person and how you can have little ideas in the back of your head all year around. I really hope you enjoyed today’s post; I absolutely love anything organisation wise so it’s a real treat for me to write.  

Three Intentions For Me (#4)


Happy November everyone! Now that we have Halloween over us, I’m so ready to get in the Christmas spirit (Society is not letting me just yet though). I’m back with another monthly intentions where I not only look at goals for the coming month, but I also look back on intentions I set for myself the previous month. So before we get into this month’s intentions, let’s look at last month’s.

❤ Run further.

This intention was very broad but it was broad for a reason. I didn’t want to set myself a specific distance or time so if I only ran an extra 0.1K, I would have been happy. If you’ve been reading my blog, you would have seen my post about running further distances where I talk about running 9K. Yes, I ran 9K! (If you want to read the post, it’s right here) I’m so over the moon with that, and with my longer race coming up this month, I haven’t felt so worried about my ability to run the full 10K.

❤ Get back into my morning gym routine.

I didn’t do this to its full potential but I feel like I still got a win here. I wake up between 4:30am and 5:30am most work mornings and if I wasn’t going to the gym, I was still being productive. I stuck washing on, I had a relaxing breakfast, I was able to read in bed for half an hour and I can take my time getting ready for work. So yes, I only went to the gym in the very early morning a few times this week but I was able to take some time for myself in other ways, so it’s still a win (technically).

 Try a new recipe.

I tried a new recipe from Deliciously Ella’s second book “Deliciously Ella Every Day”. It was a lovely vegetable paella that I’ve taken into work to have for my lunch and it’s quite nice. I posted a photograph on Instagram of the meal so you’ll see it right here!

That’s really two out of three but I feel better for my more relaxed mornings so if I wanted to, I could say that’s three out of three. Now onto this month’s intentions…

 Organise my clothes.

I would say my wardrobe but most of my clothes don’t hang up. I would say I’m going through a style crisis, and when I say crisis, that means I currently struggle with my style and I’m trying to figure it out. I’m hoping to write a more in-depth post about this so this month I’m hoping to go through all my clothes; declutter, throw out, donate then gradually buy a few key pieces of clothing that I would like. Essentially, I want to have a capsule wardrobe but I can’t do this until I have a big clear out.

 Make a plan about savings.

Ideally in the New Year, I would love to put some money away each week or each month. In order to do this, I need to sit down (with myself), look at where I could be saving and what I could be putting it towards. I don’t think it will take me too long to do but I need to look beyond Christmas (when all the presents have been brought and the festivities are over) to give me a better overview on what is on the cards for my finances.

 Get better at time management.

Admittedly, my time management has seen a massive improvement over the last month but when I find myself get overwhelmed with a large amount of tasks, my anxiety tends to kick in and then procrastination then comes in pretty quickly after that. This month I want to try and work a plan for myself that will help my productivity while combating the overwhelm.

Thank you for reading this month’s intentions and make sure to check back at the start of next month! ☀️


SS: Sunday Saves (#58)


Happy Sunday everyone! We’re officially more than half way through the year, so I’m trying to decide how to spend the rest of my year. I’m thinking of setting myself some monthly goals so it seems quite appropriate that one of my posts today is about monthly goal setting. I’m also going to be talking about Copenhagen and natural toothbrushes, so again, no theme this week.

1) Sophie’s Makeup (A July To Do List)

I write to do lists a lot, I used to get quite obsessed with them (If you go to my Instagram, you’ll see my latest one that I wrote for cleaning my house) and there was a time where I would do a weekly to-do list but I’ve never thought of doing a monthly list. There’s the type of list that we all need to do, for example, the tasks and chores you need to do in order to keep your house clean. I never thought of creating a new list, more of a creative self-care list if you will, to spread over the month. Maybe I’ll do this next month and keep it going until the end of the year? Go to Sophie’s post to see what she’s going to be taking on this month.

2) Pink Confetti (A Trip to Copenhagen – Part One)

I love looking at photo diaries especially of places I’ve never visited before. Nicola done a photo diary of her trip to Copenhagen and it looks so beautiful. I’ve never thought of going there before, I’m not sure why but it’s never been in my head until now. So if you’re looking to visit Copenhagen or if you’ve been there before and you want to remember some of the scenes and sights, head over to Nicola’s post.

3) Alisha Valerie (F.E.T.E Toothbrush | Review)

Bamboo toothbrushes, yes, bamboo! This is something I’ve been interested in looking into since I switched my diet back in January. I still use plastic toothbrushes, and I still have two left in my house so I’m going to use them up and then once they are “finished” I might consider picking one of these up. Alisha talks about one brand, one of the many natural brands that I’ve never heard of but I hope to do more research over the next few months.

Thank you so much for reading this week’s Sunday Saves. Make sure you spread the love for the bloggers I’ve featured today and leave them a comment too (We love that!) If you want to keep up with me outside of the blog, you can follow me on Twitter!

SS: Sunday Saves (#14)

Welcome to the fourteenth Sunday Saves post! I’ve been absent from the blog for two weeks now! ): I’ve really missed it. Something accidental happened to my laptop so I’ve been without it for a while, but now I’m back. I’ve still been on my social media though so I didn’t completely disappear.  If you’ve missed any of my other Sunday Saves, click here to discover new blog posts that I found interesting and wanted to share.

1. See The Stars (Olsen Twins DVD’s: Childhood Favourites)

This was a post I seen a few weeks ago before my laptop went bust. It’s such a cute post! I think everyone was a Mary-Kate and Ashley fan at some point when they were younger, I loved them. Two of my favourites were “Switching Goals” and “Winning London”, and I loved their TV show, “So Little Time”. And I always wanted all their merchandise! Sarah Lauren talks about her favourite films of the sisters and tell us little mini stories of what she can remember about the films and how she got them.

2. Tally Rye (10 Healthy Habits I Swear By)

For the first time, I’m introducing YouTube videos into my Sunday Saves! My first one comes from Tally Rye who I discovered through Zanna Van Dijk, they co-own the company “Girl Gains” and I didn’t actually know that Tally had a YouTube channel until I seen her blog. She talks about the ten healthy habits she swear by each day; now some are ones you will have heard before like drinking your water, eating a balanced diet but Tally just talks to you about it and isn’t aggressive or over-powering with it, she’s just very chilled but informative. Can’t wait to go through more of her videos later.

3. Katy Belle (Why It’s Okay To Not Have A Ton Of Friends)

As soon as I read Katy’s post, it had to be included. I am in the exact same boat! I don’t have a lot of friends. Sure, I have friends but I have the very minimal amount and that’s taken me a good few years to make peace with. Katy talked about watching Friends and wanting a group of friends like that for yourself and I couldn’t agree more. It’s the same for me when I go on Facebook and I’ll see all these night outs with “the girls”. Now, don’t get me wrong, I’m not a “going out” type of person, but I think it’s more the fact that it’s a group of supportive women surrounding each other, having a good time. It’s all about quality, not quantity and I would much rather have three really great people in my life than twenty not-so great people (and yes Katy, I’m waiting on a Tinder style app for new friends too!)

4. Hollie Wakeham (What is a VEGAN? Why so much hate?)

If you’re looking for a video that talks about veganism, the ethics behind it, the story of why a person goes vegan and just a friendly looking face who you won’t feel intimidated by, please watch Holly’s video. I’m not vegan myself, my boyfriend is, but watching videos on veganism or plant based diets do interest me even though I hadn’t made that change myself yet. Holly doesn’t shout at you, she gives you the facts but with a smile and with the knowledge that you know she is passionate about her choice and all she wants to do is share it with the world.

5. Memoirs and Musings (Musings: Can Everyday Be Special?)

Char talks about something that almost everyone does, and I can agree, it annoys me too but I do the exact same thing! “Oh I’ll keep that for a special occasion” but then, realistically, does that occasion ever come around? Probably not. I have the perfect example! So a few years ago, I used to buy myself a few sets of really fancy underwear then for every day use, I would just buy ordinary underwear and bra sets. The really fancy ones would never get used and they were just sitting there gathering dust. So one day after I had gotten paid, I went into Ann Summers and bought myself fancy bras and fancy underwear and I wear them every day. Yes, every day! Why? Because if I feel like I can feel special and really pretty on special occasions with underwear, why can’t I do it every day? Now, I’m not saying I wear a really gorgeous dress everyday or I glam up my make-up every day but I feel like with underwear, you can get away with it because really, it’s just you that’s seeing it.

6. Allison Anderson (How to Organize Your Life and be Productive)

Lately I have been so into organisation videos and blogs, mainly because they motivate me to clean and sort out my life (which I have still to do!) I found Alison through Ingrid Nielsen but I tend to watch Alison more now because I feel like my interests have grown with Alison and I find her more relatable now. She talks about minimalism which is a subject that fascinates me, much like a plant based diet, I love reading about it, I just haven’t taken the plunge yet. In this video though, she goes through tasks you can do to try and make it so much easier for you to be clean, not just you but for your home and your life, so everything after that, is just a little easier.

And that’s it for this week’s Sunday Saves! I hope you enjoyed reading (and watching) this week’s post. Let me know if you like the YouTube aspect to my Sunday Saves, and if you have any posts you want to send my way, tweet me at @RetroSnowflake 

Let’s Talk About… Summer Goals

Summer Goals

I’m a goal setter. I love New Year’s Resolutions, I constantly like to push myself to be better so I wanted to create some Summer Goals for myself to try and achieve at least by the end of the Summer. It’s always a good motivator for me and I believe everyone needs to have a few goals in their life to keep moving forward and to continuously grow.

1. Get my diaries organised.

Coming up soon in another blog post, I’ll go more in-depth on my diaries, but I have two Filofaxes and I want to organise them both before the end of the Summer. I got really into them before months ago then fell off the wagon again, and that was all because I missed a few days and I didn’t like that they felt blank, so I gave up. I’ve bought two new calender diaries for them for this academic year (even though I’m no longer an academic) so maybe once I’m a few months in, I’ll go through them on my blog and tell you how I organise and decorate them.

2. Update, organise and structure my blog more.

This one is quite a big one for me. This is the first time that I have been consistent with writing blog posts and writing about things that I want to write about and for me, that’s something to be proud of. I’m not that happy with the way my blog looks (as I have written about previously), I’m not too fond of the layout and would like to brighten it up and make it look more professional (even though this is just a hobby for me!). So over the Summer, I would like to organise it more; have more pages and categories, sort those categories out and  have a blog that I can be really really proud of.

3. Incorporate  meditation into my daily routine.

After seeing a lot of people I follow via blogs talking about the Calm app, I downloaded it myself and I’ve found it to be one of the best mediation apps. I can’t seem to find the right balance at the minute but I hope once it comes to using it every day, I’ll find the right time and the right place to use it and really see a difference.

4. Take part in a Park Run.

I’ve heard of Park Runs for a while but I’ve never taken part in one so what a perfect time to start! I’ve recently got a good solid morning routine down which includes a very early morning start (There will of course be a blog post about this soon, it’s something I really want to talk about!) and I think adding in a nice early Saturday morning run would be great! It’s also a sense of community and because it’s timed, you can have a competition with yourself every week. I’m not planning on running it at first, I plan to walk and jog for the first few goes but if I catch the bug for it, I would love then to build up my time and my speed. My boyfriend and I have already registered so we just need to take part now!

5. Take more control of my spending.

We’re all guilty of buying a nail polish here and there or an extra treat for dessert when you go home, but they do all add up at the end of the month when you ask yourself why you only have a small amount left in the bank? I’m planning on moving in with my boyfriend soon so that will include me paying half of his rent, and splitting food and electric bills for example (Although I do like to think I do add to that) so I want to get all that sorted out first then once I see how much I have left, then I can have the occasional treat.

I do plan on having a little Summer Goals with my boyfriend, so once the Summer is over, I’ll maybe share what my goals were from that list, and if I achieved them.


SS: Sunday Saves (#8)

Goooood morning and Happy Sunday! I’m back with another Sunday Saves, a series where every Sunday I talk about three blog posts I’ve read throughout the week, whether they’re a new post or old, and I talk about them and why exactly I like them. This week I’m talking about blog organisation, getting bloggers involved with your posts and nail polish!

1. Sarah in Wonderland (How I Organise My Posts)

You show me an organisation blog post and let’s be honest, I’m hooked. I love organisation and I’m planning on trying to organise my own organisation again because I feel like parts of my life are just so, well,  unorganised, and it’s driving me insane. I feel like this was a good post for me to read because I’m still all over the place with my blog; my only main feature that I write every single week on a particular day is this post, my Sunday Saves, so wanting to be more structured with my blog can only be a good thing. I also like the fact that Sarah doesn’t just use one medium to plan out ideas on, you know, some people will only use paper and a pen, whereas some will only use their phone and nothing else. I like that she uses a little notepad but also saves ideas and plans down on her phone and her planner, I like that way of multi connection almost.

2. Iga Berry (Finish The Sentence…)

This is such a cool idea! Iga asks a question and you can send a photograph of yourself to her and your answer then she’ll feature your answer the next month. It’s just a really lovely idea to get bloggers involved in your posts and I know some bloggers let other bloggers do special guest posts, but I thought this was just a little different, and quite fun!

3.  Lauren the Daydreamer (My Favourite Barry M Nail Polishes)

For someone who is in love with nail polish, I don’t write about it or read about it as much as I should. I came across Lauren’s post on her blog about her favourite Barry M nail polishes. I only started to use Barry M about a year or so ago, I had heard of them but I was so dedicated to Nails Inc. at the time, that any other nail polish was foreign to me. I got mine as a gift though and I was amazed by not only the colours, but the quality too. Lauren shares her favourite colours, I have Pomegranate myself and it’s such a beautiful colour. Greenberry looks cute too because I love those bright Summer pastel colours!

Thanks for reading  this week’s Sunday Saves, and remember, go click on these lovely peoples blogs, find out more about them, follow them and keep discovering new blogs!


SS: Sunday Saves (#6)

Hello from Finland! As you read this, we’re getting ready to get the boat to St. Petersburg tonight, so if you’re not following me on Instagram or Twitter, you should, you’ll see all my updates there! Anyway, onto this week’s Sunday Saves:

1. The Curvaceous Vegan (How To Get Back On The Healthy Track)

It’s coming up to that time of year when most people are wanting to get back on track with their health and fitness for Summer. We all know that this should be an all year round job, but we all fall off at one point or another. Amie’s tips are simple and simple is all we need, especially if you’re new to thinking about your health and fitness seriously or if you don’t want to jump in all at once. So whether you’re starting to drink more water, eat more fruit and vegetables or helping yourself set little goals, Amie’s tips will be there to help you along the way.

2. BYKRounceField (How To Get Your Blog In Order)

This post just came calling out to me once I discovered BYK’s blog. I’m having a real problem with my blog at the minute. I like the content I’m posting to it, but I feel like I’m all over the place with it. It doesn’t feel very organised and I don’t think it’s very nice visually either. BYK’s post will definitely help me organise it more and I know that once I get some time, I’ll sit myself down for an afternoon and go through the post thoroughly and see what I can add to mine from her tips, to help me.

3. Tea Cups and Button Drops (Gingerbread Energy Balls)

For anyone that follows me on Instagram or Twitter, you’ll know that I talk about energy balls all the time! I’m obsessed with making the almond chia balls from Deliciously Ella’s first book but I’ve found an interesting twist on these. First of all, Amey’s blog name, Tea Cups and Button Drops, can this get ANY cuter? And secondly, I haven’t tried this recipe yet, but it sounds delicious! Energy balls are great for the house, great for work and generally great when you’re out and about. It also means you don’t have to spend lots of money on something to go with your tea. Perfecto!

SS: Sunday Saves (#3)

Happy Sunday! I’m back for another Sunday Saves, and this week I’ll be looking at sleep, journals and fitness (again!).

  1. Jemma’s Simple Life (How To | 15 Steps For A Better Night’s Sleep)

I still find it fascinating how the tables have turned. When we were all younger, we used to fight with our parents to stay up later and we never wanted to nap when we were babies. Now that’s all we want to do, or just me at least. Jemma’s post gives us some really easy and simple tips on how to get a better night’s sleep; some are common sense that we should all be doing, but don’t. We could all do with a better night’s sleep, including me, so I’ll definitely be trying these out.

     2. KTMY (A Look Through My Bullet Journal)

I’m pretty obsessed with lists to the point where it’s not healthy and it can tend to take over sometimes. I’d heard over the idea of a “bullet journal” but I never actually knew what it was. Katie explains it pretty well and I love the organisation of hers; she has a key, colour coded, little charts and graphs, and all these future plans as well as a contents page at the start.The pens she uses too are some of my favourites, especially since they’re so colourful! Hers is so wonderfully organised, and so neat.  I don’t think I could start a bullet journal because I get so annoyed and frustrated at myself if I don’t keep going with something, but I love the idea of it and if I ever get “okay” with the fact of not doing lists every day and can control my need to have a constant list going, then maybe one day I’ll do a bullet journal.

    3. The Tattooed Princess (11 Things I’ve Learnt On My Fitness Journey)

A lot of us have been on fitness journeys by the time we get to our mid-twenties, it just seems to be the natural thing. I started mine when I was 20 (a few months away from 21) and I’ve never looked back. I lost about three and a half stone and I promised myself I would never go back there (unless I was pregnant) because I really wasn’t happy. In Sian’s post she talks about the things she’s learned throughout her fitness journey and they’re all so similar to mine.

The points that stuck with me most importantly were not every day will be great. I’ve had so many rubbish days, I’ve had so many great days too, but the rubbish days sucked. They really sucked. I felt like I had come all this way and it wasn’t getting better. These days happen, I just had to teach myself that it wasn’t a big deal. Another one that stuck with me is that you’re the only person that can change yourself; no-one can force you to eat the right foods, no-one can force you to go to the gym. There might be people who can make you feel bad about not doing those things (or even make you feel bad for DOING them) but no-one can make you do them apart from yourself. The last point would be the scale. I used to obsessed over the scales so much that it got to the point if there was eight Maltesers in a portion and I had lift out nine, I would have put one back, just so I didn’t go over my calorie limit on My Fitness Pal. It’s hard to not let the scales rule you. It’s a number and if you see the number get bigger, you’re terrified. You want that number to go down and down until you’re happy with it, but I think that just sets you up with bigger mind games and actually slows down not only your weight loss but your entire fitness journey too.

Why I want to read more.

Reading is such a huge part of life, whether we want to admit it or not, we read every single day. We read databses in work, we read Twitter and Facebook, we read magazines, we read billboards, we read the ingredients on our foods in the supermarket. Reading is everywhere but the reading I’m focusing on is novels.

Why don’t I read?

I wish I had a truly good reason why I don’t. But I can’t give it to you. I’m tired, I don’t have time, I have other things to do, I need to be in the mood. Yes, all valid reasons, but I don’t want to put off reading forever. I’m always going to either be tired, or not have the time or have other things to do. I have to learn to priortise my goals in life.

If you read my latest Sunday Saves, I mentioned a post by Sweet Passions 07 and she talked about making time for reading and it’s something that I want to bring into my life and into my daily routine. 

So what am I going to do to fix this?
  1. I’m going to set a time.
    I get really tired when I start to read. That’s why the only time I truly read a book is when I’m about to go to bed. I’m going to try going to bed earlier for a start, and bring a cup of tea with me, and see how that goes first. I think setting myself a goal for half an hour a night isn’t too much and very achievable.
  2. Read through the books I have before I buy any more.
    I’m onto Rob Lowe’s second book “Love Life” at the minute, and I think I have about five new ones sitting back at home waiting to be read. If I give myself that limit of a “No Book Buy” until those ones are finished, it’ll possibly urge me to ge through those faster.
  3. Expand on my reading genres.
    I’m a non-fiction girl. As I said, I’m reading Rob Lowe’s second book, and the majority of books I have read have been autobiographies which is great and those are my favourites but I want to expand out more. I’m not a Harry Potter girl (Don’t kill me!) or a Lord of the Rings (I know, I know) or even Game of Thrones (I know, don’t kill me). I just want to find books that I enjoy, and I don’t want to force myself to read a Game of Thrones book if I’m never going to enjoy it.
I’ll check in in a month and update on my reading progress!