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2014 Nail Polish favourites.

The third and final post of my 2014 Favourites, the nail polish edition. Like the last two posts, I’m just going to name the brand and the colours and insert a link with the IG along with it. Describing that many colours is great detail could get tiring for you and me both.

OPI Sleigh Ride For Two (x)
Dark cherry metallic burgundy.

Nails Inc Edith Terrace and Ascot (x)
Dark metallic red and metallic festive green.

Nails Inc Soho Place and Downtown (x)
Bright teal and bright fuchsia pink.

Nails Inc Weighhouse Street and Carlton Gardens (x)
Pastel baby blue and metallic soft blue.

Essie Blanc and Jamaica Me Crazy (x)
Pure white and metallic pink purple.

Nails Inc Victoria and Villiers Street (x)
Dark cherry red and festive metallic red.

Nails Inc Bow Street and Baker Street (x)
Dark metallic glitter purple and cobalt blue.