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SS: Sunday Saves (#70)



Good morning, afternoon or evening everyone and welcome back to another Sunday Saves! Another Sunday to choose three blog posts that I’ve read over the week and I want to share with my readers. Apologises for the blog being quiet this week, I have not had a minute to sit down and write some posts but fingers crossed, I’ll be back on my three posts a week schedule.

1) The Perks of Being Sharna (Essie Fall Collection 2017 – Review and Swatches)

I absolutely love nail polish! If I had to be without face make-up or nail polish, I would choose to be without face make-up every single time just because I feel more confident with nail polish on. I was in Boots yesterday and this was the first time I seen the new Essie collection and I feel in love with Girly Grunge! It’s such a lovely purple metallic and if you fancy looking at the rest of the collection, Sharna’s post is one to click on!

2) Thirteen Thoughts (Nighttime Anxiety)

I’ve featured Paula’s blog on my Sunday Saves quite a few times but I feel like I relate to so many of her posts that she’s always on my favourite bloggers list. The post I’ve chosen today talks about night time anxiety and over the last few months, this has affected me more than I would like. Not necessarily when I’m in bed, but when I’m about to get ready for bed, my anxiety would get quite high. Thinking about what I didn’t get done in that day, how much I have to do the next day and what else I want to do but I don’t have enough time to do. If you’re looking for tips to help you ease your night time anxiety, Paula’s post is one to read!

3) Andy by Design (Minimalism As A Choice In Life)

Minimalism is something I would love to strive towards but I hold onto too many memories and I find it hard to let go of things. In her post, Andy talks about her view on minimalism, what she’s been incorporating into her home and why there’s too many rules on minimalism. I love how in depth she goes too!

Thank you so much for reading today’s Sunday Saves! Remember to give these lovely bloggers a click to read their posts, they’re all really wonderful. Have a great day!


(Blogmas Day Twelve) Favourite Nail Polishes of 2016

Happy Blogmas Day Twelve! For someone who is so obsessed with having her nails painted all the time (and also may have about 200 bottles) I don’t understand how I don’t talk about nail polish more on the blog.

If you follow my Instagram, you’ll know that every time I paint my nails, I make a “Nail of the Day” post. I’ve been doing that for a few years now and I can’t see myself stopping any time soon. It’s quick, it’s easy and it helps me keep record of what I’ve been wearing. So for Blogmas Day Twelve, I decided to choose my favourite nail polishes I’ve wore this year and share them today!

1. (OPI) Sorry I’m Fizzy Today.
2. (Nails Inc) Stafford Street.
3. (OPI) The Berry Thought of You
(Nails Inc) Snowflake Effect.
4. (Nails Inc) Villiers Street.
(Nails Inc) Ascot.
(Essie) Blanc.
5. (Chanel) Rouge Noir.
6.(OPI) Look At My Bow.
7.(OPI) Coca-Cola Red.
8.(Barry M) Prickly Pear.
9.(OPI) Sleigh Ride For Two.

If you want a more in depth look of all my Nail of the Day posts, head over to my Instagram and if you have any nail polishes you think I should try (A girl can never have too many!), please let me know!

SS: Sunday Saves (#8)

Goooood morning and Happy Sunday! I’m back with another Sunday Saves, a series where every Sunday I talk about three blog posts I’ve read throughout the week, whether they’re a new post or old, and I talk about them and why exactly I like them. This week I’m talking about blog organisation, getting bloggers involved with your posts and nail polish!

1. Sarah in Wonderland (How I Organise My Posts)

You show me an organisation blog post and let’s be honest, I’m hooked. I love organisation and I’m planning on trying to organise my own organisation again because I feel like parts of my life are just so, well,  unorganised, and it’s driving me insane. I feel like this was a good post for me to read because I’m still all over the place with my blog; my only main feature that I write every single week on a particular day is this post, my Sunday Saves, so wanting to be more structured with my blog can only be a good thing. I also like the fact that Sarah doesn’t just use one medium to plan out ideas on, you know, some people will only use paper and a pen, whereas some will only use their phone and nothing else. I like that she uses a little notepad but also saves ideas and plans down on her phone and her planner, I like that way of multi connection almost.

2. Iga Berry (Finish The Sentence…)

This is such a cool idea! Iga asks a question and you can send a photograph of yourself to her and your answer then she’ll feature your answer the next month. It’s just a really lovely idea to get bloggers involved in your posts and I know some bloggers let other bloggers do special guest posts, but I thought this was just a little different, and quite fun!

3.  Lauren the Daydreamer (My Favourite Barry M Nail Polishes)

For someone who is in love with nail polish, I don’t write about it or read about it as much as I should. I came across Lauren’s post on her blog about her favourite Barry M nail polishes. I only started to use Barry M about a year or so ago, I had heard of them but I was so dedicated to Nails Inc. at the time, that any other nail polish was foreign to me. I got mine as a gift though and I was amazed by not only the colours, but the quality too. Lauren shares her favourite colours, I have Pomegranate myself and it’s such a beautiful colour. Greenberry looks cute too because I love those bright Summer pastel colours!

Thanks for reading  this week’s Sunday Saves, and remember, go click on these lovely peoples blogs, find out more about them, follow them and keep discovering new blogs!


2014 Nail Polish favourites.

The third and final post of my 2014 Favourites, the nail polish edition. Like the last two posts, I’m just going to name the brand and the colours and insert a link with the IG along with it. Describing that many colours is great detail could get tiring for you and me both.

OPI Sleigh Ride For Two (x)
Dark cherry metallic burgundy.

Nails Inc Edith Terrace and Ascot (x)
Dark metallic red and metallic festive green.

Nails Inc Soho Place and Downtown (x)
Bright teal and bright fuchsia pink.

Nails Inc Weighhouse Street and Carlton Gardens (x)
Pastel baby blue and metallic soft blue.

Essie Blanc and Jamaica Me Crazy (x)
Pure white and metallic pink purple.

Nails Inc Victoria and Villiers Street (x)
Dark cherry red and festive metallic red.

Nails Inc Bow Street and Baker Street (x)
Dark metallic glitter purple and cobalt blue.