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SS: Sunday Saves (#53)


Happy Bank Holiday weekend everyone! I hope everyone is having a lovely weekend so far!  I’m back with another Sunday Saves this morning and again, just like last week, there’s no certain theme this week so I’ll be talking about handling stress, body issues and bath ballistics!

1) Not Copper Amour (Ways To Save A Stressful Day)

We’re always talking about stress, and rightly so, stress is more prevalent than ever so that’s why Emma has a wonderful blog post on how to manage this stress. Out of her list, I 100% agree with making time to eat; I love planning out a big meal and savouring it, it’s so relaxing. Physical exercise is another big way to combat stress that I couldn’t agree more with, especially when I’m in a big mood. There’s nothing better than taking your stress out on a weights sessions or even on the bike. However, cuddling up in your PJ’s with tea and chocolate works just as well for me sometimes too.

2) Surangi Style (My Body Shame)

Nital tells her story of how she currently feels about her body and you have to respect anyone who talks about their body, in a positive or a negative way, because body image is something that we all struggle with at some point in our lives. I feel like I’m on a similar path as Nital when it comes to recent body issues, so I can relate to her worries especially about buying new clothes and some of the food aspects, but more so clothing wise.

3) Desperately Seeking Lifestyle (LUSH of the Month – April – Yoga Bath Bomb)

LUSH is one of my favourite shops of all time! (Not a joke.) And unsurprisingly, I have tried the Yoga Bath Bomb but I love how much detail Ellie goes into from the scent, the appearance and she even lists all the ingredients so you don’t have to go to the website to find them out. If you’re looking for an in-depth look, Ellie has you covered.

That’s all for this week’s Sunday Saves! Thank you so much for reading and if you have any blog recommendations, please tweet me over at @RetroSnowflake or leave me a comment below.


SS: Sunday Saves (#44)


Happy Sunday everyone and welcome back to another Sunday Saves where I try and spread a little positivity into your Sunday morning. This week I’ll be talking about transferring your own blog, my favourite face mask and style worries.

1) Tea Is For Tina (The Simple Guide to Transferring Your Blog from WordPress.com to WordPress.org)

For the past year, I’ve wanted to have my own website but I have no idea how to do it on my own. Tina’s guide is so simple that I think I could even do it. So if you’re looking a quick and easy guide on how to move your blog,  Tina’s post tells you how!

2) Black Coffee Breakfast (Holy Grail Face Mask – LUSH Cosmetics)

They always say great minds think alike and that’s no different when it comes to bloggers. Like Elen, I am in love with the Cup O’ Coffee face mask from LUSH. It is probably the best exfoliate I’ve ever used and I tent to treat myself once or twice a week with it. I do disagree with Elen on one thing though; I tend to find it a pain to get off if I’m standing over the sink with a flannel but if I’m in the shower, it’s easy peasy! But if you’re looking a really good face scrub and don’t have really sensitive skin, you should give Cup O’ Coffee a go!

3) The Little Plum (Dress For Your Style, Not Your Shape)

Let me just start this off by saying I have no style. Okay, everyone has style, I just don’t know what mine is. I’m a jeans and jumper girl and recently I’ve pushed the boat out by rolling the bottoms of my jeans up, wearing a pair of white trainer socks and white shoes, and you’ll be amazed by how “stylish” I feel. I know, not exactly groundbreaking but we all have to start somewhere. I loved Chloe’s post because like her, I’m petite and it doesn’t matter what height or size you are, we’re always told “Oh don’t wear that, <insert body part here> won’t look very flattering”. It can be frustrating so maybe that’s why I lack any sense of style. Chloe’s post is definitely one to read if you feel like you’re stuck in somewhat of a rut because you’re being told you shouldn’t wear something because you don’t have the shape for it.

That’s all from my Sunday Saves this week. Remember to click on the girl’s links and give them a read, they’re all worth it, I promise!





SS: Sunday Saves (#28)


Happy Sunday! I can’t believe we’re almost half way through November already, it’s crazy! As always, if you haven’t read any of my other Sunday Saves or you want to find out more about them, you can click right here to find the other twenty seven editions so far! This week I’ll be talking about winter essentials, a LUSH bath ballistic and not playing hard to get.

1. Joyce Lau (Ready for Winter)

Joyce’s post is all about prepping for Winter so when I seen something associated with LUSH, a Yankee Candle, fluffy socks and jumpers, I knew Joyce was the girl for me. Everything she said in her post, I related to and that’s what I really love about Sunday Saves. I have to do such a big clear out of all my clothes and I think once I do that, then I can go buy all the cosy clothes for Winter!

2. What Lauren Did Today (LUSH So White Bath Bomb)

So White from LUSH is something I buy every single year. Not only because it’s one of the nicest smelling bath ballistics (and the shower gel that had for that brief moment in time was also amazing!) but because it looks so simple on the outside but it’s SO pretty on in the inside. If you have to buy one bath ballistic this year, seriously consider So White.

3. That Rainbow Girl (Play Hard To Get and I’ll Find It Hard To Care)

Playing hard to get? That’s the advice every guy and girl is given and to be honest, I don’t even know by who? I mean, I know my Mum didn’t tell me and I didn’t talk about guys to my friends until the last year or so, so it must have been society. Apparently if a guy really likes you, he’ll not text for a few days and that’s totally acceptable to sit by your phone and wait. If you really like a guy, why not just leave him hanging for a few days and if you still really want to text him, then you’ll know after not talking to him for a few days. Seriously? What bull did I actually listen to? Admittedly I only ever had one guy do this to me and he led me on for over a year and it sucked. It really sucked thinking you were something to someone to then be nothing a minute later, even though the way he spoke to you, it was like you were ‘something’. That Rainbow Girl has the same views; we’re busy, we have so much to do before, during and after work, and if you think we have the time to sit and wait around for people like this, NO! We just don’t. If you think playing hard to get is a good idea, it’s not; let me tell you right now, it’s not so just don’t do it. It’s something I’d rather get into in a blog post on its own (which I probably will) but for me, I’ll never understand how playing hard to get is going to find you someone you want to spend your life with.

Apologises for the last rant, but things like that really grind my gears! Anyway, I hope you enjoyed this week’s post, if you did or didn’t, let me know why in the comment or with a tweet over at @RetroSnowflake 💕

LUSH Haul and Review.

At first, this was just going to be a haul, but we’ve had the products for a few days, and two out of the three products, my boyfriend and I have used before, so it seemed to make more sense to turn it into a haul and review.

It’s a pretty small haul for me, just three products! When I was in college, a trip to LUSH was a very regular thing for me, almost too regular so three products is very small to me.


American Cream Conditioner (100ml) £4.95

Since I don’t have a photograph of this on its own, I’ll talk about it first. American Cream conditioner is one of my favourite conditioners of all time but it seems to be the only conditioner from LUSH that I get on with. Veganese was too liquidy and light for me and I could never get Jungle to condition my hair. I haven’t tried all the conditioners yet, but I think I will always compare them to American Cream.

I love the smell of this conditioner, and it actually lasts in your hair too, which I love! You don’t need a lot of it and a small bottle seems to last a reasonable amount of time too. I can’t fault it at all; surprisingly I don’t panic when I run out of it, it just seems to be when I have zero conditioner then decide to go back to LUSH and buy it, I think “Okay, I know I love this, why did I wait so long to buy it again?”

Kalamazoo Facial and Beard Wash (240g) £12.75


My boyfriend uses this face wash so I can’t give much of an opinion on it but this is his second big tub of it and he’s went through two small tubs as well so I think he really likes it. I don’t think a lot of guys really think about washing their face with more than just water and it was only when I introduced him to LUSH face washes, that he seemed interested. It smells of pineapple which is an added bonus and he says his beard is always really soft afterwards so it’s not drying but not greasy either.

Smugglers Soul Facial Scrub (100g) £8.95

Smuggler's Soul

A new product for both of us! From what I have been reading, this is a limited edition product (Please correct me if I’m wrong!) but I really hope they keep this one around because I really like it. It’s the type of scrub that feels like sand paper but trust me, I mean that in the nicest way possible. I love a good scrub, I want one that actually feels like a scrub and not some fluffy duffy one. This isn’t the strongest scrub in the world, and it doesn’t have the strongest smell either, but I don’t mind that. It feels like it’s doing being a great exfoliator, something simple, and if I can, I’d really like to buy this again. I also find that I don’t need to use as much of this compared to Ocean Salt. I can never find the right amount with that, whereas with Smuggler’s Soul, I don’t need that much at all.

That’s all for this haul but if you’ve tried out any of the same products, or if you have any product recommendations, please let me know!

What’s my verdict on Toothy Tabs?

If you remember when I was away on holiday, I bought a bottle of Toothy Tabs from LUSH. I had tried them before but I wasn’t a huge fan of them but I wanted to give them another go, so I did! Here’s my Testing 1,2,3 Toothy Tabs post, if you missed it before. I bought Miles of Smiles (as you can see below, from my Instagram), it’s a minty version of the tabs so I knew that it would be similar to regular toothpaste.

I was really surprised at how much I liked the toothy tabs. They’re very travel friendly because they’re just a little tiny bottle. To use them all you need to do is: take one toothy tab and crunch it between your front teeth, then simply brush your teeth like normal. It’s so easy, like brushing your teeth should be! The taste at first does take a few goes to get used to, it feels a little fizzy at first but you get used to that.

For me, it wasn’t any faster than regular toothpaste but it wasn’t slower. My mouth felt just as clean, I felt like my teeth were just as clean too, it really is just like regular toothpaste. I can’t really say if it was more whitening but I feel like once I use it more for the next few months, I might see a more noticeable difference. My bottle lasted for over a month and that was with my boyfriend using them too.

If you’re interested in finding out more about Toothy Tabs, you can click here and it’ll take you to the LUSH website. “Miles of Smiles” are £5.95, and you get 100 tabs so I feel like that’s a very reasonable price, considering it is a more natural option to brushing your teeth.

Would I buy them again?

As you can see by the above picture, I already have and I’ve already tried them out too! These are called “Limelight” and my boyfriend and I decided to be a little more adventurous this time with a lime flavour rather than a mint flavour. They’re really nice and they’re actually thicker than the mint ones too.

We’ve decided to completely change over to toothy tabs, we haven’t used regular toothpaste since we started using our first bottle of tabs, and I don’t think we’ll go back. If you want to find out more about these ones, you can click here and these ones are only £4.95.

If you’ve tried out toothy tabs or you’re interested in trying them, let me know what you think!

SS: Sunday Saves (#7)

And I’m back in Belfast! Good morning! It’s so nice to be back (I’m sure I won’t be thinking that when I go back to work on Tuesday though). May I present this week’s Sunday Saves where I talk about reflections, learning to relax and LUSH!

1. Robowecop (23 Things I’ve Learned in 23 Years)

This post is one of those posts that I think everyone should write. Reflecting back on their life, even if it’s not too serious, and find out what they’ve learned about their life or about themselves (Spoiler: May do this for my 25th! Shhhh!).

A few points Rhianna wrote that really stuck out to me were (3) “Makeup wipes break me out and they just aren’t worth it, no matter how easy they are and how lazy I feel.” (4) “A good skincare routine is one of life’s essentials” Couldn’t agree with these more if I tried! I only started really getting into skincare a few years ago and it’s changed my whole outlook on looking after myself.

(20) “Yoga is actually as good as people say it is, even if I won’t ever be able to do crow pose”. Yoga has changed my life in a way I didn’t know it could, and I’m so thankful to have it in my life. I’m still struggling to do the crow pose too ):

2. Mode Lily (Project Me Time: Learn To Relax Every Day)

If any of you reading this feel like they don’t relax enough, you need to read Dash’s post. In this post in particular, she has every day set out to do something different so for instance on a Monday, she played a board game with her husband, she read an actual book on a Tuesday, on a Thursday, she painted her nails and on a Sunday, she had a pamper night. Really simple ways of taking time out for yourself right? We all need to do it more and Dash is leading by example.

3. The July Journal (A Massive LUSH Collective Haul)

If you read my Twitter or scroll down my Instagram, you’ll know I love LUSH. There was a small point in my life where all the YouTube videos I watched were all LUSH hauls and reviews. I was very obsessed! I still am, but unfortunately I now have bills to pay and food to buy, rather than a big big bag of LUSH products (I do get the chance to go in from time to time though.) For that reason, I love LUSH hauls; whether that be through blog posts or YouTube videos, I love them.

My favourites from Yasmina’s post are The Comforter shower gel. Me oh my. I just can’t with this shower gel. It’s perfect. So so perfect. The Experimenter bath ballistic is stunning. I know Yasmina said that she said the final colour display was disappointing with that ballistic but personally, I loved it! Finally, American Cream! The only LUSH hair conditioner I have found so far that I get on with. Use this with Daddy-O and your hair will be in heaven.

I hope you enjoyed this week’s Sunday Saves, and remember, go click on these lovely peoples blogs, find out more about them, follow them and keep discovering new blogs!


Testing 1, 2, 3: Toothy Tabs.

So yesterday my boyfriend and I went to LUSH and picked up some toothy tabs. I’ve actually tried them before, I’m almost certain it was the Dirty ones and they were okay but we’re running out of toothpaste and we thought “Hey, we’ll try an alternative”.

I posted a picture to Instagram yesterday of the toothy tabs I bought (as you can see from above). These ones are called “Miles of Smiles” and they’re minty ones! He liked the Boom ones so if we go back for more, we’ll definitely get those ones. I won’t be taking a picture of my teeth, because let’s face it, no-one wants to see that! However, another reason I want to test them for longer than a week is to see if they really make a difference.

  • Will they make my mouth clean?
  • Will they keep me fresh all day?
  • Will they convert me to using them from now on?
  • How much faster will it be?
  • Will it be a slower “brushing my teeth” process?
  • Will they be whitening?

That’s what I’ll be testing out over the next few weeks! I can’t wait to start experimenting, and if you’ve tried any other flavours, let me know, I want to find the best ones (: