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Goals: Reflecting on October and November and What I’m Planning for Next Year.

Goals_ Reflecting on October and November and What I'm Planning for Next Year.

I don’t want to be a cliche but how fast has this year flown by?! I can’t believe it’s the end of the year and it’s my favourite time for two reasons. I get to celebrate Christmas which is my favourite holiday and I get to reassess what I’ll be doing differently for not only the next year, but into a new decade. In this post, I’ll be discussing my goals for the last two months and how they went.

Organise the spare room.

Scott is quite the star, I don’t say it enough but he is. He noticed that the room had become overwhelming for me and he helped out massively by moving most of the units around so the place didn’t look so cluttered. Towards the end of November, we moved most of the boxes out of the room that I didn’t need for the next month or so, and those were either put up in the roofspace or in the bedroom cupboards. It

Make time for more walks.

I completely SMASHED this in October because my boyfriend and my brother were taking part in a Sober October challenge with added steps, which meant they had to try and get the most steps throughout the month. It gave us a really good reason to go for a walk before or after work, and I started walking to the garage during lunch rather than driving up. I tripled my step count over the month of October compared the steps in September, and while I didn’t actively try and walk all the time in November like we did in October, I still think I did amazing for making more time for more walks, and I hope to continue it, but just not in such an intense way moving forward.

● ● ●

Again, another goal setting exercise with one out of two. Technically, it’s two out of two but because the spare room isn’t as organised as I had planned in October, I’ll not mark that off my list. November was definitely a more chill month and I think it was much needed because I’m now focused on December and the New Year to get exercising and walking more regularly.

Looking back; last year I tried three goals every three months and this year I tried two goals every two months. Personally, two goals over two months has been much more beneficial for me because in hindsight, three goals was too much. I was so goal oriented that I took it a step closer and I think that’s perfectly okay; I’ve learned what is best for me and that’s what goal setting is all about at the end of the day.

Now, as we’re coming up to the New Year, that will of course be the time where I’m going to be focusing on goals for the next quarter and the next twelve months overall. I haven’t exactly planned it out yet but I’ll be posting about it very soon as I always do. I’ll be continuing with my Continue, Stop and Start plan that I began last year (which you can read the first one and the second one right here) because that was a really great way for me to lay out my good habits, my bad habits and what I wanted to do more. I haven’t decided whether I’m going to focus on one big goal or smaller goals over a certain amount of months but that decision will depend on what I want to do, and I’m excited to explore that over the Christmas holiday period.

As always, thank you so much for reading, I do appreciate it because there are so many other blogs or articles you could read, so thank you. If you have any comments or any blog posts that you think I should read in relation to what I have posted today; you can either leave it in the comments below, send me a tweet over on my Twitter or let me know on my Instagram. Have a great week!

What Happened To My Goals? Re-Focusing With June and July Goals.

What Happened To My Goals_.png

At the beginning of the year, I set myself a challenge of focusing on two goals every two months and because the year before, I had been working on three goals every three months, I thought this would work out more positively for me because I was focusing on less. However, because I went away in March and then it took me a while to get myself back up on the blog again, I never went back to reassessing those goals so that’s what I’ll be discussing today. 

I could talk about goals until all the cows come home; I’m a very goal-oriented person and I believe you need to have at least one goal to keep you motivated. I don’t think it necessarily matters what your goal is, everyone is different when it comes to their goals like I have spoken about before but it has to be something that you want to do, or else, what’s the point? Because I hadn’t got back on track with setting goals, I had to sit down and think about what I wanted to do, so I’m still sticking with the two goals for two months because I feel like that particular plan hasn’t had enough time to really work yet. 

Run twenty miles. 

If you read my “Running Confidence” post, you’ll know that my running for the last year isn’t at the level that I want to be, and while there has been quite a lot of factors in this, it’s something that I know I need to change, because if I don’t change it, no-one else will. That’s why I’m committing to running twenty miles altogether in June and July; now the seasoned runners, that might not seem like a lot, but to me, it’s the perfect starting point to get myself back on track, and staying on that track. Plus, we’re coming into nicer weather (hopefully) so that should help with the motivation. 

Start learning Polish again. 

At the beginning of the year, Scott and I started learning Polish on Duolingo; we were quite proud of the fact that we had done it every single day continuously for three months and until we went away, we didn’t miss a day. However, we didn’t pick it back up once we came back, and we still haven’t! We really enjoyed doing that because it was something we could do together and it was so simple that it didn’t feel like a chore. It’s so simple that we really have no excuse not to continue doing it so we’re going to start it back up again. 

It can be hard to set goals for yourself if you’re not sure what you want to do, I’ve been there so I know how it feels. I decided to focus on something that I enjoy; learning a new language and continuing to enjoy a sport that I had been used to getting my teeth stuck into. For you, it could be career goals, hobby goals, relationship goals or something completely new, but just make sure it’s something that you absolutely want to do or you might find yourself not sticking to it because it’s not calling to you. 

Thank you so much for reading today’s post; it was a short one this week but sometimes I need posts like this to re-focus my mind for a little while. If you have any feedback, please let me know in the usual places. 

Reflecting on my 2018 Goals.

Reflecting on my 2018 Goals..png

I’m getting a head start on New Year’s Resolutions this year because I’ve already started to think about the next year ahead. Before I commit to my new goals, I wanted to reflect back on the goals of 2018 and how changing my method worked out so that’s exactly what today’s post is all about.  

Instead of having to go back through my goals this year, I’ve listed them all down below, and below those are all the goals up until October. I’ve marked it green if I have completed it and if it’s in red, that means I wasn’t able to do it. 

Changing My Perspective of New Year’s Resolutions. 
January to March Reflections and April to June Goals (2018). 
April to June Reflections and July to September Goals (2018) 
July to September Reflections and October to December Goals (2018). 

● ● ●

Clear my spare room. 
Finish my nutrition course. 
Read fifty pages a week. 
Begin my research into growing my blog. 
Note down my spending for one month. 
Try a new fitness class. 
Write a “Top Three Tasks” list every day. 
Be satisfied with my home. 
Practice “Good for them” rather than being negative towards myself. 

Before I talk about this year over all, I want to briefly talk about the last three goals I set for myself this year:

Run a 5K in under 30 minutes. 

Unfortunately I didn’t do this over the last few months and I was quite disappointed. I had an injury for over a month and that set me back more than I would have liked but it’s a goal that I’ll be keeping in the back of my head continuously for my running progress. 

Refresh my wardrobe. 

Since getting my new job (which you can read about here!) Scott went shopping with me to get some new outfits because I wanted to dress more professionally. I had been so used to jeans and a shirt but I was looking for a change. I tried out blouses and skirts, which was something I had been nervous about because I didn’t think I would suit them, but I was surprisingly very wrong. Currently around the holidays, I’m in jeans and Christmas jumpers, but I’ll be back in the professional clothes after Christmas.

Incorporate the two minute rule more into my daily routine. 

This is a hard one to judge because I was great with it at the start of October but it did start to slip towards the start of November. It’s a really easy one to keep in mind for the future especially when it comes to trying to tackle procrastination, but I think for me, it was something that I didn’t nurture enough as a daily habit. 

● ● ●

I tend to set a small number of resolutions and then I forget about them half way through the year, but that’s like a lot of people. This method never worked for me and because I’m so interested in goal setting and having goals that work for me, I wanted to take a serious approach to it. It’s hard to word it; I’m not saying that you should be completely serious about your goals but why set them in the first place if you’re not planning on trying to implement them?  


Out of twelve goals this year, I completed three… Admittedly I’m quite surprised at myself for the lack of completed goals. Not trying to make excuses for myself but it’s been a pretty unsettled year for me but that has been a lesson in itself; it’s shown me that I need to become more adaptable to my own surroundings. I often get so tied up when something doesn’t go right, and I know that my goals need to reflect that too. That’s something I will be taking into consideration moving forward with next year’s goals. 

In terms of what my goals actually were, I don’t feel like any were completely out of reach. They were all mainly focused on personal development which is something I wanted to work hard on this year and will continue to do so next year. I believe part of the problem was that I was reaching too far at times; reading fifty pages a week for example was tough around that time because I was trying to finish up my nutrition course AND I had tried to clean my spare room that had become an absolute tip. Is it any wonder I found it difficult?  


What this year has also taught me is that I need to focus on priorities and determine what they are. I tried to do so many things at once this year and I truly believe that I was trying to distract myself from the stressful life situations I had throughout the year. Distractions are great, don’t get me wrong but if you start to stretch yourself too thin, then you get yourself worked up even more than before. 

For me, this method didn’t work as well as I had hoped but I still think it’s a much stronger method than the simple New Year’s Resolutions, were you set a few goals at the start of the year and then almost of us forget about them by the middle of the year. Over the next few weeks, I’ll be researching different methods and techniques for next year’s goals and while they will still be very much personal development focused, I’m going to try and focus more intentionally this time.  

My new post will be live soon and I’m already excited to start the New Year because I have some really lovely plans ahead. Let me know how you found this year, what worked and what didn’t, and how you are going to change it up for the year ahead. Thank you so much for reading and if you want to get in contact with me, I’m always over on Instagram or Twitter. 

Reflecting on 2016’s Resolutions.

I posted my 2017 New Year’s Resolutions yesterday and last year I reflected back on the previous year’s resolutions so I wanted to do the same thing this year too. There’s no point setting resolutions or goals if you don’t reflect back on them and see if you achieved them, right?

Go outside every day!
I didn’t do outside every day, I know that for a fact but that wasn’t really the point of the goal. I wanted to spend more time outside and I did that! For a few weeks, I walked home from work (it’s a two hour walk!), I walked around town more on my lunch break and because I went away on holiday twice this year, I walked so much to explore. So I think I completed this goal, I’m satisfied with that.

Further advance in yoga.
Yes! I did this! When you go to a class once a week most weeks, you do see yourself growing and advancing over time. I’m now doing poses that this time last year, there was no way I could even do at beginner level. It’s so motivating to see yourself get better at something you love.

Save money.
I did this but not for my original purpose. I was meant to be saving to take a trip to Canada, and I had started but then life stepped in the way for this one. However, I started saving towards the end of the year and I now have my first month’s rent saved so I don’t have to worry about that.

Write every day in my One Line A Day book.
The fact I stopped doing this actually does upset me. I loved that book but then I was never motivated to write in it and I always said “Oh I’ll do it tomorrow” Tomorrow essentially never came and I fell behind.

Read more books.
I read but I don’t think I read more than usual which is a real shame because I want to read more but I just can’t seem to push myself to do it.

Knit more.
I don’t think I knit one thing this year. I finished off a scarf at the very very beginning of the year then I tried to knit something for my Mum but I hardly started that.

Keep up with my blog!
I’m so happy that I kept up with the blog this year. I have loved having this platform and connecting with other bloggers, it makes the online world so much more exciting. I’m really happy with the content I put out this year and I hope that this year will be just as great.

Learn a new language.
I’m so disappointed that I didn’t do this! I wanted to learn Finnish for when Ryan and I went to Finland but we never got around to it. Definitely a missed opportunity!

Spend more time with my boyfriend.
You could say this one did but didn’t work out. We spent a lot of time together and I practically lived with him for about six months, but we broke up in September. Reminder to self: do not make a resolution about a boyfriend, you don’t know what can happen in a year (and clearly I didn’t!)

Four out of nine isn’t bad, right? 

What’s on my Grown-Up checklist?

So let’s all pretend just for five minutes that the world isn’t such a scary place and that we’re all ready for absolutely anything that happens beyond this point! Because we are, aren’t we?

Today’s post isn’t a bucket list by any means; it’s a list of things that are important to me for the future, and yes, while I may have given it the name of “grown-up checklist”, I really would love to check this list off in the future at some point.

I’ve divided it up into two sections: Labour of Love and Special Quests. My Labour of Love will be the goals that are the big life changers that everyone thinks about like marriage and children for example but I’ve also included goals like improving myself (and not just trying to achieve happiness). My Special Quests are those more playful goals that I have a lot of pride in and they’re not any less important by any means but they’re a little more on the creative side.

My Labour of Love Life Goals

Get married.

(This is still quite a sensitive subject for me, so you’ll have to excuse me if I don’t go into a lot detail about the subject. It’s still one of the most important goals that I want to one day have but talking about marriage just after a break-up isn’t the easiest thing in the world!) One day I would love to get married and be someone’s wife. I want someone to love me so much that they would be willing to commit themselves to me for the rest of their lives. That’s love right? I want someone who is willing to work on our relationship together and build it stronger each and every day. That’s what a relationship, a partnership and a marriage is. Some might argue, you don’t need a piece of paper for that, and that’s true but it would be my personal preference to make it official. But let’s face it, that is well and truly in the far far future (I hope!)

Learn to evaluate my negative thoughts and feelings to deal with them in a more positive way.

“I want to be happy”, but how long do you want to be happy? I don’t want to be happy; I want to tell myself that you know what? Some days you’re going to feel like you can’t do anything and all you want to do is watch TV hiding away from the world. On the other side of that, I want to be able to tell myself that I can face whatever I come up against, no matter what that may be. So this goal isn’t about being happy, this is about conquering my own thoughts and feelings which I have been doing for almost a year through CBT (also known as cognitive behavioural therapy). I’ve never came out and said it on my blog (or to anyone else apart from a few friends) but I have been going to counselling (for almost a year) and it’s one of the best investments that I have made. I can speak about it more in further detail if anyone is interested in finding out more about my experience but I want to work on this goal every day even when I do finish my counselling because it’s something that will constantly shape me into being the person I want to be.

Become a good mother.

I didn’t want to say “have children” because I think there’s a difference between having children and being a good mother, and yes, I’ll not get everything right, but I want to be ready and have even 10% confidence that I can do it. I want to raise a family that I can be proud of, and I can see what I have taught them through their enthusiasm and attitude for life.

My Special Quests

Meet Whitney

Whitney is one of my best friends. We first started talking on Tumblr a few years ago about LUSH, I can’t even remember how many years ago now, but she’s been my best friend ever since. She lives in Canada and of course, it’s not very close to Northern Ireland so we haven’t met yet, but one of my life goals is to finally meet her! If you remember back in July, I dedicated a blog post to her, which you can find here. She got married to the lovely Mat and I wasn’t able to be at the wedding so I just wanted to write something to her because she’s a very important part of my life. Whitney’s been there with me through the best parts of my life and also the worst parts, and I know that this will be a lifelong friendship.

Learn a new language

I wanted to learn Finnish when my ex-boyfriend and I went to Finland and Russia but we never got around to it and I really regretted it because I think it was the perfect opportunity seeing as we were going to the country itself. I have no idea what language I would like to learn; I’m planning on trying to learn Irish at the minute but in terms of an absolute favourite language I would love to learn, I’m not too sure yet!

Never stop learning!

A perfect way to end my list! I don’t believe that you can stop learning. You can choose not to take on someone’s advice or go against someone else’s opinion, but you’re still learning, whether you’re in the right or wrong. I don’t want to live in a world where I just ‘know’ everything, because where’s the fun in that?

I hope my list made you think more about what life goals you would set for yourself. I gave them fun names to get you more intrigued rather than “serious” and “fun” because who wants to read a list of “serious” and “fun” goals? I’m planning on adding more colour to my list so stay tuned for that!