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Three Intentions for Me (#1)


Good morning, good afternoon or good evening whenever you read this! You might remember in my 58th Edition of my Sunday Saves (which is linked here!) I talked about Sophie’s blog post being about her July to-do list, and I loved the idea! So I decided to base a monthly goals list around that. I’ve named this little mini series “Three Intentions for Me” because for me right now, there is quite a lot of pressure around the word “goals” so I want to minimise that pressure while also pushing myself ever so slightly with particular targets I want to achieve.

❤ Read one fiction and one non-fiction book, and finish them both.

I’m quite a slow reader and this is something that will probably irritate me to no end. I usually read when I’m on my own because it means I can read out loud. I found that when I was reading when I was younger, yes I was fast, but I was skipping words if I couldn’t pronounce them in my head so while I was “reading fast” in my younger years, was I actually reading if I wasn’t taking everything in? Into my adult years, I’ve changed my whole philosophy on reading and it’s been a tough transition especially because I do read out loud the majority of the time, that takes longer and if I can’t pronounce something, I will make sure to say it until I can. It almost sounds like I’m teaching myself to read again, I can read I promise, but I’m putting more energy into it this time around. To add to this, I think this is why I don’t tend to sway into fiction books, I’m more of a self-help book woman myself but I want to challenge myself this coming month. It might seem like a big ask to read two books in one month but I’m willing to push myself to get out of my comfort zone, it will just mean setting more time aside for reading and less time for something else.

 Take part in two Twitter chats.

A year ago, I was so on the ball when it came to Twitter chats. I didn’t take part in too many mind you, but I probably took part in two weekly ones and I always enjoyed it! I use Tweet Deck for my Twitter and even then I felt like I could never keep up because there was so much going on within one chat, so this August, I’m making a commitment to take part in just two to see how I get on.

 Complete the 5K I have signed up for.

August sees the challenge of a 5K run that my boyfriend and I have signed up for towards the middle of August so that means stepping up my training to a certain level and making sure I complete it. Timing to me at the minute isn’t very important, I just want to keep a nice happy pace with minimal walking and I’ll be happy.

I’ll check back in next month’s “Three Intentions for Me” post to update you on how I did, and to tell you what I want to make a priority in September. Have a lovely day! ☀️


SS: Sunday Saves (#17)

Good morning! I hope you’re having a lovely Sunday so far and welcome back for another Sunday Saves. If you haven’t seen any of my other Sunday Saves, click here and you can see all my other posts. So this week I’ll be talking about being a homebody, setting intentions and a new (to me) early morning routine.

1. Katy Belle (Why I’m Happy As A Homebody)

Last week as soon as I posted my Sunday Saves, Katy posted this blog post and I knew I had to add it into this week’s Sunday Saves because I relate to it so much. When I was younger, between about fourteen and twenty, I used to have these swings of “being lonely” and “being fine”. I didn’t go out a lot with my friends, especially towards my twenties, I didn’t have a lot of friends so a lot of my time was just spent at home on my own. I found it really hard to adjust to that and to “be okay” with it but eventually over time, I did. I have always found it hard to tell myself that wanting to be at home rather than go on a night out is perfectly acceptable. Society makes us believe that we miss out on everything so that stigma that Katy talks about, I get it, I totally get it. I feel like I should write a longer post on it because there’s a lot more to it, but I truly believe that anyone can be okay with being a homebody as long as you are comfortable and confident within yourself.

2. Kat Horrocks (My Miracle Morning Routine)

I first discovered Kat through the YouTube recommendations because I spend a lot of my time looking at organisation videos with routines and planners. So Kat’s video popped up and I had no idea what a miracle morning routine was but once I watched hers, more and more popped up. I was so interested! For a while, my boyfriend and I would get up at 5am to go to the gym then we’d come back and have a smoothie to set off our day. We don’t currently do that at the minute but I would love to start getting up really early again and not necessarily go to the gym but start out my day on a productive note before I head to work. I really want to work on developing a routine like this to see what it can do for me because as much as I love my bed, getting up extra early does add a positive spin to your day. Kat talks through her routine in the morning, about her affirmations and she explains it really clearly in order for you to create something similar.

3. Skinnedcartree (Let’s Talk About Intentions)

Intentions could actually be used in relations to Kat’s video above. Corinne posted about living with intention and taking control of your life and trying everyday to be the best you can be. It’s what everyone should be doing but honestly, it’s harder than it sounds. That’s why I loved her post! She talks about going through a time in her life where she feels lost, and I can say I feel the same sometimes. You seem stuck, you feel lost and you’re not in control like you would like to be. She talks about what intentions she wants to set for herrself that she plans to work into her day-to-day life. I’m interested to see how Corinne gets on with these intentions; if they work, how they have helped, what she needs to change if they don’t. I think once you set yourself intentions to change your whole mindset, you can see such a huge change.

Well that’s all for this week’s post, remember to have a click on the links above and read what the girls have to say for yourself. This is all about discovering bloggers you may or may not have heard of and I hope that this helps towards that.