SS: Sunday Saves (#72)


Hello everyone, Happy Sunday! It’s quite chilly this morning so a very large cup of tea and a big bathrobe is needed. I hope you’ve all had a nice week so far; I’m back with another Sunday Saves where I highlight three posts that I’ve read through the week that I think you should be reading too. I’ll be talking about things you get excited about as an adult, unfollowing people online and talking about your faith.

1) The Curvaceous Vegan (10 Things You Get Excited About When You’re An Adult)

The way I talk about new bedding is the way I used to talk about new Barbie dolls as a child. Amie talks about things we get really excited about as an adult, bedding being one of them and I couldn’t agree more. ย Also, who doesn’t love being a fresh new cooking pot or taking a trip to IKEA? Such a relatable post.

2) PageTwentyFour (Why You Should Begin Unfollowing)

Over the last few months, I’ve really looked at who I follow on Twitter and Instagram. I wrote a post about Facebook friendships and deleted so many people I never talk to (You can read it here)ย In regards to Instagram, I looked at who’s stories I would constantly skip and if I wasn’t interested, I would unfollow them. If I seen a stream of tweets from someone who was either talking about something I didn’t like, I wasn’t interested in or was quite frankly bored of seeing on my feed, I would just unfollow them. Does that make me a horrible person? Of course not, you might feel differently about that, but in my eyes I don’t see the harm if I’m not longer interested in seeing what you have to say. It doesn’t affect you in any way and if someone felt that way about me, I would expect them to do the same. Paige talks about something similar in her post but she talks about it in the aspect of accounts that can affect you negatively and make you feel bad about yourself.

3) Extraordinarily Mundane (Jenny’s Faith Story)

My relationship with faith is an unanswered one. I used to go to Sunday School when I was younger but the only time I go to church is when there is a wedding, a funeral or a christening. I don’t know if I believe that there is a higher power out there but one thing that I’ve noticed while reading blogs and writing them is that I don’t see a lot of people writing about their faith. I came across Jenny’s blog post and while I don’t relate to her story, I thought it was interesting that she was telling her story of how she began to believe in God. So if you’re looking for more bloggers talking about their faith and religion, I would recommend Jenny’s post.

That’s all for this week’s Sunday Saves! I hope you enjoyed and as always, go and give the posts a read if you can, I really think they’re great. And if there are any posts you think I should be reading, tweet me over at @RetroSnowflakeย ๐Ÿ’›


SS: Sunday Saves (#63)


Good morning everyone and welcome back to another edition of my Sunday Saves! If you’ve never read a Sunday Saves before, I choose three posts each Sunday that I’ve found throughout the week to talk about. This week I’ve decided to have a #NIBloggers special, and if you’re not sure what that is, it’s a hashtag used mainly on Instagram and Twitter for Northern Ireland bloggers. Being from Northern Ireland myself, I always think it’s great to highlight local bloggers as well as national and international bloggers. So this morning I’ll be talking about Instagram worthy feeds, becoming more ethical and tattoo stories.

1) Retro Rose (Is It Insta Worthy?)

Miriam Rose’s post about Instagram is something that I think we can all relate to. She speaks about some of her thoughts on Instagram including if you have nothing to post, that’s perfectly okay. I went through a period of panicking when I didn’t have something to post at least twice a day and I see on Twitter other bloggers who worry when they haven’t posted in a day. I soon came to the realisation that just because I don’t post in a day, it doesn’t make me any less of a blogger (or a person). She also talks briefly about themes and keeping to the same editing style which in all honesty, that wouldn’t be my cup of tea but whenever I see someone who has kept to a certain filter or style, I praise them because they have almost the perfect feed.

2) Lauren The Day Dreamer (Why I’m Trying To Be More Ethical)

I love that Lauren has decided to try and become more ethical! It’s something I’m trying to do myself; I haven’t ventured into any charity shops to buy clothes yet but I’m in the same boat as her. I tend to wear the same clothes over and over again and I’m definitely nowhere near as fashionable as Lauren so my sense of style could be labelled as boring but comfy clothing but I think I need to have another look at my wardrobe to see what I actually need and what I actually wear. Shopping elsewhere other than my regular H&M might even open my style habits up further too!

3) Sarah Louise Writes (My Tattoo Story #MentalHealthAwarenessWeek)

We all know that I love scrolling back on people’s blogs, not just looking at their latest posts and this is exactly how I came across Sarah Louise’s post about her tattoo. I don’t have any tattoos and I don’t know if I’ll never have one because I’m too indecisive, I’m more of a piercing woman myself but I loved her story behind the tattoo. I’ll let you go to her post to read her story in full but I think it’s so special to hear about the stories behind people’s tattoos because not many people open up as much as Sarah Louise has, especially when it comes to mental health.

Thank you so much for reading my post and remember to go to the featured blog posts to give them a read too. To catch up on my other Sunday Saves, click here and you’ll have another sixty two to keep you busy. If you want to keep up with what I’m up to during the week, I’m over on Twitter and Instagram. Have a wonderful day!ย 

Ice Lolly Delight at the Linwoods Hemp Protein+ Launch Evening.

Towards the end of July, I had the pleasure of being invited to one of my favourite cafes in Belfast to go to a launch event for a brand new hemp protein powder made by a local Northern Ireland company. The product was launched in Tony and Jen’s and if you know me or follow me on Instagram, you’ll know I’m quite fond of their pancakes.

(The lemon meringue ones were replaced with cacao ice-cream one day and they were amazing!)

20170804_150347(The mint and cacao pancakes have been my absolute favourite so far, and yes, this is a double stack!)

While you scroll back to the pancakes again, I’ll tell you about the new product they’ve been making. With it being the Summer, who doesn’t love an ice lolly during the Summer months? That’s exactly what’s been going on in the special kitchen on the Lisburn Road; they have been making healthly popsicles that have been packed full of gorgeous ingredients. One of the ingredients being one of the Linwoods Organic Hemp Protein powders.

(My favourite is the blue bag pictured on the right!)

Linwoods Health Foods are a local company based and founded here in Northern Ireland, which I think is what makes this just a little more special. We’re always saying we should celebrate more local businesses, so isn’t this the perfect way?

On the night, you got the option to pick between four different flavours. I ended up having two lollies (I had no dinner before I got there, so my decision was justified!); the first being cacao and mint (My favourite by far!) and the second being peanut butter and banana (My favourite smoothie combo!). This is where you got to be really creative with your lolly.

20170804_133807(Easier than ‘Snap Crackle and Pop’ right?)

Whether you’re a Notella person (like myself) or maybe cashew sauce is more your drizzle, you had the chance to add a sauce or two, add some ground nuts or sprinkle some raspberry sparkle over your lolly to really make it shine. Being a blogger event, you have to make sure your creation is Instagrammable so they had four mini perfectly laid out booths for them, but I am a fan of a marble background so I went there each time.

(This was my first one: cacao and mint. From what I can remember, I drizzled it first in Notella, sprinkled hazelnuts and almonds over it and added an extra drizzle of cashew sauce over it.)

Jenny (one half of the lovely Tony and Jen) gave us an brief overview of their restaurant towards the end of the evening explaining why they choose to eat the healthy way, how the collaboration with Linwoods came about and then she showed us the process of how you make the lollies.

The goody bag we received at the end of the night were great! We even got our own little ice lolly moulds so we could make the recipes at home with the little recipe cards we received for the different versions of the lollies (See below!) We then got treated to a big bag of our own Hemp Protein+ and a few of Linwoods snack foods; all of which I have tried and I couldn’t wait until I got a good photograph of, sorry!

20170804_133709(When you turned it over, it gave you all the ingredients you needed, which wasn’t many to be fair, and how to make them.)

As I’ve mentioned before on the blog, I haven’t been to too many blogger events before and I’m slowly getting over my nerves of being shy and slightly to myself (I wrote a blog post on how my shyness could be perceived) so I feel like I pushed myself out of my own comfort zone by just walking up to someone new and introducing myself.

One thing I loved about this event in particular (apart from it being all about healthy food that I could eat) was that it was interactive. It wasn’t just someone handing out samples and telling you about the product so everyone had the same photographs or same experience; you got to choose what flavour you wanted to eat, you got to choose how to decorate it, you got to choose your own experience.

20170726_195024-01(This was my second lolly of the night; I chose Peanut Butter and Banana with the same toppings as my first creation except this time I added a little raspberry sprinkling too!)

If you want to find out anything more about the Hemp Protein+ Powders, you can click right here. If you want to find out more about the company itself, you’ll find it right here and finally if you want to find out more about Tony and Jen’s, you can find them on Facebook and Instagram.

Thank you so much for reading! All the recipes for the lollies will be on the Linwoods website and I can’t wait to make my own, I’ll probably be doing it in December, but hey, you can eat ice lollies anytime of the year, right?


SS: Sunday Saves (#49)


It’s the end of April already! Just how? How are we almost half way through the year already? It’s absolute madness! Anyway, I hope you’re having a good Sunday so far and if you’re enjoying for Bank Holiday Weekend like I am, I hope you have a lovely extra day off.

Today’s Sunday Saves is focusing on the theme of social media changes: if you’ve been living under a social media rock recently, you’ll know that Instagram has been involved in quite a lot of drama and bloggers have came under fire not only from magazines and social media applications but even from each other so this theme seemed very appropriate.

1) My Life in Rose Tinted Glasses (What is the Instagram Shadow Ban?)

The words “shadow ban” have been flying around the past few days and honestly, until Francesca’s post, I had no idea what it meant. If you’re a little like me and need to be kept up to date with the latest changes and troubles to Instagram, this post is for you. It’s well explained without being too overly detailed, very easy read.

2) Maria J (Follow/No Follow Links and What They Mean for Bloggers)

As bloggers, there will always be a fine line when writing posts for companies who have sent you products. Some want more than others; some try and get you to change your opinion, some just want you to tell the truth and others try and get around it by asking you to put in a follow link. Like Francesca’s post, I had no idea what the difference was between the follow and no follow so if you’re looking a hand on what’s safe and what isn’t, keep this post from Maria saved in your favourites.

3) Kirsty Leanne (Why I Agree With Social Media Algorithm Changes)

Even when I just seen the title of Kirsty’s latest post, I thought “Oh that’s going to cause some controversy!” but as far as I am aware, it hasn’t. Reading her post, her points make sense and she sees this as a challenge, not a down fall. If you want to be successful, you have to work for it and easy engagement is not working for it. So if you’ve been feeling let down by the whole Instagram fiasco, go read Kirsty’s post and see if she can change your mind.

Well that’s all for this week’s Sunday Saves. Remember to click on everyone’s links and leave a little comment.. If you’ve missed any of my other Sunday Saves, you’ll find them all right here and feel free to have a look!

SS: Sunday Saves (#46)


I’m back with another Sunday Saves and I hope you’re all having a lovely Sunday so far! If you’ve missed any of my previous Sunday Saves, you can find them right here! This week I’ll be talking about coffee shops, Instagram promotion andย vegan YouTubers.

1) Lea Rice (How To Stop Feeling Guilty About Working From Cafes)

I don’t think it’s just bloggers that feel this guilt; I think everyone who just enjoys going to a coffee shop to meet up with a friend or spend time by themselves does feel that ounce of guilt when they tell themselves, “I really could just make a cup of tea at home, couldn’t I?” And it’s totally understandable to feel that way. We’re always told to save our money and one of those ways is to go out for coffee less; you can easily save a small fortune that way. However, there are so many benefits to getting out of the comfort zone of your own home and just treating yourself to a tea or coffee (a smoothie or milkshake too!) that you haven’t made yourself. Lea talks about the benefits and I whole-heartedly agree with her, so make sure you read her post and don’t feel so guilty next time you have a cosy cup of tea or coffee at your favourite coffee shop.

2) Phases of Robyn (Instagram Promotion: Is It Worth It?)

Promotion on Instagram is something that I had known about, from seeing it every day but I had no idea about the behind the scenes of it all. I didn’t know how much it cost, the process you had to go through, how long it lasted for or even if it was worth it. I’m so glad Robyn wrote a post on this because it will benefit so many other bloggers who are thinking of doing the same thing.

3) Okay Now Breathe (20 Vegan YouTubers You Should Be Watching)

Over the past year, I’ve become so much more interested in finding more plant based and vegan YouTubers to watch and Meagan has compiled the perfect top twenty list of YouTubers that she recommends. I can’t wait to have a big YouTube night to catch up on all these new videos that I need to watch!

Thank you for reading this week’s blog post and if you have any other vegan or plant-based YouTubers, please tweet me over at @RetroSnowflake, I’m due a YouTube clear out and I would love even more new faces!

SS: Sunday Saves (#36)


Happy Sunday and welcome back to my Sunday Saves this week! As usual, if you missed out on any of my Sunday Saves so far, you can click right here and it will magically transport you to all my Sunday Saves!

This week’s theme is social media which includes every single person reading this post so I thought it was very appropriate since we all use it.

1) Skinnedcartree (Resources for Bloggers)

This is the ultimate blogger post. If you’re a blogger, you need to read this, no ifs or buts, you need to. Corrine has posts ranging from editing blog photographs, a Q&A with a PR, how to create a media pack and even tips for starting your own blog. What more could you want?

2) It’s Lauren Victoria (How To Be More Active on Social Media)

Lauren goes through the different social media platforms and offers tips on how you can grow your following on each. She covers Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat and Pinterest so you’re covered on all bases and even tells us how to maintain our activity on these platforms. It means you won’t be taking part in ten million Twitter chats in one day then we hear nothing from you on Twitter for two weeks; you can learn to spread your social activity out a little more.

3) Lottie Does (Why It’s Okay To Unfollow)

I couldn’t agree with Lottie more on this topic. I think there’s such a pressure on Twitter especially to follow the exact same people you did when you first started. People change though; your interests change, your opinions change and if someone doesn’t meet your interests or your opinions then there’s nothing wrong with unfollowing them. It’s nothing against them as such, it’s just you growing and having that be reflected in your choice of who you follow.

Well that’s all for this week’s Sunday Saves! Remember to support fellow bloggers by clicking on their links and leaving them a little comment, we really all do appreciate that.

(Blogmas Day Twelve) Favourite Nail Polishes of 2016

Happy Blogmas Day Twelve! For someone who is so obsessed with having her nails painted all the time (and also may have about 200 bottles) I don’t understand how I don’t talk about nail polish more on the blog.

If you follow my Instagram, you’ll know that every time I paint my nails, I make a “Nail of the Day” post. I’ve been doing that for a few years now and I can’t see myself stopping any time soon. It’s quick, it’s easy and it helps me keep record of what I’ve been wearing. So for Blogmas Day Twelve, I decided to choose my favourite nail polishes I’ve wore this year and share them today!

1. (OPI) Sorry I’m Fizzy Today.
2. (Nails Inc) Stafford Street.
3. (OPI) The Berry Thought of You
(Nails Inc) Snowflake Effect.
4. (Nails Inc) Villiers Street.
(Nails Inc) Ascot.
(Essie) Blanc.
5. (Chanel) Rouge Noir.
6.(OPI) Look At My Bow.
7.(OPI) Coca-Cola Red.
8.(Barry M) Prickly Pear.
9.(OPI) Sleigh Ride For Two.

If you want a more in depth look of all my Nail of the Day posts, head over to my Instagram and if you have any nail polishes you think I should try (A girl can never have too many!), please let me know!