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SS: Sunday Saves (#56)


Happy Sunday everyone! While I’m writing this, it’s such a gorgeous day outside, always a sure fire way of being in a better mood eh? In today’s post I’ll be talking about cleaning your home and mind, habits of grateful people and being more mindful as a non-vegan.

1) Suzie Speaks (50 Things To Remove From Your Home and Your Life)

Judging by the weather (most of the time), I’d like to think we’re coming into the Summer and one of my favourite things to do during the Summer is do a massive clean. I know a lot of people like to do a Spring clean (in the Spring of course) but for me, it always goes back to when I was in school and you would have a huge clear out before heading back to school in September. Suzie highlights fifty things that you should remove from your home but also from your personal life, so not only are you cleaning your house but you’re also cleaning your mind, to a certain extent.

2) Hack Spirit (The Top 9 Habits Of Grateful People… Even In Tough Times)

If you’ve been reading the blog lately or following me on my social media, you’ll know I have started to get into the practice of gratitude. It’s such an important practice for me especially when my day isn’t going as well as I had hoped it would. Gratefulness brings me back down to earth. That’s what I found so interested about this Hack Spirit blog post about habits of people who are grateful even on the tough days. It’s something we should all take into consideration, both on the good days and the bad.

3) The Zombie Said (5 Simple Ways For Non-Vegans To Help Vegan Causes)

I prefer to call myself plant based rather than vegan because I’m quite open about not having changed all my clothes, make-up, hair care and skincare over to one hundred percent cruelty free. I really liked the way Steph came across in this post, it’s not preachy or forceful, it’s just giving you a few simple tips on how you can be more mindful when it comes to spending your money on products and perhaps promote a positive change if you can’t commit yourself to being vegan.

Well that’s all for today’s Sunday Saves post. If you’d like to catch up on my other Sunday Saves, you’ll find them here and let me know your thoughts on today’s post, either down below or over on my Twitter!


(Blogmas Day Two) SS: Sunday Saves (#31)


It’s Day Two of Blogmas! Throughout December, my Sunday Saves will have a Christmas theme so I can’t wait to stick with a theme for once. If you’ve missed my first Blogmapost, you can see it right here or if you’ve missed any of my other Sunday Saves, you’ll find them right here! This week I’ll be talking about writing a list to Santa, making your home feel festive and a Christmas playlist!

1. London Beauty Queen (Letters To Santa: Why Christmas Wish Lists Are Always A Great Idea, No Matter Your Age)

I love letters; I love writing them and I love receiving them. They’re just so much more personal and that added extra effort really comes across. Hayley talks about one of her childhood memories which I think is really cute, I think we all throughout our childhood sat for hours with an Argos catalogue. My Dad used to say it was my bible! Hayley also has a really good point; I personally love going out to buy presents that the person might not necessarily think and I love that mysterious element. However, this doesn’t work when it is someone who you have either no idea what they like or they are incredibly hard to buy for. This is why lists are great or just out right asking someone what they want. Hayley talks more on the side of what you can do to make it easier for friends and family but I think it can work the other way around too.

2. Katy Belle (Giving Your Home A Festive Feel)

Such a cosy post from Katy! Yes, I just described a post as cosy, because it really is. Katy tells us about the things she’s done around her home to make it feel extra cosy in the festive season. She also loves Yankee Candle’s Candy Cane Lane too, it’s an absolute dream! She talks blankets, stockings and candles without having to spend a fortune.

3. Hiya Kayleigh (Blogmas Day 1: The Perfect Christmas Playlist)

I have to admit only this year have I actually liked sticking a music channel like Magic on the TV and listening to Christmas music. I wasn’t a huge fan of doing it before and I dreaded when my Mum’s Christmas CD’s would come out. But for those of you who love doing that too, what do you do when you’re out and about and not near the TV? Well Kayleigh may just be your guardian angel (or should I say Christmas angel?)! She’s created a Christmas playlist that has the best, most memorable and most Christmassy songs out there. The playlist was created on Spotify and if you have Spotify Premium (which I just bought the other day; £0.99 for three months. Yes please!) you can download it and listen to it anywhere. (This isn’t sponsored by Spotify by the way, I just really love it!). What a perfect first Blogmas post too!

Reading all different Christmas blog posts this month is definitely a favourite around Christmas time, so if you’re doing Blogmas this year or just have some really lovely Christmas themed posts this season, leave me your link below or over on my Twitter page!