SS: Sunday Saves (#57)


Happy Sunday everyone! It’s the last Sunday of the month, this month has just flown by, I really can’t believe it! If you haven’t heard of my Sunday Saves before, it’s a weekly series I write to showcase my favourite blog posts I’ve read that week. You can find my other fifty six editions right here! Today I’ll be talking about kittens, essential oils and a new form of yoga.

1) Life of Bee (Meet The New Family Member)

Bee shows us her adorable new kitten ‘Sox’ and I love the name! It’s so cute, just like him and it reminds me of when I first got Audrey. Awww!

2) She and Life (Essential Oils and Why They Are Essential To Me)

Essential oils are something that have fascinated me for  the last few months and it’s something that I want to start looking more into, because I’ve heard about the benefits of them in their different forms. Tilly tells us about the oils that she uses on a daily basis and describes exactly why they are perfect for her and her family. If you need a quick guide on essential oils, Tilly has you covered.

3) Knel (An Introduction to Hot Pod Yoga)

Hot pod yoga? Yes, I’d never heard of it either; I’d heard of hot yoga before but I didn’t know there was such a thing as hot pod yoga. Katie tells us about her experience of a class, and I would love to give something like this a go. I’m not great in the heat mind you, so I would bet I would last a few minutes at the very most, but it’s a new experience after all, right?

That’s all from this week’s Sunday Saves. It felt very short and sweet but if you go on to the girls’ posts, you’ll see that they do most of the explaining for me; I hope you enjoy their posts! Thanks for reading!

SS: Sunday Saves (#55)


Happy Sunday everyone and welcome back to my Sunday Saves. As I’m sure you know by now, if you haven’t read last week’s post, you’ll find it right here or if you want to read my previous Sunday Saves over the past year, you’ll find them right here! This week’s theme is focusing on fitness: more specifically, preparing for a workout, tips on being a beginner runner and finding the motivation to work out in the morning.

1) Lifestyled by Jennie (Motivational Reasons For Exercising In The Morning)

I am such an advocate for exercising in the morning so I am, of course, going to celebrate Jennie’s post about it. She gives us four genuine reasons why working out in the morning is better than the evening, straight after work for example. I can’t wait to write about my own experiences on this!

2) Fit Cake (Preparing for a Workout)

So now that you’ve read Jennie’s post about getting the motivation to get up in the morning, why not read Emma’s post on how to prepare for a workout. This includes making sure you drink your water (especially when working out, I can’t stress how IMPORTANT this is!) and the art of stretching.

3) Harmony Blaze (Me, Myself and Running)

Emma’s post (Yes, this is a different Emma!) has come at a great time for me as I begin my own running journey just before the Summer. Originally, I had begun last year; it was around this time last year I signed up for my first Park Run but unfortunately life happened and I never kept up with the running. Thankfully, that’s changed this year and I’m finally ready to give it a go again. Emma talks about why she took up running, what she loves about it and even a few tips to newbie runners like me.

That’s all from this week’s Sunday  Saves; if you have any other fitness posts you think I should read, please tweet me over at @RetroSnowflake on Twitter or leave a comment below. I crave more fitness posts! Thanks for reading, and have a lovely weekend, whatever you get up to!

SS: Sunday Saves (#25)

I hit 25! It’s such a huge landmark for my blog this week, twenty five editions of Sunday Saves! If you want to look back on my other Sunday Saves, you can find them right here. This week I’ll be talking about exercise in Winter, vegan chocolate and musicals!

1. Purely Amy (Winter is coming. How to prepare for running seasion in the cold.)

Amy has hit the nail on the head with her post. Running or exercise in general is just as important in Winter as it is the rest of the year but a lot of people are put off with it being colder which is completely understandable. What would you rather choose? Cuddling in your warm cosy bed or being outside in the freezing cold running a 5K? I want to be one of those people that eventually chooses the latter (but right now, I’m a good cuddling in bed with my fluffy duvet type of person) because I know once Christmas comes, I’ll feel better for making more of an effort with my fitness and not let the cold stop me. Amy gives advice on what clothing to wear, how to set a schedule and she’s taking part in Mo Running too (just like me!) so she talks about the charity and how she plans to train for it.

2. The Little Blog of Vegan (Ombar Chocolate – Perfect Stocking Fillers!)

Sneak peek! I have included the Ombars in a post that is coming up later on in the week so look out for that! I love Ombars; I only discovered them a few months ago after being on the hunt for vegan chocolate for someone I know and then discovering I could have it too. I haven’t tried all their flavours but Coco Mylk is my favourite by far. Holly Jade goes more in depth in all the flavours you can get, so if you’re interested in a chocolate that is gluten free, dairy free and vegan, make sure you check out her post!

3. Bloo’N’Stuff (Out ‘n’ About | Ghost the Musical)

Sara blogged about her experience at the musical ‘Ghost’ that took place a few weeks ago at the Grand Opera house. It was a limited date show and I had the pleasure of seeing the same show! I’m not too sure when Sara went but I went on the Tuesday; it was my first musical theatre I had ever seen live and I was blown away. The reason I chose to include Sara’s post is because she blogged about her whole experience as well as the show; I don’t think I would be able to do a live performance justice in a blog post and Sara did such a good job of it.

I can’t believe I got to 25 and I can’t wait to get to 50 now! I love finding new blog posts every week because blog reading is one of my favourite chill out activities, so to blog about them just makes that even better.

SS: Sunday Saves (#22)

It’s the first Sunday in October! I’m sure you’ve seen many tweets, many blog posts and many YouTube videos saying “I can’t believe it’s already October” so I’ll leave that to everyone else. As with all Sunday Saves, if you’ve missed any of the series, they’ll be located right here! This week I’ll be talking about finding the time for exercise, being more confident and living life a little slower.

1. A Mile in my Glasses (Ways to fit exercise into your schedule)

I really liked Michael’s post but not because I related to it. I don’t relate to it; I do have the time to go to the gym and I’m sure many would be envious of that, but when it comes to mindset, it’s a completely different story. Over time I know I’ll be as motivated as I once a few months ago, but right now I’m struggling with getting myself back into a routine (which is totally okay! We’re all going through something at the end of the day). What I really like about Michael’s post is that it’s not unrealistic or unattainable, it’s genuine advice to say “Hey, whether you are a morning person or you’re finding it hard to find a time of the day to work out, I’m here to make it a little easier”. He recently ran a 10K too so well done to him! Hopefully I’ll be able to do that one day too!

2. Soph Writes (Being a more confident you)

Aah confidence. You are a funny one aren’t you? As some one who is currently fighting against confidence, I think Sophie’s post on being more confident in yourself, is a perfect booster for when you’re feeling low. I have it bookmarked on my phone so I have it whenever I just need that reassurance of being enough and working every single day on being the best version of myself.

3. Pretty Not Included (5 Ways to Embrace Slow Living)

What is slow living? I’ve never heard of ‘slowing down’ in that way but Sarirah explains it in such a lovely way. Her advice is attainable, realistic and is something that I will definitely try and incorporate into my lifestyle, including having your breakfast in a calmer landscape, which to me is just simply not eating your breakfast while browsing through social media from the night before. Acceptance for me is something I am constantly working on and that is a particular battle of mine but she raises some incredibly true points about accepting your situation and really letting your life flow in its natural way. Not something that I personally can do at the moment but one day? I hope so. Sarirah explains that you don’t have to make subscribe to big life changes; those little self care acts add up just as much as the big ones, and that’s what really matters.

This week’s Sunday Saves all seemed to be ones that really focused on being your own person and improving yourself, which I didn’t actually plan at all, but I enjoyed it regardless. I hope you enjoyed too!

Mental Health Awareness Week 2016.

So you may or may not know that it is Mental Health Awareness Week this week, and that it is still unfortunately a taboo subject, but it is getting better. In my job, we raise awareness about it all the time and hear the people’s side of things and what they go through. In saying that, I want to contribute to this week in any way I can and what better way to do that than in a blog post.

I’ve read through quite a lot of blog posts dedicated to this Awareness Week and I didn’t want to give the same tips as everyone else, so I’m going to put my own twist on it. When I get stressed or anxious, or something’s “just not right” I go into panic mode and it’s really hard to come down from that. I’m going to tell you what I do to help myself come down from that panic, slowly but surely. These aren’t by any means miracle workers, but if they help me a little, then that to me, is a success.

A good cup of tea!

Almost everyone loves a good cup of tea. Lately I just drink green tea and flavoured teas unless I’m in a cafe or I’m at my Mum’s house, but there’s nothing better than taking a breather with a cup of tea (just as long as you don’t burn yourself!)

We finally visited the Ground Coffee opposite my gym, becoming more and more fond of Suki Tea!

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I’m sure we all know what a cup of tea looks like but I just thought I would add that I love loose leaf tea and I prefer it over regular tea bags. It’s something I want to invest more time into.

Adult colouring.

I have to admit when this all became such a craze, I didn’t think I would be into it. I’m a perfectionist at times and I was so worried about colouring outside the lines and messing it all up, I thought it would be stressful! It turns out I was very wrong. My friend Whitney got me a colouring book for Christmas (as you can see below) and I really love it.

I couldn't sleep last night for a little while so I started the colouring book @whitneybourg got me for Christmas!

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I’ve actually brought it on holiday with me along with my special pens and even though I haven’t finished one page yet, I know that I’ll feel a little more accomplished.

Working out.

Doesn’t everyone say this? I know they do, I know but it’s so true. When I go to the gym, I can take all my stress and anger out on the bike or on the stair master, and once I feel like I’m done, my mood perks up and I’m so thankful that I done the workout.

Back at the gym tonight after a looooooong break.

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Now of course there’s times where I don’t want to go to the gym and I just want to sit in the house and deal with it there, that’s completely fine too. But I see such a remarkable difference in my mood when I go to the gym versus staying at home.

Baking and cooking.

My Instagram is full of food, I love to bake and I love to cook. I’ve become more aware over the past number of years what I’m putting into my body and what I shouldn’t be putting into my body so I love making clean snacks and clean meals for my boyfriend and I. It means that I know exactly what’s going in, so there’s no nasty hidden sugars, just ingredients you would pick up at the supermarket (and a few Holland and Barrett or Amazon specialities too).

Yayy! We're making raspberry jam today! (:

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Cook books can be very confusing. They can use so many ingredients and it might not even be worth your time if you have to add thirty ingredients in to one meal. I choose my cook books on simplicity, it’s really that simple. Time isn’t a huge factor to me, but as long as I get a really good meal out of it with a few servings for the next day, that makes me happy.

If you have written a blog post about Mental Health Awareness Week, tweet me or leave a comment down below, I’d love to read them. I find them all really fascinating!


SS: Sunday Saves (#2)

Week Two of my new series where I choose three blog posts that I’ve read throughout the week (new or old), I talk about them, and why I like them!

  1. Life Of Kitty (Thinking About: Why I Exercise)

    Katie’s blog is filled with everything; whether that’s food, fitness, beauty or lifestyle, it’s a nice all rounder that I love. She started a series where she chooses something that she wants to talk about or has stuck in her head, it’s such a good idea. This post is about why she exercises and I can really relate to it. I also love the gym, there’s nothing better than the buzz you get after a long workout and you’re sitting on one of the heavy weights machines and you’re putting your all into the last set before you feel like you can’t go any more. That’s the buzz I like.
    Fitness in general is so important and I think it’s important to do it wherever you can. Katie talks about finding the time, which a lot of people use an excuse (We all do it at some stage, don’t we?) I’ll be the first to admit that I’ve been slacking on the gym this past month, which I’m not happy about, slowly by surely though, I’m catching up with myself again.

  2. Sweet Passions 07 (Making Time For Reading)

    I’ve been thinking about reading a lot lately and I’m going to be writing a bigger blog post this week on my lack of reading, something that I’m not proud of, but I loved reading this post. Antonia gives us tips about making more time for reading; they’re simple tips but everyone has their reasons for not reading more even though we could all make time for just one chapter or if we set the bar too high for ourselves, then we just give up. Just taking it one step at a time then if you don’t read regularly, like me, then you could even get yourself into a routine to read every night (like I’m planning to do!)

  3. The Blogging Gals (Things We Should Have Been Taught At School)

    We’re always told that our education is one of the most important parts of our lives and I couldn’t agree more, it’s very important. I think it’s also important to note that you only learn through experiences as you grow older. You can play with a fake baby in class for example, but that’s not the true experience of having an actual baby. Some of the points that Sophie writes about is handling budgeting/finances and mental health; two of the most important things, in my opinion, that should be included heavily in education. Everyone uses these in their daily lives, so it makes complete success to introduce them into children and young people’s lives very early on. I’m not saying we shouldn’t teach English, Math or Science, they’re still something that we will always need, but we need children to leave school knowing the essentials about life. I do disagree about Soph’s point on cooking; I had Home Economics in school for three years and we learned how to make a lot of dinners, but I think we need to learn a lot more about nutrition and fitness as well as good dinners.

How has my yoga experience been so far?

So this week seen the completion of my six week term of yoga that I signed up for at the start of the year. If you read my New Year’s Resolutions post, you’ll know what I wanted to try new things and practice more yoga so I signed up to a yoga class that had a six week term.

I went every Monday night after work and it was just down the street from my work, so it’s the perfect location and the perfect time. I wanted to try yoga more seriously because I wanted to become more flexible and be able to relax, because even though I have no house to pay for, no children, no “big” responsibilities basically, I still get very stressed out. I’m a huge worrier and I wanted to find something where I could relax, even just for an hour, and concentrate on my body rather than my head.

We do a deep relaxation and concentrate on our breathing for the first five to ten minutes at the start and end of each class. The first week, I made myself jump at the end because I dozed off. The second week, someone had to shake me gently to wake me up. Yep, I fell asleep during yoga. Everyone was lovely about it but it was slightly embarrassing. But hey, at least I was relaxed.

I can feel myself learning something new every week, we do a number of the same poses every week as well as new ones too but we try and advance them and stretch further with them. It’s not just a same old same old class every week, you do actually learn and feel yourself becoming better at yoga, which is what I wanted. I had tried yoga online before, but there’s nothing like going to a class and a teacher actually helping you into the pose. I went to the class on my own and it was actually a really big step for me. I’ve started going to more things on my own, and it is getting easier. It’s still scary but when I’ve been to most events, there’s always someone who will come and talk to you when they see you on your own.

I’ve signed up to another six weeks which start this Monday (but I’ll be going on Thursday night then going back to my Monday schedule) and I can’t wait to advance more in my poses. I can see a huge difference in the way I feel, even from just that one hour a week and apart from not wanting to wake up for work on Monday, I genuinely look forward to a Monday because of yoga. It’s my “me-time” slightly after the weekend and just to take a time out.