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SS: Sunday Saves (#52)


Happy Sunday everyone! I hope you’re all having a great weekend so far, I know I am! So we’re back for another Sunday Saves where I chose three blog posts I’ve read that week and want to recommend to others reading my blog. So there’s no theme this week, so I’m talking about Paris, the difference between shyness and rudeness with a little creative flair in the middle.

1) Imperfectly Rachel (How To Spend A Few Days in Paris)

Paris is one of those cities I’ve always wanted to visit (and I feel like it’s on most people’s bucket list) and Rachel has written a little mini guide on places in Paris you should go if you only have a few days to explore the city. Even if you have an entire week, spread it out so you can drink more hot chocolate and eat more macaroons!

2) Joli House (How To Get Your Act Together When You’re Creatively Frustrated)

Having writers block when it comes to the blog can be very frustrating when you want to put content out, and then it’s a decision between putting out rubbish content or waiting until you write something you’re proud of. It is a lot of pressure and I don’t think we realise how much pressure we put ourselves under until we’re panicking about the state of our blogs. Lily Jane has a few suggestions on how to tackle those moments, and even if you have to make your peace with it, it’s better than stressing yourself out over one blog post.

3) Ashleigh Taylor (Shyness VS Rudeness)

This is one I struggle with a lot! I want to be that person that can put on a mask of self confidence and talk to everyone and anyone. Unfortunately, unless I’m in work (and even then, it’s a struggle) that’s not the case. I’m a naturally shy person; I don’t talk for the sake of talking for example so if I have nothing to say, I won’t say anything just to talk, but some people are like that, and that’s completely fine for them. Ashleigh shares the balance in her post with the difference between shyness and rudeness and I have to completely agree.

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#PaperHaul Monthly Box (July)

*holds hands up* Yes, I’m a bad blogger sometimes. The lovely people over at Craft Creatives sent me their July #PaperHaul subscription box and I’m only reviewing it now. I’m sorry! Life happened and you know what, it’s okay! I’m turning my wrong into a right today, so here’s my review of this cute box!

I had heard a little about this particular box through Twitter but the only thing I really knew about it was that it was very quirky and great for those who loved letter writing and creative stationary. So when the opportunity came up to see what was inside the box, I jumped at the chance.


At the start of the box, you get a card telling us the name of the box (of course!) and on the back, it had a nice introduction to the artist that was featured for that month. This particular month was Louise from Gaze of Dolls Designs and finding out more her was quite a nice touch.


First up was three little beautiful cards complete with envelopes. They are almost like little postcards actually, they’re really cute. There was even washi tape too with little butterflies and blue fish! I used to love using washi tape on my Filofax so if I go back to using tape on my Filofax, I’ll be giving that a go.


Next was a normal sized card that could really be used for any occasion but I think I would use it for more of a birthday card, mainly because it’s very Alice in Wonderland themed (or that’s the impression I get!) and having tea and cake just screams birthday to me! It’s really pretty and so bright too.


Stickers! There’s even a tea cup sticker! Now who doesn’t love that? Now I’ve never been one to use stickers because I’m always afraid of wanting to take them off and ruining whatever I’ve stuck them on, but if I was sending a fun letter to someone, or wanting to decorate a memory or a personal journal, I’m so there!


And finally, we have two postcards and a notepad. My favourite of the two postcards are, of course, the one with the biscuits and the tea but they are both lovely (I’m a sucker for anything with tea though). And how doesn’t love a notepad? I am known to be very obsessive over lists and I really am trying to scale it down a lot because it was becoming a negative thing in my life, but I want to use this for more creative purposes rather than my work day-to-day life.


Overall, I am so pleased with this box. Every month is £10 (plus postage and packaging with £2 in the UK, £5 in the EU and £6 everywhere else!) and it features a brand new artist/illustrator each time which I love because you can discover new illustrators online and if you’re ever looking for more personalised art, you can their information and you have proof of their work too. If you’re interested in stationary, letter writing, creative writing, sweet pictures or just love quirky items that not everyone will get their hands on, this is a box you should go for! I genuinely believe it is worth £10 just for the range of products you get by the one artist, never mind how useful each one can actually be whether that’s for a special occasion or in your day-to-day life. For more information, go to Crafty Creatives website!

And remember if you like these designs, go follow Louise on her Twitter!

(Disclaimer: This box was sent to me for free, I was not paid and everything I have said is my own opinion. Again, thank you to Craft Creatives for the opportunity)