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SS: Sunday Saves (#76)


Good morning on another edition of my Sunday Saves! If you don’t know what my Sunday Saves are, each week I choose three blog posts that I’ve read throughout the week that I think those reading the blog should read too. Today I’ll be discussing regrettable spending habits, ethical fashion and growing your own confidence.

1) The Financial Diet (7 Regrettable Habits From My 20s That Stopped Me Saving Money)

I came across the Financial Diet on YouTube quite recently and I have been loving their videos, but I only started reading their blog over the last week or so. The post I’ll be talking about is habits that the author Samantha took part in during her 20’s that prevented her from saving money, and with my last monthly intentions post talking about a savings plan (That post is linked here!) I was interested to see if I am taking part in the same habits. The biggest one I can relate to on Samantha’s list (to a certain extent) would be not looking at my spending habits. I do try to at the start of the month but I seem to fall behind. Another thing I liked about Samantha’s post was that it wasn’t the same thing we’ve heard one hundred times. We know we shouldn’t buy a coffee (or a tea in my case) every day, we know we need to not buy lunch out all the time; I’m glad she came at it from a completely different angle. It was very refreshing.

2) Tolly Dolly Posh (The Answers To Your Many Questions | Survey Response)

I have been thinking a lot about ethical fashion lately and it’s something I want to dive into and discover for myself. In saying that, I’ve been one of H&M’s best customers lately because of my wardrobe overhaul I’m hoping to have soon (I also mentioned it in my new monthly intentions, linked above!) so while I’ve been thinking about it, I haven’t been putting it into practice, I’ll hold my hands up to that. If you’ve ever had questions about ethical fashion, Tolmeia’s post is the one to read. She’s squeezed in some key questions and answers about it while explaining it in a way that everyone can understand.

3) Mode Lily (Project Me Time: How To Grow Your Confidence)

Something I should bring up about Lily’s post, just like Samantha’s, is that Lily isn’t telling us what we’ve heard before. Her post is about growing your confidence; she’s not telling us “just to be yourself”; to a certain extent she is but she is helping enhance with her six tips. Her point about writing a list about what you love about yourself sounds like quite the challenge for me because I tend to dislike more than liking things about myself. That’s a comfort zone pusher right here! She also talks about giving yourself that extra push and incorporating everything with gratitude (something which I am passionate about too). It’s a really nice post and I recommend it very highly.

That’s all for this week’s choices; remember to click on their links and give their posts a little read too. Thank you so much for taking time out of your week to read this and have a great rest of your day!


SS: Sunday Saves (#52)


Happy Sunday everyone! I hope you’re all having a great weekend so far, I know I am! So we’re back for another Sunday Saves where I chose three blog posts I’ve read that week and want to recommend to others reading my blog. So there’s no theme this week, so I’m talking about Paris, the difference between shyness and rudeness with a little creative flair in the middle.

1) Imperfectly Rachel (How To Spend A Few Days in Paris)

Paris is one of those cities I’ve always wanted to visit (and I feel like it’s on most people’s bucket list) and Rachel has written a little mini guide on places in Paris you should go if you only have a few days to explore the city. Even if you have an entire week, spread it out so you can drink more hot chocolate and eat more macaroons!

2) Joli House (How To Get Your Act Together When You’re Creatively Frustrated)

Having writers block when it comes to the blog can be very frustrating when you want to put content out, and then it’s a decision between putting out rubbish content or waiting until you write something you’re proud of. It is a lot of pressure and I don’t think we realise how much pressure we put ourselves under until we’re panicking about the state of our blogs. Lily Jane has a few suggestions on how to tackle those moments, and even if you have to make your peace with it, it’s better than stressing yourself out over one blog post.

3) Ashleigh Taylor (Shyness VS Rudeness)

This is one I struggle with a lot! I want to be that person that can put on a mask of self confidence and talk to everyone and anyone. Unfortunately, unless I’m in work (and even then, it’s a struggle) that’s not the case. I’m a naturally shy person; I don’t talk for the sake of talking for example so if I have nothing to say, I won’t say anything just to talk, but some people are like that, and that’s completely fine for them. Ashleigh shares the balance in her post with the difference between shyness and rudeness and I have to completely agree.

Thank you for reading today’s post! If you want to catch up with all my other Sunday Saves, you’ll find them right here! If you’re on Twitter, give me a follow on @RetroSnowflake and you can keep up with me on there.

SS: Sunday Saves (#22)

It’s the first Sunday in October! I’m sure you’ve seen many tweets, many blog posts and many YouTube videos saying “I can’t believe it’s already October” so I’ll leave that to everyone else. As with all Sunday Saves, if you’ve missed any of the series, they’ll be located right here! This week I’ll be talking about finding the time for exercise, being more confident and living life a little slower.

1. A Mile in my Glasses (Ways to fit exercise into your schedule)

I really liked Michael’s post but not because I related to it. I don’t relate to it; I do have the time to go to the gym and I’m sure many would be envious of that, but when it comes to mindset, it’s a completely different story. Over time I know I’ll be as motivated as I once a few months ago, but right now I’m struggling with getting myself back into a routine (which is totally okay! We’re all going through something at the end of the day). What I really like about Michael’s post is that it’s not unrealistic or unattainable, it’s genuine advice to say “Hey, whether you are a morning person or you’re finding it hard to find a time of the day to work out, I’m here to make it a little easier”. He recently ran a 10K too so well done to him! Hopefully I’ll be able to do that one day too!

2. Soph Writes (Being a more confident you)

Aah confidence. You are a funny one aren’t you? As some one who is currently fighting against confidence, I think Sophie’s post on being more confident in yourself, is a perfect booster for when you’re feeling low. I have it bookmarked on my phone so I have it whenever I just need that reassurance of being enough and working every single day on being the best version of myself.

3. Pretty Not Included (5 Ways to Embrace Slow Living)

What is slow living? I’ve never heard of ‘slowing down’ in that way but Sarirah explains it in such a lovely way. Her advice is attainable, realistic and is something that I will definitely try and incorporate into my lifestyle, including having your breakfast in a calmer landscape, which to me is just simply not eating your breakfast while browsing through social media from the night before. Acceptance for me is something I am constantly working on and that is a particular battle of mine but she raises some incredibly true points about accepting your situation and really letting your life flow in its natural way. Not something that I personally can do at the moment but one day? I hope so. Sarirah explains that you don’t have to make subscribe to big life changes; those little self care acts add up just as much as the big ones, and that’s what really matters.

This week’s Sunday Saves all seemed to be ones that really focused on being your own person and improving yourself, which I didn’t actually plan at all, but I enjoyed it regardless. I hope you enjoyed too!

SS: Sunday Saves (#20)

Twenty editions of Sunday Saves already! A lot has changed over the past few months since I’ve started this series and if you want to go back and read any of my other Sunday Saves, you can, just click here!

1. Laura’s Little World (Am I Good Enough?)

Am I Good Enough? is a question that I have no doubt everyone has asked themselves at least once in their life. It’s one of the biggest questions you can ask yourself and sometimes you can even convince yourself that you’re not or be told that you’re not. I’m currently in a stage of my life on teaching myself that I am good enough and replacing those negative thoughts with as many positive and constructive thoughts as I can. Laura talks about her journey, how she has felt and how she is starting to overcome this fear and boosting her confidence day by day.

2. Katy Belle (A Few Things To Remember When You Overthink Everything)

Katy really hits the nail on the head with her post on overthinking, something which I am practically a professional at. I worry about everything, I over think way too much and it affects almost every part of my life and I never realised that before until I started to analyse my life piece by piece. It’s a hard cycle to break and I’ll be the first to admit that; I still haven’t conquered it myself and I’m not expecting it to happen over night but reading Katy’s post, especially about keeping yourself distracted and the fact that you really are not alone, it’s an eye opener that we should all keep in mind when we do have destructive thoughts.

3. I Believe In Romeo (Create A Ritual)

I love the idea of routines and keeping myself in check to help myself not only improve each day but to expand on what I am learning throughout a routine I set myself. Zoe talks about the difference between a routine and a ritual and gives some insight into her flexible ritual. This is definitely something that I want to create for myself, perhaps not in the evening but a structure for the morning to start my day off right and more positively.

I really loved this week’s Sunday Saves in particular because it has such a huge reflection on my life at the minute so it’s very relatable to where I am personally. If you enjoyed it, let me know in the comments below or even on my Twitter over at @RetroSnowflake


SS: Sunday Saves (#1)

I’ve decided to start off a new series on my blog every Sunday; every week I’m going to post about three blog posts (from other bloggers obviously) that I’ve loved that week, and I’m going to be sharing why!

  1.  Vivianna Does Make-Up (Why the scales are not awesome!)

    Anna is great! I love that she’s really into fitness now, and not just posting about it on her blog, but on her YouTube too.  She wrote a post on why the scales aren’t important and I think it’s such an important post for anyone to read. We all get so obsessed with the number on the scales, I think everyone is guilty of this, even I am. When you’re going to the gym or just working out in general whether that be outside or in your house, you’re going to gain muscle and you’ve all heard the saying, “muscle weighs more than fat”. Yes, yes it does. So you’ll lose fat but gain muscle so if you gain a few extra pounds but you feel so much better within yourself, what’s better?
    There’s so much psychology in weight loss, numbers, your health; things I don’t understand because it is so complex but I think it’s so healthy to remember that you’re more than just a number on a scale and that pizza from last night was great, it’s just not so great every single day.

  2. Carly Rowena (Are you too healthy?)

    Carly’s a  PT and is without a doubt, one of the YouTubers who’s videos I click on as soon as I see them in my subscription. This blog post is almost like being in my head sometimes. I punish myself so much sometimes for not eating “healthy”all the time and it gets to me. I hate that I do it and I’m working on not doing that so much, but it’s such a hard trap to get out of. I don’t believe in cheat meals or cheat days, but one bad thing and it’s almost like I write the day off as a “bad day” and that’s such a bad attitude to have against food. Food is there as fuel (and sometimes to be mouthwateringly delicious too!) and I have to be careful with my food, so when I mess up, I just get so frustrated with myself.

  3. Emma Hull (Sunday Ramble #2 – Worrying About What Others Think)

    I think every single person has at one point in their lives (at least) cared about what someone else thought of them. It’s a natural thing that no-one can really help. You want to make people happy and you want everyone to love you, and you believe that until something just hits you and you realise that nothing is worth that. One of the main reasons I’ve been so up and down with various beauty blogs over the years is for that exact reason. I was embarrassed, I was genuinely embarrassed about writing about how I felt, about something that was on my mind, about a product I was using, or even just sharing a silly list. I’d be lying if I sat here and said I shout my blog from the rooftops, I don’t by any means, but I blog about my life and it’s so nice to see that I’m not on my own. It’s going to take a while for me to completely not give a care in the world about what people think of me, but I’m gradually getting there.