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Stress Less Around The Christmas Season.

Stress Less Around The Christmas Season

When we think about it; if it was any other time of the year and we were panicking about getting someone a gift or spending time with a friend, we would say to each other, “it’s only one day!” but when it comes to Christmas, the majority of us go into meltdown mode to make sure it’s the perfect time of the year. I wanted to discuss four pieces of advice that I tell myself if I start panicking about the holiday season.

  1. Having the perfect wrapping paper is not the most important part of the gift.

Listen, this used to be me. I had to have the prettiest wrapping paper and it all had to be the same type. I would get the matching tags and I would have to go back to the supermarket numerous times because I was always running out. If it was colourful, I was in but if it was covered in glitter, I HAD to have it. If we actually think about it for one minute; that wrapping paper is going to be admired for maximum 30 seconds and ripped apart (unless you are Monica, then you slowly unwrap it and iron it for later, but how many of us are doing that with each gift?). That’s it, that’s all that happens and it more than likely ends up in a bin at the end of the day. All that extra money on the glitter, the colourful pattern, it’s going in the bin and because the majority of that type of paper isn’t recycled, it’s just going to sit for years unable to decompose. 


I’m not trying to guilt anyone, I promise I’m not, but once you really think about where that wrapping paper is going and what it’s being used for, something just clicks. It clicks that we don’t need to be really fancy; last year I used brown wrapping paper and I used regular string and it gave the present a minimalist feel. This year, I’m going to add ribbon to the present instead and that means that the paper will be recyclable, the tape I use is also recyclable and the receivers can use the ribbons afterwards if they want. This doesn’t apply to only Christmas, this is all year round and it means that you won’t have to rush round the shops looking for fancy birthday paper because you’ll have left over brown paper from Christmas and maybe a ribbon or two.

2) If you can’t attend every single event, people WILL understand.

Christmas and December in general in expensive; it’s the busiest time of the year and we want to gift our friends and family with presents that they will love. That comes at a cost and you still have to pay all your regular bills, so going out for a few nights over the month for dinner would be absolutely fine any other time of the year but around December, it’s a little harder and it can be hard to admit that to friends and family. You may want to go out and still catch-up over your monthly pizza night or have that weekly pub night, but if you can’t afford to or you have family plans, the people around you will understand. It’s a busy time of the time and you’re having to balance everything you would normally do as well as planning your Christmas and scheduling your family time around your work schedule (and your own family’s schedule). A catch up over a coffee on your lunch break can be just as effective or inviting a friend over for a home cooked meal can be just as comforting. These are things we should be doing all year around but I believe it’s so important to emphasize that if you can’t go out as often as you used to or you feel like you’ve committed to so many events, it’s okay if you can’t go to everything, and those that truly care about you will one hundred percent understand.

3) Quality over quantity is more important.

This has been a really important part of my Christmas gifting experience especially over the last few years and with my on-going journey with minimalism (or at least my very very slow journey with minimalism) I treat my present buying the way I want to be treated with gift giving. As much as fifty presents would love on the sofa on the morning of Christmas, am I going to get around to use all fifty? I absolutely love surprises and I love surprising people especially with gifts, and I believe the reason why I’m so good at gifts is because I do research. One of my favourite things to do throughout school and college was the research part of an assignment and it has stayed with me. Of course, if you ask someone what they want and they tell you; well you have hit the jackpot and you know exactly what they want, but we all have those people in our lives that we ask what they want for Christmas and they either say “Oh nothing, I don’t need anything” or “I don’t know, I’ll let you know” and they never let you know.

close-up-photo-of-gold-and-silver-christmas-ornaments-1669091.jpg(Photo by Oleg Magni from Pexels)

I would rather buy fewer presents that I either know the person will love or is higher quality than buying five smaller presents. I think this is something that parents deal with quite a lot and especially now that almost everything is documented on social media; the living room is covered in presents or there was one woman a few years ago I remember being interviewed on TV who bought her children something outrageous like three hundred presents! I can’t imagine what it’s like as a parent because I’m not one yet but I can imagine that you want to give your children the most magical Christmas. You want them to go back to school and tell them about the amazing time they had when they were off on holidays and you want them to fit in with all their friends. Where does it stop though? Do you get yourself in debt over it? Do you push yourself so far that it means the first half of the year you’re struggling to get back on track over ONE DAY? Children might not understand the quality of a gift but I believe if it’s taught to them at a young age, they will appreciate it so much more. (I’m saying this as a non-parent but this is how I want to raise my future children. At least I have a plan right?)

4) At the end of the day, it’s ONE DAY.

Is it worth it to completely stress, stretch your budget to harm you for the next year coming and make everything perfect for ONE DAY out of the year? I can give you the answer right now and I can tell you it’s a firm no. We have another 364 days to buy gifts for each other, to show each other how we feel and show our appreciation for one another; the pressure for this one day has completely taken over on an entire new level and instead of looking forward to Christmas, it’s sad that so many don’t love the build up and the excitement of it all because all they see is the pressure to be perfect. 

As always, thank you so much for reading today’s post, I know it was a long one but it’s always a good excuse to make a cup of tea beforehand, right? If you have any feedback; please let me know in the comments, over on my Instagram or over on my Twitter. Also, I love Christmas themed posts, so if you have one that you think I would enjoy, let me know! Have a great week! ❤️

Special Traditions Around The Christmas Holidays.

Let's start fresh!

Christmas Traditions is a topic that is discussed every year but I can never really answer because it’s not something I really participate in. They do fascinate me however so today’s post is focusing on what traditions I would like to have for myself as well as talking about a number of either sweet or quirky international traditions that you wouldn’t necessarily think of. 

I absolutely love the idea of having a Christmas tradition. For my family, I don’t remember us having many traditions and I don’t think that’s as uncommon as you would first think. The only one I can think of is getting a pair of new pyjamas on Christmas Eve. I asked Scott if he had any with his family, and he said that he did the same. I don’t have a very big immediate family but I’ve found through talking to other friends, that if you have a bigger family, you tend to have more traditions but it wasn’t something that was common in mine. Also, how can we forget about the advent calendar? It’s not just chocolate anymore; we have so many to choose from at all budget ranges and let’s be honest, it can be a tad overwhelming too. 

As I start to get older and begin to share the holiday season with someone other than my family, I want to bring more traditions to the table; not just for Scott and I but for the future (We have a while to go yet though!). 


One of my favourite traditions that I have heard of so far is from Iceland where you exchange a book with your partner or family on Christmas Eve and you spend the rest of your evening reading your book along with eating chocolate. For someone who doesn’t read as many books as she should, this one really appeals to me because it sounds cosy and very chill for the evening before Christmas. It’s known as the “Christmas Book Flood” and when I started doing a little more research, Iceland publishes more books between September and November because they sell so many during this time of year. This is something that Scott and I are doing this year and it’s going to be really nice to get away from the TV and laptop screen for a while and focusing on reading a book instead.  

For me, one of my own personal traditions; I used to go into town to specifically go to LUSH (I never used to be able to resist their half price sale!) on Boxing Day and after that, I would go to the gym. This happened for a quite a few years and it was just my thing, which I loved. However Scott and I both love going to the gym and we love a run too so we’re going to set our own tradition of either running or having a gym session on Christmas Day. We’re very lucky to be close to a number of parkruns that are on that day and the gym we go to is 24/7, even on Christmas Day, so it’s a win win.


I remember one of the volunteers that worked with us in my old job, Jana; she was from Spain and she told us about what they do there. Every year, the children decorate a log (that they call the pooping log) with clothes, hands and legs and a hat; they then eat it up until Christmas Day with either bread or fruit, and they hit the log (better known as the Caga Tió) with a stick while singing a special song to encourage the log to poop out sweets for them. It sounds strange hearing to us if you’ve never participated in it before but I think it’s really sweet for young children because it’s all about innocence isn’t it? 

When I was doing my research for this post, I came across one of the funniest traditions that I didn’t expect to see; KFC have played quite a role in the Christmas dinner there recently. Albeit this isn’t what most families do in Japan, it seems to be a quirky trend at the minute but it was something I wasn’t expecting. 

One of the traditions from Portugal that I thought was a nice touch and I’m sure many people can relate to, is thinking of those you have lost over the year and are missing at Christmas time. Families in Portugal set extra table settings for those who are no long with there to celebrate and this is actually known to bring the family good luck. 


We’re so invested in this time of year for so many different reasons but it can be stressful and it can make you lose yourself a little. We all need to take a breather and whatever your tradition may be; whether it’s a walk after your Christmas dinner, having a movie marathon on Christmas Eve or doing absolutely nothing; we need to be mindful that we all need a break from the craziness at some point. 

I would love to know about any traditions that you grew up with or you have started on your own, so if you have any, let me know over on Twitter or Instagram. Thanks for reading!

How To Plan For Christmas Gifts: Reducing My Gift Wrap Waste.

How To Plan For Christmas Gifts (3).png

During the Christmas period, I get great pleasure in wrapping presents. It’s like therapy to me and I could spend hours getting all wrapped up in it (Get it?) As I have become more eco-conscious over the past year however, I’ve tried to look at what I’m contributing to the environment so today’s post is concentrating on rethinking my gift wrap for the Christmas season and how I’m planning to change it. 

I was known quite a few years ago to get the prettiest paper and if it had glitter, then life was even better. It had to be all the same wrapping paper for every single present with the matching gift tags of course, and it simply had to be perfect. Now while I’m sure it’s like that for a lot of people, that’s something that was very important to me. I wanted perfection and it meant spending a lot of money buying new paper every year despite already having a roll or two left from the year before but I didn’t have the matching tags anymore, so what was the point? 

IMG_20171119_204325_714.jpg(Last year’s gift wrap: I still think it’s stunning but it’s a lot of money and waste just to look pretty.)

This year is very different and for a good reason; it amazes me how much my mindset has changed in just a year. I was so obsessed with having that perfect presentable look, but I don’t know why now. We all open presents within ten to thirty seconds, so does it really make sense to spend hours making sure every corner is perfectly sellotaped to an inch of its life? I pride myself on my wrapping; I do think I’m a very good wrapper, my mother taught me well so it’s not as if my wrapping will completely go down hill, it’s just going to be a lot simplier. 

I find it so fascinating about what we get ourselves wound up about. Last year, I had to buy a certain paper and tags from Tesco and it all had to be the same, and I can’t remember how many times I went back to buy more, and I couldn’t wrap without it. The amount of sellotape I used was shocking, and I would cut it out and let it hang on the table, just to make sure I had enough for each side. I would say I went truly overboard on that front. 


This year I’m choosing to use brown paper and paper tape, both which I picked up from Teal who is one of the plastic free Northern Ireland locals starting up her own business (Here’s her Instagram if you fancy a peek!) I’m also going with the string around the present, I never used to do fancy ribbon on other presents but I think the string will add a nice little flare to the gift that will look lovely. (I’ll just have to get better at making bows!) I did think that the bows would work out better and I may take them apart at some point and see if I can do them better, but they’ll do for now. I’m also choosing to write people’s names on the paper rather than have a tag, because it takes so little time to do.

20181209_114216-01.jpeg(Admittedly, my bow skills are not up to the standard that I thought they were. It still has a charm though, right?)

I’ve been learning more about minimalism over the last year too and while you might be thinking “If you’re into minimalism, why have wrapping paper at all?” or “Isn’t presents against minimalism?” Both vaild questions of course but 1) I’m not going to NOT wrap my presents because I believe we can still have gifts nicely wrapped without being harmful to the environment and 2) Presents are nice and you don’t have to spend hundreds of pounds to make sure you have a good Christmas; presents are meant to be meaningful and have a purpose and that’s exactly what I’m doing with my purchasing this year. Minimalism isn’t about taking everything away; it’s simply about looking at what you buy and what you have around you and finding a purpose for it. For me, it’s all about practically and it’s something that we should all be aiming to achieve. 

20181209_114518-01.jpeg(Not the neatest, not the prettiest but all I used was string, brown paper and paper tape so you can’t be bad to that. Not everything has to be Instagrammable.)

I was doing some research into the statistics side of things and I found some interesting articles. In last year’s Independent, I found an article that talked about Britain throwing the equivalent of 108 million rolls of wrapping paper away. This article from IOL talks about what can be recycled and what can’t, which will be a handy tool to help you figure out your recycling bins after the Christmas period. It’s always best to check with your local council but this will get you on the right path. Finally, this article from Halifax Today is a really nice one to end the post off with. It talks about more than just gift wrap; it’s more about your impact overall. Now, I don’t have a real Christmas tree but I’ve been using my Christmas tree since I bought it two years ago and I plan on using it for many years to come, and why not? It’s in great condition! It’s a shame that when I do have to replace it, I won’t be able to recycle it but hopefully by that time, there will be something else I can do with it. The article also talks about going outside and spending time with friends or family; Christmas can be overwhelming so it’s important to get some fresh air during this time.

Hopefully you take something away from either my post or the articles I have linked to because I think it’s something that we all should take into consideration more, but it can be hard when there is so many other things going on at this time of year. Thank you so much for reading today’s post, I really appreciate it. 

How To Plan For Christmas Gifts: Present Pressure and Intentional Buying.

How To Plan For Christmas Gifts (2)

There is no doubt that when the Christmas season rolls around, a lot of us feel the pressure around buying gifts and receiving gifts. In my last two posts, I talked about budgeting, saving, list-making, gift ideas (linked here) and research (linked here); today’s post will focused on intentional buying alongside my journey of becoming a minimalist and how that changes with a holiday so focused on buying lots.

The pressure of buying gifts is probably one of the most common stresses around Christmas. It’s something brought on us not only by society, but our mindset too. We feel the need to buy lots and it’s something that sounds so strange in a lot of ways; spending lots of money while stressing for one day out of the year. 25th December is one of the most anticipated days of the year, there’s no doubt about it and it can be easy to fall under the spell of needing to go all out but we don’t need to. There is so much pressure on parents to buy their children everything or else you’re the worst person in the world. Not being a parent yet, I don’t understand this type of pressure but if I didn’t get something for Christmas one year that I really wanted, I don’t think I ever kicked up a fuss about it. At least, I don’t think I did. Not knowing the feeling but I can imagine that Christmas is one of the most stressful times for parents because it’s not just about our own children; present envy from other children can come into play too and with the world of social media, I see parents on my Facebook and Instagram feeds with a sofa (or two) filled with wrapped presents for the children, almost like a competition, who can out do the other? The reality soon hits that a few weeks or months down the line, how many of those things that you gave your children, do they still use?

In my previous posts I talked about doing your research and making lists for each person and while that sounds like a lot of work, a lot of thought goes into it too. Being a beginner minimalist, I’m wanting this Christmas to be different. In years past, I would go all out and spend too much money when I didn’t need to. That doesn’t mean that I didn’t try and pick the perfect gifts because I absolutely did, but because I didn’t have a budget, I just bought more presents that I should have because it meant that I cared, right? Wrong, oh so wrong. That’s why this year and every year after this will be different. I’m taking a more intentional approach with gifts this year and I have already started. I’m still doing the research I always do by trying to find gifts that fit my family and friends’ personalities but I’m using the less is more approach.


This approach is going to challenge me and make me uncomfortable because it will be completely out of my comfort zone. I also have to look at my financial situation; with being unemployed for the last few months, I have had to borrow money and really look at what I have been spending so it’s very unlikely I am going to have a regular amount of money to spend this Christmas. That was scary at first but everyone understands at the end of the day, they’re not expecting lots because they know I’m not in a position to do so. I’m also looking at it from a positive angle because I don’t think I can say I’m on this minimalist journey but pay no attention to that when buying presents for other people, that defeats the purpose surely?

Something that we don’t always acknowledge but is just as important as the pressure of buying gifts, is receiving gifts. Have you ever received a present that you thought “I don’t deserve this” or “I didn’t get them as much as they got me”. Of course, a lot of this has to be with the pressure we put on ourselves and how we view ourselves but it’s a conversation that I don’t see happening as often. For example, significant others always seem to want to get their other half’s everything under the sun to make sure it’s the perfect day for them. When I suggested to Scott having a budget, he scoffed at it for quite a while before agreeing. The point I wanted to bring across to him by us both having a budget was selfish on my part; I didn’t want to make myself feel bad if he spoiled me so I wanted to bring both our expectations down. He reluctantly agreed but he argued that if I didn’t spend as much on him, it wasn’t going to bother him because the amount I spent on him didn’t matter. I’m sure you can see what we both meant, but again, it’s that pressure I put on myself.


Going back to my first post briefly where I talked about asking yourself why you get stressed at Christmas, I can guarantee a good majority of people will list pressure of some kind in that list. It’s nothing out of the ordinary and is completely normal but in order for you to no to become stressed, you need to change your mind set on how you view the action of giving gifts and receiving gifts. We could get into the more in-depth conversation of how we don’t need to give gifts to show people we care and I agree completely; however we currently live in a fortunate part of the world where most of us can afford to buy gifts for the ones we love and may not feel right not doing that for each other. Both sides of the coin are perfectly fine and whatever you choose to do is right by you but I believe the first step is changing our approach is making sure that we don’t talk down to ourselves by saying that we don’t deserve a gift or becoming overwhelmed by one day of the year.

We’re always going to put pressure on ourselves no matter what and there are so many factors as to why we do it but as long as we acknowledge it and try to work on it, then that’s the best you can do, right? Again, I hope today’s post helped if you go through something similar. It’s not easy but I’m sure you’re not the only one to feel like this in your inner circle. Open up about it and you never know who you might find feels the same as you.

How To Plan For Christmas Gifts: Research, Research, Research.

How To Plan For Christmas Gifts (1)

The Christmas season is creeping up on us faster than we ever expected so while you might be able to escape the shops for another month, you’ll soon need to get organised. Thankfully, Christmas gift organisation is one of my specialties so I wanted to share a few of my secrets to help you get just as organised, so that’s what I’ll be talking about today. 

In my last post, I spoke about laying the foundations before you even starting Christmas shopping. This included looking at your budget, how you were planning on dividing it up and who exactly you were buying for. I’ll link that here for you if you fancy a read. Today’s post is going to be focusing on looking more in-depth at gift ideas, how to get the perfect present and keeping your lists up-to-date so you don’t become overwhelmed. 

Okay, you’ve looked at your budget, you have written down every person you’re going to buy for, what’s the next step? Well, I’m a woman who loves her research and I’m not the type of person to buy something spontaneously so I give myself at least a few days of online research. That doesn’t necessarily mean that you need to buy online; we are very thankful to have some many wonderful independents stores not only on our high street but online too, so we have an amazing range of shopping choices. Maybe online research isn’t your thing and you prefer walking around the shops in your local town or village, that’s great too. For that, I would recommend you have your note taking preference with you so you can write down what the product is, the name of it, what shop it’s located in, how much it is and who you think would be suited to it. You would do the same system with online research too but you would include the website link if needs be.   


Another way to research is a very obvious one but works wonders. If you don’t mind them knowing, ask the person what they want. Most of the time, you’ll get two answers; you’ll either get “Oh, I really don’t know, I’ll have a think about it.” or you’ll get “Awk no, you don’t need to worry about getting me anything.” These two answers are the most frustrating answers for someone because if you’re planning on buying someone something and they say they don’t want or need anything, then you’re on your own. Some people will let you know exactly what they want and I always love that because especially if they’re a difficult person to buy for at the best of times, this takes the weight off your shoulders. Going back to the frustrating folks however, it’s not always a bad thing that they don’t tell you what they want because that’s where you put your research hat on and look at what they enjoy. An example of this would be Jane; she’s a coffee drinker who loves an adventure, she tells you all the time about the crime novels she’s been reading and she loves a good weekend away. Right there, you have four prime examples of gifts for Jane. You could get her a specialist coffee that you haven’t heard her talk about, you could get her a voucher for an adventure day somewhere close to where she lives, you could pre-order the latest crime novel or get her a special edition of her favourite one and you could get her a travel gift set of products for her next trip. Again, depending on your budget, I’m almost certain something will fit your budget for Jane. 

You might ask, “Do I have to do this for everyone?” In my opinion, it’s easier, yes. It will save you time in the long run when you’re running around mid-December and you’re not sure what to pick up or the worst case, Christmas Eve. (If you do this, I really don’t know how you do!) What you can also do is ask other family or friends of the person you are buying for because they may know them better than you. They may know what film they want or what book they are actually dying to read but just haven’t picked it up yet. You just have to make sure you choose someone who isn’t going to go and tell the person straight away because we all love a surprise don’t we? Another good tip to keep for the future, not just for Christmas but for someone’s birthday is to keep a little note of things they say throughout the year of potential presents. You’ll be amazed at what you can pick up from a conversation from someone when you think about it from a gift angle.  


After a few days of using whatever research route you fancy, you should have a list of potential gift ideas for most of the people on your list. This doesn’t mean you have to buy every gift for them but it will make it easier to see the options you have before making that decision. It might sound overwhelming but trust me, it is much more beneficial to have your plans laid out in front of you rather than panic buying at the last minute. Once you do this, you can go back to your budget and see how much you had planned for each person to see if one of the gifts fits in. In an ideal world, it will but sometimes it might not and that’s when you have to make a decision. I believe it’s far more important to use your intuition when it comes to these decisions and don’t forget that it will involve being flexible but you have to be sensible too. 

Flexibility is so important, not just when starting this process but also for your piece of mind. We all know that in life, we can have all the plans in the world but things can change. In this case, they might not make the product you want anymore, it might be out of stock or it’s something that you don’t think will fit when you see it in person. All perfectly okay reasons too and you shouldn’t beat yourself up about it either. It’s all about being able to move with that change and not panicking about it. While I talk about how important your budget is to keep everything in check, give yourself a little wiggle room sometimes and the same with the ideas too. If you don’t, you risk trying to make everything perfect and becoming too overwhelmed because you couldn’t get that exact packet of coffee you wanted for Jane and you feel like your plan is falling apart. Sounds dramatic I know but you would be amazed at the amount of people (including myself) that stress so much about this time of year. 

I hope you were able to take something away from today’s post because I really mean it when I say that I absolutely love researching for this time of year so if I can help just one person take the stress off a little, then I will have done my job. Leave any more suggestions for me down in the comments or over on my Instagram or Twitter 

How To Plan For Christmas Gifts: Budgets, Savings and List-Making.

How To Plan For Christmas Gifts.png

Now that we are into the glorious month of November, it’s the perfect time to start thinking about Christmas, or maybe you already have. Either way, it’s important to lay the foundations of how you are planning to plan Christmas this year and every year after this. In today’s post, I’m going to talk about some of the most important factors you should consider not only for your loved ones, but also to keep you not feeling overwhelmed with budgeting and list-making. 

This time of year; while it might be the most magical, it’s also known as one of the most stressful too and no-one wants that, right? There are so many factors as to why we get stressed and they include; not feeling like you’ve brought good enough presents, feeling like you have to please everyone, not having a very big budget and there’s even competitiveness to see who can out buy who. I could do an entire blog post on the different stress factors that affect us around this time of year but if you sat with yourself for five minutes and asked yourself “What causes me stress?” You will have answered your own question and you wouldn’t have needed to read an entire blog post to figure it out. 

First and foremost, your budget is the number one factor that needs to be considered before you even think of spending money. We all have good intentions in the beginning but then we see one thing that might be a little above our price range, and then we see something that would be the perfect addition to the other present. All of a sudden, you’ve spent more than you were meant to and either; you worry about not spending the same amount on someone else, you have to spend less on someone than you planned or you have more anxiety around the January credit card bill.  


First, you must look at how much you can afford to spend outside your outgoing bills and necessities. Setting yourself a budget without looking at this will set you back when you do eventually start counting numbers. It doesn’t have to be complicated too; most of us have online banking which will give you an online bank statement that you will be able to see all your outgoings. Once you work out how much you can save, then you can see how often you can do this and how much you can comfortably save. Some people like to do it monthly or fortnightly and it depends on how you are paid. For freelancers, it may be slightly different because you don’t have a constant set date for payments but those on benefits or in work, you’ll have an idea of when your money is due into your account. Ideally, you would like to start saving a few months before the Christmas season starts (but I can’t imagine putting out a Christmas themed post in August, that would be too much, even for me) but it’s quite easy to keep saving all year round for next year.  

Once you look at your in-goings and outgoings are each month, that’s when you can sit down and write a list of everyone you are going to buy for. “You’re making a list, checking it twice. Gonna find out who’s naughty or nice…” Well, not exactly but it’s really important to have it all written down in front of you. It’s your own preference on how you want to do it; paper and pen is a treat option but if you prefer having it with you at all times (if you’re not like me and don’t carry a notebook with you at all times) then I would recommend an online notebook. My personal preference is Evernote because there is a phone application version and a desktop version that sync up perfectly together, plus it’s really easy to use. 


With your electronic or hand-written list prepared, then you will have the clearer picture. We can all say we have all the names in our head, but there’s nothing like having it in our head, is there? This will vary for every single person because we all have different priorities and a wide range of family and friend situations. Apart from children and parents, I don’t think you would need to priorities each person on the list because if they’re on it, they are a priority. That’s not to say if you’re not buying a present for someone that they aren’t a priority but we all have to have our limits when it comes to the holiday season. 

As I mentioned earlier, the main two ways that most people define their budget is either an overall price point or by person. Again, this will very much depend on your family and friend situation and how many you are planning on buying for. I know for me, I tend to look at my budget as an overall first and then divide it down, simply because it’s easier for me to look at it with more detail. There’s no right or wrong way to divide it up, it’s totally what you want to spend but with a more intention outlook on it, you’re more likely to spend your money more wisely. 

I didn’t want to bombard you with too much information in this post so my next post on this subject will be live very soon. That will focus on gift ideas, how to choose what for what person and how you can have little ideas in the back of your head all year around. I really hope you enjoyed today’s post; I absolutely love anything organisation wise so it’s a real treat for me to write.  

SS: Sunday Saves (#79)


Good morning and happy Sunday! Can you believe we’re already in December? I’m so stressed trying to get everything sorted but my week off from the blog last week was much needed. So I’m back, fresh as daisy, to deliver you weekly Sunday Saves. I didn’t want to do a theme of Christmas every week for the next few weeks so it was purely coincidental that two of today’s posts are Christmas themed.

1) Hey There Robyn (Why I Won’t Be Doing Blogmas)

Robyn posts speaks to me, and quite frankly, it feels like I’ve written it. I took part in Blogmas last year but I only posted every other day. Even that was a lot of work and I went on a short holiday during the month so I had to make sure I was organised ahead of time. Posting every day or every other day is a lot of time, work and effort anytime of the year never mind Christmas so I praise those that can do it year after year. Like Robyn, I don’t have time this year; I feel like I have too much on my plate to commit to it. She also talks about blogging guilt and pushing herself too far, two things I do myself so I can completely relate.

2) Sian Blogs (Right Now | Finding Yourself Series)

This series of Sian’s that she has started up is something I know I’m going to be keeping up with. Many of the techniques used in this particular post are something which I used in a number of CBT sessions so it’s nice to see the technique being used more openly and explained on a blog post. Her series is called ‘Finding Yourself’ so I’ll let you click onto her post to let her explain in detail about it, but it’s an interesting one for those of you who feel like they need to explore themselves further.

3) The Ethical Evolution (Have A Very Vegan Christmas)

Is this year your first vegan Christmas? It’s my first so I’m excited to see what I’ll be having. If I’m able to make some Yorkshire puddings, I’ll be such a happy woman. Lizz has some top tips and advice for foods you can get from the supermarket in order to make your Christmas dinner not so complicated.

That’s all from me this morning. Make sure to take a look at all the posts and give their blogs a longer read if you like the look of their content. Have a great week!