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SS: Sunday Saves (#51)


Happy Sunday! I hope you’re having a lovely weekend so far! So with this week being Mental Health Awareness Week, I thought it was quite suited that my Sunday Saves would be themed around Mental Health. Just to add, there were so many bloggers addressing Mental Health Awareness Week which I think is fantastic and it was so hard to choose just three posts to feature this week.

1) The V Nice Life (High Functioning Depression)

A lot of society have painted depression with one paintbrush stroke but depression can take many forms and Sarah talks about high function depression which she suffers from. I didn’t know a lot about the high functioning side of depression so it’s a fresh perspective on the condition, so if you’re not too sure what exactly it is either, I’d recommend Sarah’s post.

2) Parenting, Pasttimes, Prosecco (Has Mental Health Tested Your Parenting Life?)

Having a mental breakdown has only happened to me once or twice in the past year and I can completely understand where Sarah is coming from. It really is just built up over so long and you become completely uncontrollable. It’s a horrible feeling that I wouldn’t wish on anyone. I think it’s fantastic how Sarah has written about her experience and especially being in her family situation at the minute, she deserves a medal.

3) All About Aoife (YA Mental Health TBR List)

I loved the idea of this post! Aoife has put a list together of the young adult books she’s hoping to read soon but they all have a theme based around mental health. She even gives you a little description of each book too, so you don’t have to go look up each one to find out what it’s about.

Well that’s all from this week’s Sunday Saves! I hope you’ve all had a good week and if you have any posts you think I should read, please tweet me over at @RetroSnowflake.



(Blogmas Day One) What I’ll Be Reading This Winter

Happy December and yes, Happy Blogmas! Now, I know what you’re thinking, isn’t Blogmas meant to be blogging every day in December until Christmas? Yes, but I’m changing it up so I’ll be blogging every other day for the whole of December. I’ll be here with a brand new post every Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Sunday. They won’t all be Winter or Christmas themed, I’m mixing that up too.

I’ll be starting Blogmas off with reading. I have always said I wanted to read more and with the Christmas holidays coming up and the most relaxed atmosphere around this time of year, I’m going to sit myself down and try my best to get through my collection of books I have stacked up but haven’t managed to get through yet. I’ll probably not get through them all but a girl can try!

What will you be reading this Winter?

SS: Sunday Saves (#21)

I hope you’re having a nice Sunday so far (or Monday or Tuesday or whenever you read this). I’m back with another Sunday Saves discussing reading routines, acceptance and mental health. As always, if you’ve missed any of my other Sunday Saves, make sure you click here to read them all.

1. Bambi’s Blog (My Reading Routine)

One of my latest blog posts this week was about a subscription box that I signed up for to encourage me to read more, “Book and a Brew” so coming across Emily’s post about her reading routine seemed perfect. I haven’t laid out my perfect reading routine or even laid one down at all but Emily post really lays out a foundation that anyone can build on so I’m excited to see what will work for me.

2. Keeping Up With MJ (Acceptance)

Acceptance is such a huge part of my life; it’s a part of my life where I haven’t actually accepted myself. So how is it a huge part then? Well, I know I need to accept myself and I want to, I’m just struggling with that a lot. I’m finding it hard to move past mistakes that I have made and I have thoughts in my head about myself that may or may not be true so it’s trying to come to terms with that as well, then I will be able to make progress with being able to seek acceptance within myself. MJ’s post is something I know will help me in the future and it’s always one to come back to it if you find yourself struggling with that part of your life.

3. Road to Recovery with Amy (Welcome to Road to Recovery)

In my opinion, we can never have too many mental health bloggers and we can never have too many blog posts talking about mental health. It’s something that we all have and sometimes some of us do struggle with it. I think what Amy is doing is fantastic because it’s showing people her road to recovery when it comes to dealing with her mental health as well as letting people know that they’re not alone because many of us are going through the same thing.

This week’s Sunday Saves seemed pretty short this week but I loved all three posts as always, I related to all three completely. Remember to follow all the blogs featured this week; Sunday Saves is all about discovering new bloggers!

My First “Book and a Brew” Box.

Even hearing the name, “Book and a Brew” got me excited. It’s probably one of the most self explanatory subscription boxes out there. It comes with a (hardback) book and (a box of) tea! What could be better?


I’ve spoken on social media many times about wanting to read more because I want to expand my writing past my favourite actors autobiographies and I want to read more books that I wouldn’t necessarily pick up on first glance. This subscription box helps with exactly that; you don’t get to choose the book or even the genre, it’s a total surprise and you don’t get to choose the tea either. If you’re a book lover, I can honestly say this box is for you! One of my good friends introduced me to this box and I’m so glad she did (despite the fact I haven’t even started the book yet!)

It comes packed in tissue paper with a little “book and a brew” sticker on top (as you can see above!) alongside your box of tea. You also get a little information page about the book that was chosen this month and a description of the tea that was chosen for the month. You also get cute little Brew Quiz cards that you can tweet the answers to the tea company themselves.


This month’s book is called “The Fair Fight” by Anna Freeman. The information page describes the book as “a gritty Georgian tale” and in turn, the Fruit Punch tea by the Brew Tea Company also “packs a punch” matching the description of the book. This isn’t a book I would have picked up admittedly but I’m excited to read it and see what I think. If I like it, great! And if I don’t? At least I read something outside my comfort zone, therefore expanding my reading even further.


For an average hardback book, you would pay between £10-£15 and a good box of tea can cost up to about £7 or so; this box costs either £12.99 (if you sign up to the subscription service) or £14.99 (if you want to buy a one off box) so you are pretty much getting a free box of tea each month, which is phenomenal.

If you want to find out any more information about this UK based company (but they do ship to most of the E.U too!) and more about the box, you can click right here!

I hope you enjoyed this post and I’m sure I’ll be posting about my progress on the book throughout my Twitter, so make sure you check back. And this wasn’t a sponsored post, I paid for this myself with my own money and as always, all opinions are 100% my own.

SS: Sunday Saves (#5)

So this is the Sunday I leave for holiday! I’m not going to lie, I’m pretty terrified; I’m a worrier so every possible bad situation to do with this holiday, I have thought about ): But onto a slightly brighter note, it’s the fifth Sunday Saves, so I hope you enjoy!

1. Franzizzy (Book Quotes That Stayed With Me)

I recently talked about how I want to read more, and I love the idea of quotes from books. Yes, it might be cliche but I don’t care. Book quotes are cute and I think that they can really stick with you and they can reflect on your life, your situation in that particular moment and even help you through a hard time. Because I’m not a big reader, I can’t really remember any quotes from the few books I have read, that’s why I liked Franzizzy’s post because she posted some lovely quotes, and even I could relate to a few of them. I just think it’s such a nice idea, and by her sharing a few of her favourites, it lets us into her world and what she is like as a person (if you didn’t know her, like I didn’t until I found her blog).

2. Iga Berry (How To Make The Most Out Of Your Trip)

Yes, you can probably guess I was going to include at least one travel post into my Sunday Saves. I loved this post by Iga because she’s wrote about what I should have done. One of my big regrets before going away and I hate myself for it, is that I didn’t do enough research. I’m a big research girl; I love research and I love making lists and getting excited by what I’ll be discovering. But life got in the way, I became too busy, things cropped up, I got stressed, I had other things to do and sadly, the research didn’t happen as enough as I’d like. I’m hoping to cover a similar post in the future, so I found Iga’s really interesting to read through before I go. I can always look up a few places while I’m there, so I’m still doing research technically (just not as much as I’d like).

 3. I Believe In Romeo (Mindfulness: An Introduction)

Over the past few months, I’ve been really interested in finding out more about mindfulness. It’s such a unique practice that at some point, we all do try and do it but it doesn’t quite happen that fast. I’m a sleeper, I’ve tried mindfulness a lot and I fall asleep. I’m currently testing a technique where I start counting and if I can’t remember what number I get to, I start again, just to keep myself awake. I relate to Zoe’s post, I often struggle with repeative negative thinking and it’s so exhausting. It’s something I’m slowly learning to control over time, but it’s hard at times when you do something you don’t like and all you want to do is tell yourself how stupid you are and how could you do that. I’m finding myself trying to talk to myself and tell myself that I made a mistake, I’m accepting responsibility and I’m moving on. That process on its own is hard but again, slowly but surely. My boyfriend and I actualy went to a few Mindfulness classes and we enjoyed them so once we get back, I want to start delving into it on a deeper level.

Why I want to read more.

Reading is such a huge part of life, whether we want to admit it or not, we read every single day. We read databses in work, we read Twitter and Facebook, we read magazines, we read billboards, we read the ingredients on our foods in the supermarket. Reading is everywhere but the reading I’m focusing on is novels.

Why don’t I read?

I wish I had a truly good reason why I don’t. But I can’t give it to you. I’m tired, I don’t have time, I have other things to do, I need to be in the mood. Yes, all valid reasons, but I don’t want to put off reading forever. I’m always going to either be tired, or not have the time or have other things to do. I have to learn to priortise my goals in life.

If you read my latest Sunday Saves, I mentioned a post by Sweet Passions 07 and she talked about making time for reading and it’s something that I want to bring into my life and into my daily routine. 

So what am I going to do to fix this?
  1. I’m going to set a time.
    I get really tired when I start to read. That’s why the only time I truly read a book is when I’m about to go to bed. I’m going to try going to bed earlier for a start, and bring a cup of tea with me, and see how that goes first. I think setting myself a goal for half an hour a night isn’t too much and very achievable.
  2. Read through the books I have before I buy any more.
    I’m onto Rob Lowe’s second book “Love Life” at the minute, and I think I have about five new ones sitting back at home waiting to be read. If I give myself that limit of a “No Book Buy” until those ones are finished, it’ll possibly urge me to ge through those faster.
  3. Expand on my reading genres.
    I’m a non-fiction girl. As I said, I’m reading Rob Lowe’s second book, and the majority of books I have read have been autobiographies which is great and those are my favourites but I want to expand out more. I’m not a Harry Potter girl (Don’t kill me!) or a Lord of the Rings (I know, I know) or even Game of Thrones (I know, don’t kill me). I just want to find books that I enjoy, and I don’t want to force myself to read a Game of Thrones book if I’m never going to enjoy it.
I’ll check in in a month and update on my reading progress!