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SS: Sunday Saves (#53)


Happy Bank Holiday weekend everyone! I hope everyone is having a lovely weekend so far!  I’m back with another Sunday Saves this morning and again, just like last week, there’s no certain theme this week so I’ll be talking about handling stress, body issues and bath ballistics!

1) Not Copper Amour (Ways To Save A Stressful Day)

We’re always talking about stress, and rightly so, stress is more prevalent than ever so that’s why Emma has a wonderful blog post on how to manage this stress. Out of her list, I 100% agree with making time to eat; I love planning out a big meal and savouring it, it’s so relaxing. Physical exercise is another big way to combat stress that I couldn’t agree more with, especially when I’m in a big mood. There’s nothing better than taking your stress out on a weights sessions or even on the bike. However, cuddling up in your PJ’s with tea and chocolate works just as well for me sometimes too.

2) Surangi Style (My Body Shame)

Nital tells her story of how she currently feels about her body and you have to respect anyone who talks about their body, in a positive or a negative way, because body image is something that we all struggle with at some point in our lives. I feel like I’m on a similar path as Nital when it comes to recent body issues, so I can relate to her worries especially about buying new clothes and some of the food aspects, but more so clothing wise.

3) Desperately Seeking Lifestyle (LUSH of the Month – April – Yoga Bath Bomb)

LUSH is one of my favourite shops of all time! (Not a joke.) And unsurprisingly, I have tried the Yoga Bath Bomb but I love how much detail Ellie goes into from the scent, the appearance and she even lists all the ingredients so you don’t have to go to the website to find them out. If you’re looking for an in-depth look, Ellie has you covered.

That’s all for this week’s Sunday Saves! Thank you so much for reading and if you have any blog recommendations, please tweet me over at @RetroSnowflake or leave me a comment below.


SS: Sunday Saves (#26)

We had an hour extra in bed this morning, and quite frankly, who doesn’t love that? Welcome back to my Sunday Saves, a post that I write (almost) every week about three blog posts (and sometimes YouTube videos) that I find interesting or relatable. It’s to help me and anyone else reading this to discover new blogs they might not have heard of before. This week I’ll be talking about Halloween, PR and male body confidence.

1. Jemma’s Simple Life (Spooky Halloween Tag)

I’m not a huge fan of Halloween I have to say. I don’t make the effort to go out and get dressed up, it’s just not something that appeals to me. However, I seen Jemma’s tag and thought it would suit quite well with the fact that it’s Halloween tomorrow. It’s a really nice tag that talks all things scary, fun and Halloween (I’m sorry to state the obvious!). It would be a good post for anyone who’s reading this and who doesn’t have a blog post for the occasion itself to do the tag themselves (and tweet me the links so I can read your answers too!)

2. Halo of Thoughts (Male Body Confidence and Image)

On Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, the media, helplines, news articles; we always hear about women (but unfortunately, mainly young girls) who are struggling with their body image and who are looking at places like Instagram and Tumblr for inspiration which has such a negative effect on many of these girls. What about men though? What about young guys who have male models, footballers and wrestlers, to name a few examples, as role models for their generation? Don’t they struggle with their body image too? That’s what I love about Arran’s post; he talks about his personal story and why he feels like there isn’t enough support out there for men when it comes to talk about these issues.

3. Skinnedcartree (Working with Brands // Q&A with a PR)

Seeing a post like this is helpful for any blogger who wants to take their blog to the next level in regards to working with brands. It can sometimes be a confusing process, do you email a brand first or do you let them email you? What do they look for in a blog? Do numbers really matter? If those are burning questions that you would like answers to then Corinne has got you covered. It was a really insightful interview that she had with India and I think it’s a must read for all bloggers.

That’s all for today’s post! Make sure you click on all the links mentioned because they are all great blog posts. And if you’ve missed any of my other Sunday Saves, please feel free to find the other twenty five of them right here!

My Second Intolerance Test.

If you’re not familiar with my first intolerance test, you can click here and it’ll take you to that post. It’ll describe my experience, what I found out and why I done it.

So I would say it’s been a good year and a half since I got the test done and over the past two months, I was starting to revert back to some of the feelings I was getting before the first test. When I would eat certain chocolate, I felt really groggy and slightly crampy and when I ate certain meats, the same thing would happen. I booked my Mum and I in for another intolerance test (This was her first one), I thought I had booked for the blood test but me being silly, it wasn’t. It was just like the one I got done before, just in a different place (So I’ll not be describing the process again, so you can check the above link if you’re interested in finding out what happens).

I found out that my gluten, soy/soya and carrot levels were still very high, surprisingly. I had been off it for a year and a half so I thought it would barely show up. I was very wrong. What also showed up was cocoa/chocolate, potatoes, MSG and pork. A few days previous, I had a really weird moment with some bacon, about twenty minutes after eating it so once she told me that I couldn’t have pork, that “episode” made total sense.

We found out about a week ago (My Mum had slightly different intolerances to me) so it’s almost like going back in time to when I first found out. This time is harder, for me anyway. As I sit and write this (on a Sunday night), I’ve just had two slices of gluten free bread, toasted. I don’t feel too good after it, so I go look at the packaging. There’s potato starch in my bread. That’s not something I would have looked for, maybe I should have, so I can see why I feel slightly strange.

With seven intolerances, well actually there’s a lot more, because pork covers so many as does potatoes, MSG and gluten, I am constantly worrying about food, especially when I eat out. Before it wasn’t too bad because I only had three to contend with. I went for pizza with my best friend the other day and I felt rubbish after it. It was a gluten free base pizza and I really tried my best to pick one that wouldn’t affect me and the only thing I can think of is either 1) the spicy beef was the problem or 2) there was a cross contamination issue. I started feeling a little sore about ten minutes after finishing it the pizza, so I know it wasn’t what I had for dessert, which was just a simple ice cream. But then again, if it was pizza, maybe it had potato starch in it? I just don’t know.

I can’t be spontaneous any more, and ever since the first test, I haven’t been. It does help finding new and interesting restaurants in Belfast and just outside, but I don’t know if this will get any easier any time soon. As for lunches, I won’t have to change too much but I can be more creative with food now, because I’m being forced to; I don’t want to be sore all the time, and I don’t want to damage my body. I’ll be tracking my progress on my blog, and I’ll be trying out more new recipes, since I can’t have chocolate any more, so possibly lots of sweet ones, but good sweet ones!

As with my other post, I have to say this was my personal experience of food intolerance testing, I am not a medical professional and if you are in a similar position, please seek professional help from your doctor.