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SS: Sunday Saves (#18)

Happy Sunday! I’m back for another Sunday Saves this week and I’ll start off like every other week; if you haven’t read any of my other posts in this series, click here and you can see what other posts I’ve loved! In this week’s Sunday Saves, I’ll be talking about the gluten free lifestyle, Twitter and not having your life together yet.

1. The British Feather (Week 1: Getting Moving and Gluten Free Testing)

I came across Gemma when I found her on Twitter talking about recently being diagnosed with coeliac disease. If you’ve read my blog for a while, you’ll know that I have a gluten intolerance (I just have to say gluten intolerance is not the same as coeliac disease. Coeliac disease is a lot more serious.) so I was interested in following Gemma’s journey as a newly diagnosed coeliac and how she would get on. In her post, she talks about her first week eating gluten free (although she can’t go completely gluten free until October but if you read her post, she explains why!) and she talks about her fitness journey too. I’m hoping to work out more outside too (like Gemma), so I hope to find a good balance between outside and the gym. I don’t follow many bloggers who have to eat a certain way because of their health so that’s why I’m so glad I found Gemma’s blog.

2. Thrifty Vintage Fashion (The Ultimate List of Hashtags and Retweet Twitter Accounts for Bloggers)

As much as it pains me to say it, I’m not always so up to speed with every single hashtag on Twitter. I used to think I was pretty up-to-date with Twitter; I’ve tweeted over 31,000 times and I’ve had it for about five or so years now, but sometimes I’ll see hashtags and I don’t know what it means. If you sound like me, then you need Nicole Marie’s post. She goes through all the hashtags to do with bloggers and all the re-tweet accounts that you would need to help boost your blog via Twitter. It’s super helpful so if you’re confused by some hashtags like I was, it’s the post for you!

3. A Hearty Home (It’s Okay To Not Have Everything Completely Figured Out Just Yet)

For anyone who feels completely stuck in their life and thinks they’re failing because they haven’t got everything figured out yet, go read Margot’s post. I’m also in my mid-twenties and when I was eighteen, I seen my life look very differently than what it is now. Obviously I’m very glad about how my life has turned out so far but when people ask me, “What’s next?” That could be about moving out of my Mum’s house permanently or what’s the next step in my career, I can’t give them an answer because I’m really not sure. I feel like I should have everything figured out right now and it’s a little frustrating not having the answers to those really important life choices. Margot’s post is relateable and it’s one of those posts I would recommend you bookmark and if you’re feeling freaked out about life, go back and read it, it will make you feel less anxious about your life. I can (almost) guarantee that!

That’s all for this week’s post! And remember, go read all the posts I mentioned and hopefully you’ll discover a blogger you’ve never heard of or seen before.


SS: Sunday Saves (#11)

Happy Sunday everyone and welcome back to another Sunday Saves! If you don’t know what Sunday Saves are by now, here’s a link to all my previous posts. This week I’ll be talking about Q&A’s, cleaning and stationary!

1. Harmony Blaze (Fitness Bytes with Harmony Blaze)

Emma over at Harmony Blaze does these posts every fortnight of health and fitness bloggers in the community and gives us a Q&A with them. This week she interviewed herself but she interviews lots of different people too and I think if you’re into health and fitness but don’t follow a lot of people who are in that community, check out her posts and you might find some new blogs to follow. It’s a really easy read too so you could easily fly through these fitness bytes!

2. A Hearty Home (The Satisfying Feeling of a Clean House)

There’s nothing more satisfying than sitting down after a long day (or week) of a full house clean. It’s also exhausting. I know when I lived at home and I was only having to clean my bedroom, it would take me days but it was all worth it in the end. I felt more relaxed, I felt productive and I felt motivated to keep it clean. That’s what Margot talks about in her post this week except she has an actual house to clean and not just one room! I don’t see a lot of posts on cleaning, or even just people’s thoughts on cleaning, so it does actually motivate me to keep the house clean, so I don’t have to look at a pile of clothes on the floor and think “Oh I’ll sort that later”. So thanks for the motivation Margot!

3. A Handful of Sparkle (Stationary Haul)

For people who don’t lose their mind over stationary, I don’t get it, how could you not? Stationary is one of my big things! Every year I used to look forward to the end of August because I would get to go and buy all my new stationary. Staedtler Triplus Fineliner pens are my absolute favourites pens; I use them in work when I can and I even use them in my colouring book that I have Instagrammed a few times now. They’re so neat and clean. And Siobhan, you can never have too many notebooks. That does not exist! Siobhan is on my wave length with this haul.

Thanks for reading this week’s Sunday Saves! I love discovering new blogs and I hope through these posts, you do too!