2014 Beauty and Skin Care Favourites.

Ever since August, I’ve been doing (almost every month) monthly favourites with anything from nail polish to candles over on my Tumblr blog but since I have a fresh new blog, I thought I would start posting them here too.

For my 2014 Favourites, I’m going to split them into three posts. One will cover beauty and skincare, another will cover health, fitness, jewellery and anything else that I’ve enjoyed in 2014 and the last will cover nail polish, because if you know me, you’ll know how much I love painting my nails so it deserves a separate section. If I have any Instagram pictures for the products, I’ll put a link beside them instead of inserting pictures for each individual product.

Liz Earle Skin Care (x)
This skin care really changed how I treat my skin. I first tried it in March and slowly ran out by the end of May and it was pretty heart breaking. I changed to a new skin care routine in July because I couldn’t really afford to by Liz Earle every month, and the difference was really noticeable. Changing from products that made my skin nice and smooth, even the next morning, to products that I didn’t think were really doing anything for me, was a very odd feeling. Towards the end of August however, Liz Earle had a Today’s Special Value on QVC and I jumped on it because it was such good value and you got so many products for your money. I actually enjoy taking my make-up off at the end of the day, thanks to this range.

Soap and Glory Smoothie Star Breakfast Scrub (x)
I’ve been using Soap and Glory scrubs for the past few years and I love them. They’re not too expensive and they last a good amount of time. I tend to find the breakfast scrub is the scrubbiest of the body scrub range they have, and I’m a scrubby person. I don’t really the gentle scrubs but they’re great for people with very very senstive skin.

Bath and Body Works Hand Gels (x)
My best friend Whitney who lives in Canada, got me hooked on these little hand gels. They’re the best. I have some everywhere. I have one in my coat, one in my bag, one on my desk at work, one in my bedroom and one lying elsewhere in my house. It’s safe to say I’m pretty obsessed. I don’t have a particular favourites, I love each and every one!

Flash by Jimmy Choo
I bought this in last year’s Christmas sales (2013 of course) and it was one of the only perfumes I used all year. It’s almost half down and it’s lasted so well. I’m not very good at describing scents (How many times have you heard a YouTuber say that?) but it’s very strong so I get away with a squirt and I would say it lasts the entire day.

Shoot For The Stars LUSH Bath Ballistic (x) (x)
Maybe this is cheating slightly since I only used this on 27th December but it was my favourite bath ballistic of the year! I don’t have a bath but I soak my feet every weekend, just to have a little pamper night for myself, and I used this and I was blown away with how beautiful it was.

Korres Lip Butter (x)
This lip balm or lip butter had been all over YouTube for months and I didn’t really want to believe that lip balm could be that good. I got this in August and I’m still using the same tube, it lasts for such a long time. It’s more a neutral lip butter so there’s not any colour pay off but I wasn’t looking for that. I do think £8 is a little expensive for a lip balm but for the lasting power and the fact you don’t need to keep reapplying each half an hour, I would now say it’s worth it.

Admittedly, there wasn’t a lot of make-up favourites last year. I’ve never been a huge make-up girl. Sure, I have a few Urban Decay pieces and some Benefit, but I just didn’t get very creative with make-up last year. Maybe this year’s favourites will be different (:

The first of a few Health Journey posts.

Before this blog, I had another one. I’ve actually had a few over the past few years but I always get so insecure about them, that I would delete them. My last blog had two great posts, both about my transition into the gluten free lifestyle and I deleted the blog a month ago, completely forgetting to save those two posts so if I ever wanted to talk about it again, I could simply copy and paste. I really regret it now. The upside of this is that I get to talk about it again, but a year later. I’ll spilt this into two posts, because my other posts were too long and it really needed that second post to balance it out.

I can’t remember when I started to get signs that something wasn’t right. It might have been in the New Year of 2013, or slightly before then but I was having a really healthy year. I had came back from University the previous year and gave myself a good kick up the arse and finally started to get healthy and lose weight. I was the healthiest I had ever been, but I was getting sore heads, stomach cramps, feeling exhausted and having a really foggy head. Those were the main symptoms I had had. I was sleeping so much after college every day that I had to ban myself for an entire month because it was getting out of hand and when you’re so used to going home and having a three hour nap, once you ban yourself, it’s not pretty. I banned myself in the December of 2012 because I remember thinking half way through the month “Oh yeah, I’ll be off for the next weeks so I’ll not want a nap anyway”. I had no idea what was going on, absolutely none. I went to the doctor and told them what was wrong with me and I was told I should go off bread for a month. That’s literally what I was told. Going off bread didn’t help me, I think I done it for about two months and there was still no change. It had been suggested to me that maybe gluten was the problem, but I had no idea what gluten was, but I love researching (It was one of my favourite things to do in college for projects) so I done that and it was if someone had just watched me for a few months then wrote down everything that had happened. My symptoms and other symptoms were listed and it made so much sense. All the pain I was in, all the tiredness I had felt, all the times I couldn’t concentrate in class and sometimes struggled writing down the exact same words the teacher was saying on a piece of paper, it all made sense. It was gluten. It just had to be.

I’m not a huge fan of going to the doctors for a few reasons. 1) Whenever there’s something wrong with a woman, the first question they’ll usually ask “Is there a chance you could be pregnant?” I get it. I’m a woman and yes, we can get pregnant but it really annoys me that for the majority of time, that’s what we’re asked. 2) Appointment times. As I said, I’m not a fan of doctors so when I go, I am genuinely not well but whenever I would ring up for an appointment, I was given one for a week and a half later. I understand that if it was truly an emergency, I could get an emergency appointment or go up to A&E, but isn’t a week and a half later a bit ridiculous? So I was put off a lot and I didn’t think I would get anywhere fast. I’m pretty sure I went for another appointment a few months later but I can’t be 100% sure about that.

I was still getting cramps, I was still exhausted, I was still feeling foggy. I was exercising and some people thought I was tired because I was “working out too much”. Trust me, I didn’t over-do it and I wasn’t tired from it. I actually dread to think what I would have been like if I hadn’t been working out. I was still losing weight and I was eating enough for my body type and enough for me to lose weight. But the pains were still coming and in November 2013 I’d had enough. Enough of the stomach pains especially, I was a woman, we get period pains, I only expect pains once a month, not once a day for hours on end. So I did more research and found a centre that done allergy and intolerance testing near me.

In my next post, I’ll go through my experience of the intolerance testing and how it’s helped me ever since. I wanted to include it in one big post, but it’s much better to split it up into chunks (:

My Health and Fitness Journey.

As 2014 comes to a close, I wanted to post about my health and fitness journey over the past few years. 2014 by far, has been my healthiest year so far.

I won’t go into full detail about my entire life, but I’ll give just a jist (: In May 2012, I came home from a year of University and had piled on a lot of weight. Before I left in September, I was over weight and the fact that I’m pretty short, didn’t help matters. So the next few months were spent over eating along with watching Netflix constantly, not really socializing and not really exercising (apart from walking to and from class and to get my shopping). I came back in May, and decided to get my act together. I had a Nintendo Wii and had a game called “My Fitness Coach” and this had so many routines on it. You could change the location, add your own weights in, decide what type of exercise you wanted to do: yoga, lower body, core body etc. etc. It was the perfect home workout, and I used it about four or five times a week for months. When I eventually went back to college in September, I sometimes got up in the morning before I had to get ready and sneak in a quick session. I really loved it. I didn’t need a gym, I had my own home workout system that worked perfectly.

I got to the next May and I eventually got sick of being interrupted by my family when I was working out. When I was jumping around the living room, making a lot of noise, I guess it’s hard not to laugh but it got to the point where I was willing to travel to a gym rather than have to plan workouts when my family weren’t in the house or if it was early enough in the morning. So I joined the gym near to my college, it was the cheapest I could find and I know they say “you get what you pay for” but in all honesty, I love the gym I go to. It has loads of machines and the only wait you really have is for the free weight machines, but I can always cater my workout to work around busy machines anyway.

From May 2012 until April 2014, I lost 47lbs and on 14th April (2014) I hit my ultimate goal weight of 126lbs or 9st, and ever since I’ve been maintaining between 124lbs and 126lbs. I’ve worked really hard to get there and I would like to lose maybe another half a stone but I’m not too focused on the numbers now, I can feel myself getting stronger and toned and to me, a set of scales will never be able to tell me that.

I plan to go into fuller detail on what I do at the gym, the type of foods that I eat and all that other stuff in future posts, but since a lot of my New Year goals are health and fitness based, I thought it would be a good basis to post a little about my journey before talking about those goals more in depth.

Happy New Year! (Almost)

I thought a perfect first post for my new blog would a New Year’s Resolution post. I know a lot of people are against New Year’s Resolutions, I quite like them, I’m just not a huge fan of the “New Year, New Me” attitude. If you really wanted to change yourself, do you really need a New Year to do that? Maybe I’m being a hypocrite by then doing little goals for myself that I want to start in the New Year. I don’t know, I just like doing little goals for myself then looking back over the year to see how I’m doing on them. For anyone that doesn’t follow me on Tumblr, I also posted them on there, but I’ll just post them here, and that way, I can do more detailed posts on my goals and how I’m getting on.

♥ My 2015 New Year’s Resolutions ♥

(Health and Fitness Goals)
Build myself up to run 5K without stopping.
Complete #Jantastic.
Explore more cooking and baking recipes
Practice more yoga and mediation.
Practice Meatless Monday at least twice a month.

(Other Goals)
Complete one of my cross stitch kits.
Finish ‘Angel’.
Knit three things.
Read all the books in my “to-read” pile.
Read more blogs.
Re-start my Word Press blog again.
Use up at least 40 beauty products.
Visit two new places.