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SS: Sunday Saves (#89) Decluttering.


Good morning all, happy Sunday and welcome back to another edition of Sunday Saves. If you haven’t been following me on Twitter, you won’t know that I have started on a clear out of my spare room which means decluttering is in full swing. That’s why I have decided to make decluttering this week’s topic because I couldn’t pass up the opportunity, right?

1) I Don’t Bend That Way (Is Decluttering The Key To A Stress Free Life?)

Your environment plays a large role in your mood; if your bedroom is filled with clutter then you won’t be able to shut off at night, or at least that’s what they say. Anne has also indicated that decluttering could potentially decrease your stress and it all adds up when you really think about it. She gives three very simple tips on how to get started and one of her tips is even “where to start” because when you have one room in particular like I do, it can be overwhelming and you haven’t a clue where to begin that process,

2) Ann Marie O’Connor (These Four Tips Will Guarantee A Clutter Free Closet)

Anne Marie is coming from a different angle in her post where she discusses not so much the cleaning and decluttering aspect of this world, but she gives four tips on how to help with it. These include how avoid distractions which if you get distracted easily especially when trying to clean, you’ll want to give that a read.

3) Live Your Decluttered Life (9 Simple Strategies for Decluttering Your Family Home)

Now to give you a warning, these next two posts from Suzie and Rebecca could be seen as quite similar posts and while there are tips that overlap, there are lots of fresh ones too. More specifically as we talk about Suzie’s post, she is coming at this from the family home perspective. Now, while I don’t have children, sometimes you would think I do with the amount of time I spend trying to clean the place, despite only living her with my cat. Some of her tips include decluttering in small pieces (which I’m guilty for not doing and trying to tackle all at once), start with the broken toys (or any home interiors that you feel you couldn’t put out on display in my case) and choose a category each time (which is the most helpful for me because when it comes to writing a list, categories are the most effective way to help me understand which part to start next).

4) Savvy Sassy Moms (12 Simple Tips For Decluttering Your Home)

Again very much like Suzie’s post, Rebecca is talking about the family home but I wanted to include it because it has a lot of great, helpful tips that I know that I didn’t think about before. Included in some of her tips are check the dates (which didn’t occur to me when I wasn’t throwing out food but I’ve started to look at beauty products for this too) and five minutes a day which sounds absolutely perfect to me. I am guilty of saying that I don’t have enough time but we all have at least five minutes where we can spend tidying in some space or form. Getting the kids involved is another tip that both Suzie and Rebecca suggested and while I don’t have kids (yet) I believe it’s important in getting them involved as early as you can because it will teach them a set of skills that they may not learn in the classroom but will be completely invaluable as they’re growing up and starting their own lives in their own homes in the future.

5) Nourish and Nestle (Where To Take Your Decluttering Discards)

I thought it would be quite apt to finish off with Lynn’s post on where to discard our rubbish, if it is recyclable. Many of us try our best with recycling and it’s absolutely fantastic but sometimes there are too many options so Lynn has helped gather it into one post so we don’t feel so overwhelmed. I can tell you that charity shops will be benefiting majorly on my behalf from my declutter.

Well that’s all from this week’s Sunday Saves, I hope you enjoyed this week’s edition and remember to give all the links a little click to share the love. If you have any other suggestions around this topic, please let me know on either Twitter or Instagram. Have a great week!


SS: Sunday Saves (#88) Running.


Good morning and welcome to another edition of my Sunday Saves. I haven’t posted an edition in a few weeks, I’m currently adjusting and reviewing how the series is going to see how I want to approach it, so please excuse the delays. Today I’ll be talking about various aspects of running because as I’m coming up to my next 10K race, I am constantly on the look out for running blog posts so there’s a nice mix of 10K race tips (before and after) as well as runners starting out their running journey again.

1) A Luxury Travel Blog (Running 10K Every Day For A Year – 10 Top Tips)

Yep, you read that right, 10K every day for a year! Crazy right? That’s what I thought when I first read it too so I knew this post by Paul had to be included in this. While I won’t be taking on this incredible challenge, he gives some good tips that can be translated into any type of run. So if you’re getting into running for the first time, coming back after a long time or even trying to run a longer distance, these can work pretty universally.

2) goPhysio (Top 10K Recovery Tips from goPhysio)

While we’re on the 10K race theme, I thought it would be appropriate to also include some recovery tips. Recovery is something that I still haven’t made a priority when it comes to running longer distances so this advice from goPhysio certainly puts me on the right track.

3) Sunderland City 10K (It Would Have Been So Easy To Just Give Up Running All Together)

Coming back to the running scene after an injury can be quite daunting and although my injury wasn’t too serious, Graeme’s post resonated with me and that’s why I wanted to include it. While it’s quite a short post, his experience is one that I think a lot of people can relate to, including starting to run with a friend which takes his mind off running, his training so far and his future plans.

4) Medium (Time To Go Running… Again) 

This guest post by Shrey had me at the first sentence, “I am not going to lie, running is not something that comes naturally to me.” Shrey, I know how you feel! He begins to talk about his FitBit Blaze (smartwatch twins!) and how something that didn’t feel natural was now a hobby. He started running in the early mornings, he took his running gear with him on holiday and now he had a 5K personal best to work towards. I feel a little proud of a fellow runner!

5) The Average Runner (Do We Compare Ourselves To Other Runners Too Much?)

I believe Nick and I are on the same page; this post is very similar to one that I wrote about this subject a number of weeks ago (It’s linked right here if you want to take a read!) so it’s nice to see in blog form that I’m not alone with comparing myself to other runners. That’s what Nick’s post is all about so naturally, I gravitated towards it and can completely understand how he feels.

Well that’s all from this week’s post, I hope you enjoyed it. If you have any running posts that you have either written or read, send them over my way, I’d love to take a read of them.

SS: Sunday Saves (#87) Stress.


Good morning everyone and welcome back to another Sunday Saves! After a break last week, I’m back with some fresh Sunday ideas to share with you all and we’re going to talk about stress, something I’m sure we all struggle with at some point in our lives.

1) Free2BYou (Going Through The Motions: Stress and Anxiety)

Starting us off is Mrs. Johnston and she talks about her life as she tries her best to handle stress and anxiety. I noticed in her post that gratitude is very prominent which I think is fantastic but she also talks about trying to balance it all and admits that it’s good to talk about it, even though it might be hard. It’s a nice short post so it’s a quick read but I think it will be a post that, regardless or not whether you have children, most people should be able to relate to her story.

2) Escapes and Epiphanies (Guest Post – How To Avoid Stress While Travelling)

Despite not going on very many holidays, I do love heading away to get out of my own head space and my environment. What I don’t love however is the stress that seems to happen no matter what. I really do applaud those that go and travel who don’t know where they will be staying the next day and they wander so freely. I will never be that type of person and that’s okay with me, because in all honesty, I would be a stress mess. Shelby from The Shelby Chronicles guest posts on Meera’s blog and she talks about avoiding stress while travelling; her tips include choosing who you choose to go on holiday with wisely and not putting yourself under too much pressure to see absolutely everything in just a few days.

3) Life in Recovery (Wellness Basics: Breathing)

While Mrs. Johnston talked about breathing very briefly in her post, I wanted to feature this post by Life in Recovery (I can’t seem to find their name anywhere, sorry!) where they concentrate on the power of breathing, why we should care about our current breathing technique and if you could possibly even be breathing wrong? Yes, you can actually breathe wrong, I found this out when I went to my first yoga session, I felt like I was living a lie for so long! In the post, they also give some quick handy tips to help you control your breathing more and to be more open with it; they include joining a choir (if you’re open to singing in front of others), downloading a breathing app and even joining a Tai Chi class.

4) Glitz and Glamour Makeup (How To Handle Confrontation) 

I, for one, need this blog post more than anything. I can admit that I can blow a fuse within a few seconds and while it’s something I’m not proud of, it’s one of the hardest things to try and battle because really, the battle is all in your head focusing on other people’s opinions and your anger is fueled by something someone has either said or done. Kathy goes very in-depth in her post and if you do recognize yourself in her words, she has some great pieces of advice for you. So whether you bury your head in the sand, give in at the first hurdle or blow up completely, she can help.

5) HubSpot (The Surprising Relationship Between Stress and Creativity) 

I wanted to end the post with this surprising article that after reading it, isn’t as surprising as I first thought. From my own experience, when I’m put under stress because of a deadline, most of the time I seem to be able to fly through the work and hit the deadline. Braden talks more about this in detail in his article but he references Thomas Edison, explores the relationship between stress and creativity which makes logical sense and the three types of stress that we can encounter. It’s fascinating.

That’s all from this week’s Sunday Saves, if you have any blog posts or YouTube videos that you’d like to share with me regarding stress, please send me them through any of my socials (contact me here!) I’d love to take a look!



SS: Sunday Saves (#86) Valentine’s Day.


Good morning everyone and welcome to another edition of my Sunday Saves. Today I’m focusing on Valentine’s Day because it’s coming up soon, and I wanted to share some blog posts that I have came across over the last week. There’s one for everyone, not just for the loved up or the single folks.

1) Mummy Style (Writing A Love Letter To Yourself)

Renee’s post about being herself is such a lovely read, whether you have children or not, I believe we can all relate to it in one way or another. She talks about feeling different after having children but making sure she still looks after herself. She has written up a list of ten things we can all do to make sure we look after ourselves which includes buying new pajamas (which I need to do!) and lighting new candles (because who doesn’t love new candles).

2) Natalie Leanne (Spending Time Together for Valentines)

If you’re looking for cute Valentine’s Day inspiration on how to spend the day or evening with your partner, you should read Natalie’s post. She’s teamed up with Henry London to talk about their watches but towards the end of the post, she gives ideas on what to do, so whether you’re interested in cooking a nice meal at home or treating yourself a massage, there’s something for everyone.

3) The Fearless Love Coach (One Reason Why Your Guy Moans About Valentines)

Admittedly, when I clicked on this post for the first time, I was expecting it to be a post based around men hating Valentine’s Day because of the money aspect. I was very surprised about when I read in fact, really had nothing to do that. Special occasions like Valentine’s Day, birthdays and Christmas; unfortunately whether we want to admit it or not, there is so much pressure on men. They want to make it special, they want to treat their partner and they want them to be happy. I personally never try and put pressure on a significant other because I’m a very simple woman who likes something that comes from the heart, and if that’s a card with a lovely message, then I’m happy. I never thought men would feel so insecure, it’s definitely an interesting read and it might even make you question how you approach these subjects in the future.

4) Ashleigh Jane (Caring For Your Valentines Flowers)

Flowers are cute and adorable, there’s no denying it. Whether you’re buying them for yourself or if they have been bought for you, I love either scenario. They brighten up your room and depending on what flowers you buy, they smell lovely too. In order to keep the prettiness alive, you need to look after your flowers and Ashleigh has some very quick tips to help, if you’re not too sure how to look after them properly.

5) Atwater Village Therapy (Why Relationship Goals Are Dangerous: Five Reasons It Isn’t A Competition)

This last post isn’t focused on Valentine’s Day but I feel it is important to still talk about relationships. We all go through them at some point in our lives and each of us has our own different experiences from them. We’ve all heard the phrase “relationship goals” right? I know that even in the past, a previous relationship was “goals” to some people, and I’ve even said that fictional characters had “the perfect relationship”. I believe this article really hits the nail on the head and it goes in depth about much more than just changing your mindset about a relationship being perfect. Vanessa talks about unhealthy relationships, why some people choose not to be in relationships and why being in a relationship is not a competition. A must read for everyone.

That’s all from my Sunday Saves today. If you celebrate the day, then I hope it’s lovely, and if you don’t,  I hope you have a great Wednesday anyway. Thank you so much for reading.

SS: Sunday Saves (#85) Affirmations.


Good morning all and welcome back to my first Sunday Saves of February! This week I’ll be discussing affirmations and recently, this has become quite a powerful tool that I’m incorporating into my mindset and because of this, I wanted to explore it more and open it up to anyone who has ever been interested in finding out more about this technique.

1) Tiffany Nicole Forever (Affirmation Mindset – How To Create A Mindset Equipped For Affirmation Manifestation)

A post to get us started on this subject is this one from Tiffany Nicole. I know when I first read it, I remember thinking back to when I first heard about affirmations a few years ago, and this is what I came across. I heard positive and negative things from other people online and I wasn’t too sure how to implement this into own life. Coming back a few years later and researching further into this practice, it is very uplifting and quite freeing and using Tiffany’s post, she gives you a brief overview on how exactly affirmations can work if you put the work in.

2) Axtschmiede (The Power of Repeated Affirmations)

“You can expect something to change over night.” We’ve all heard that phrase, right? That’s exactly how affirmations work. You can’t just say something positive and have it happen straight away. This post from Axtschmiede explains just that; affirmations are a tool to looking at life from a different perspective and if you’ve spent half of your life thinking negativity, you won’t just change that in a day or even in a week. Your choice of words and phrases as well as your subconscious mind are all talked about in this post, which I think is essential if you want to look deeply into this practice in order to understand how and why you want something to change.

3) Tampa Bay Mom’s Blog (How I Used Positive Affirmations To Overcome My Negative Thoughts)

Diana’s story is very relatable because all of us can remember when negative thoughts either get in our way or tell us that we can’t do something. I loved reading her story because not only did her negative thoughts affect her, they also affected her son and I believe that’s something that we don’t think about enough. Our attitudes, our mindset, our perspective on life, it can start to rub off on those around us but it’s never too late to make a change, especially if you want it to.

4) Ellie K (12 Positive Affirmations for 2018)

I wanted to add Ellie’s post into this post because she can give you a few ideas on what affirmations look like and how you can cater them to part of your life you want to improve on. “I start a new chapter every day”. Let’s take this for example; this could be for a fitness goal, starting work on a new project, wanting to have a better morning routine or simply trying to be more forgiving towards yourself so you give yourself a fresh slate every day. Affirmations really can be anything you want them to be depending on how you want them to positively change your life.

5) I Take Success (Power of The Sticky Note)

Last but not least, I want to finish on this post by Stacey. I personally like to say my affirmations out loud during a meditation to weave them into my thought process but everyone will work differently. Some people might not want to do that so she gives quite a simple piece of advice, write it on a sticky note and have that near you to remind you of your mindset. Whether that be on your fridge, on your favourite coffee cup, on your computer desk or you could even do it as a background on your phone (even though it’s not really a sticky note at that point); it’s all about that constant reminder and keeping it in your head.

I hope you enjoyed reading today’s blog post, I really love my new style and format to this series because I’m coming for all different angles on the same subject, but if you have any feedback for me, please don’t hesitate to find me on the socials to let me know. 

SS: Sunday Saves (#84) Veganuary.


Good morning everyone and Happy Sunday! I hope you have all had a lovely weekend so far! Today I’m back with another Sunday Saves and this week’s theme is Veganuary; I thought it was appropiate since we’re coming up to the end of the month to share other people’s experiences and possibly some questions that non-vegans have. Unsurprisingly, I wrote about my Veganuary journey last year so if you have a minute, you should take a look at that too.

1) One Girl Two Cities (Vegan Diet for January – Half Way There!)

I wanted to share a story from someone who is taking on Veganuary and how they have very openly, admitted their mistakes but also their successes. Kendra (who blogs over on her own website, this is a guest blog post!) talks about being worried about going to a pot luck dinner so she took a meal with her, and she ended up not being the only one there with a vegan option. Also, you NEED to go and see the photograph of her pizza! It’s the biggest pizza I’ve seen, it looks incredible. Towards the end of the post she talks about not knowing what will happen in February and beyond, which I think many people taking part in Veganuary tend to feel the same.

2) Mercy For Animals (Dear Non-Vegans, It’s Not That I Can’t Eat That – It’s That I Won’t)

“Oh, you can’t eat that, can you?” This phrase doesn’t come up too often for me; more often that not someone will offer me food (which is very sweet of them!) and I admittedly say that I “can’t eat that”. For obvious reasons, if it’s something to do with my intolerances, the word “can’t” is the perfect response, because if I do, I get sick. If someone was intentionally floating food in my face, then that’s when I would step in and say that I “choose not to eat it” which in my opinion, is a very appropriate response and that’s why I loved Rachel’s view point on this.

3) The Foraged Life (How A Plant Based Diet Is Better For The Planet (And You)

Looking for sources and statistics on the impact a plant based diet can have not only on you but the planet? This is your blog post. Rachel talks about water conservation, cutting your carbon footprint and even recommends a number of documentaries to watch if you’re interested in finding out more.

4) Northern Life Magazine (9 Things Vegans Get Asked All Too Often)

Ever wanted to know the questions vegans get asked the most? Jen has you covered in this article for Northern Woman Magazine. Apart from the tofu and soy questions, I’ve been asked every other question which, if someone is genuinely interested, I’d sit and talk to them all about why I turned vegan and what I eat, but if you’re just looking for an argument, you won’t get that from me.

5) Will Flirt For Food (Mushroom and Sweet Potato Curry Recipe)

What a perfect way to end a post than with a recipe. Before I became vegetarian and vegan, chicken curries used to be one of my favourite dinners and since changing my habits, I haven’t had a curry that resembles a chicken curry since. From the photograph alone, it seems like Kaylea’s is very similar so I might have to give this a go.

That’s all for today’s Sunday Saves. If you have any Veganuary or simply any Vegan posts you love, please send me the links on my Instagram or Twitter, I absolutely love reading new posts on this subject. Have a great day! 

SS: Sunday Saves (#83)


Hello everyone and welcome back to another Sunday Saves! If you’ve never been here before, this is the time of the week where I choose five posts that I have read and loved, relating to a chosen topic, and talk about them. This week I’m talking about personal style, and I have a blog post coming up soon on my own personal style struggle and how at twenty six, I’m still trying to find my own style.

1) Katy Belle (On Discovering Your Personal Style)

There’s always one woman you know who kills it every time with style and fashion and makes it seem so effortless; Katy is this woman and if you just look at her blog, you’ll see very fast why I think this. This post of Katy’s is about two years old but for me, it’s still very relevant. She talks about being in a similar position to myself but also realising that she wants to set herself free from buying clothes that she only likes and doesn’t love. It’s really important when buying new clothes that you genuinely love them, or else, why do you want to spend your money on something that you either don’t feel confident in or you “think” it will grow on you.

2) Thred Up (How To Wear One Pair Of Jeans All Weekend Long)

Hilary is my type of woman. I live in jeans; if I’m not in my workout leggings, I’m in jeans. I went through a stage in college when all I would wear was jeggings but I’m a jeans woman through and through. From the office, to a date night right through to Sunday brunch, we can see how one pair of jeans can do quite a few occasions and that’s what I really loved about this post. With my personal style in particular, I want to move from a plain jumper and a pair of jeans to dressing it up a little more so I’ve found some real style inspiration from this.

3) Life Unexpected (What Mama Wore #1)

Chloe’s idea behind her new weekly series “What Mama Wore” is lovely. She talks about her blog has primarily been focused around her daughter (who is so adorable!) but now that she’s starting school, she’s wanting to bring the focus back to herself and developing her style is one way that she’s planning to do this. I can’t wait to see how this series developed with Chloe; her first post talks more in detail about her style fears and her reasons for wanting to develop into more of a personal style. I also love the pink jumper she mentions (even though I have just said above that I want to move away from wearing jumpers all the time), I might need to see if I can find a similar one (and she gives you recommends on ones that are similar to the one she’s picked). I just really love the idea behind it!

4) Style & Life by Susana (Basic Wardrobe Winter Essentials For Style)

If you’re not sure about the winter essentials that you need to look good but keep warm, Susana has you covered. I already have a statement coat and while I feel like I’m too short to pull off over the knee boots, I feel like a turtleneck jumper is next on my winter essential wish list. Absolutely loved this must have list by Susana and I would even say this would be a good list if you were trying to structure your wardrobe by a capsule wardrobe theme or a seasonal minimalism view, this would be perfect.

5) Colours and Carousels (Finding Your Own Style Comfort Zone – And Going Beyond It)

Charlotte and I think on the same wave length. She talks about her metallic dress and on the rare time I wear a daytime dress, my first thought also is “How can I dress this down?” because I know for me, if I were to wear a dress and no-one is used to seeing me in a dress, I feel like I stand out like a sore thumb and everyone is looking at me. I get very anxious and because I’m not someone who loves attention on myself (This is one of the reasons why I don’t have birthday parties and it’s the main reason I dread when I get married; everyone looking at me? Aah!) dressing it down would be my go-to thought. Charlotte’s main point of her post is to find your comfort zone and just push past it with little baby steps. For me, I don’t want to dress down that dress, I want to dress my jeans up with a fancy pair of heels or wear a statement necklace to bring out a neutral outfit. It’s just about taking those baby steps first.

Well that’s all from my Sunday Saves today, thank you so much for taking the time to read and make sure to take a read of the other blogs mentioned too. Have a great week!