My Solo Experience With A Personal Trainer.

As a woman being very interested in fitness, I realised I hadn’t shared my one and only experience of having a personal trainer. It was around three years ago so I wasn’t as knowledgeable about fitness as I am now but I was willing to give it a go. That’s what today’s post is all about. 

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I had been at the gym for around a year and a half at this point and I wasn’t very close to the weights section at all. I was into cardio more than anything else; I had spent a year before I started going to the gym, working out in front of my TV so the cardio was nothing new but I wasn’t exactly pushing myself out of my comfort zone. I wasn’t on the look out for a personal trainer but up popped a post on my news feed from a new training facility that had opened up a few miles away from me and to celebrate the opening, they were offering a discount. It worked out that it was only costing £10 for four sessions, which I thought was a bargain so I signed up. 

The woman who was my personal trainer was nice but was a little forward with me. We went through my diet and she seemed impressed with the majority of it; at this time I wasn’t vegan or vegetarian but I was gluten free and that limited my options severely. Now, I might not have known a lot about nutrition back then but even I knew that telling me that I shouldn’t eat carbs after 7pm was silly. I was still living at home so by the time I finished work, went to the gym and got home, it was after that time. I was told that the best meal for me would be chicken and vegetables. I wasn’t too overweight at that point and I simply wanted to lose a few pounds, so I wasn’t looking to drop a few stones. I still thought that the plain boring meal was excessive, I didn’t think that would work. 

athlete-barbell-bodybuilder-416717(Photograph from

Our first training session was very different but I didn’t expect anything less because I had never done a personal training session before. We started off with our warm-up of course and then we had a mix of cardio and weights. That wasn’t a problem; the problem I had was the heaviness of the weights. I know when something is too heavy and these were, but she told me that I wasn’t used to them. I woke up sore the next day, and the next, and the next. It got to the stage where I couldn’t keep my arm straight for over a week, it really hurt and I had to walk around my office looking as if I was wearing an invisible bandage. I sent her a message a few days afterwards saying that I was really sore and I was told that I wasn’t used to the weights and it would be fine.  

I was dreading our second session to say the least, and I don’t remember a lot about it. I remember complaining about my arm and I really couldn’t believe that it was “getting used to the weight” I felt as if it was really hurt. I think we lowered the weights slightly but it was really tough. I also remember her asking me what I was going to have for dinner that evening and I said I was thinking of having sweet potato and even before I finished the sentence, she came out with “Oh no no, no carbs after seven, remember?” That infuriated me and I said that I would have some vegetables instead, but I think I went home and had sweet potato anyway. Again, I woke up the next day and the day after that, sore as ever. I sent her a message on Facebook letting her know that I didn’t think personal training was right for me so I wouldn’t be keeping up the sessions and she seemed fine about it. I had paid for the four sessions but I didn’t mind losing the other £20 because the pain I was in, was not worth the money to keep going. 

IMG_20170725_072959_792(Back when I first started running over a year ago.)

This entire experience put me off personal training for a long time. I didn’t like being given a limited diet to eat off, can you imagine if I had have been more naïve and stuck to it for a long time? What if I really thought that carbs after 7pm doesn’t work? It’s scary to think that information like this is being put out there. I also didn’t like being in that much pain, and believe me, from my very few weight exercises I had done in the gym back then, I knew the difference between brief muscle pain and pushing it too far pain.  

I believe the majority of personal trainers are out there to do good, I really do. I have been to a number of different group classes with different PT’s and they have been great but there are a small majority of trainers out there who are giving out horrible advice and that could put a dampener on the good guys. If you are interested in going to a personal trainer, my main advice would be do your research first! Find testimonials, read their reviews, find out about the work that they do (to see if it fits your goals) and consider their pricing (to see if it fits with your budget). A cheap offer might be convenient but is it too good to be true?  

I’m not against personal trainers at all and I believe the majority do fantastic work but if it is something you are very interested in, I don’t believe it’s something you can just find online in a few minutes. I hope you’ve enjoyed today’s post and if you have any experiences like this (or good ones too!) then pass them onto me because I’d love to give them a read. 


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