What I Learned About Myself During Unemployment: Reflections (Part Two)

In my last post (which is linked here) I talked about the negatives that I faced when I entered into unemployment during the Summer. Thankfully today’s post is slightly more upbeat with the positive things I learned about myself during this period so that’s what I’ll be discussing in this post. 


As in my last post relating to this subject, I talked about how I have learned so much but I wanted to talk more in depth about the four most important lessons I have taken away from this.

I exercised more.

Exercise has been a huge part of my life for quite a few years; I’ve been a part of a gym for about six years and I’ve been participating in yoga for around two or three years (but that has dropped off the radar for me as I explained in this particular post). As well as becoming a runner too, I like to think I am an active person and I knew that this was the perfect time to get as much exercise in as I could. Now, I didn’t go every day and I wasn’t running as much as I could have, but to have the freedom to go to the gym or for a run at any time of the day, was quite nice. I started riding my bike more that my Dad’s wife gave me so that gave me the freedom to cycle further than I would probably walk or run realistically. I also fell in love with HIIT workouts (which I’ll link here) and that’s added lots of variety to my gym workouts which has given me a new boost of life in terms of exercise. 

I became more focused on my writing.

I realised I was able to become more focused on my blog for this period. I don’t plan to take blogging full-time but it was nice to be able to sit down for what felt like a full work day once a week, and plan out blog posts in a calm space. I usually wrote two in one day which is quite something for me and because I was in a different environment rather than my house, I felt more creative and it enabled me to write more. 

I realised it was a blessing in disguise.

I was told that “it could be a blessing in disguise” by quite a few people and I wasn’t sure if they were right. I very soon after that realised they were right because I realised I needed the break. I took holidays from my job just like everyone does but I never felt like I was on holiday. I felt the constant worry that I hadn’t planned something right or that I hadn’t done enough before I went off on my leave. Once I didn’t have any of that to worry about, that constant anxiety went away and I guess I didn’t realise how much of an impact it was truly having until I didn’t have it anymore. I gave myself time to adjust to the changes and once I knew, I was well and truly adjusted, I was able to work in small changes to my life when I did feel stressed, knowing that I would be able to handle it whenever I did get overwhelmed again. That included bringing meditation back in after not doing it for a while, journaling with daily affirmations and listening to podcasts instead of music. 

I had time to figure out what I wanted for the future.

It also gave me time to think about what I wanted to do with my career; being in the mid-to-late twenties is definitely a weird time because I feel like I’m running out of time even though I know I have at least forty more work years ahead of me. For that reason, I think it’s okay not to know completely what I want to do but the break has helped me look into future education plans that may help me further down the road. 

I’ve learned so much during this period of my life, good and bad but these were the main points I wanted to cover because they were the most powerful to me and I thought they would be relatable to someone going through something similar. Thank you so much for reading today’s post, I really appreciate it! 


3 thoughts on “What I Learned About Myself During Unemployment: Reflections (Part Two)”

  1. Great post. I was unemployed for 6 months last year and almost 3 months this year and I learned that I am resilient and determined. I eventually got a job that I love. Its important to keep pushing. Xx


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