How Often Should We Re-Evaluate Our Content?

victoria-wilson-29(Photo Credit: Jess Lowe Photography)

Over the last year, my blog and the content has changed quite gradually. In today’s post, I’m going to talk about how my content has changed and how I think it’s important to reflect on your content and what you have learned from it. 

I’ve had quite a few blogs over the last number of years but this particular blog, I have had active for almost four years. My first post was about to celebrate the 2015 New Year, and while I’ve went back and deleted some older posts over the years, I have seen some true growth since then. Currently I have a little over 200 posts from that first date, and over four years I can admit that that isn’t a lot. I took breaks, I stepped back, I had no motivation, I had no ideas and then there were weeks where I was absolutely killing it.  

260717WC3_031.JPG(At the Linwoods Protein+ launch back in July 2017. Photo Credit: Press Eye Photography)

I’m pleased with where my blog has taken me over the last number of years. I have connected with online blogger friends, I have had the chance to attend blogger events and very recently, take a trip and explore it for the purpose of the blog. I’m very lucky and I’m so grateful for those opportunities and the forthcoming opportunities that may arise.  

IMG_20170615_184655.jpg(I got the chance to be a part of Super Valu’s #LetsCookNI campaign back in June 2017)

20170703_122328.png(Getting to meet up with these girls is always a pleasure!)

20180330_181805.jpg(I got the opportunity to stay at the lovely Dufferin Coaching Inn for the evening over the Easter weekend in 2018)

While it has given me external opportunities, it has given me internal opportunities. I always knew I had a love for writing but I never knew how to channel that and now I can delve deep into topics that I ponder and think about on a daily basis. When my mental health is in a bad place, I put myself out there and speak about it. It’s uncomfortable, it’s negative and it brings you back to a place where you didn’t want to be. I questioned whether I wanted something so raw out on a public platform, because I didn’t want to give the impression that I wanted sympathy, I didn’t. I wanted to put my experience out there for others to relate to it, it was hard to justify my reasons for being so personal. 

I started out as a beauty blog but my heart was never in it. That’s why my other blogs failed, and if I had my perfectionist way, I would delete all the older blog posts that don’t relate to anymore and curate this blog with the posts that go with my values now. That’s not a learning curve though, you have to be willing to live with those posts that you wrote before and let them be. Once I stopped talking so much about beauty, I concentrated on lifestyle and food. More recently in the last year and a half, I’ve opened up to talk about more than lifestyle. I use the blog as a process tracker for my running and as I have mentioned, mental health is spoken about too. 

I started a weekly Sunday series called “Sunday Saves” and the main aim for this was to celebrate other bloggers and showcase posts by them that I loved. I’m so happy that I achieved my aim with this series but unfortunately, I feel like the concept no longer serves my blog. While I still stand by each and every blog post that I talked about, I need to move onto something new. Mind you, I don’t know what that will be yet, but I’m always open to new opportunities. 

victoria-wilson-71(Photo Credit: Jess Lowe Photography)

My future plans for the blog in the next year are to talk more about chatty topics including mental health and to start talking more about food. I have a number of key recipes I always stick to which I would love to share so that’s definitely a passion that I want to incorporate into the blog at some point too. I want to continue sharing my growing love of running and try to explore Northern Ireland more too because there are some lovely little spots that I haven’t been to yet. 

Thank you so much for reading today’s blog post; over the last few months my blog has taken a back seat but it’s still something I love writing content for and I think it’s healthy to re-evaluate if you don’t feel like your current content fits with what you truly want to write. 


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