SS: Sunday Saves (#60)


Good morning on a lovely sunny Sunday! I hope you’ve all had a lovely weekend so far! Today in the 60th edition of my Sunday Saves, there’s no theme but I will be talking about a life changing diagnosis, technology that could potentially help period pain and podcasts.

1) Cupcakes and Candy Floss (Life Update)

I came across Lauren’s blog by complete accident when searching for new blog posts and I’m not one to look at people’s life updates especially if I haven’t read their blog but I clicked on Lauren’s anyway. She recently got diagnosed with Coeliac Disease, the auto immune disease connected with not being able to eat gluten. Obviously having a gluten intolerance, I can relate but only to a certain extent; coeliac disease is a much more serious condition. I just wanted to wish Lauren luck throughout her gluten free journey!

2) Little Fickle (Livia – An Off Switch for Period Cramps?)

When this pops up on your Twitter feed, I think you’d be a fool not to click on it, right? As someone who is in tears every other month due to the pain of my period cramps, I look for an alternative ways to deal with the pain that doesn’t involve pain killers. I’ll leave it up to Sammy to give you her review but it’s a little tens machine that could potentially help lower your pains.

3) Following Lisa (5 Reasons Why Podcasts Are Awesome and My Favourite Ones)

I love when people talk about podcasts because I don’t think they’re talked about enough! There are so many out there; health, fitness, self-help, comedies, stories; if you can think of a subject, there’s probably a podcast on it. I’m planning on doing a favourite podcasts post myself but if you go to Lisa’s post, you can find out her favourites. She also tells us why she think they’re great and to be honest, I can’t agree with her more.  I listen to them when I clean the house and time flies compared to listening to music, I love them.

Thanks for reading today’s post and if you want to catch up on the other fifty nine Sunday Saves, you’ll find them all right here!


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