SS: Sunday Saves (#58)


Happy Sunday everyone! We’re officially more than half way through the year, so I’m trying to decide how to spend the rest of my year. I’m thinking of setting myself some monthly goals so it seems quite appropriate that one of my posts today is about monthly goal setting. I’m also going to be talking about Copenhagen and natural toothbrushes, so again, no theme this week.

1) Sophie’s Makeup (A July To Do List)

I write to do lists a lot, I used to get quite obsessed with them (If you go to my Instagram, you’ll see my latest one that I wrote for cleaning my house) and there was a time where I would do a weekly to-do list but I’ve never thought of doing a monthly list. There’s the type of list that we all need to do, for example, the tasks and chores you need to do in order to keep your house clean. I never thought of creating a new list, more of a creative self-care list if you will, to spread over the month. Maybe I’ll do this next month and keep it going until the end of the year? Go to Sophie’s post to see what she’s going to be taking on this month.

2) Pink Confetti (A Trip to Copenhagen – Part One)

I love looking at photo diaries especially of places I’ve never visited before. Nicola done a photo diary of her trip to Copenhagen and it looks so beautiful. I’ve never thought of going there before, I’m not sure why but it’s never been in my head until now. So if you’re looking to visit Copenhagen or if you’ve been there before and you want to remember some of the scenes and sights, head over to Nicola’s post.

3) Alisha Valerie (F.E.T.E Toothbrush | Review)

Bamboo toothbrushes, yes, bamboo! This is something I’ve been interested in looking into since I switched my diet back in January. I still use plastic toothbrushes, and I still have two left in my house so I’m going to use them up and then once they are “finished” I might consider picking one of these up. Alisha talks about one brand, one of the many natural brands that I’ve never heard of but I hope to do more research over the next few months.

Thank you so much for reading this week’s Sunday Saves. Make sure you spread the love for the bloggers I’ve featured today and leave them a comment too (We love that!) If you want to keep up with me outside of the blog, you can follow me on Twitter!


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