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The A-Z of Victoria.

Today’s post is a little different than other posts recently. I thought I’d bring you a post all about me today; you could say my blog is essentially all about me, but apart from my “About Me” page, there’s not a lot that you know about me.


A (Active)

I like to think I’m an active person. I walk to work and back every day (30 minute walk each time), I try and go to the gym at least three times a week, I’ve started running so I’m hoping to build it up especially with the nice weather coming through and I go to yoga once a fortnight (I used to go once a week but I have scaled it back for the time being).

B (Belfast)

Where I live! And if you don’t know where Belfast is (I would assume that most people do though), it’s the capital city of Northern Ireland which is in the United Kingdom.

C (Chilli)

My vegan bean chilli is one of my favourite meals to make and it was first inspired by Deliciously Ella but I’ve chopped and changed it around so much that I feel like it’s my own. I have it almost every night for dinner and it’s delicious.

D (Dogs)

I’m scared of dogs. Seriously. In pictures, they’re fine because they’re not going to come out and eat me alive. In real life, we can’t really be sure, can we?

E (Earrings)

I first got my ears pierced when I was seven , and last year I got my right ear pierced again. So I got my upper lobe and my tragus pierced as well as my standard lobe piercing still being there.

F (Face Masks)

I often post on Instagram Stories when I’m using a face mask, so if you want a make-up less and face masked woman on your Instagram, you’ll see me in full force covered in a less flattering face mask (normally from LUSH).

G (Gluten Free)

Anyone who knows me in some sort of capacity; whether that’s in real life, from Twitter or Instagram, or simply just a reader of the blog, will know that I’m eat a gluten free diet and you can read a little more about why right here!

H (Holidays)

I don’t go on a lot of holidays. Last year (2016) was such a massive holiday year for me though; I went on two holidays which may not seem like a lot but this is coming from someone who never went away. My first “adult” holiday was to Finland and Russia with my ex-boyfriend and it was an amazing trip. We didn’t do a lot of tourist attractions which is my one regret so if I went back, I would want to try out more of those.

I (Italy)

My most recent holiday was to Italy and I went there completely on my own. It was my first holiday on my own and it was incredible. I didn’t know how I would get on but I really enjoyed it. I like my own company anyway and I needed that time to myself to get away from everything, even though it was only for a few days. (The photograph of me at the top is at the Trevi Fountain!)

J (Jigsaws)

It’s a hobby of mine that I don’t talk about a lot but I love the satisfaction of a jigsaw puzzle. I want to get a bigger puzzle then once it’s completed, I’d love to get it framed and glassed to hang up in the house.

K (Kardashians)

Is it still a guilty pleasure if you don’t feel guilty watching it? I have loved “Keeping Up With The Kardashians” since it first began and it’s just such a chill out show to have with a big cup of tea and you can switch off with it for an hour.


I first discovered LUSH when I was in my second year of college (The first year of my first media course actually) and a good majority of my EMA would go on LUSH. I built up quite the collection. I don’t buy it nearly as often now but it will always be a favourite of mine.

M (Mindfulness and Meditation)

I meditate as soon as I wake up and right before bed every single day. I’ve been doing this for about two weeks now and I’m seeing very small changes but it has affected my mood in a very positive way so far. Coming up on the blog in the next few weeks will be what apps I use and why I choose to practice meditation and mindfulness (so when it’s up, it’ll be right here!)

N (Nail Polish)

With almost two hundred nail polishes under my belt, and yes, I really did say two hundred; I am quite a huge fan of nail polish. If I had to choose between my hair not being done for the day and wearing no nail polish, I’d choose not having the hair done.

O (The Office US)

The American Office is up there (for me) with Friends, Community and Parks and Recreation. It is one of my favourite programmes; it’s one of those shows that has just been there for me during the good and the bad and it’s one that I hold a lot of memories with. Plus, Jim and Pam for life, right?

P (Plant Based)

Since January of this year, I’ve been eating a plant based diet. I’ve written all about it so you’ll find that post right here!

Q (Quinoa)

My chickpea, quinoa and tumeric curry that I am absolutely in love with from Deliciously Ella’s second book is my go-to work lunch. It takes a little longer to make but it’s so worth it; and it has about ten servings for me so I can spread it out over two weeks of work.

R (RetroSnowflake)

Under RetroSnowflake, you’ll find me on Twitter and Instagram and if you just add a S to the end, that’s my blog name. Pretty simple really!

S (Spotify)

Having had Spotify for so long, the ads didn’t bother me but then I kept being told “Get Premium, it’s so much better without the ads.” So I did and can I go as far to say it’s life changing? I use it every single day, I download all the albums I want so I don’t have to worry about using my 4G data and you can choose any song you want to rather than have to sit in shuffle mode all the time. Best £10 I spend every month.

T (Tea)

I love tea. Fruit tea. Black tea. Herbal tea. I’ve loved tea ever since I was little but green and herbal teas have only became a bigger influence the past three or four years. My favourite brands would be Tea Pigs or Twinings, but I love exploring new brands whenever I can.

U (Uncertainty)

Uncertainty is something I’m trying to overcome. I don’t like not knowing what’s going to happen, it makes me very uneasy and very on edge but through counselling, I’m trying to combat that.

V (Victoria)

It’s my name, of course! And I have no middle name.

W (Water)

Everyone should be drinking enough water but water is my go-to drink even if I’m on a night out (I don’t drink and I talked about it right here!) My favourite thing is munching on ice, I love ice! I would just fill up a tumbler at home with ice and munch away on it, it’s so satisfying.

X (Hmmm?)

I applaud you if you’re able to think of a genuine answer for this letter. Well done.

Y (Yoga)

I have had a regular routine of yoga in my life for around two years now and I’m so happy with how far I have came so far. I used to go once a week but now I tend to go once a fortnight and I want to start incorporating it into my gym workouts more so (than I already do) and form a longer home practice too.

Z (Zzzz)

I love my sleep. Isn’t it funny when we’re younger we’ll argue with our parents about going to bed early and now we’re wanting a nap during the day and after work? For a year or two, I used to live off three to five hours of sleep a night and I don’t know how I coped. But for the meantime, I seem to be getting between six and eight hours a night and it’s working great so far.

❤ ❤ ❤

I hope you’ve enjoyed this little post, some of the letters were challenging and don’t get me started on X. I’m meant to be tag people to do this but honestly, I’d love to see anyone do it. If you send me your links on Twitter, I’d love to read more of them, they’re so interesting!


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