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Re-evaluating my Facebook friendships.


Last week I was on my Facebook account (as you do!) and I looked at my friends list; I had one hundred and fifty friends. For me, I didn’t think I knew 150 people, never mind be friends with that many people!

So what did I do? I had a “Facebook Refresh”. I hear people who have had “a Facebook cull” and to me, a cull is just deleting people for no real reason or purpose, unnecessarily. This wasn’t unnecessary (Plus, cull isn’t a very nice word, is it?) Why do I need people who I never talk to on one of my most personal accounts? It’s also very important for me to say I didn’t dislike (or hate) anyone I removed, that’s not what this was about.


I had people from the one year of University that I haven’t spoken to since. I had one person who I used to be best friends with in Primary School (for a good five or six years) and when we “reunited” on Facebook, her Mum had to remind her who I was (Yes, that made me feel missed!). I had people who I went to college with but hadn’t really spoken to them since we finished. I had people who I met ONCE on a night out. I had people who I spoke to quite actively on Twitter but very rarely on Facebook.

(And speaking of Twitter) Like many others, I have a Twitter and Instagram account where I have some of these lovely people on there instead. So, I still like their tweets or Instagrams; it doesn’t mean I don’t want to see things they post, it just means that I can use my other social media channels to do so.


I’m not a massive Facebook person anymore. I used to be but I think as you grow older you don’t feel the need to add every single photograph, feeling and restaurant you check into. If I could get away with it, I wouldn’t have a Facebook account but it seems to be the one social media account most people I want to stay in contact with, have so it makes sense to have one for that reason and to use it for its purpose every once in a while.

After my “refresh”, I went from 150 friends to 70 friends and you would be amazed afterwards why you had so many people in the first place. Sure, I might not get as many birthday wishes, profile pictures likes or as many new posts every time I refresh my app; but realistically, if you’re worried about someone you don’t talk to wishing you a Happy Birthday, I think you need to re-evaluate why that is so important to you. I know people who have over 1000 friends on their list; I can’t imagine they talk to every single one of them because who has the time for that?

So is it a numbers game? How do other people view it? A popularity platform? A positive re-enforcement? A pressure cooker of needing constant approval of your life? Or simply just a simple hello to your friends and family every so often?

How important is Facebook to you? Do you value it more than other social media? Thank you for reading my post and if you have any thoughts on it, leave them below or tweet me over at @RetroSnowflake


One thought on “Re-evaluating my Facebook friendships.

  1. I don’t particularly like Facebook that much but like you say it seems to be one of the accounts most people have and use frequently. I have considered deleting my account but I am slowly coming to terms that’s it’s ok if I don’t update my status for weeks or months or if I don’t post often. Thanks for sharing!


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