SS: Sunday Saves (#47)


Happy Easter everyone! I hope you have a lovely day no matter what you end up doing. I’m personally not doing anything special today, my family don’t tend to do anything for Easter so I’ll be just having a little housework day. For today’s Sunday Saves, I thought I would have an Easter theme, because it just seemed so appropriate so I’ll be talking about Easter gifts and traditions!

1) Being Ashleigh (Easter 2017 Gift Guide)

Ashleigh’s gift guide includes my favourite chocolate of ALL TIME (Of course, we’re talking about Ombar) but she talks about cakes, Easter eggs, chocolate scented shower gel (No, seriously!) and even a Yankee Candle (I have smelt this one and I can confirm, it smells pretty damn good!). So if you’re looking for a present post-Easter or maybe want to grab yourself a bargain after the Bank Holiday  Weekend, consider looking for a few of these.

2) Hannah Heartss (Yankee Candle Easter 2017 Gift Set)

As a huge fan of Yankee Candles, I don’t feel Easter is right without receiving, giving or even lighting a candle. Since my chocolate range is extremely limited, candles are the way to go with me and I even got some for the occasion! Hannah talks about one of the Easter collections Yankee have released this year.

3) Marvel Steph (Easter Traditions to Start in 2017)

The only tradition I have known over Easter is eating chocolate until your little heart is content. I sadly haven’t been able to do this in a few years so I currently have no traditions when it comes to Easter (apart from being off work for an extra few days, that is quite lovely!) I love Steph’s idea of starting new traditions for the occasion though; I know a lot of people love going out for an Easter walk, I think it’s quite cute and I love the idea of an Easter cake (Maybe next year!).

Well that’s all from my Sunday Saves this week, I hope you have a lovely extended weekend, if you’re one of the lucky ones and thanks for reading!

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