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SS: Sunday Saves (#43)


Because I can still post Sunday Saves on a Monday, right? Welcome back to my Sunday Saves, albeit very very late. This week I’ll be talking about living more ethically, an A to Z look at yourself and what to expect from a CBT course.

1. Water Painted Dreams (Living More Ethically)

Ever since becoming vegan at the start of the year, I’ve become slightly more conscious of what I use. For example (and it might sound silly) but I try and buy in bulk, so I’ll buy a big bag of rice rather than waste money and packaging on smaller packets. I would be quite similar to Hayley in that I try and reuse my plastic boxes especially when I cook a big batch of food. They’re a lot handier, you can clean them really easily and they’re not as big a pain as you’d think. If you’re looking for little changes you can make to your lifestyle, I’d recommend Hayley’s post as a good stepping stone.

2. Lauren Catherine (A to Z of Lauren Catherine)

I really liked the idea of Lauren’s post, so much so that I’ve started my own version of the post (which will be coming soon!) I quite like tag posts but I feel like they can be quite limiting even though I have covered a few on the blog. I hope Lauren doesn’t mind me borrowing her idea, but I love the idea of going in a little more in-depth into who you are without actual questions.

3. Nourish Me (What To Expect from a CBT Course)

For anyone who hasn’t experienced CBT before or is looking into the possibility of attending therapy for one reason or another, Stephanie’s post is one to look into. She’s covered her first session of therapy in another blog post but what I loved about this particular one is that she’s not telling you that CBT will work for everyone, because it simply won’t. There isn’t one thing that will work on every single person but I know in my experience of CBT (which I’m hoping to write about soon), it has worked for me. So if you’re curious about CBT or have no idea what it is, head over to Stephanie’s post.

Thank you for reading this week’s (late) Sunday Saves. Remember to click through to everyone’s links and send them some love. That’s what all bloggers love.


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