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SS: Sunday Saves (#37)


Happy Sunday morning! I hope you’re having a lovely day so far! If you haven’t seen my other Sunday Saves, you’ll find them right here. This week I haven’t focused on a theme so it’s just the best posts I’ve found this week.

1. Blog Eighteen (Yes, you can live for the moment and document it.)

How many times have you been told, “Do you have to take a picture of your food? Why don’t you just eat it?” Thankfully most of my friends know I’m on Instagram so they don’t have a problem with it but I’ve had my brother in particular who doesn’t get why I want a good picture of something that will be gone in ten minutes. It’s a good point to make but at the same time; whether it’s a photograph of your food or a photograph of your walk at the beach, it’s so lovely to have a memory of it.Β Lisa feels the same way as me in her blog post and she really talks about why it’s not such a huge decision between “living in the moment” and “documenting the moment”, you can do both.

2. It’s Becca Jayne (Some things are meant to be.)

“Life works in weird and wonderful ways” is a philosophy that Becca says she lives her life by and it’s something I’m trying to transition myself into changing my mindset into too. She talks about it more on a relationships level but for me, right now, I would rather spread it across all aspects of my life mainly because my focus is on myself and more importantly, self improvement. “If it’s meant to be, it’ll be.” Another quote that I would love, right now, to believe but I have a hard time getting my head around it. I guess that’s part of self improvement right?

3. Jemma’s Simple Life (Mental Health & The New Year | How To Beat The January Blues)

January is a pretty tough month for us all. Whether you’re not looking forward to going back to work, waiting for the dreaded January bills popping through the door or whether heading back into the cold weather is filling you with dread, it’s something that we all feel one way or another. Jemma shares her tips on how to deal with the January blues; getting outside of the house aside from going to work or planning something in the future so you have something to look forward to, are just some of her tips. I think it’s really important to make sure to notice the signs of a drop in your mood and use some of these ideas to help yourself, it only takes a step or two a day.

That’s all for today’s post! Remember to give everyone’s links a click and if you have any posts you think I’d like, tweet me over at @RetroSnowflake. Thanks for reading!

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