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SS: Sunday Saves (#35)

Happy 2017 and welcome to the first Sunday Saves of the year! I hope everyone has had a lovely first week of the New Year! It’s been an eventful and busy one for me but I had to make time for a fresh new blog post.


This week I’m sticking with themes (just like I did over the month of December) but this is New Year’s Resolutions, revolutions and twists of New Year Goals.

1) xAmeliaX (Why I’m Glad I Was Cheated On)

Amelia has told her story of her heartbreak on her blog before but this post in particular is different. She’s been through a lot in the past six months but in her post, she talks about looking forward to the future and looking at how far she has come as a person. That doesn’t mean just moving on with her life; it means growing as a person, learning from the lessons she gained from her heartbreak andย how she’s now stronger than ever. It’s not your traditional 2017 New Year post, but I’d say it’s one that everyone should read if you’re ever been in the same position or if you’ve ever been heartbroken.

2) Alexzandra Jade (Reflection of 2016 and My 2017 New Year’s Resolutions)

I love Alex’s resolutions because they’re more personal development resolutions than anything else. Personally, my favourite of her resolutions is “remove the white noise” which I think more of us need to do, including myself. CBT or Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, which I’ve been involved in for just over a year, sounds exactly how Alex is planning on tackling her white noise especiallyย thinking through her thoughts before going into panic mode, something which I have been working through a lot in therapy.

3) What Amy Did (Saying No To New Year’s Resolutions)ย 

Amy is saying no to resolutions this year, and good for her! Obviously you’ll know I wrote a whole post on my new resolutions but everyone’s different of course. Amy didn’t have to justify why she doesn’t have resolutions but I’m glad she talked about the pressures of making them and more importantly, keeping them. She talks about how 2016 didn’t go to plan for her but in 2017, she’s starting it stronger than ever. It’s really refreshing to see someone write about not making resolutions but not going down the realm of “New Year’s Resolutions are a waste of time.” Amy has respectively spoken about resolutions rather than dismiss them entirely.

I’m still on the fence about choosing themes every week for my Sunday Saves like I did over December but I think it mixes it up a bit! Thank you for reading and if you have any blog posts you think I should read, tweet me over at @RetroSnowflake on Twitter!


7 thoughts on “SS: Sunday Saves (#35)

  1. Thanks so much for re posting! 2017 is definitely my year for personal development it’s important to focus on you from time to time! xxx


  2. Some brilliant sounding posts here to check out, so when I’ve got some time this week I’ll definitely be having a look at them – always good to check out other blogs and find some new ones to follow too. Thanks for these links, great post! – Tasha


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