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(Blogmas Day Ten) SS: Sunday Saves (#33)


Welcome to Blogmas Day Nine! This day next week it will be Christmas Day, what?! I don’t feel prepared at all yet! Aaaaah! So back to this week’s Sunday Saves, I’ll be talking about potentialย goal ideas for the New Year.

1. Sarah’s Abode (How To Achieve Your Goals)

So Sarah’s post is a good one to look at if you’re wanting to set up a goal and actually achieve it. New Year for most of us is the time of year to set goals but some of us don’t know how to properly set it out, like if it’s realistic, if we want to achieve it (Do we really want to run more or do you just want to get healthier?) and what to do if things goes wrong. So if you’re like this, stick with Sarah’s post as your go to!

2. My Healthy Curves (7 Tips To Shake Up Your Fitness Routine In The Run Up To Christmas)

Breanne’s post is more on the lines of the pre-Christmas fitness routine but you can usually work this into working out a post-Christmas routine too. She gives seven tips that have helped her get back on track with her fitness and two that will help if you’re struggling with being out in the cold, workout challenges and workout DVD’s. Workout in the house until you feel like you can take that ran outside or head to the gym on that frosty cold morning.

3. Blue Bow (DIY Gift Idea – The Happy Jar)

This idea is really adorable, so much so that I want to do it for myself! It really is cute, and Sammy gives us tips on how to make a jar ourselves for either a gift or something that you can have for yourself as a New Year goal. (If anyone does this, I want to see progress throughout the year!)

That’s it for this week’s Sunday Saves! I’ll still be posting on Christmas Day because I know people still go online on Christmas Day (I know I do anyway) but I’ll try and add a special twist to such a special day. Have a lovely Sunday!


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