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(Blogmas Day Nine) A Cosy Winter Night In.

Happy Blogmas Day Nine! I hope you’re all having a lovely Friday so far! So today’s post is about having a cosy night in. It’s Friday night, I’m at home on my own and I’m not too well so I thought I would go all out and treat myself to a relaxing night and I thought I would share how I’m doing that.

As soon as I got through the door, I stuck the kettle on for a cup of tea. I’ve started to use my little ForLife teapot that my Mum bought me for my birthday, I love the colour of this one!


My tea of choice tonight was ‘Dozy Girl’ by Bluebird Tea Company. It’s a very floral tea made up with chamomile and lavender so it’s a perfect bed time tea! I don’t have it very often though because I see it a special tea.


You know when you buy ‘back up presents’ and they’re basically presents you buy in case you forget to buy someone something and you have a few spare gifts left over? Well, I went to light some candles in the living room and I remembered I had opened a ‘back up’ a few weeks ago from last Christmas. The holder is really cuteΒ with the little fake cookies and gingerbread men. Candles are a must all year around, never mind Christmas!



The gift set came with one of my favourite Christmas scents, Candy Cane Lane. Who needs to put candy canes on your tree this year when you can have the scent instead?


I can’t have a cosy night in at Christmas without turning the Christmas tree lights on (and the fireplace too!). I love the tree makes everything so much more cosier.


Socks, socks, socks! Everyone needs a pair of warm cosy socks in their life so I stuck on a pair of my brand new ones because they always feel the best! (I also changed into my dressing gown and sweatpants!)


And finally, my Mum bought me two gluten free cupcakes (My favourite one!) so I’ll be having one with either a YouTube marathon or when I’m catching up on my TV shows.


If your cosy nights in are similar to mine and you have any blog posts along the same lines, tweet me them at @RetroSnowflake or leave me a comment below. Have a great weekend!


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