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(Blogmas Day Six) SS: Sunday Saves (#32)


It’s Day Six of Blogmas! I have to say, I really love Blogmas. It’s that added extra pressure to have posts up which is a real motivator. I definitely want to try and aim for three posts a week after the New Year; sometimes I like the habit of one post a week but I want to constantly add more content.

So back to Sunday Saves; all month I’ll be sticking to a theme for each Sunday post. Today I’ll be talking about Christmas presents. We’re still far away enough from Christmas that you can still go out and buy your presents without too much pressure, so this fitted in perfectly.

1. Freya’s Nook (Blogmas #4Β Stocking Gift Ideas)

Freya’s post is simple. Simple is good however when you’re trying to think of stocking stuffer ideas and all you can think of is socks, lip balm and chocolate. Don’t get me wrong, they’re all great ideas; get a pair of cosy fluffy socks and you’ve just made me a very happy girl. Stocking stuffers can be tough but Secret Santas can often be worse especially if you don’t know the person. Freya has you covered from sticky notes, slippers, candles and even jam!

2. Based on Blog (Blogmas Day 2 | Gift Guide: Bloggers)

Do you have a blogger friend? Or are you a blogger but have no idea what to ask for? (Although everyone should have their Christmas list written by now!) From the pricey end of Apple Macs and DSLR’s to the budget friendly planners, stationery and phone cases. I’m sure you’ll find something for you or your friend with Anu’s gift guide.

3. Laura Hadley (How To Save Money When Buying Christmas Presents)

Laura has some great money saving ideas when it comes to Christmas presents but to be honest, you could do this for birthday presents too. Planning ahead is what I used to do and I found it so helpful. Setting a budget however, is a completely different story. I never feel like I have enough for someone or I’ll see something and I’ll get it, then I’ll see another thing and another and another and another. I think if you’re looking for a few ways to cut corners (money wise) with Christmas presents or you’re just looking a few tips, definitely head over to Laura’s post.

Thank you for reading today’s Sunday Saves! It’s just two more Sunday’s until Christmas, it’s all becoming so real! If you’ve missed any of my other BlogmasΒ posts, you can find them right here.


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