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(Blogmas Day Three) What’s in my Advent Calendar?

It’s Day Three of Blogmas! Today I’m talking tea but if you’ve missed my post about reading or my Christmas themed Sunday Saves, make sure you go and read them too!

It’s obviously December and that for many people is advent calendar time! It used to be one of my favourite memories of Christmas because it meant I was allowed chocolate every morning. However, ever since discovering I can’t eat cocoa or soya, chocolate advent calendars have been a no no for me. 

If you’re a blogger or are just a reader of blogs, you will have seen the many many beauty advent calendars that are out this year. There’s lots of them! I love the concept of them but I think many of them are too expensive for what they are, especially since some of them are just sample sized products. I went in a different direction with my advent calendar of choice this year, I chose to go down the tea route!

Yes, you heard me, tea. If you follow me on Twitter or Instagram, you’ll know I’m a big tea drinker. I tried to like coffee but at heart, I only have eyes for tea.



There were a few lovely tea advent calendars; there was one that was gorgeous but it was £35! I’m sorry, I’m not paying £35 for 25 tea bags, that’s outrageous! I found one for just under £12 and you got two calendars with it so I gave the other one to my boyfriend because he likes tea too (Not as much as me, of course!). It was the English Tea Shop, a company I’ve never had tea from before so that was an added bonus! I tried to find the link for you for the exact one I had but it doesn’t seem to be up there as a two pack but if you click here, I’ve attached a link for one very very similar to it (I think this one might be a more up-to-date version). Even the tea flavours are the same so it must just be a fancier box.

As you can see, it has twenty five individual boxes and it’s all in order so if you’re someone who doesn’t like looking for the numbers (Who doesn’t like the five seconds of fun you get every morning with that?), then you’ll be happy with this. The picture on the front is very odd fashioned; I do quite like that because it looks very traditional and it’s nice to see something reflecting that rather than everything be covered in a picture of Santa Clause. 

The boxes have what type of tea is in the box, the ingredients of each tea bag, the day number (but some of them don’t have day numbers) and exactly how long you should steep each tea bag for.

I know it’s already the 6th December at this stage but you can still get involved in an advent calendar and even if you do think it’s too late, why not have a fresh new tea to start every morning in the New Year? 

Depending on how I get on with it, I could post a calendar update at the end of the month to see how I got on and what flavours I did and didn’t like. Remember I’m doing Blogmas all month so pop back every other day to see what else I’m talking about this month.


One thought on “(Blogmas Day Three) What’s in my Advent Calendar?

  1. Thank you very much for the calendar, too. It’s become part of my daily Christmas routine and so far I’ve enjoyed them, even if there’s quite a bit of liquorice in there. I’m not even missing my chocolate advents! 😉


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