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SS: Sunday Saves (#29)


Happy Sunday and welcome back to my Sunday Saves! Now that it’s coming up to Christmas, I’m thinking of possibly trying to do a number of themed Sunday Saves, but that’s still to be decided. As always, if you haven’t seen my other twenty eight editions of Sunday Saves, you’ll find them right here! This week I’ll be talking about blogging (yes, really!) and getting your sh*t together.

1. Dorkface (The Ultimate Guide to Blogging)

Yes, it’s just as the title suggests, Jemma talks about everything to do with blogging in this post. From photography to niches to colour themes to social media, absolutely everything. If you’re just starting out blogging or you want to hear from someone who has became quite successful through blogging, Jemma’s post is one to be bookmarked for future reference!

2. Hello Steph (50+ Blogmas Post Ideas)

Another post about blogging, I know! But Steph has a great post for those of us who will be taking part in Blogmas (or our own variation of Blogmas). She has Christmas and non-Christmas post ideas so if you’re feeling stuck on what to write about or you just want some extra ideas, Steph’s got you covered!

3. Alice’s Antics (Stop Getting Your Sh*t Together)

Do you feel the pressure to have your sh*t together? Doesn’t everyone? You look at the people around you; the people around you who are married with children and you think why don’t I have that yet or you look at the people around you who seem to be hitting their career goals right, left and centre. Alice talks about feeling the need to constantly be okay and the fact that the only pressure to be perfect and together, is ourselves. I’m a panicker. I panic about not knowing where I am in life; when I was eighteen I had this whole plan of what my life was going to be like when I was twenty five and it’s nothing like it now. Now don’t get me wrong, I’m very thankful my life didn’t work out that way but when I was that age, I seen twenty five as the age where I would just know who I was and where I was going. It’s definitely a post that I think most of us can relate to.

That’s all for today’s post! Make sure you check out everyone’s links and it’ll be post #30 next week!



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