SS: Sunday Saves (#28)


Happy Sunday! I can’t believe we’re almost half way through November already, it’s crazy! As always, if you haven’t read any of my other Sunday Saves or you want to find out more about them, you can click right here to find the other twenty seven editions so far! This week I’ll be talking about winter essentials, a LUSH bath ballistic and not playing hard to get.

1. Joyce Lau (Ready for Winter)

Joyce’s post is all about prepping for Winter so when I seen something associated with LUSH, a Yankee Candle, fluffy socks and jumpers, I knew Joyce was the girl for me. Everything she said in her post, I related to and that’s what I really love about Sunday Saves. I have to do such a big clear out of all my clothes and I think once I do that, then I can go buy all the cosy clothes for Winter!

2. What Lauren Did Today (LUSH So White Bath Bomb)

So White from LUSH is something I buy every single year. Not only because it’s one of the nicest smelling bath ballistics (and the shower gel that had for that brief moment in time was also amazing!) but because it looks so simple on the outside but it’s SO pretty on in the inside. If you have to buy one bath ballistic this year, seriously consider So White.

3. That Rainbow Girl (Play Hard To Get and I’ll Find It Hard To Care)

Playing hard to get? That’s the advice every guy and girl is given and to be honest, I don’t even know by who? I mean, I know my Mum didn’t tell me and I didn’t talk about guys to my friends until the last year or so, so it must have been society. Apparently if a guy really likes you, he’ll not text for a few days and that’s totally acceptable to sit by your phone and wait. If you really like a guy, why not just leave him hanging for a few days and if you still really want to text him, then you’ll know after not talking to him for a few days. Seriously? What bull did I actually listen to? Admittedly I only ever had one guy do this to me and he led me on for over a year and it sucked. It really sucked thinking you were something to someone to then be nothing a minute later, even though the way he spoke to you, it was like you were ‘something’. That Rainbow Girl has the same views; we’re busy, we have so much to do before, during and after work, and if you think we have the time to sit and wait around for people like this, NO! We just don’t. If you think playing hard to get is a good idea, it’s not; let me tell you right now, it’s not so just don’t do it. It’s something I’d rather get into in a blog post on its own (which I probably will) but for me, I’ll never understand how playing hard to get is going to find you someone you want to spend your life with.

Apologises for the last rant, but things like that really grind my gears! Anyway, I hope you enjoyed this week’s post, if you did or didn’t, let me know why in the comment or with a tweet over at @RetroSnowflake 💕


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