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SS: Sunday Saves (#25)

I hit 25! It’s such a huge landmark for my blog this week, twenty five editions of Sunday Saves! If you want to look back on my other Sunday Saves, you can find them right here. This week I’ll be talking about exercise in Winter, vegan chocolate and musicals!

1. Purely Amy (Winter is coming. How to prepare for running seasion in the cold.)

Amy has hit the nail on the head with her post. Running or exercise in general is just as important in Winter as it is the rest of the year but a lot of people are put off with it being colder which is completely understandable. What would you rather choose? Cuddling in your warm cosy bed or being outside in the freezing cold running a 5K? I want to be one of those people that eventually chooses the latter (but right now, I’m a good cuddling in bed with my fluffy duvet type of person) because I know once Christmas comes, I’ll feel better for making more of an effort with my fitness and not let the cold stop me. Amy gives advice on what clothing to wear, how to set a schedule and she’s taking part in Mo Running too (just like me!) so she talks about the charity and how she plans to train for it.

2. The Little Blog of Vegan (Ombar Chocolate – Perfect Stocking Fillers!)

Sneak peek! I have included the Ombars in a post that is coming up later on in the week so look out for that! I love Ombars; I only discovered them a few months ago after being on the hunt for vegan chocolate for someone I know and then discovering I could have it too. I haven’t tried all their flavours but Coco Mylk is my favourite by far. Holly Jade goes more in depth in all the flavours you can get, so if you’re interested in a chocolate that is gluten free, dairy free and vegan, make sure you check out her post!

3. Bloo’N’Stuff (Out ‘n’ About | Ghost the Musical)

Sara blogged about her experience at the musical ‘Ghost’ that took place a few weeks ago at the Grand Opera house. It was a limited date show and I had the pleasure of seeing the same show! I’m not too sure when Sara went but I went on the Tuesday; it was my first musical theatre I had ever seen live and I was blown away. The reason I chose to include Sara’s post is because she blogged about her whole experience as well as the show; I don’t think I would be able to do a live performance justice in a blog post and Sara did such a good job of it.

I can’t believe I got to 25 and I can’t wait to get to 50 now! I love finding new blog posts every week because blog reading is one of my favourite chill out activities, so to blog about them just makes that even better.


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