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SS: Sunday Saves (#23)

Happy Sunday and welcome back to my weekly Sunday Saves series where I talk about my favourite blog posts (or YouTube videos) that I have discovered throughout the week. If you’ve missed any of my other posts in this series, you can find them right here. This week I’m talking about mental health blogs, life updates and introducing wellness into your lifestyle.

1. Adventure and Anxiety (Mental Health Bloggers You Should Be Following)

If you’ve been reading my blog recently, you’ll know that mental health has been one of the more prominent things that I’ve spoken about lately. So when I came across Beth’s list of mental health bloggers you should be following, I knew I had to include it and yes, I have now bookmarked all these bloggers! I haven’t got around to read all their mental health posts yet but I’m glad I’ll have something to come back to when I’m not feeling my best.

2. Life as Unusuals (Wonderful Wednesday #9)

I’ve only started to read Kerri’s blog but I loved the way she put her life updates together and part of me also loves the fact that Wonderful Wednesdays sounds so good together. It’s a really nice twist on your usual weekly update blog posts that you normally see.

3. Pretty Not Included (Adopting An Authentic Wellness Lifestyle)

Can you tell I am in love with Sarirah’s blog lately? I featured her in last week’s Sunday Saves too. This week’s post however is about adopting an authentic wellness lifestyle but in the realistic sense. She’s not telling you to sit outside and meditate for three hours (In saying that, if I had the time and the capability to do that, I would be outside in rain or shine!), she’s asking you to be honest with yourself, question why you want to do it, to do it for only yourself and to make small changes in your mindset to help you along that way. Of course you can find out moreΒ advice on her blog!

Again, this week seemed very focused on wellbeing and mental health, which is quite nice because it’s something that is a constant thought in my mind and I like that my blog is reflecting that. If you have any blog posts that you have seen that you think I’d like, tweet me them over at @RetroSnowflakeΒ 

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