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What’s on my Grown-Up checklist?

So let’s all pretend just for five minutes that the world isn’t such a scary place and that we’re all ready for absolutely anything that happens beyond this point! Because we are, aren’t we?

Today’s post isn’t a bucket list by any means; it’s a list of things that are important to me for the future, and yes, while I may have given it the name of “grown-up checklist”, I really would love to check this list off in the future at some point.

I’ve divided it up into two sections: Labour of Love and Special Quests. My Labour of Love will be the goals that are the big life changers that everyone thinks about like marriage and children for example but I’ve also included goals like improving myself (and not just trying to achieve happiness). My Special Quests are those more playful goals that I have a lot of pride in and they’re not any less important by any means but they’re a little more on the creative side.

My Labour of Love Life Goals

Get married.

(This is still quite a sensitive subject for me, so you’ll have to excuse me if I don’t go into a lot detail about the subject. It’s still one of the most important goals that I want to one day have but talking about marriage just after a break-up isn’t the easiest thing in the world!) One day I would love to get married and be someone’s wife. I want someone to love me so much that they would be willing to commit themselves to me for the rest of their lives. That’s love right? I want someone who is willing to work on our relationship together and build it stronger each and every day. That’s what a relationship, a partnership and a marriage is. Some might argue, you don’t need a piece of paper for that, and that’s true but it would be my personal preference to make it official. But let’s face it, that is well and truly in the far far future (I hope!)

Learn to evaluate my negative thoughts and feelings to deal with them in a more positive way.

“I want to be happy”, but how long do you want to be happy? I don’t want to be happy; I want to tell myself that you know what? Some days you’re going to feel like you can’t do anything and all you want to do is watch TV hiding away from the world. On the other side of that, I want to be able to tell myself that I can face whatever I come up against, no matter what that may be. So this goal isn’t about being happy, this is about conquering my own thoughts and feelings which I have been doing for almost a year through CBT (also known as cognitive behavioural therapy). I’ve never came out and said it on my blog (or to anyone else apart from a few friends) but I have been going to counselling (for almost a year) and it’s one of the best investments that I have made. I can speak about it more in further detail if anyone is interested in finding out more about my experience but I want to work on this goal every day even when I do finish my counselling because it’s something that will constantly shape me into being the person I want to be.

Become a good mother.

I didn’t want to say “have children” because I think there’s a difference between having children and being a good mother, and yes, I’ll not get everything right, but I want to be ready and have even 10% confidence that I can do it. I want to raise a family that I can be proud of, and I can see what I have taught them through their enthusiasm and attitude for life.

My Special Quests

Meet Whitney

Whitney is one of my best friends. We first started talking on Tumblr a few years ago about LUSH, I can’t even remember how many years ago now, but she’s been my best friend ever since. She lives in Canada and of course, it’s not very close to Northern Ireland so we haven’t met yet, but one of my life goals is to finally meet her! If you remember back in July, I dedicated a blog post to her, which you can find here. She got married to the lovely Mat and I wasn’t able to be at the wedding so I just wanted to write something to her because she’s a very important part of my life. Whitney’s been there with me through the best parts of my life and also the worst parts, and I know that this will be a lifelong friendship.

Learn a new language

I wanted to learn Finnish when my ex-boyfriend and I went to Finland and Russia but we never got around to it and I really regretted it because I think it was the perfect opportunity seeing as we were going to the country itself. I have no idea what language I would like to learn; I’m planning on trying to learn Irish at the minute but in terms of an absolute favourite language I would love to learn, I’m not too sure yet!

Never stop learning!

A perfect way to end my list! I don’t believe that you can stop learning. You can choose not to take on someone’s advice or go against someone else’s opinion, but you’re still learning, whether you’re in the right or wrong. I don’t want to live in a world where I just ‘know’ everything, because where’s the fun in that?

I hope my list made you think more about what life goals you would set for yourself. I gave them fun names to get you more intrigued rather than “serious” and “fun” because who wants to read a list of “serious” and “fun” goals? I’m planning on adding more colour to my list so stay tuned for that!


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