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Why I Take Myself Out For A Cup of Tea.

I know, I know, this could have had a better title, “Why I take myself out for coffee” sounds snappy and simple. However, I don’t like coffee but for this one purpose, I wish I did 😉


Anyway, back to the original point of this post. Today I’m talking about taking myself out for a cup of tea. I was one of those people who didn’t like to spend money on tea when I was out (unless I was with my Mum or a friend) because I seen it as a waste of money. Why spend £2 on a cup of tea when I can make something just as good at home for free? It makes sense right?

However, I’ve went through a few big life changes at the minute so I’m always looking for ways to distract myself and keep my mind busy. So you might be sitting here and asking the same question I once did, “So is there any difference between having a tea or coffee in a coffee shop or a friend’s, compared to just in your own place?” I can’t emphasise enough how different it is.

  1. New scenery: You’re not as comfortable as you would be at home, sure. You can’t just jump into your sweat pants and stick your feet up on the sofa, but once you get settled down, you create your own little comfort bubble almost.
  2. Friendly atmosphere: The coffee shop I go to is one of the nicest places I’ve been in. The staff are just so lovely and the general vibe of the cafe is very relaxed and homely; that’s something every coffee shop should aim for. You don’t feel like you’re taking up space either, I can sit for a few hours and order a few teas and I still feel as welcome as I did from the minute I walked in.
  3. Different distractions: I normally try and do something that I wouldn’t normally do at home. I take my colouring book and my pens with me (as you can see from the photographs!) because I know I can get engrossed in it there but at home, I might think I have to do something else. I also try and take a book with me in case I want a break from the colouring. I took my laptop with me last Saturday but I didn’t use it. My plan with the laptop is to use it to exclusively write blog posts on it and that’s it; I won’t be tempted by their free Wi-Fi! But if you’re not into any of that, you can people watch!

The only “con” is the cost. Yes, you pay for your tea and I use my bus card to get to the coffee shop and back. There aren’t a lot of coffee shops in my area so I go half way between my house and Belfast City Centre. The way I look at it is I do it once a week, I don’t over do it, I stick to a budget and I make sure I can afford it.

The most important reason for me is this, it’s improving my mental health. We all have our “better than most” days, our “okay” days and our really bad days. Getting out of the house when these sad moments happen makes me feel better some of the time (Not all of the time, sometimes it’s just easier to be on your own in the house and have  a cry with no-one around!)


I know some people would be worried that if they went into a cafe on their own, everyone would notice. Trust me, they really don’t care. No-one is sitting there judging you for being on your own! You’ll probably find if they do see that you’re on your own, most of the time people will want to have your courage, because they themselves might find it nerve wrecking to do it on their own. You might just give them the courage to do it next time.

In conclusion, taking myself out on, what is essentially a tea date, is one of the best things I have done for myself lately. It’s given me time to think, it’s given me a nice distraction from other negative thoughts and it’s given me a reason to be excited to wake up and go out on a Saturday (That sounds sad I know, but it’s true).


10 thoughts on “Why I Take Myself Out For A Cup of Tea.

  1. I love this! I think taking yourself out is so important, it can be so good for your mental health! It also gets you used to being in different environments on your own which is so important. Lovely post X


    • Awww thank you so much Kayleigh! It’s been one of the main helpers for me when it comes to my mental health and I’m slowly getting more comfortable with being on my own in cafes and restaurants, which is always a plus! x.


  2. Every month when I get paid one of the first things I do is top up my Starbucks card and that’s my limit for the month. I find the Victoria Square one a really nice relaxing cafe, with enough people to watch 😉 but not crammed with lots of shoppers; it’s more the place people go to relax than rush in and out of, and the staff are really friendly. I’ve started going once a week too, take my iPad and write. While I could write at home on my Mac the change of scenery is nice and just as you said it can help clear the mind. I’ve a lot going on in mine at the minute and sometimes being at home too much can have a negative effect, no matter how comfy we get here. What I’m trying to say is, great post and it’s nice to meet (online at least) someone who does the same thing.


    • That’s such a good idea, I never thought of doing that before. What is a good amount though, considering it has to last a month? I was in the Victoria Square one today and it was very busy, I couldn’t relax in it so once I finished my drink, I just left. I go to Clements in Ballyhackamore and it’s such a relaxed atmosphere. I’m sorry to hear you have a lot going on at the minute; I’m the same and sometimes leaving the house is the only escape I can get. I’m so glad you like the post and could relate too, that’s all I want! For people to read my posts and think “Oh yeah, I totally get that.” Thank you for taking the time to comment, I really do appreciate it!


      • I guess it all depends on timing then, rather than the store. It’s usually a first thing in the morning, mid-afternoon or as soon as it opens on a Sunday kind of thing for me. There’s a coffee shop next door to the M&S up at Ballyhackamore I used to go to when I lived on Beersbridge Road a few years ago, it was very nice I have to say. Hmm, for the month I usually top up with about £20, enough for that one-a-week rule of yours I guess haha.


  3. Great idea! 🙂
    I really miss the coffee shop I used to go to when I was in college. I now live in a big city and the coffee shops don’t always feel quite as quaint. But I think it would still be good if I would start taking myself out every now and then.


  4. What a lovely post Victoria. I completely agree with you, only yesterday I took myself into town and sat down in a coffee shop with a coffee and a book, it was blissful. I never thought about taking my colouring book but what a wonderful idea. I like to treat myself to a trip to the coffee shop every now and then as I get indulge in a caramel or vanilla latte or discover something different. I think I may introduce this a little more in my weekly routine as like you said it’s great to be in different and friend surroundings, that and I also get distracted so easily when I’m at home. I really enjoyed this post, I will definitely pop by again to read some more of your posts!

    Tabitha xx 🌺 http://whattabithaloves.blogspot.co.uk 🌺


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