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SS: Sunday Saves (#20)

Twenty editions of Sunday Saves already! A lot has changed over the past few months since I’ve started this series and if you want to go back and read any of my other Sunday Saves, you can, just click here!

1. Laura’s Little World (Am I Good Enough?)

Am I Good Enough? is a question that I have no doubt everyone has asked themselves at least once in their life. It’sΒ one of the biggest questions you can ask yourself and sometimes you can even convince yourself that you’re not or be told that you’re not. I’m currently in a stage of my life on teaching myself that I am good enough and replacing those negative thoughts with as many positive and constructive thoughts as I can. Laura talks about her journey, how she has felt and how she is starting to overcome this fear and boosting her confidence day by day.

2. Katy Belle (A Few Things To Remember When You Overthink Everything)

Katy really hits the nail on the head with her post on overthinking, something which I am practically a professional at. I worry about everything, I over think way too much and it affects almost every part of my life and I never realised that before until I started to analyse my life piece by piece. It’s a hard cycle to break and I’ll be the first to admit that; I still haven’t conquered it myself and I’m not expecting it to happen over night but reading Katy’s post, especially about keeping yourself distracted and the fact that you really are not alone, it’s an eye opener that we should all keep in mind when we do have destructive thoughts.

3. I Believe In Romeo (Create A Ritual)

I love the idea of routines and keeping myself in check to help myself not only improve each day but to expand on what I am learning throughout a routine I set myself. Zoe talks about the difference between a routine and a ritual and gives some insight into her flexible ritual. This is definitely something that I want to create for myself, perhaps not in the evening but a structure for the morning to start my day off right and more positively.

I really loved this week’s Sunday Saves in particular because it has such a huge reflection on my life at the minute so it’s very relatable to where I am personally. If you enjoyed it, let me know in the comments below or even on my Twitter over at @RetroSnowflake



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