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Why I Don’t Drink Alcohol.


I made the decision not to drink when I was around sixteen. I had half a glass of Peach Schnapps when I was about fourteen and a sip of champagne at my formal when I was sixteen. That’s the height of my drinking, honestly. Ever since I was sixteen, I’ve always been asked why I don’t drink and I really don’t mind being asked; if people are genuinely interested, then I’m happy to answer. I don’t know many other twenty five year olds that don’t drink so I think that’s why when most people see someone not drinking when everyone else is, they can be taken aback.

I always get told “If you control how much you drink, you’ll not lose control” or the best one yet, “You don’t lose control, you know what you’re doing all the time.” Both wrong in my opinion, I believe that once alcohol enters your system, you’re not in control like you were before. Yes, of course there is science behind it all but I still wouldn’t let my boyfriend drive after one drink. Call me overly cautious and yes, he would still be under the limit, but if you’re choosing to drive, don’t drink. That’s why I offer to drive, I really don’t mind it; I actually like driving so it’s never a problem for me.

I don’t know whether this is because of the zero drinking or because of the type of person I am but I would rather come home after a long week of work, stick on the TV and have a big cup of tea rather than go out on a night out. Going out is a lot of effort, and don’t get me wrong, I go out sometimes and it’s nice but I couldn’t do it every week or every fortnight; once a month might even be pushing it. I find when I used to go out (when I was just with friends) I would hit the 11:30pm mark and I wouldn’t be able to have a decent conversation so that was always my cue that it was almost home time. Having someone repeat themselves over and over again or someone just talking absolute nonsense in your ear is something that I personally can’t listen to until the early hours of the morning in a very noisy night club (unless it’s my boyfriend and he’s just adorable when he tells me stories when he’s been drinking).


Money is also a huge factor. So on an average night out, I used to spend more money on taxis getting home than my drinks. I drink water and pure orange, that’s it! Oh, and let’s be realistic here, if it was even a little sociable acceptable, I would ask for a tea but I think that might be a step too far, don’t you? I don’t drink fizzy drinks or sparkling water, it’s just water and pure orange. So normally the water is free and the dearest I’ve paid for an orange is around £3 (I only bought one that night after that price!). Alcohol is not cheap! So why not go out, still have a good time without the massive cost and buy myself something else that I might be able to get more use out of?

Now I don’t think I’m a perfect person because I don’t drink. The last thing I want to do is come across like someone who thinks “Oh look at me, I don’t drink so I’m automatically better than you” because I really have never thought like that. I’m not any better or any  worse because I choose not to drink it.

I hope this post gave you an insight into someone who doesn’t drink. I have no problem with people who drink by the way! If you drink, cool. If you don’t, cool. I have zero problem with it. What I do have a problem with is when people don’t understand and don’t actually listen. No, I don’t want “one drink”, I’ve said no, what’s so hard about that? Thankfully over the past few years, my teenage years and now in my mid twenties, I haven’t had too many of those experiences. It just seems that it seems to be such a foreign concept to some people and it’s all about understanding at the end of the day.

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10 thoughts on “Why I Don’t Drink Alcohol.

  1. I dont tend to like drinking alcohol, i only like one cocktail and not many places do them and its just so much to buy all the things to make them etc. I dont tend to go out really either, and no matter how much people dont like it I wont change my mind! Great post x


  2. I am exactly the same as you.

    I don’t drink I don’t really know why, I just don’t. Even on my friends 18th birthday parties I didn’t drink (or get pressured into drinking). Of course I don’t have a problem with other people drinking it’s their choice – but personally I don’t see the appeal.

    I also used to spend more on taxis than drinks, as I would only have 1 or 2 cokes/lemonade’s. But I definitely much prefer to stay at home than go out anyway

    Atleast I’m not the only one haha


    • I’m so glad I’m not the only one but it never bothers me anymore. I do still sometimes not get invited out because I don’t drink but alcohol isn’t the be all end all for me. It’s not something I can see myself ever wanting to explore and if that’s being held against me, then that just looks bad on the other people, not me. So glad I’ve found someone else my age who doesn’t drink.


  3. I have stopped drinking alcohol about a few months ago, and I m very glad people around me are being very supportive. My reason is mainly because of my body cannot regulate temputure as usuall and it is very uncomfortable… but I still use wine in cooking and sometimes a tbsp Baileys over my ice cream could never go wrong :p


  4. This is really cool! I started drinking when I was 14 and have a terrible relationship with alcohol now that I’m trying to work on stopping, so much respect for your decision!


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