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My 25th Birthday!

If you don’t follow me on Instagram, you probably didn’t know it was my 25th Birthday last Tuesday (Tuesday 2nd August) Yes, I spammed Instagram like mad, but to be fair, it’s the one day a year I feel like I can do it without having to say sorry.

I had an amazingly lovely day and it was so clearly, the best birthday ever. Below is me with my second birthday cake that my boyfriend lovingly made me. (It’s vegan AND gluten free, so we can both eat it!). I had a great day and he put so much effort into the whole day including a lovely home cooked dinner with many courses, and the fact that he even wanted to do that for me makes me happy beyond words.


So I wanted to do a birthday blog post but I had no idea what I wanted to actually say so I’ve came up with a nice twist on a birthday blog post. What I’m about to post might sound “too cocky” or “too confident” but I feel like it’s important to look at yourself in a positive light every day and try and do that more than looking at yourself with a negative attitude (which still happens multiple times a day!)

Five Things I Like About Myself!

1. I stand my ground on things I truly believe in:

I’m not a very outgoing person but I have become more outgoing because of the job I’m in as I can’t really stand in the corner and stay silent, although I have my moments. There’s a few things in my life that I do truly stand up for, and they might seem like such little things but I’m really proud of them. I don’t drink alcohol and this isn’t a preachy post at all, I decided from a young age that after not even a full drink that I wasn’t going to do it anymore. I’ll maybe do a full post on my decision not to drink because I don’t know a lot of 25 year old’s who don’t. I don’t drink fizzy drinks either, and I haven’t for six years now. I got my braces out in August 2010, and I decided from then that I wasn’t going to drink them because I don’t like the sound of what is in them. When I’m asked about these two things, I get questions sometimes, which is totally fine of course! Up until recently, people wouldn’t understand why I wouldn’t drink, “it’s just one” was a phrase that I got A LOT but I think once you explain it and someone doesn’t get it, as long as you’re comfortable in your decision, then you don’t have to prove anything to anyone.

2. I’m improving myself every day:

I don’t want to go into too much detail but I learn about myself every day. I learn what behaviours from myself and other people that trigger different emotions in me and I’m slowly learning how to become a less anxious person by setting myself personal goals. It’s making differences daily.

3. I always take my make-up off at night:

A strange one right? But I always read that people can’t be bothered, or worse, they use make-up wipes. I used to be that girl, when I was very lazy but once I got into LUSH when I was about 18, I started on Ultrabland and never looked back. I can’t go to bed without taking my make-up off, because I think about it constantly and it stops me sleeping. I could never go back now!

4. My handwriting:

Everyone who knows me knows that I love my handwriting. It’s always been really neat and I hope it will always remain that way. It takes me ages to write something, but it’s so worth it. An example of it is right here!

5. I love experimenting with food: 

Over the past few years I’ve started to love baking and cooking in general. I really like being experimental when it comes to trying new foods and expanding my cooking knowledge.

Next on the list, I talk so much about setting goals and how that’s important for everyone to grow within themselves so I have below, five goals that I want to achieve by my next birthday.

Five Things I Want To Achieve By My Next Birthday!

1. Run 10k: 

As I’ve spoken on the blog about before, I signed up for a ParkRun with my boyfriend and the first one was really great. Unfortunately I can’t speak for any other one because we’ve only done one ): I hate that we’ve only done one so far, I wanted to make it a regular theme in our week, but I’m sure we will at some point. I was able to run 5k on and off for that so I wanted to build up to 10k in general, and yes it doesn’t seem very ambitious for a years time, but baby steps, right?

2. Be near completion on my documentary idea:

For those who don’t know, I work in media and I don’t talk about work a lot on my blog because I like to keep that stuff separate from the rest but I feel like this is quite a big goal for me. I want to make a documentary about the lifestyle of being gluten free and I am in the very early stages of planning at the minute but by the time my next birthday comes around, I would like to have at least a rough edit done and know how it looks.

3. Be more aware of who I really am:

This relates back to what I was talking about earlier when I spoke about improving myself. It’s more about finding out how to deal with certain situations that make me anxious or trying to find a better way to react to something when something isn’t going exactly to plan.

4. Get a new hobby:

I have yoga and I have the gym, but I don’t consider those my hobbies. I consider those to be my lifestyle choices. I love keeping my Filofax all nice and neat, and I love blogging, but I would like to learn a hobby where I wasn’t glued to a computer screen. Something physical, something creative, anything that creates a new spark in me. I can knit, not very well, but I could maybe expand on that further during the year.

5. Become a better morning person:

I’m not too bad in the mornings actually. I tend to get up at 6am for work and my boyfriend and I used to get up between 5am-5:30am to go to the gym most mornings too. We’ve stopped that recently but we really want to get back to it at some point. I just find that if I do something productive really early in the morning, the rest of my day seems to flow a lot better. So even if I can’t get to the gym, I want to rise earlier every morning and do something productive to set myself up for the day.

That’s all for my birthday post this year! Sorry it’s a week late, I would have loved to post it on my actual birthday, but I had so much going on; for all the right reasons of course. If you’ve set any birthday goals for your next birthday, send me them, I’d love to read them!


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